McVomit: The Worst Menu Item At These 20 Fast Food Restaurants

Fast food serves its purpose and does so well.

You're in a rush. You manage to get dressed and snatch your wallet and keys. You have no time to cook. You're late to work, but your stomach is growling. In a relatively speedy fashion, you can order, pay for, and snatch up some hot and usually tasty food.

We're not saying fast food is particularly healthy, but it can be cheap and filling. Just what a go-getter like you needs in the morning, or afternoon, or evening.

But lo, we've all encountered that one item at a fast food place. Feeling frisky and adventurous, we tried it. And we immediately regretted it.

Just about every fast food joint around has one such disgusting menu item. We found twenty that are sure to make your stomach turn, or at the very least make your heart say "Please no, no more cholesterol, I can't take it..." You might need to take an antacid after just reading this article, forewarning!

So how did we properly choose the worst menu items at various fast food restaurants? A lot was taken into consideration. These items are either gross in taste, gross visually, gross in the way of unhealthiness, or all of the above. It's also worth noting that some of these items were limited release menu items and are no longer available, or were just so dang bad that they were removed indefinitely.

Ready to feel gross? We sure are! Check out The Worst Menu Items At These 20 Fast Food Restaurants!

20 Pizza Hut - Cheeseburger Stuffed-Crust Pizza (UK)

via The Inquisitr

In promotional photos, Pizza Hut's Cheeseburger Stuffed-Crust Pizza looks kind of good. It also looks very strange and alien-like, but still seems like it could be kind of tasty in a unique way. In promos, there seems to be a lot of color going on and the cheeseburger patties look totally grabbable.

However, when you see the actual Cheeseburger Stuffed-Crust Pizza in real life, your appetite may just disappear. It just doesn't look good. It's very grey, the cheeseburger patties look overdone compared to the pizza, and it seems extremely awkward to try and eat. We'll give Pizza Hut props for creativity, but this one is a no-go.

19 Wendy's - Triple/Quad Baconator

via ladoteater.com

We're not going to doubt that lovers of meaty goodness will love this monstrosity. Wendy's is known for having better-than-average (fresh, never frozen!) beef patties that just melt in your mouth. This burger will melt your organs too, probably.

A Triple Baconator contains 1330 calories, 38 grams of saturated fat, 345 milligrams of cholesterol, 3150 milligrams of sodium, and 11 grams of sugar. The Triple Baconator usually tops lists of most unhealthy fast food items, and it is clear why. We couldn't find the exact specs or nutritional facts on the rare but sometimes possible-to-order Quad Baconator, but that's probably because Satan bought the rights to it.

18 Tim Hortons - Buffalo Crunch Doughnut

via grubstreet.com

...Why? Have we really strayed so far from god?

How can anybody look at this disgusting meal from Tim Hortons and think, "Oh boy, just what I wanted! Buffalo sauce-flavored donuts!" Who just sits in their house and suddenly thinks, "You know what I could go for? A Buffalo sauce lava pit surrounded by donuts and mashed up chips with two sole baby tortilla chips that are there for no reason."

This thing is disgusting. I don't care who you are, where you've been, what your personal taste is. This should never have been made. I'm getting heartburn just looking at images of it. I can't stomach watching videos of people eating it. Just... don't.

17 In-N-Out - 4x4

via An Immoveable Feast

This big boy technically isn't part of In N Out's everyday menu, but it is part of their not-so-secret menu along with the Mustard Grilled Burger and Animal Style Fries.

The composition of this heart-killer is simple. It's just four beef patties, four slices of cheese, and a few pathetic slices of lettuce and tomato with sauce. It is exceptionally greasy and not unlike Hardee's Monster Biscuit in that it is very difficult to eat due to height. And nutritionally, it's terrible. No surprise there. The 4x4 has nearly 1000 calories, 60 grams of fat, 235 milligrams of cholesterol, and 2400 milligrams of sodium.

16 McDonald's - Lobster Roll

via newengland.com

We're not talking sushi here. We're talking about one of New England's best sandwiches for seafood-loving foodies. A lobster roll is a grilled hot dog-styled bun filled to the brim with soft savory lobster meat and either butter or mayonaisse. It's truly a treat, and McDonalds thought they could make it better. They could not.

You might be surprised to find a chunk of claw meat in there or two, but that meat is far from fresh. Is that even all that surprising? Maybe one can handle not-so-fresh chicken or beef, but lobster? Why bother spending $9 on a lobster dish that tastes like it was caught a couple weeks ago? The lack of seasoning and flavor is also a huge turn-off.

15 Little Caesars - Bacon-wrapped Pizza

via KSAT.com

One has to wonder about the kind of person gets excited about hearing "Our wildly popular pizza is back and wrapped in 3 1/2 feet of bacon!"

Little Caesars isn't exactly known for being the pinnacle of pizza quality, but this one just rubs us the wrong way. The best pizza experience involves gooey cheese and sauce accompanied by a crunchy crust to offset the gooey-ness. This pizza doesn't have that. The bacon crust is flimsy and after a while you'll probably give up trying to eat this like a normal pizza and opt for a knife and fork. Plus the 3600 calories and 184 grams of fat aren't exactly forgivable.

14 KFC - The Double Down

via eater.com

This sandwich is the perfect dish to choose if you want to cheat on your keto diet while still looking on top of things to your friends. "I can't have bread, oh no! Guess I'll get the Double Down!"

The Double Down, for those not in the loop, is a sandwich offered by Kentucky Fried Chicken. It consists of bacon, cheese, and sauce sandwiched between two pieces of fried chicken filet in place of bread or a bun. Why someone would want to eat this, we don't know. There was once a "grilled" chicken version that contained fewer calories, but the concept of this sandwich is just too annoying.

13 Hardee's - Monster Biscuit

via yelp.com

Who doesn't love a sandwich so stuffed with garbage that they can't even fit it into their mouth? One of Hardee's many serious mistakes includes this biscuit stacked with ham, egg, bacon, sauce and cheese. It topped lists back in the day as one of the unhealthiest, if not the absolute unhealthiest fast food sandwich item from 2009. This literal monster is loaded with 710 calories, 51 grams of fat, 2250 milligrams of sodium and 37 grams of carbs. What's worse is that this sandwich really lacked flavor. What's the point in consuming something this unhealthy if it doesn't actually taste good?

12 Arby's - Pumpkin Cheesecake Shake

via Arby's / Twitter

This sounds like it could be pretty delicious during autumn when everything is festive and pumpkin spice-flavored, but this shake misses the mark. Which is a rare defeat for Arby's, known for delicious inventions like the Jamocha shake and their classic Mint Chocolate shake.

The Pumpkin Cheesecake shake is really heavy on the cheesecake flavor, so much so that you might as well order this alone rather than with a roast beef meal. It also kind of sits in your gut for a while, a sensation not unlike binge-eating a bunch of cheesecake. The aftercare you'll have to take isn't worth the few minutes of sort-of-tasty shake time you get with this one.

11 Burger King - Veggie Burger

via youtube.com

Vegetarians and those trying to cut down on meat were pretty psyched when Burger King came out with one of the first soy-based veggie burgers ever as a fast food restaurant several years ago. In ads, it seemed like a dream come true-- a simple hot veggie burger with a sesame-seed bun, simple fixin's, and mayonnaise with ketchup. The patty is from Morningstar Farms, so how bad could this actually be?

The answer: pretty bad. Upon that first bite, it becomes immediately clear that something is wrong. And what's wrong is everything about this burger. It tastes microwaved and soy burgers become somewhat... rubbery after being nuked. If you love chewing on shoes, try this one on for size.

10 Krispy Kreme/Chicken Charlie's - Sloppy Joe

via reddit.com

Don't worry-- you won't see this monstrosity on the menu of your local Krispy Kreme. Yet.You will, however, find this disgusting gem on the menu of fast food trucks and vendors around America, namely Chicken Charlie's in San Diego.

The concoction is simple. Take a perfectly un-sullied Krispy Kreme glazed donut. Slice it down the middle. Fill it with sloppy joe meat, shredded cheese, and shame. Serve it to people who don't love themselves. We get that sweet and savory can be great together, but this is just wrong. Plus, glazed donuts are light and flaky and not built to handle soggy sloppy joe mix, so expect a goopy mess halfway through eating.

9 Wienerschnitzel - Biscuit Sandwich

via Postmates

You'll usually find this item from weiner capital of the United States at the bottom of aggregate rankings. There's a good reason for it-- their biscuits just kind of suck!

Wienerschnitzel is known for their tasty and filling Chili Cheese Fries and classic weiner creations like the Chicago Dog, Chili Cheese Dog, and Junkyard Dog. It's a delightful romp through Polish and American delicacies all contained within an easy-to-access fast food restaurant. The biscuit breakfast sandwiches, though, seem like they don't even belong there. It's a hot dog restaurant! What's worse, they're often crunchy in a bad way and bland.

8 Panda Express - Cream Cheese Rangoon

via youtube.com

Panda Express is the go-to for China-style food lovers who don't have the privilege of having an authentic local spot in their town. It isn't the best, but it'll do. Except for their disgusting cream cheese rangoons.

It's hard to imagine screwing up something so simple. Crab meat, cream cheese, and seasoning wrapped up in a wonton and fried. Even a baby could do it. But Panda Express cannot, apparently. These rangoons never taste fresh and probably never are. There's a gooeyness to the fried dough that gets stuck in your teeth in the worst way. For all that is holy, stay away from these and make a beeline for the nearest authentic place.

7 Carl's Jr. - Tex-Mex Bacon Thickburger

via allsandwich.com

Why you gotta be like this, Carl's Jr?

The Tex-Mex Bacon Burger is a whole mess of things, notably fire-roasted peppers and Santa Fe sauce, packed on top of two thick-cut slices of bacon and a 1/3 pound Black Angus beef patty. To some, this might be kind of good. It clocks in at over 970 calories and 65 grams of fat, which is (shockingly) not nearly as bad as other things on this list. But tex-mex and burgers can remain separated and good on their own without coming together to make an artery-clogging and relatively soggy pile of food.

6 Friendly's - Grilled Cheese Burger Melt

via thedailymeal.com

This is yet another item that is horrible for you but kind of genius in its design and tasty. Can't decide between a grilled cheese sandwich and a burger? Why not both? You might feel like literal death after eating it, though. This bad boy contains over 1500 calories, 2090 milligrams of sodium, and 97 grams of fat. Health experts aren't happy about its existence, either. Dr. Michael Jacobson, executive director of the Center for Science in the Public Interest, told ABC News: "It's deadly. It's not the kind of thing people should be eating. In fact, it's the kind of thing the Surgeon General says don't eat." At some point, you have to ask yourself if the taste is really worth that kind of pressure on your heart.

5 Papa John's - Epic Meatz Pizza

via yelp.com

We have to admit there isn't anything incredibly offensive about this pizza at first glance. It just looks like your typical meaty pizza from Papa John's. Upon closer inspection, though, you may be a bit more likely to roll your eyes.

This carb-and-fat paradise is stuffed with pepperoni, spicy sausage, bacon, Canadian bacon, and meatballs. The only person who would eat this would be a man with something to prove, or Ron Swanson. You can still be a real man without consuming this much meat. Please calm down.Let's not forget the name, either. Who puts a "z" at the end of anything anymore? Let it die with Bratz dolls.

4 Denny's - Mac ‘n Cheese Big Daddy Patty Melt

via yelp.com

What is with humanity's need to stuff food with other kinds of food? Mac and cheese as a side dish to a nice patty melt sounds lovely. Why must we shove it all into a sandwich and make it as unhealthy as possible?

This sandwich is composed of two buttered and toasted potato bread slices stuffed with a ground beef patty, Frisco sauce, cheese, and macaroni and cheese. This thing has 1690 calories and nearly 100 grams of fat. Nothing about this sandwich is good for you, unless they accidentally dropped a chunk of broccoli in it. Even still, that broccoli can't help you now.

3 Taco Bell - Croissant Taco

via fastfoodgeek.com

On one hand, you could see this creation as a creative way to mix a croissant, sausage, cheese, and egg into an easy-to-shovel-into-your-mouth breakfast delight. Unfortunately, Taco Bell fell a bit short on this one and it isn't its "weirdness" that lands it on this list of fast food menu items. It's the flavor and texture.

The croisant "shell" lacks the typical sweetness of a freshly baked croissant, which is a shame since that would have paired well with the savoriness of the sausage and cheese. On top of that, we yet again have something that would be pretty tasty if it was freshly baked, but microwaved? A rubbery mess. The eggs don't even taste like eggs, but some kind of strange imitation. The waffle taco ended up being a flop, so why hasn't Taco Bell learned from their mistakes?

2 Dairy Queen - Chili Cheese Hot Dog

via reddit.com

There are many places to get a good chili cheese hot dog. There's Weinerschnitzel. Sonic Drive-Thru. And even Burger King has decent dogs. But Dairy Queen is not the spot, trust us.

Don't expect well-melted cheese. Don't expect a lot of chili, either. Or very much flavor. In fact, don't expect a hot dog at all. What you're going to bite into thinks it is a hot dog, but is it? The world may never know. As Marina Nazario said in her brief but honest review of the devilish Dairy Queen chili cheese dog, "This tastes like it's three weeks old."

1 Dunkin' Donuts - Glazed Donut Breakfast Sandwich

via pennlive.com

First off, why do we need so many glazed donut concoctions? Why can't we just leave well enough alone?!

This gooey sugary mess (which will, of course, end up all over your hands by the end of your meal) consists of two sad pieces of bacon and an even sadder egg shimmied between two halves of a glazed donut. Maybe this would be less disgusting if the innards had more flavor and a bit more of a char, but they don't. They might as well be made out of some kind of latex material. It's kind of edible, but mostly not. Your body will be not thankful for this.

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