Monopoly Pizza Edition Is The Board Game You Never Knew You Wanted

Monopoly - the real estate tycoon board game published by toy company Hasbro, Inc. - has continued to churn out updated and entirely new versions of the game since its original release over eighty years ago. Available now, is one of the “tastiest” versions of the game to date!

Monopoly Pizza Board Game has been released, allowing pizza lovers young and old to battle it out for total pizza supremacy.

Monopoly Pizza takes the same approach as the standard version of the game, seeing players moving around the board and, hopefully, not landing in the dreaded “pizza jail.” However, instead of buying up real estate properties, players try to buy as many popular pizza toppings as they can, such as pepperoni, sausage, olives, and basil - not to mention the ever-controversial combination of ham and pineapple, which happen to reside within the same color set on the board. The game is listed as suitable for ages eight and above.

via Hasbro, Inc.

Chance and community cards are still present in the game, allowing players to become “pizza connoisseurs” and participate in fun activities centered around the world of pizza. “Short Line Railroad” squares still exist. However, the train has been replaced with a delivery moped. Who ever heard of a pizza delivery train, anyway?

Players even take control of pizza-themed tokens to move around the board, those tokens including:

  • Pizza chef
  • Cheese shaker
  • Delivery bike
  • Pizza slicer
  • Pizza on a paddle
  • Parmesan cheese grater (or red pepper shaker, given your perspective)

Honestly, the design of the game board itself - which comes in a box that looks exactly like a take-out pizza box - looks good enough to eat.

Monopoly Pizza joins an ever-expanding list of Monopoly games, with Monopoly Chocolate Edition and Monopoly Coca-Cola Collector's Edition being other versions that have been created within the food genre of the franchise. It is a bit surprising that the idea for a pizza version of the longstanding game took this long to be created, considering the popularity and culture surrounding pizza. Ultimately, Monopoly Pizza serves up a slice of fun for the whole family. Just don’t play on an empty stomach.

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