Tokyo Residents Can Now Buy That Special Someone The World's Most Expensive Bento Box

Gochikuru has opened up orders for their bento box of Japan’s highest quality wagyu beef for 292,929 yen ($2,500 USD). The bento box was first released last year, and it was so successful that the company decided to sell them again this year. If you are able to get your hands on this bento box and have the money for it, why not buy it for your special someone?

Unfortunately, Gochikuru has to ship a 4.5-kilogram (around 10 pounds) box to the customer, so they have only made the bento box available for residents of the Tokyo area. However, if you’re curious and want to know what it’s like to eat this bento box, you can live vicariously through the many Japanese Youtubers who upload videos of their first impressions of the food and their taste tests. It is not advised, however, to watch these videos on an empty stomach!

Wagyu beef is expensive because the meat is incredibly tender and has a soft, buttery flavor. The high-quality marbling is due to a strict rearing and feeding guideline that wagyu beef producers must adhere to, and this extensive process is also a factor for the high price. Due to its success in 2017, the Giga Size Tottori Wagyu Beef “Entirely for Yourself” Bento gained the attention of the Guinness Book of World Records. This year, they crowned the bento box as “The Most Expensive Bento (Meal in a Box),” and Gochikuru was quite happy to receive the title despite not aiming to get it. As a celebration, they made the bento box available all year.

Via: Inside Hook

As an added bonus to the delectable meat in the box, Gochikuru’s humor is amazing. The bento box retails for 292,929 yen, and if the numbers are said per digit, it reads “ni kyu ni kyu ni kyu”—sounding similar to meat in Japanese, “niku.” The release date of the bento box is also a pun: 11/29 said per digit is “i-i nikyu” which sounds like “good meat” in Japanese.

International fans of the bento box will have to fly to Japan to purchase it. It’s quite a journey to make to eat a lot of Japan’s most expensive meat, but those who have tried it will probably vouch for the experience. In the meantime, if you haven’t tried wagyu beef yet, you should give it a try—especially before you eat 4.5 kilograms of it!

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