A Matter Of Taste: Celebrity Chefs' 10 Most Loved and 10 Most Hated Foods

When it comes to food advice, celebrity chefs are probably going to be your best bet. Their aversions and favorites quickly become our own, and it also helps you skim through a menu card faster. A lot of people assume that chefs don't have a bad word to say against food, but that's where they're mistaken. Just like us, chefs hate some dishes with a burning passion and love some with all their heart. The only difference is, their preferences matter a little more than ours because of the fame, fortune, talent, and all that jazz. Everyone from Ina Garten to Guy Fieri has dishes they just cannot stand whether that's down to personal tastes or other factors.

Chefs do sign up to go on a roller coaster of a ride when it comes to food. It's one of the requirements that are just not mentioned in the list of job requirements, and most of them already have a degree before they can regret it. This means that they don't get to duck and miss the dishes they don't want to try; instead, they take one for the team, and we get to learn from their mistakes.

Through this list, we're going to go through foods that celebrities don't like because of their taste buds or just a gut instinct. Learn from them, or make the same mistake and join the club. Either way, it should help you if you're indecisive when you look at a menu card.

20 Ree Drummond - Hates Bananas

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Ree Drummond is well known around the globe for being the pioneer woman, and if you visit her website often enough, you'll already know how much she hates bananas with every molecule of her being. She's previously said that she's hated them all her life and that it pretty much runs in the family with both her father and brother agreeing with her.

If you go through Ree's website, though, you'll actually find one or two banana-based recipes even if she refuses to cook with the devilish ingredient - what a good sport! But, if you're bananas for bananas, you may want to find your recipes elsewhere.

19 Alex Guarnaschelli - Loves Pesto Pasta

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Alex Guarnaschelli has quite a few credentials to her name, considering she's a judge on Chopped and also owns one of New York City's most famous restaurants, Butter. La Merenda in Nice, France is her favorite restaurant and it's where she goes for an 'ethereal meal' of the world's best pesto pasta. She goes on to explain that the restaurant is pretty conventional with no cards or reservations, just stools and a few tables. This simple dish almost made her tear up when the pesto dropped onto the pasta.

18  Anthony Bourdain - Hates Plane Food

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Bourdain was a vocal character in the food industry and often found himself in the spotlight regarding his views. Plane food was never something Bourdain could wrap his head around, and he made that abundantly clear. He would never touch airplane food and made it a point to get himself hungry before he landed so that he could dive into local cuisine pretty much immediately. He's mentioned on multiple occasions how plane food lacks any taste or nutritional value, which makes it a useless and embarrassing addition to the world of food. We're with him on that one, but on long-haul flights we get hungry, and don't always have his self-control about waiting. He was a better man than us, oh well.

17 Anthony Bourdain - Loves Roast Bone Marrow

via Chicago Tribune

When asked what his last meal would be, Anthony said he would die a happy man if he could be served by Fergus Henderson at the London restaurant, St John.

He'd accompany the roast with some parsley and a caper salad along with some baguette slices on the side. He also added that he'd like his last meal to be served along with a pint of Guinness. This wholesome, comforting meal would make anybody happy. While this wasn't his last meal, the culinary rockstar sure enjoyed his fare share of breading bread with other food world greats at St John, as you can see from his Parts Unknown episode in London - so we can take comfort in that.

16 Martha Stewart - Hates Truffle Oil

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Martha insists that she's pretty open-minded when it comes to food and is willing to give just about anything a whirl, but when it comes to truffle oil, she stands her ground. Yup - that's where she draws the line. The reason it hasn't made its way into any of her recipes is that she describes it as a horrible ingredient that's made out of chemicals without any actual truffles.

Anthony Bourdain also shares a similar aversion to the product and refuses to use it in any of his dishes. So this one is definitely not worth your time. Unfortunately, we don't all have access to (or the budget for) real truffles, so up to you whether you prefer the chemical kind or to just miss out completely.

15 Bobby Flay - Loves Cheeseburgers

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Bobby Flay said his last meal would be a cheeseburger. So, while all of his fellow chefs would choose exotic dishes from foreign lands, Bobby kept it simple, and we cannot help but relate.

Who doesn't love a good cheeseburger, and which day isn't made better with one? Every other dish is simply an amazing dish to be enjoyed once in a while, but cheeseburgers are almost a daily occurrence from the time you're five all the way up to when you're fifty. He added that he'd also like some chipotle ketchup, potato chips, and jalapenos to make the meal perfect.

14 Gordon Ramsay - Hates Pineapple Pizza

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Gord0n has some blunt opinions on quite a few dishes out there and has never been one to shy away from making his voice heard. One of the meals that he simply refuses to understand or try is pineapple pizza. This is perfectly understandable, considering most people aren't a fan of this mess of a dish. While Gordon was hosting The Nightly Show, he decided to call for pizzas for the audience and asked them for topping ideas. When one member of the audience piped up with pineapple as a potential winner, Gordon took a minute to clarify how it was an unnatural idea. He's not the only one - there seems to be an ongoing debate about whether or not pineapple belongs on pizza.

13 Julia Child - Loves Beef Bourguignon

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The mother of good food, Julia Child credits Beef Bourguignon as one of the best dishes in the world. She believes that it's something that can tie a family together and make any meal a good meal. Julia Child made it possible for home cooks everywhere to create the most complicated dishes in the simplest ways possible, so it's only fitting that her favorite is her most famous one. This rich and homey dish is the perfect way for any family to warm themselves up on a cold day.

Try out her recipe for yourself here - once you master it, not only will you have bragging rights but you'll also have a new staple in your dinner repertoire.

12 Ina Garten - Hates Cilantro

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Ina Garten wins hearts with her personality, great taste, and soft-spoken ways, but you'll never see her using store-bought cilantro because her hatred for the herb carries forward to pretty much any dish she creates. She goes on to say that she hates the herb and just cannot seem to stomach it. Fun fact: some people have a gene that makes cilantro taste like soap to them, which explains why this seemingly innocuous herb is so divisive. We guess Ina must fall into that camp!

Garten has tons of recipes that would ordinarily use the herb like tacos or soups but manages to supplement it or miss it altogether every time. So, if you like your tacos cilantro-free, Ina's on your side.

11 Geoffrey Zakarian - Loves Pasta with white truffles

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The Lamb's club chef raves about pasta with white truffles and calls it his favorite dish. He thinks that the dish is earthy and simple and what food is all about. No fake truffle oil allowed here though - the beauty of this dish is in the freshness of the ingredients, so unless you have access to actual truffles, we're sorry to say this one might be difficult to replicate at home.

Unsurprisingly, a lot of chefs on this list have picked dishes from Italy as their favorites, and who can blame them?It's the best comfort food the world has to offer, and almost every dish has memories attached for each person in his or her own special way. Geoffrey also added that the dish isn't complete without a glass of his favorite wine: Pétrus.

10 Guy Fieri - Hates Eggs

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Fieri has hated eggs since the beginning of time, and that's not changing anytime soon. It all started with a childhood experience that scarred him for life. He opened an egg and pretty much saw the entire gory process in all of its glory and has vowed off eggs ever since. He's also been the receiver of a bad hard-boiled egg which didn't help anything in retrospect. On his show, Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives, Fieri has tried pretty much every weird dish under the sun, but if you give him a plate of scrambled eggs, you're asking for trouble.

9 Donatella Arpaia - Loves Handmade Spaghetti

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Iron Chef America judge Donatella Arpaia told the New York Post that if she had to bid the world goodbye tomorrow, her last meal would be handmade spaghetti with fresh tomato and basil sauce with freshly baked focaccia, thinly sliced prosciutto, and burrata.

Extremely specific, so it looks like she took the time to think it through. Her love for the meal started one hot summer in Capri and has stayed put through her life, so she believes it's only fitting for it to be her last bite.

8 Giada De Laurentiis - Hates Coconut & Green Peppers

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Giada has told People that she absolutely detests coconut in her recipes. She said that she has maybe one recipe that involves the ingredient but mostly stays away from it. De Laurentiis isn't a fan of green peppers either, so don't expect to find any dishes with either one of these. “I don’t like the flavor or the look. No green peppers will ever be found in any of my recipes.”

So, if you're planning on piña coladas or stuffed green peppers, Giana is probably not game for that.

7 Fabio Viviani - Loves Black Cod

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When Fabio Viviani was asked what his all-time favorite dish was, he decided, without much thought needed, on the black cod served at Nobu Malibu. After appearing on the reality TV show Top Chef, we can only assume he's tried some amazing dishes, but this one obviously takes the cake.

The black cod is served along with miso (seasoning) at Nobu, and he describes the dish as being 'delicious, moist, and tender.' The restaurant also has the best view and an amazing atmosphere, which simply adds to the experience.

6 Kathy Wakile: Hates Canned Meat

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Kathy Wakile made her mark in the food industry after making her mark in the reality TV show Real Housewives of New Jersey. So, if you think you've heard that name before, you're clearly not mistaken. She focuses on desserts but has tried a truckload of dishes and cuisines along the way. Out of all of these many foods, the one thing she cannot stand is canned meat. She goes on to explain that it just isn't the right way to store meat and that having your meat covered in gelatin should be your first warning sign. She's been known to shiver at the thought itself and told Bravo TV that it's 'unjustifiable.'

5 Marc Murphy - Loves Kokorec

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Chopped judge and owner of Landmarc in NYC, Marc Murphy, fell in love with kokorec in Istanbul while he was there a few years ago. This traditional street food quickly became his favorite dish and the reason he keeps going back to Istanbul. The dish is essentially flame-roasted lamb intestine that's then wrapped in soft bread fresh from the oven. It's then covered with Turkish spices to create the amazing meal that you just have to love. Here's a great recipe for the dish in case you want to give it a whirl or just get yourself hungrier than you are already.

4  Tom Colicchio - Hates Okra

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As much as the South loves okra, getting Tom to agree is practically impossible. He's tried his fair share of dishes, but okra is just not something he's been able to warm up to. The Top Chef judge told the New York Times that his dislike for the dish is well warranted because of its unlikable sliminess. He's not a big fan of mountain yams either and makes no exceptions. So, if you're planning on making him a meal, consider giving these two a skip.

3 Francesco Mazzei - Loves Baked Potato With Grated Truffle

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Mazzei is a chef patron for multiple restaurants based in London, namely Sartoria and Radici, and also has another one coming up. He's made multiple appearances on BBC cooking shows and is well known as being one of the best chefs with a flair for food from Italy. When he was truffle hunting with his friends in Umbria, he discovered his favorite dish. They cooked some potatoes with the grated truffles and mashed them up along with salt and pepper. He calls it the most luxurious mashed potatoes he's had to date.

2 Ted Allen - Hates Frozen Pizza

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Before you skip this one because of your respect and love for frozen pizza after a night out or a night in with Netflix, hear Ted Allen out. The host of Chopped insists that frozen pizza isn't worth the few moments of joy it gives you. He told Time magazine that the pizza is "packed with the lowest-quality ingredients, lousy sauces, and they’re overpriced for what they are. It’s not a good product." His alternative solution is to buy an extra pizza when you're out and about, store it in a Ziploc bag for later, and heat it in the microwave when you're ready.

1 Donatella Arpaia - Loves Imbustata Pasta

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Another dish from Italy as a favorite, and we cannot say we're very surprised. Donatella Arpaia has eaten at hundreds of restaurants around the world but said that the Imbustata pasta at the Cellini restaurant in NYC was the best meal of her life and that she'd kill for another plate. This baked envelope pasta is stuffed with chicken shiitake and served with a creamy vodka sauce and is one of the restaurant's most famous meals. It's cuisine from Italy at its finest and is possibly one of the best dishes of all time.

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