British Man Claims He Can Live Months Without Food Thanks To Meditation, Gets All Needed Nutrients From Air

Just when you thought you’d seen or heard it all, a local British man claims to survive only on air, meditation and… mints!?

No word of a lie, recent reports claim that Khai Ho, a resident of Birkenhead, United Kingdom, who works as a pizza delivery man, states that he lives his life as a “Breatharian,” relying primarily on air, the sun and meditation to keep him alive and well, never once ingesting food other than mints and gum. He does this, he claims, because his mouth tends to get a tad pasty as he ingests nothing else.

Now, we don’t know about you, but scientifically speaking, studies have shown that the human body can only go three weeks without food, but only 3 to 7 days without water (7 being extreme cases). But it seems that this gentleman is living proof that the norm or rather the scientific data compiled from years and years of research was all for nothing, as he is walking and living proof that food is as unnecessary as a third elbow.

Or is he?

He states that he suffered through some health problems in the past, particularly problems with his liver, but further says that all problems were abolished with his new way of life.

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Now before we go any further, we’ve got to explain that this belief is actually a Hindu philosophy which was at one time practiced by many. Unfortunately, it often resulted in terrible incidents of starvation and dehydration and sometimes worse. There are others that practice this philosophy still to this day and Ho is living proof. Furthermore, there is one case that has baffled doctors over the last few years and that is the case of Mr. Jani, a man who has claimed to have not ingested food or drink in over 70 years, and although he is rather small and thin, he is still miraculously in perfect health.

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Ho, on the other hand, is at 180 plus pounds, and he makes his way through his day, meditating and breathing in deeply, relying on that air and the rays of the sun to “feed” him and nourish him 365 days out of the year. And at his weight, he can definitely be considered a paradox of sorts, but we’ll hold our skepticism and/or support after further study of course. Sorry if the aforementioned skepticism has leaked through in any way, but let’s face it, we’re journalists, and as journalists, we look at the cold hard facts and this seems quite impossible to us, but hey, as they say, anything’s… well, you know how the saying goes.

But before we go, we just have one glaring question: How in the name of all that is good on this green earth is this man capable of delivering pizza on an empty stomach? Driving all around his hometown with the wafting aroma of pepperoni, melted cheese, and freshly cut veggies, how in the world doesn’t he rip into one of those boxes and have at all that tasty pizza?

Might happen one day. Let’s keep an eye on this guy. Truthfully, if it was us, the pizza would never get to its destination.

Sources: nextshark, businessinsider, desiwest


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