Master Chef: 20 Things Even Hardcore Fans Don't Know About Gordon Ramsay

While many people tend to put more focus on food when they are eating a dish they love (or even one that they dislike), sometimes it is just as interesting, if not more so, to know who the creator of that particular dish was. A very interesting thing about food is that the men and women who are behind its’ creation usually have very unique cooking styles. Each cook has his or her own ideas about what should and should not ho into some of the dishes we all know and love.

Those of us who want to learn how to cook and bake with the best of them are in luck since we have easy access to recipes on the internet, as well as the ability to watch a lot of different shows that revolve around cooking, and the different foods of each culture around the world.

There are a lot of well-known cooks who have been featured on television a time or two. One of the most popular chefs to grace the small screen is Gordon Ramsay. Millions of people around the world are familiar with Ramsay and his very skillful cooking, as well as his fiery temper and his colorful vocabulary.

Lots of fans know that he is most popular for his television shows. Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares, MasterChef Junior, and Hotel Hell are just a few of them. However, despite Ramsay’s popularity, there are still some things fans don’t know about him. Here are some facts about one of television’s most interesting chefs.

20 He Has Four Children

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One thing someone may not guess by watching Ramsay lose his temper on his television shows is that he is actually a family man. In fact, when he has not been appearing on the small screen, or working in his restaurants, Ramsay spends time with his wife, Tana, and their four children.

The oldest of the Ramsay children is Meghan Ramsay. She has made some appearances on her dad’s shows. Jack and Holly Ramsay are fraternal twins, and the youngest one is Matilda Ramsay. Each of them are pretty famous, just like their dad. Furthermore, they are also good friends with the Beckham family.

19 Gordon Has Had Plastic Surgery

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When it comes to the gossip that surrounds many male and female celebrities, one of the most popular subjects who they are dating. But on the other hand, a lot of people wonder whether or not they have achieved flawless physical features through plastic surgery, or if they took a more natural route to look younger.

Fans of Ramsay know that he is very blunt, and always says what he thinks. So it is no surprise that he has been pretty open about having plastic surgery to get rid of wrinkles that were pointed out to him by his children and gossip magazines.

18 He Is Good At Karate

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Over the years, television audiences have seen Ramsay lose his temper quite a few times. Things can get pretty intense when he is upset with a contestant on one of his shows. In fact, there was a moment on Hell’s Kitchen when Ramsay and a contestant were butting heads, and the contestant tried to hit him.

But, Ramsay can certainly protect himself. He is not just good at cooking, and raising a family. Ramsay is also quite gifted in karate, therefore he knows how to take care of situations like that. Ramsay holds a black belt, and he is also skilled in boxing.

17 His Daughter Is Following In His Footsteps

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Ramsay is a chef and restaurant owner that is famous all around the world. He has spent a great deal of his life learning, practicing, and teaching the art of cooking, so it is only natural that one of his children would be gifted with the ability to cook tasty dishes as well.

Matilda Ramsay, who is often called “Tilly” by her father, has been doing some very impressive things in the cooking world. Firstly, she has her own cooking show, which is called Matilda and the Ramsay Bunch. Additionally, her cookbook, Matilda & the Ramsay Bunch: Tilly’s Kitchen Takeover, was released in 2017.

16 Ratatouille Is His Favorite Disney Film


There are a lot of surprising and interesting facts about Ramsay. He is a very successful cook and restaurant owner, he has been the face of numerous television shows both in the United States of America and in Britain, and he is also a very loving family man.

However, some may be surprised to find out that he is a fan of Disney movies. However, the film that he claims is his favorite Disney movie may not be quite as surprising, as it is centered around cooking. He is a big fan of Ratatouille. The 2007 movie was about a rat who can cook, and the bond he makes with a human.

15 Gordon Does Not Eat Airplane Food

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Ramsay loves and appreciates great food. Also, one of the things he is known for aside from his culinary delights and his temper, are the opinions he has about certain things.

Apparently, Gordon is not a fan of food that is served on airplanes, and that is because he used to work in that field. When Ramsay is traveling, he likes to arrive at the airport in enough time to find a bar and have a snack. If he is at London Heathrow Airport, Ramsay eats at Plane Food, which is a restaurant he owns. According to Ramsay, his idea of a perfect airport menu is one that contains a variety of meats from Italy, apples, pears, and cheese.

14 It Took Him A While To Enjoy Kale

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Ramsay loves meat, especially when it comes to Beef Wellington. So, it is kind of surprising to some people when they find out he is actually a pretty big fan of kale as well. In fact, he even has some recipes that include this ingredient.

However, the famous chef did not always have such a liking for kale. He did not begin to eat it regularly until after his wife got their children to eat kale salads. Then, Ramsay said he was the only one who was not eating kale, so he changed that by eating kale chips, and not snacking on as much chocolate as he used to.

13 There Is Drama Between Him And Mario Batali

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One thing that seems to be common among famous men and women, no matter what their profession is, is feuding. It seems that there are always some unpleasant words being tossed around between well-known people.

In this case, the people who are involved are Ramsay and Chef Mario Batali. Apparently, things were cool between the two until about a decade ago, which was when Batali voiced his opinions on Ramsay’s cooking. Batali said Ramsay’s dishes did not fit in with the New York crowd. In response, Ramsay referred to Batali as “Fanta pants,” and Batali banned Ramsay from all of his restaurants.

12 He Is No Fan Of Dinner Parties

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When someone is used to giving others their thoughts and opinions on something, it can be difficult for them to hold their tongue sometimes. Also, Ramsay is not exactly known for keeping his thoughts to himself, especially when it comes to the subject of food. So, saying something is good when it is not is pretty hard for Ramsay to do.

This is the reason that the famous restaurant owner and chef is not exactly a fan of going to dinner parties. If he does not like the food, Ramsay also does not like pretending that it is good, so he just avoids going to them.

11 He Has A Softer Side

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Ramsay is famous for getting angry and yelling obscenities at people. But, there is a lot more to him than meets the eye. Fans of Ramsay have seen his softer side a number of times, especially when it comes to his family.

Additionally, he had a television show a few years ago that centered around him teaching inmates how to cook, and changing their lives in the process. The jail that was featured in this show, which was called Gordon Behind Bars, was located approximately five minutes from where Ramsay lived at the time. It only lasted for one season, but he seemed to have a good impact on the contestants.

10 He Wanted To Play Soccer

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These days, Ramsay is known for his delicious food, and he also has a pretty famous temper as well. But, fans almost didn’t get to watch the famous chef on television, because he came very close to following another career path entirely.

Ramsay has talked in great detail about the abusive childhood he had. Ramsay grew up with a father who was a violent alcoholic, so he had very few positive childhood memories. But, there was one thing he really enjoyed in his younger years. He loved to play soccer. Ramsay became a part of a team he had loved as a child, only to have his career cut short due to a knee injury after one game.

9 He Is Featured In Video Games

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Some people have been known to become so famous that they make appearances everywhere, and that includes video games. Ramsay is no exception here, as even he is featured in some games.

Many fans love to see Ramsay show off his temper on his television shows, so the fact that we can experience some of his famous behavior in a more personal way is pretty cool. What is even better is that fans can also use their cell phones to play one of the games Ramsay is a part of. Restaurant Dash is an app that can be downloaded on most smartphones.

8 He Has Been In Ironman Competitions

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Staying healthy can be hard for anyone to do sometimes, even for those who are very active and have good diets. But it seems as though it would be even harder for someone who spends his or her entire day cooking and tasting food made by others.

However, Ramsay seems to be doing just fine as far as staying healthy goes. Recently, Ramsay lost over 50 pounds after making some beneficial changes to his eating habits and his lifestyle. However, one of the activities that has helped him get in shape started out as a way for him to blow off steam since he was having a hard time balancing his time between work and his family. He began running. The chef also claimed his fathers’ death at the age of 53 was something that pushed him to lose weight.

7 He Speaks French

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There are a lot of things Ramsay is very good at. Another thing to add to that list is learning other languages, apparently, because Ramsay is pretty fluent in it.

In his book Humble Pie, Ramsay explains how he learned to speak French. He worked in France for quite some time, and it was during this time that he learned the language. After all, it would be pretty difficult to work in a place where others are speaking a language you do not yet understand. Ramsay can also speak a bit of Spanish, but he is not very fluent in it as of yet.

6 He Does Not Enjoy Watching His Shows

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One interesting thing about Ramsay is that he does not take any time out of his schedule to watching any of his cooking shows. Perhaps it could be because he spends a lot of time filming them, and watching the shows might make him feel as though he is at work again, instead of relaxing.

But one reason he definitely has no interest in viewing any episodes of his shows is that he does not desire to become obsessed with what he says or does while he is on television. Ramsay prefers to watch other television shows, or go out to dinner.

5 He Has Been Wanting To Compete Against Bobby Flay For Awhile

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Ramsay loves a good challenge, and that is why he has been wanting to compete against fellow chef Bobby Flay for a few years. Ramsay wishes to do this because he loves duels between chefs.

According to Ramsay, this type of thing makes being a chef a little bit more interesting. The chef definitely has a lot of confidence in himself. He has said that if Flay agreed to the cook-off, he would be given a 20-minute head start. Ramsay is quite confident he would be the winner of this duel because he knows a lot about his profession, and he would be up for having a cook-off against anyone.

4 Special Treatment Is Not For Him

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Cooking for a famous chef might make anyone nervous. Additionally, it may also be exciting for some, and make them want to impress the chef. If impressing the chef is the reason for the meal in the first place, that’s usually fine.

But, even chefs want to just sit down and have a normal meal sometimes, just like everyone else. Sometimes when Ramsay visits a restaurant, he is served extra food, or expected to give his opinion on it. Apparently, Ramsay does not enjoy this treatment. There are moments when he does not want to tell the chef what he thinks about the food.

3 He Loves Beef Wellington


When it comes to those who spend a lot of time creating masterpieces in the kitchen, they usually have a special dish that is not quite like anyone else’s.

For Ramsay, this particular dish is Beef Wellington. Sure, he is a highly skilled chef who has a number of famous dishes, but this is one that almost always makes its way into his television programs. Additionally, this dish is served at many of his restaurants.

2 Even Gordon Likes Late Night Snacks

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Sometimes, it is hard not to get a craving for a snack in the middle of the night. Eating so late in the evening is not usually considered a healthy thing to do, but it is something everyone seems to do once in a while.

One might think that chefs who spend pretty much all day around food do not get late night cravings, but they actually do. When this happens to Ramsay, he likes to eat baked beans. The famous chef prefers to eat them with chili flakes, garlic, and hot sauce, and he likes it on sourdough bread.

1 Gordon Likes In-And-Out Burger

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It seems as though everyone loves to have a nice meal at an upscale location, such as the restaurants that are owned by Ramsay. However, we all have guilty pleasures, and nobody can refuse some good fast food grub every once in a while. There are a number of reasons why this is true, but one of them is that everyone tends to get a craving for something that is not exactly part of a healthy diet every once in a while.

For instance, even Ramsay can appreciate fast food on occasion. In fact, he really enjoys going to In-And-Out Burger.

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