Massive The Most Stuf Oreo Is A Dream For Stuf Lovers

Oreo has come out with a limited edition “Mostly Stuf” Oreo cookie that’s straight out of a stuf lover’s dream. If you were the kid who only ate the white filling of the cookie, then this version is made specifically for you. You might need a cup with a wide rim because these big boys won’t fit in your average milk glass.

Oreo has come out with a lot of fun and ridiculous flavours in the past. Other than playing with our taste buds, they have also been gradually increasing the amount of creme in the middle of the cookie. With versions such as Double Stuf, Mega Stuf, and even All Stuf, the company knows that there is a market for those who just want to get to the centre of the cookie.

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Via: Pixabay, 1150199

The massive The Most Stuf cookie hit stores last month, and it has blown Oreo lovers away. Each cookie (yes, just one of these cookies) is 110 calories. For comparison, a normal Oreo serving of 3 cookies is 160 calories—making each cookie around 53 calories. The humongous cookie is available in stores across America and can be found on Walmart’s website. One pack costs around $3, and they’re a meal in of themselves.

In promoting these huge boys, Oreo has launched their “The Stuf Inside” promotion that gives customers the chance to win some insane prizes. For a period of 30 days, customers can “scan” the Most Stuf Oreos on their website for a chance to win some cool things—Stuf for stuff. Prizes include an Oreo-tricked-out Jeep Wrangler, and Oreo Roomba Vacuum, an Oreo K2 Snowboard, an Oreo X Grado headphones, and an Oreo cookie jar by Jonathan Addler just to name a few. You’ve got to set aside at least 110 calories for the day for the chance to win some of these prizes!

With our love for crazy Oreos, the Most Stuf cookie is probably not going to be Oreo’s last creme-related innovation. This cookie might be too big to dunk, but filling lovers are still going to enjoy this massive cookie. Maybe one day we’ll have an Oreo cookie so stuffed it you can only dunk it in a bowl of milk.

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