10 Limited Release McDonald’s Menu Items We Wish Existed All Year

McDonald's is known for having some of the most addicting fast food items. While there are many items on the menu that you can get all year to satisfy your cravings, there are some that are only available during certain seasons. Even more disappointing are the limited release items that come and go and might not ever return. Some of these limited release items are the most-talked-about, and it’s always sad to see them go. While we might not be able to get these items all year, we definitely wish that we could.

Whether they are gone for a season or for good, here are the ten limited release McDonald’s items that we wish were around all year.

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This sandwich was part of McDonald's Around the World promotion. This promotion had four menu items that were available in McDonald’s locations across the world but weren’t usually available in the United States.

This chicken sandwich had melted mozzarella as well as tomato, and it was a relatively fresh and good sandwich. It’s definitely nice to have a twist on the chicken sandwich on their menu, and it’s unfortunate that this isn’t a permanent item.


McDonald’s often struggles to keep chicken tenders on their menu. Over the years, they’ve had a variety of chicken strips under different names. While they used to be called chicken selects, they are now available on most menus under the name buttermilk chicken tenders with a slightly different formula.

The BBQ glazed version also became available recently with the pieces of chicken coated in a sweet and spicy glaze. Unfortunately, these aren’t a permanent item.


The Stroopwafel McFlurry is another item that was released in the United States for the Around the World promotion.

While McFlurrys have been a classic item on the menu for years, they usually don’t come in too many different varieties. So, when they released the Stroopwafel version, it was refreshing to have another option. Sadly, this item wasn’t around for long.


The McDonald’s breakfast menu is rather well-known and iconic. It’s so delicious that a few years ago they decided to make many of their breakfast items available all day which made a lot of fans happy. So, earlier this year, many people were excited when another sweet option was included.

The donut sticks were sweet and covered with powdered sugar and cinnamon. While this item didn’t last on the menu forever, it was a good idea. However, they weren’t the best donuts you could get.


When fall comes around, many people can’t wait for restaurants and coffee shops to release their autumn menus. So, it’s no surprise that many people are glad that McDonald's has their own version of the popular pumpkin spice latte.

The great thing about this item is that it’s relatively cheap compared to pumpkin spice lattes at other popular chains. This is a delicious coffee drink that’s perfect for fall, but sometimes you get the craving during other months of the year. However, you’ll just have to enjoy this drink during the autumn months.

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McDonald’s usually has different varieties of pies available throughout the year, but this special holiday item is definitely a favorite. Many customers are excited when it comes back into locations for the holiday season.

These holiday pies are fun looking dessert with a sweet taste. It’s filled with vanilla custard, and it has rainbow sprinkles on top. It’s definitely a unique item, but you can only have it during the winter months.


Many fans of McDonald’s items look forward to the holiday season because there are so many specialty items that become available. One of these tried and true items is the eggnog shake.

While eggnog is a very specific flavor, it definitely brings to mind the homey feeling of the holiday season. It’s a great flavor and treat to experience during the winter months, and it reminds many people of their holiday traditions. However, it’s only available around Christmastime.

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This is another item that was made available during the recent Around the World promotion. This item was probably the best on this special menu. Funnily enough, McDonald’s actually introduced this item already, and then took it away. Then, they brought it back right after a new promotion.

This goes to show that many people loved this delicious item. While McDonald’s fries are already delicious, adding cheese and bacon makes them even better. Hopefully, McDonald’s will consider making this a permanent part of their menu instead of just bringing it back occasionally for a limited release.


For customers of McDonald’s, the rather large McCafe menu is definitely a draw. So, this specialty Christmastime drink is unsurprisingly a favorite. It’s a perfect winter drink, and it would be nice if it was around for a little longer at least. You can also get this drink in the hot chocolate version if you're not a coffee drinker.

While the pumpkin spice latte might be talked about the most on the internet for specialty holiday drinks, peppermint also has its place. But,  sadly, you'll only be able to get this item for a short period of time each year.


If there is one specialty McDonald’s item that people talk about and want around more often, it’s the shamrock shake. This limited release dessert is loved by many people, but it’s only available for March around St. Patrick’s Day.

The pretty green color makes it appealing to look at, and the mint flavor is one that many people enjoy. This shake could definitely taste good almost any time of year, so it’s a shame that it’s only available for such a short time.

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