10 McDonald’s Items That Surprisingly Have More Calories Than A Big Mac (And 10 From Other Fast Food Places)

“Mayonnaise, sweet pickle relish, and yellow mustard whisked together with vinegar, garlic powder, onion powder, and paprika.” (Source: Daily Meal)

The ingredients above are what sets the Big Mac apart from other burgers. That’s the secret sauce that was first issued back in the late '60s. By the '70s, it was already a massive success. These days, it continues on as the signature item despite the health craze. We don’t expect that to change; it's just too delicious.

However, what has steered some consumers away is the general stereotype that this burger is far too heavy and fattening compared to other menu items. In this article, we’re here to tell you that this couldn’t be further from the truth. Not only is it not the most fattening menu item amongst its rivals, the same also holds true for the McDonald’s menu. As you’ll see in this article, beverages, breakfast items, and other McDonald’s burgers actually contain more calories than the Big Mac, which is comprised of 563 calories, according to the USDA.

On the flip side, we’ll also take a look at other fast-food restaurants such as Wendy’s and Burger King. We’ll feature items that are far more calorically filling. We’ll also feature a muffin from Dunkin’ along with a couple of drinks from Starbucks. Yes, both have more calories than a Big Mac!

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20 McDonald’s - A Large McDonald’s Fry With Ketchup

via Fortune

Prepare for a lot of punches straight to the gut, and that starts with those tasty, golden French fries. Some might think that it’s a wise decision to replace a meal with an order of fries. On the surface, that might seem like a decent idea, but did you know that it can be greater than a Big Mac in terms of calories?

A large order of fries contains 560 calories, which, if you can believe, are just three calories less than a Big Mac. However, most us use a type of sauce to dip the fries. That puts the fries' calories well over the Big Mac's calories.

19 Starbucks - Java Chip Frappuccino

via Starbucks

Take a deep breath, Starbucks lovers. Ever wonder why that Frappuccino had you full throughout the entire day? No, it wasn’t because of those healthy green tea extracts included, but instead, a lot of it has to do with the whole milk and whipped cream added to the drink, according to the Business Insider.

The serving size is also quite crucial. For those that get a large order of a Java Chip drink, it’ll equate to 580 calories. For a drink, that’s overly excessive! You’re better off eating a Big Mac at that point.

18 McDonald’s - Chicken Nuggets

via Readers Digest

Like everything else, moderation is key. We all love yummy chicken nuggets from McDonald’s. However, the biggest problem is that they really aren’t all that filling. This can lead a customer to order a bigger serving, and given the calories, it’ll almost equate a Big Mac or more.

For those feeling hungry, ten nuggets equate to 480 calories. That’s more than a Big Mac without the sauce. Add a dipping sauce to the nuggets, and you’ll get really close to the actual Big Mac. For those that are feeling way too bold, the largest order size of 20 nuggets nears 900 calories!

17 Dunkin’ Donuts – Sausage, Egg, & Cheese Croissant

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Just imagine putting a croissant next to a Big Mac and someone telling you that the croissant is a lot less healthy... Maybe that’s why Dunkin’ isn’t the same giant it once was.

According to Eating Well, the breakfast meal is loaded with saturated and trans fat, making it far too heavy. The overall calorie count is 710! Considering that, you can almost have a small order of fries with the Big Mac, and it’ll almost equate to the same number of calories. The 1,370 milligrams of sodium doesn’t help either.

16 McDonald’s - Premium McWrap, Crispy Chicken & Bacon

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Looking at the box of this menu item, any customer can get confused rather easily as to whether or not this is a healthy item. The box has salad and veggies on it, suggesting that the wrap is healthy.

However, what McDonald’s isn’t telling us is the fact that this wrap has more calories than a Big Mac. The wrap contains 31 grams of fat along with way too many carbs. It equates to 620 calories. Note to the healthy eater out there: think twice before getting a wrap at McDonald’s.

15 Chick-Fil-A – Hash Brown Scramble Burrito

via The Chicken Wire

Chick-Fil-A is a desired fast-food option for some fitness enthusiasts. Sure, the meals do contain lots of carbs and fats, but on the plus side, there's a healthy amount of protein. It’s basically like a good cheat meal.

This burrito, however, isn't a good cheat-meal option given the insane number of calories. According to My Food Diary, just one burrito equates to 690 calories. Stuffing hash browns into a burrito, that makes a lot of sense, especially in terms of the carbohydrate content alone.

14 McDonald’s - McDonald’s Sausage Egg & Cheese McGriddle

via Yelp

According to Eating Well, this breakfast sandwich has just as many calories as a Big Mac with 560 calories or above. Although it might taste oh-so-yummy, a lot of that has to with the elevated amounts of fat found in the breakfast sandwich.

Not only is the bread extremely thick, but the sausage also has a lot do with the elevated fat count. Replacing it with turkey bacon would be the ideal option and one that can heavily reduce the insane number of calories.

13 KFC – Chicken Pot Pie

via KFC

Not only is a chicken pot pie greater in terms of the number of calories, but it blows the Big Mac out of the water with nearly 800 calories. If you’re going to order this menu item, in all likelihood, you’ll be good for the rest of the night.

Foods that are high in calories usually feature an array of fats and carbohydrates mixed in together. That seems to be the case with this chicken pot pie. Sure, you’ll get some protein in the pie thanks to the chicken, but at 790 calories, it might be best to splurge those kinds of cals elsewhere (like a Big Mac).

12 McDonald’s - Large Shamrock Shake

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The Shamrock Shake can easily become one of the most regrettable drinks you’ve ever ordered. A couple of sips, and it’ll become apparent that it’s loaded with sugar; not to mention, it's way too heavy.

In fact, in just a medium-sized shake, the calories almost amount to the same as a Big Mac at 560 calories, just three calories under the Big Mac itself! A large order comes with 800 calories per Philly Mag! 16 grams of fat comes from those calories, which is unheard of for a drink.

11 Dairy Queen – Honey-Glazed Chicken Strip Basket

Not only is DQ delicious for dessert purposes, but the fast-food establishment also excels when it comes to burgers and wings. One of their top items is the glazed chicken basket. Take one look at those four pieces, and you’ll be salivating pretty quick.

The giant elephant in the room, however, is the number of calories you’ll be consuming by choosing this meal. According to My Fitness Pal, the basket comes with over 1,000 calories! It’s basically a mess of fat and carbohydrates blended together. At that point, you might be better off devouring two Big Macs!

10 McDonald’s – Big Breakfast

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This is a usual fan favorite during one's days when one's metabolism seems to rev a little faster. In truth, some still opt for this delicious breakfast meal. If that’s you, shut your eyes for this one.

According to Eating Rules, the Big Breakfast contains over 1,000 calories—1,090, to be exact. In truth, everything on the plate is fattening from the small biscuit to the sausage to those breathtaking golden pancakes. Unfortunately, even the eggs are tainted with an elevated amount of fat.

9 Burger King – Ultimate Big Breakfast

via DC Outlook

Similar to McDonald’s, the Big Breakfast isn’t calorie friendly, not in the slightest. In truth, it has double the calories of a Big Mac—yeah, double. It has 1,190 calories in total, making it even heavier than the McDonald’s Big Breakfast version.

Burger King has other fatty breakfast items, including the Enormous Omelette Sandwich. We didn’t add the enormous part; it's actually called that. The sandwich also has more calories than a Big Mac at 730 calories! That’s even more than the Whopper itself, which we’ll feature in this article as well.

8 McDonald’s - Crispy Chicken Club Sandwich

via McDonald's

This sandwich sounds at least moderately healthy thanks to the chicken part. A customer can easily choose the option, but boy, would they ever regret if they found out the calorie count. Sure, it has more protein than the Big Mac, but it comes with many more overall calories.

According to Calorie King, the Crispy Chicken Sandwich comes with 669 calories total, more than 100 calories compared to the delicious Big Mac. According to the same source, it would take a 175-minute walk to burn off this chicken burger. Yikes!

7 Burger King – Whopper

via Action News

Not only does the Big Breakfast from Burger King one-up the McDonald’s breakfast in terms of calories, but the same can also be said of the most popular burgers from the rival companies. The Whopper features 660 calories in total, according to My Fitness Pal. That makes it almost 100 calories greater than the Big Mac.

The higher calorie count comes specifically from the fat, as a Whopper features five extra grams of fat compared to the Big Mac. If you plan on getting the entire trio that also comes with a medium-sized order of fries, that’ll set you back almost 1,500 calories, according to My Fitness Pal.

6 McDonald’s - Double Quarter Pounder With Cheese

via McDonald's

Similar to the Big Mac, the Quarter Pounder has quite the history as well. It was first launched back in the early '70s, and soon enough, it became one of the most popular McDonald’s burgers out there.

However, interest would start to subside in the burger, and that might have to do with the calories that it contains. According to Calorie King, the Double Quarter Pounder is one of the most fattening burgers a customer can purchase with 770 calories. That blows the Big Mac out of the water.

5 Wendy’s – Baconator

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Trying to simplify things, Wendy’s launched the Baconator back in 2007. The goal was to get ahead in the 18-34 demographic. The idea succeeded, and the burger is arguably the most popular of all time for the franchise.

Although everything is better with bacon, it does come with a hefty amount of fat. For that reason, the Baconator doesn’t score all that well in terms of calories, with 610, which is more than the Big Mac's. Get this—according to Live Strong, the double comes with 980 calories, and the triple, 1,150 calories!

4 McDonald’s - McFlurry with M&Ms

via Eater

Deep breaths, McFlurry lovers. A large McFlurry is the equivalent of three hamburgers! Oh goodness... According to Calorie King, the large order comes with nearly 1,000 calories, 929 to be exact. For some, that’s almost a day’s worth of eating!

The carb number is certainly the silent killer at 139 grams of carbohydrates. Although that’s pretty bad, it also has 33 grams of fat, which is the exact equivalent of a Big Mac. Ouch. For those trying to avoid hefty calories, moderation is the key when it comes to this tasty dessert.

3 Dunkin’ Donuts – Coffee Cake Muffin

via Joy Of Baking

According to CBC News, Dunkin’ has one muffin that's the equivalent of a hefty meal. According to the same source, the muffin comes with 620 calories, making it more fattening than an actual burger—and not just any burger but a darn Big Mac!

The muffin comes loaded with sugar, 54 grams to be exact. In total, the muffin contains 93 grams of carbs and 25 grams of fat. It's all about smart and nutritionally dense foods, and this one is the exact opposite of that.

2 McDonald’s - Large McCafe Chocolate Chip Frappe

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Just to give you an idea, the small order is almost the equivalent of a Big Mac with 530 calories, and that includes 66 grams of sugar.

According to My Food Diary, the large order blows the Big Mac out of the water with 750 calories. One sip of this thing, and you’ll be regretting the decision real quick. It almost has the same amount of fat compared to a Big Mac with 31 grams. The real kicker is the sugar: 99 grams! That’s on par with the '90s Fun Dip from back in the day that you literally dipped into sugar!

1 Starbucks – White Hot Chocolate

via The Daily Beast

According to Business Insider, this is the highest calorie option from Starbucks. This thick hot chocolate is no ordinary hot chocolate that grandma used to make. This one is loaded with whipped cream and really thick milk. A 20-ounce Venti, which is the equivalent of a large, has 640 calories, topping a Big Mac by nearly 100 calories.

Using up all those calories on a drink is far too hefty, no matter how good it might be. As we stated in the article several times, moderation is key when it comes to such beverages.

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