Doin' It For The 'Gram: The 25 Most Photogenic Cafes In The World

Everybody enjoys their occasional coffee in a nice, cosy cafe. Some cafe’s, however, have just that extra touch, that extra sparkle, that makes them unforgettable. Such a special place is not to be left unnoticed. Today, there are many ways to showcase your new-found treasure on social medis, but Insta is by far the best place. With nearly 4.5 million posts tagged #latteart, 15 million photos tagged #coffeeshop and a whopping 31 million tags #cafe, it’s pretty clear that this is the perfect place to post a gorgeous photo of your morning flat-white. Nearly 500 million people use it everyday, where 90% of them are young-adults under the age of 35. A cafe identifies itself by their customers and relies heavily nowadays on those beautiful pics you post on insta to attract new customers.

Besides the coffee, a true cafe distinguishes itself by their design. Especially, an extraordinary interior is bound to lure in the amateur photographers, ‘cause to be fair, who doesn't want to have a great photo taken of yourself in a complete pink and plush cafe? All over the world, you can find the most unusual yet fantastic little (or large) coffee places. From Asia to Australia to America to Europe; no worthy city exists without at least one of its signature cafe. We’ve listed the most outstanding, memorable and marvelous cafe’s in the world. So, book your flight, charge your phone, update your app and get going, ‘cause you’re all doing it for the ‘gram!

25 Palm Vaults - London, UK

via Queensmith Master Jewellers

Just around the corner of the Hackney church in Mare Street, London, you’ll find this cafe that might look a bit unimpressive from the outside. However, once you enter into Palm Vaults, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by space filled with plants; hanging from the roof, in the corner and on the table. A colour scheme of pale pink, washed white, dark leather chairs and hard-wooden elements fill the cafe, giving it a homely yet tropical look, as if you’re on holiday in Hackney. The different corners, funny plants and quirky decor makes it a super friendly environment for a photo op and brunch.

24 Bananas - Barcelona, Spain

Via bananas-barcelona.com

Spain is one of the best places to book if you’re after a hot, sun-and-cocktail drenched holiday with the girls and cafe Bananas understood that concept perfectly. It is in the centre of La Ribera, the perfect suburb of Barcelona to have night out. With its vibrant, led-light covered and multicoloured interior, it serves tropical cocktails and jazzy bites. Banana trees are scattered all over the place, in the form of actual trees or bright palms on the bamboo wall. It is a cheerful oasis with plenty of opportunities to take a pic and go completely bananas after!

23 Sketch - London, UK

via Secret London

Considered to be one of the most beautiful cafes in London, Sketch likes to think pink. It is possibly one of the most iconic and recognisable tea houses in the world. Designed by Mourad Mazouz and chef Pierre Gagnaire, every inch of this cafe is magical. There’s a tea room covered in plush pink, that is converted into a cocktail area in the afternoon. The newest addition to Sketch is the freshly decorated restaurant ‘The Glade’, where blue and purple velvet chairs decorate a room inspired by a magical forest. They definitely won the price on originality and quirkiness; everything about Sketch simply begs to be featured on your grid!

22 Habanera - Madrid, Spain

via revistaad.es

Habanera in Madrid is not just a cafe, it’s an experience. It’s a large venue with an abundance of palm trees, ferns, hanging lights, large windows and high ceilings and plenty of places to sit and admire the scenery. Make sure that when you take a photo for the grid, to place the well-used tag #habaneracolon. On the website, they’ve dedicated a page solely to the stunning photos customers have taken during their stay. Not only is the interior interesting; the food and drinks have equally captured the fascination of everyone. This is a location you simply cannot miss!

21 Tegelbacken - Stockholm, Sweden

Via pinterest.com

This cafe is Stockholm is all about quirkiness, bright colours and velvet. Right in the centre of Stockholm on the waterfront overlooking Vasabron and the parliament house, you can enjoy tasty and freshly prepared dishes that you can share with your friends. It’s a place of glamour, but not too pretentious that it lacks a casual ambiance. The walls are pink with busy floral designs and the hanging lamps sparkling and sophisticated. We can only imagine how relaxing the velvet chairs must be! Enjoy just a drink and take in the splendour or go for diner. Tegelbacken restaurant is certain to impress you!

20 Cafe Medi - New York, USA

Via hotelonrivington.com

If you find yourself in the lower east side of New York city, pay a visit to Cafe Medi. Inspired by the kitchens from Spain, France and Italy, the place is remarkable for its simply outstanding mural depicting all sorts of fish, man, birds and mammals. No matter what angle you take to photograph this spectacle, it’s bound to please your followers. But it’s not only the mural that peeks everyone’s interest; the whole design is elegant yet colourful and combines the Mediterranean and New York perfectly. The food is stunning as well, vibrant and florid. This cafe is certain to keep you entertained.

19 Butler Bake Shop - New York, USA

via Melting Butler

The Butler Bake shop is a creation from the Michelin starred pastry chef Ryan Butler and offers exquisite sweets with a lovely cup of coffee. Besides the clever design of the interior, the food is what really catches everyone’s eye. Enjoy the Morning Glory Muffin or the Apple Miso Crostata, all for affordable prices. Simplicity, fine dining and skilled perfection is what this place is all about and that hasn’t gone unnoticed. Butler has been awarded many prices and received praising reviews in the New York Times and Viva. You simply need to have a post about this cafe on your feed!

18 House of Small Wonder - Berlin, Germany

via Pinterest

Turn away from the bustling Friedrichstrasse in Berlin into the quiet Johannisstrasse and you’ll be pleasantly surprised by this House of Small Wonder. Decorated with an abundance of plants, vibrant wood and the perfect light, it’s a place of relaxation and fascination. Following into the footsteps of its original cafe in Brooklyn, it embraces the influence of Japan by using local and fresh ingredients in Japanese inspired dishes.Make sure to take a photo of the curling flight of stairs in the back, covered with ferns and hanging succulents. Every nook in the house of small wonder is inspiring.

17 Bar Botanique - Amsterdam, The Netherlands

via Dezeen

A city like Amsterdam knows what the people want these days and offers a large variety of bars and cafe’s to spend your time well looked after. The Bar Botanique is one of those treasures that easily fits in this list. When you enter, you’ll be washed away by an oasis of aqua and wood. The high ceiling, all the walls and including the bar are painted blue-green that gives you the ultimate wow-factor. It’s quirky and fresh, that gives you a tropical feeling and a kitchen inspired by France and the Mediterranean. Come and have a coffee while you post and tag #barbotanique on Insta!

16 Dalloway Terrace - London, UK

Via dallowayterrace.com

It’s hard to imagine how many photo’s must have been taken of this terrace in London. This is fine dining at its best! You can enjoy the Maldon Rock Oysters and the Octopus Carpaccio while seated under a cascading wall of ivy and fragrant white flowers. You can come back every 3 months for a completely new experience, because the plants change colour with every change of season. One day you’ll have the Lobster Thermidor under a blooming wall and the next day a Pigeon Pie watching the ivy turn scarlet and crimson. We won’t pretend that you have to dig deep into your pockets for a diner at the Dalloway Terrace, but it will most certainly be worth your while.

15 Sticky Fingers - Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Via stickyfingers.com

On the Amstelveenseweg in Amsterdam you will find this eco -pattiserie ‘Sticky Fingers’, where they create organic and homemade treats. It’s a location perfect for a high-tea and a slow morning cup of tea. The walls are decorated with lovely pink and white tiles, large wooden tables and comfy chairs all around and a high, modern ceiling. It is homely and welcoming; like any cafe in Amsterdam. Have a kokosmakroon or a merengue or a pretzel for an affordable price and make sure to take some photos with the tag #BiteMe.

14 Tattu - Manchester, UK

Via tattu.com

Tattu is a dark and magical place found in Manchester on the Hardman Square. A modern Chinese cuisine is combined with purple blossoms on dark wood with carved screens. It’s a large location, although the ambiance is intimate and mysterious. Lights are dim and candles are scattered all over. Utterly unique, Tattu offers modern Chinese dishes with an exquisite presentation. Every dish has its own signature plate and is decorated by edible flowers and leaves. Their attention to detail has given them awards on the interior- design; something that needs to be on your grid. There’s no place similar to Tattu.

13 Nickel & Diner - New York, USA

Via opentable.com

The Nickel & Diner in New York has understood the contemporary fashion and turned a retro dining setting into a clean, sophisticated place. In Little Italy on Howard street you can enjoy a beautiful dish for a good price, while taking a few stunning snaps. Inspired by the five & dime lunch counters and classic diners, they aim to serve simplistic yet elegant food and in that they definitely succeeded. The dishes look absolutely stunning and the coffee’s too. The black ceiling, metallic lamps, blueish boots and large, modern windows give the Nickel & Diner a light and clean look that is up to date with the modern design.

12 Hacienda - Sydney, Australia

Via concreteplayground.com

On Macquarie Street in Sydney, you can find this chic and airy cafe on three levels high, looking out on the Harbour Bridge. The chairs are large and comfortable in calming pastel colors placed on a dark wooden floor next to large, windows. It’s sophisticated, bright and soothing, with the occasional plant and flower on the bar. As if that is not stunning enough, the ceiling consists of hanging white hyacinths and pale bowl-like lights. Definitely worth the pic! They offer unique food to nibble on, inspired by Latin America’s cuisine, like tuna ceviche and lamb harissa rolls. It all just sounds too lovely to be true.

11 Botanica Deli - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

via timeout.com

In Kuala Lumpur in Bangsar South, you’ll encounter this greenhouse inspired cafe. It’ll feel as if you’re dining outside amidst the lush greenery of the tropics. Their dishes have a touch of inspiration from around the world -  you can order the Croque Madam from France, a Steak sandwich with grain-fed sirloin from Australia and loaded potato tots from England. They have a wall that tells everyone to “plant dreams, pull weeds, and grow a happy life”. Now, that’s something you’d like to have a photo with, right?

10 Atlas Bar - Singapore

Via urbanjourney.com

Singapore knows how to build big and impress, but the Atlas Bar outdone themselves. Celebrating the Art Deco style of the skyscrapers of Europe and New York, this is a place of utter decadence, elegance and an unmistakable style. It’s on the ground floor of Singapore’s iconic building Parkview Square and pays homage to the Deco glamour and unabashed Jazz Age elegance. They offer European inspired dishes like spicy chorizo sandwiches, octopus tentacles and pomme frites. We can just imagine James Bond enjoying his shaken-not-stirred martini at the hearth. It’s a romantic location that simply begs to be snapped!

9 Pink Mamma - Paris, France

via bigmammagroup.com

On the Rue de Douai in Paris you can find the Pink Mamma aka Big Mamma, a lush greenhouse inspired location that has all the elegance and class from France. Ivy covers the ceiling and walls of the large windowed area with classic wooden chairs and tables. Bronze light bulbs dangle from the ceiling, giving the cafe the perfect romantic ambiance. Food is simple but made with perfection and served on cute Leiden blue plates. Start with some lovely anti-pasta or one of their signature burrata specials, a hearty plate of pasta Fresca and finish it off with an indulgent desert. Don’t forget to take photos!

8 Higher Ground - Melbourne, Australia

Via concreteplayground.com

Melbourne is known for its many modern places and the Higher Ground is in the epicenter of it all. White washed brick walls, a metallic construction, large windows and concrete tables and dividers give the place such a modern, clean look that’s absolutely stunning. The interior looks inspired by steep mountain peeks that seems to defy gravity. It’s not all coldness and stoniness though, for they’ve made sure to decorate the place with comfy couches and plenty of greenery. Not quite a cafe nor quite a restaurant, this beautiful place in Melbourne offers innovative breakfast, lunch and diner together with a matching coffee or wine.

7 Boston Lane - Dubai, UAE

Via insydo.com

Soft hued pink and blue walls and arches accompanied by bold black letters saying ‘welcome sunshine, Boston lane,’ this quirky little place in Dubai integrates the style of the Middle-east into an Australian owned cafe. Since it’sAustralian owned, you can of course order a smashed avo or a breaky roll, but they put their own twist to it. Inspired by Melbourne’s coffee culture, the Boston lane feels grunge and artsy that is perfect for your Insta posts. It’s also an ideal location to just hang out with your friends and sit around the palm tree that lives in the centre of the cafe.

6 Homestead - Dubai, UAE

via Design Middle East

This restaurant and bakery is an absolute jewel in Dubai you have to have visited. It’s a place of large vases with palm trees, azure tiles, straw hanging lamps and floating ferns. Described as a “up-cycled barn-like ambience”, the Homestead in Dubai has views on a lake and a floral canopy bridge. A dreamland for any influencer! After you’re satisfied with the views and the decor, make sure to have a bite of the large menu with influences from India, Persia and Europe. Either go for a healthy, detox celery pineapple chia smoothy or indulge in a hearty kebab. Naturally, these dishes are worth a photo too.

5 Liberté - Budapest, Hungary

Via welovebudapest.com

The Liberté is a historic coffeehouse in Budapest that is contemporary yet cosy in design and aims to feel like a second home to any customer that wanders in. Black and white floral tiles cover the floor, a large, flowing wooden bar in the centre and is surrounded by straw chairs and white marble tables with golden tea lights on top. They figured out the fine line between a modern style that still holds a homely ambiance. The food is simplistic, wholesome and hearty, with dishes like Jerusalem artichoke-celery cream soup and chicken mozzarella wrap.

4 Commissary in Line Hotel - L.A., USA

via Los Angeles Magazine

A place as glamorous as Los Angeles must hold at least one cafe that’s worth a photo, right? In the Line Hotel they recently opened the Commissary, a Koreatown country club, a creation from chef Roy Choi. This stunning location is the ultimate retreat from the bustling city life. Here, you can sit and enjoy your cup of coffee with the wind rustling the fern leaves and the hanging ivy while basking in the morning sunlight. Everything feels green and fresh, with a touch of modern. Perfect for any photo you’d like to collect of your time in L.A.!

3 Tommy - Montreal, Canada

Via tommymontreal.com

In a historic Old Montreal building houses Tommy, a neighborhood coffee shop and bar. The design is homely, classic and inviting with lots of wood, velvet and wildflowers. The decorations on the ceiling and walls definitely add to the splendor of the place, where ivy tumbles down the white plastered panels. The fact that it has many different levels makes it a perfect location for some photo shooting! Take some time to enjoy a quiche or a salade du jour. Taking photos for insta is hard work and makes everyone hungry!

2 Tartine Manufactory - San Francisco, USA

via Yatzer

The Tartine Manufactory in San Francisco is an open-planned, industrial looking cafe where they incorporated the idea of flavor, craft and human health. It’s simplistic look with light wooden tables and chairs, massive windows that drench the cafe with sunlight and its white, round lamps make it such an enjoyable place. Everything in its design in the Tartine Manufactory serves a purpose. The food and drinks are made with in a similar philosophy and serve to be pure and nutritious, like the soup of winter squash and celery root or the durum porridge flatbread. Take your time to enjoy this place while you sip on a purple barley passionfruit iced tea.

1 Happy Days Diner - Paris, France

via topsimages.com

The happy days diner in Paris is your one way ticket back in time to the joyful ’50’s. Inspired by the dining cafe’s back in those days in America, you can enjoy your groovy strawberry milkshake and a funky burger. Oh the old, happy days! The retro style has given anyone who wonders in a feeling of nostalgia, which has done the business well. The happy days diner is to be found scattered all over France, including near the Opera house and in Bastille. Wherever you are in France, bring your phone and 'gram the happy days out of this place!

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