McDonald's Removes Happy Meals From The Value Menu

McDonald’s has removed the beloved Happy Meal from their under $3 value menu. The discovery came after Brand Eating published about it, and McDonald’s has yet to release an official statement as to why they did this. As of now, if you want a toy to come with your McDonald’s meal, you’ll have to pay more than $3.

Via: Business Insider

While the news is disappointing to budget-conscious customers, there may be a more well-off market that McDonald’s wants to attract. It could be that the company is planning to improve the quality of the components of their Happy Meal, and this would entail higher costs. McDonald’s is continuously experimenting with new ideas for their menu, and this could be part of one of their tests.

McDonald’s first changed the contents of their Happy Meal last June in line with their goal to cap every meal’s calorie count at 600. With the news of the price change, an average Happy Meal could be less desired by those looking to eat for very cheap.

Via: USA Today

However, it’s important to note that with the number of McDonald’s that exists in the United States, there could be stores that do not participate in this change. Until the corporation enforces a standardized menu, it’s possible for you to find a cheaper Happy Meal at another branch.

While the news is sad for customers looking to save, there are still many menu items that they can buy for $3 or below, and this still makes a part of their meal happy. With a changing menu, it could be that McDonald’s is planning to launch a revamped Happy Meal with more food and higher quality toys. The little red box could contain more happiness as we pay more for it.

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