20 Magical Harry Potter Inspired Recipes Any Muggle Would Love

Let's face it — pretty much every fan of J.K. Rowling's beloved series wishes they could experience a feast in the Great Hall, or nibble on a few treats on a visit to Hogsmeade. Food may not be the central point of the books, but it's mentioned often enough that fans crave the taste of what it would really be like to sip a fresh mug of butterbeer, or enjoy one of the magical meals that Molly Weasley prepares. Luckily, there are plenty of fans out there who are also great in the kitchen and have come up with their own interpretations of some of the foods mentioned in the books — and trust us, they're delicious.

Whether you're just looking for one treat or are trying to plan an entire Harry Potter menu, we've got you covered. We've got drinks to get you started, appetizers that will delight you, and of course, plenty of delicious desserts. We've got several interpretations of butterbeer, and of course, the quintessential Hogwarts drink — pumpkin juice.

So, if you've ever read the books and dreamed of what it would be like to  actually sample the fare that's being described, fear not — we've got you covered. The creative chefs who pulled together these recipes are definitely Hogwarts fans through and through — and frankly, it's worth trying every single one of them. Although it may take you more time to prepare than if you were doing it with magic — unfortunately, not all of us have Molly Weasley's wand skills in the kitchen!

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20 Butterbeer Pancakes

via: sugarandsoul.co

Sure, butterbeer seems like the perfect drink, but have you ever thought about what it might be like to have it for breakfast? Luckily, the talented bakers at Sugar & Soul Co have. Plus, if you know how to make pancakes, you know how to make this recipe. The pancakes themselves get the butterbeer flavour thanks to the addition of butterscotch chips, caramel coffee creamer and ricotta cheese. Then, there's a syrup made with a dash of butter extract, and a whipped cream that incorporates a little bit of butterscotch instant pudding mix. Basically, it's butterbeer through and through — amazing!

19 Luna Lovegood's Pudding

via: spoonforkbacon.com

Luna Lovegood isn't exactly the type who spends all her time in the kitchen. However, she does have a well documented love of pudding, so Spoon Fork Bacon has come up with a recipe that captures her essence, in pudding form. This pudding is a simple vanilla pudding, colored with some pink food colouring to capture Luna's spirit, then mixed in with strawberries, blueberries, and pound cake. If you can, definitely look for edible glitter to top your creation — it doesn't impact the taste, but it definitely makes it a bit more magical, and you know Luna would top any kitchen creation off with glitter.

18 Cauldron Cakes

via: pastryaffair.com

If you need something chocolatey in your life, cauldron cakes are definitely the answer. This recipe from Pastry Affair couldn't be simpler — you start out with some devil's food cupcakes, which you can either whip up from scratch or create from a boxed cake mix if you're not feeling the most magical in the cake department. Then, you essentially assemble your cauldrons with marshmallow filling, chocolate chips, and chocolate glaze, so that you have a perfect little cauldron filled with delicious fluffy marshmallow filling. If you're looking for a little something extra, top with edible glitter for a bit of a felix felicis vibe.

17 Butterbeer Layer Cake

via: bijouxandbits.com

If you're looking to create a layer cake and want to incorporate that intoxicating butterbeer flavour, don't worry — Bijoux and Bits has a recipe for that! The cake itself is a fairly simple one, that incorporates brown sugar, buttermilk, vanilla extract and butter flavouring, and a splash of caramel syrup to get that butterbeer taste. Between each layer is a mixture of brown butter vanilla frosting and an amazing salted butterscotch ganache. I mean, we couldn't imagine a more magical cake. They never got a slice of butterbeer cake in the book, but we have a feeling that every character would wish that someone on Hogsmeade served this up.

16 Golden Snitch Cake Pops

via: tonyastaab.com

Cake pops can definitely be a little bit fussy to make, but if you're an experienced baker, or have tried your hand at cake pops before, you definitely need to try these themed ones from Tonya Staab. The recipe starts out requiring a basic vanilla cake pop recipe, so you can use whichever one you prefer for that. Then, it shows you exactly how to decorate these to look like snitches. The process involves yellow candy melts, white chocolate chips, gold Color Mist food colour spray, a leaf candy mold and gold sprinkles. It seems like a lot, but it's actually not that difficult to create these — and you can make them again and again!

15 Pumpkin Juice

via: popsugar.com

Throughout the books, the characters are pretty much constantly drinking pumpkin juice, and many fans are puzzled about what exactly what that might taste like. After all, they even drink it in the morning — is it sweet? Savoury? Tart? This recipe from Popsugar answers all your pumpkin juice prayers, and creates a version that taste exactly what we imagine it might taste like — a splash of citrus, a hint of spice, a little bit of sweetness, and a whole lot of pumpkin. We can totally imagine sipping this concoction on a regular basis under the lights of the Great Hall.

14 Canary Creams

via: fromgirlietonerdy.com

These custard creams luckily won't transform you into anything — they'll just be delicious treats to snack on. These are quite simple to whip up — the cookies themselves are pretty basic cookies flavoured with some custard powder, and then there's a buttercream filling to sandwich the two cookies together. It's basically a more decadent, rich version of a standard shortbread cookie, and definitely a recipe you want to try out! From Girlie To Nerdy coloured the filling in her custard creams yellow, but suggests you could even try to find a bird-shaped cookie cutter to create these for a little something special.

13 Amortentia Love Potion Punch

via: buzzfeed.com

Planning a Potter themed party and not quite sure to serve your guests besides butterbeer? Well, there's another great option — although you may not want to be responsible for what happens after people drink it! Buzzfeed has crafted a recipe for Amortentia love potion punch. It all starts with an ice ring that has red raspberries and pomegranate seeds for a little splash of red. Then, the punch itself is simple — a bottle of Aperol, pomegranate juice, gin, and sparkling rose wine. There's a bit of sparkle from the wine, some fruity tartness from the juice, and a little bit of magic when the ice ring begins to melt and incorporate the fruits.

12 (Sherbert) Lemon Drop Candies

via: southernfatty.com

This recipe from Southern Fatty is a great twist on a classic Harry Potter moment — where the password to Dumbledore's office is revealed — that we never would have thought of creating a recipe out of. Yet, fans will absolutely love this lemon drop candy recipe. It's a super basic combination of ingredients — some sugar, water, cream of tartar, lemon extract, citric acid, and some gel food colouring to give it a sunshine yellow hue. You'll need a candy thermometer to get it to the exact degree that's required, but overall, it's not that hard to make — and you can have a bowlful of Dumbledore-approved treats!

11 Vampire Blood Lollipops

via: instructables.com

If you prefer the darker side of J.K. Rowling's world, these vampire blood lollipops might be just the treat for you. And don't worry — there's obviously no actual blood in there! They're simply sugar-packed lollipops with some red food colouring in the mix that adds a spooky effect. Instructables has a clear step-by-step guideo n how to combine the sugar and corn syrup to create the perfect lollipop, and you can customize this however you want — any flavour is fair game. You could even whip up a few different batches, flavoured with different oils, to surprise people when they take one.

10 Pumpkin Pasties

via: bijouxandbits.com

The good thing about pumpkin pasties is that they're not too different than other kind of hand pies or empanada type dishes — so many home cooks will have made something similar already. The books don't specify whether these treats are sweet or savoury, so the incredible cook at Bijoux and Bits has given two options for the filling — one that combines the pumpkin puree with cheese, sage, and garlic for a savoury version, and one that combines it with pumpkin pie seasoning for what is essentially a pumpkin hand pie. Both options sound absolutely delicious — heck, why not try making both? It can be like a sweet or savoury version of Bertie Botts.

9 Weasley Sweater Cookies

via: bakingdom.com

Okay, you may not exactly want to wear a classic Weasley jumper with your initials on it, but why not enjoy a cookie that captures the spirit of that scene? Bakingdom has crafted a cookie that even Molly Weasley would approve of. The recipe starts with a basic rolled sugar cookie recipe, then you have to whip up a batch of marshmallow fondant. The knit technique may take a bit of practice, but it's not quite as tough as it seems — and it will majorly impress everyone who samples one of the cookies. Plus, it definitely doesn't take as long as knitting an actual sweater!

8 Polyjuice Potion Jelly Shots

via: jelly-shot-test-kitchen.blogspot.com

Polyjuice potion definitely isn't the most appetizing creation in the Harry Potter world, but luckily, this one isn't flavoured with any unsavoury things. It's simply a delicious combination of spicy, sweet and sour, all in one compact treat from Jelly Shot Test Kitchen, courtesy of some ginger ale, pineapple juice and lime sherbert. The end result tastes delicious, but looks a little spooky, which is exactly what you want. And, it takes far less time than it took Ron, Hermione and Harry to whip up a batch in the bathroom stalls, so that's a bonus. There will be no transforming into anyone else after these shots are consumed, though!

7 Butterbeer Butterscotch Hot Chocolate

via: bakingdom.com

Bakingdom has done it again, this time with a delicious recipe for a butterbeer hot chocolate — it sounds like the perfect treat for a chilly day! The mixture itself is a standard hot chocolate, made with decadent heavy cream and milk, and the addition of butterscotch chips, butterscotch sauce and butter flavouring creates that amazing butterbeer flavour. The whipped topping has a dash of imitation butter in it, just to give it that flavour again. And, if you have any kind of sprinkles or edible glitter to sprinkle on the top, even better — it definitely adds a hint of magic to your creation.

6 Potted Mandrake Cakes

via: workmanfamily.typepad.com

If you want to create a themed treat but don't really want to have to whip up several components in a complicated recipe, this one is the perfect for for you. Workman Family crafted a Mandrake cake recipe that basically just involves getting several small terracotta pots, placing a chocolate cupcake inside of it (you can either bake a batch of your favourite recipe yourself or simply buy some storebought ones), make a little indent in the middle and spread some of the crumbs around to look like soil, then place a little mandrake figurine (or baby with a plant glued to its head, as they've done) in the middle. Simple and adorable!

5 Cheesy Broomsticks

via: goodtoknow.co.uk

Not everyone wants to spend hours in the kitchen crafting a treat, which is what makes this simple appetizer from Good To Know so great. All you need to do is slice and shred some cheese strings, place a pretzel stick in the bottom, and tie a little bit of chive around it to make it look a bit more aesthetically pleasing. It couldn't be simpler, and yet, you know that people will love them. I mean, who doesn't like pretzels and cheese? These'll be flying off the plate so fast you'll think they're actual magical broomsticks zooming int your guests' mouths!

4 Hogwarts House Cake

via: bakingdom.com

Okay, if you're a serious baker, you absolutely have to try this charming cake from Bakingdom. It's a total showstopper — and though it's more effort than a regular layer cake, it'll definitely leave your guests in awe. The recipe itself is a simple vanilla cake with a hint of spices courtesy of some cinnamon, nutmeg, and cloves, but the batter and filling are divided and coloured in the various house shades. It's a process to assemble them, but the end result is so gorgeous that it's totally worth it. Make it a surprise by leaving the icing on the outside white.

3 Polyjuice Potion Smoothie

via: misskitchenwitch.com

If you're a true fan who wants to sip on a Polyjuice Potion that has the same cringeworthy muddy grey shade as the one in the book does, this recipe from Miss Kitchen Witch is the perfect recipe for you. Luckily, though, it only looks questionable — it tastes absolutely delicious. The mixture has spinach and blueberries to create a particulate hue, and is topped with a bit of shredded coconut to mimic the hairs that often go into the creation of the potion. It looks just like the one you'd imagine from the book, but instead of being transformed into someone, you'll just be transforming your health!

2 Butterbeer Fudge

via: getawaytoday.com

I mean, can you ever have enough Butterbeer-flavoured treats? We're pretty sure the limit does not exist. Honeyduke's at The Wizarding World of Harry Potter serves a butterbeer fudge, and luckily Get Away Today was inspired to create a copycat version that you can craft at home — and it sounds delicious. The fudge has a mixture of butterscotch and white chocolate chips, vanilla, rum and butter extracts, and some evaporated milk and marshmallow cream thrown in for good measure. It's definitely not easy to get that butterbeer flavour mixture, but we have a feeling this fudge would be a total crowd pleaser.

1 Gilly Water

via: 2geekswhoeat.com

If you prefer the healthier side of Hogwarts — or, simply want a recipe that pays tribute to Neville's expertise — this gillywater creation from 2 Geeks Who Eat is a must try. It literally couldn't be simpler — it's just a mixture of water, cucumber and fresh mint, on ice. Normally, you'd just assume it was a simple flavoured water recipe, but by naming it gillywater, it suddenly seems so much more magical! You could definitely customize your own gillywater by adding different herbs and vegetables in there — whatever you feel inspired to create! Although, this one won't actually give you gills, so no underwater swimming!

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