Movie Theater Snacks, Officially Ranked From 25th To Buttered Popcorn

Movie time is the best way to unwind after a long day, no doubt. The one thing that really brings the entire experience together is a good snack on the side. How many times have we waited till the interval so that we can run out and buy a bag of popcorn? Food makes everything better essentially- especially movies.

Have you ever noticed how you tend to enjoy food more when you are eating it while staring at a screen? That is mainly because as human beings we get the most happiness and comfort when we eat and when we are social. The screen acts as the virtual social element and the food is the cherry on the cake. They taste better in every way possible and science seems to agree.

Before you start munching, here is a quick warning: we tend to eat more food while we are staring at screens. So even though these snacks may seem like the greatest thing since sliced bread, limitation is key. Whether you decide to pop into the cinema or just switch on good ol' Netflix, these snacks are worthy of Oscars themselves.

If you are looking for some extra help and are feeling inspired, here is a list of some foods that are inspired by the movies. These are sure to get you in the mood! Want the classics? Keep reading!

25 Coca-Cola

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This overload of sugar is not the best thing for your health or head but damn does it taste good! It is essentially sugar and fizz, and it makes for a really nice drink to sip on as the movie gets interesting. Pair a glass of this with some nachos and you are golden. The only downsides really are the obvious diabetes that come as a side dish every time and the possibility of spilling the drink completely if your movie begins to take interesting turns without updating your jump reflex.

24 Ice Cream

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In case the frigid cold that comes from the air conditioners in all theaters everywhere is not enough to scare you away - there is always ice cream. If you love the freezing cold that comes from movie theaters, then ice cream is going to be the perfect addition. People cannot hear you crunching five rows down which means you have won the love of the theatre, which is always a bonus. Other than this though, it does melt all over the place (including your pants) and is a bit of a mess to handle. That is probably the main reason why it is not one of our favorites.

23 Raisinets

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This right here is an absolute lie - Raisinets are raisins. If you like raisins, go for this one but if you do not, do not be fooled with it. They have a tiny coating of chocolate around each raisin but Nestle is not fooling anyone. It is a dry fruit in sheep's clothing and a sad excuse for a movie snack. The only good thing we can think of is the fact that they are healthy but that is mostly down to the fact that they are raisins. A bag of crisps or some popcorn is a far better bet than these in our opinion but it is up to you.

22 Pick N Mix Candy

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Say hello to Cherry Blasters and goodbye to the possibility of anybody in the same theatre liking you. With the amount of noise each packet makes, it is an absolute miracle that they do not throw these fiends out. When you pass that bag down, even if it is to the person next to you, the world is going to hear it. Also, no matter how well established your sweet tooth is, there is a limit to how much candy any grown human being can have in a day's time. This one is a slight risk but if you want are craving sweets, I suppose it is perfect.

21 Hot Dogs

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Messy. That is all I can say. Mustard and ketchup cannot be dealt with well on the roads of NYC and they most certainly cannot be dealt with in a dark, cold movie theatre with strangers next to you. Their redeeming factor is that they taste absolutely amazing. What day does not get better with a hot dog? Sure they have a smell to them and have messy sauces but they taste like heaven so isn't it all worth it in the end? These Hot Dogs are great when you are laying back and watching a comedy but try to keep an eye on that mustard!

20 Nachos

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These cheesy and crispy delights need no introduction. Mexico saved the day when they discovered nachos. No matter where you are, they taste absolutely amazing. Top it up with some salsa and cheese and your movie just got better. The only downside here is that it is not as easy as popping in something into your mouth. You have to safely get this messy dish eaten in a dark theatre with the only piece of furniture available to hold it being your lap.  If you are a die-hard fan though, you will find a way.

19 Milk Duds

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This chocolate and caramel mix of candy that was sent to us from heaven is one of the few snacks available that are easy to handle and cannot be overpriced by the overlords of movie theaters- well not as much as a bag of popcorn at least. A packet of these should not last you long and you will probably need to invest in a couple. The only way Milk Duds will be a good as a movie snack is if you buy something with it. The candy that was first-crafted in 1926 may not be the best option you have but it does make for a good side snack.

18 Jumbo Pickles

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Hold up with your judgmental remarks and hatred for this one, some people actually have a soft spot for them. They are available in some theaters around the world and they are bought by quite a few fans. If you are looking to try something different at your next movie outing - this could be your best option. For all the people that love jumbo pickles already- we do not understand you but we love you. Either way, this one is an interesting addition to our list but it needed to be done.

17 Pizza

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Any kind-hearted movie-goer will try to avoid the awful smell that comes with some dishes but can you really say no to this one? Pizza has been known to be messy since the dawn of time and the smell is not winning hearts in any theatre either but it does taste pretty amazing. A lot of pizza available at cinemas does not really live up to the mark with plenty of people complaining that it is not worth it. So, if you find a cinema with great pizza - cherish it.

16 Salt and Vinegar Twirls

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Why do twirls make every food just a little better and a lot more interesting? We will never know but we can appreciate them. Salt and vinegar twirls may sound terrible to some people but they have managed to collect their own mini group of fans. This punch of vinegar is not for the faint of heart though. They do taste good with something sweet on the side to maintain that much-needed balance. A bit noisy but oh well. If you are looking for something to test your taste buds, try salt and vinegar twirls.

15 Frozen Yoghurt

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Most cinemas will have a shop dedicated to yoghurt and if you are really lucky, they are the type of places that let you customize your final product. Through our list, there was a whole lot of candy to choose from so having some along with blueberry yoghurt seems like the best of both worlds. Not as terribly drippy as ice cream but cold and wonderful nonetheless. No matter what flavor you go for, this one just seems to work all the time. We love chocolate with some m&ms as a topping.

14 Red Vines

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These long, red, twisty pieces of licorice candy can give you a sugar overdose and make your tummy ache for ages after but they taste great. Manufactured in Union City, California, these amazing pieces of candy have won the hearts consumers since 1952. They tick every box when it comes to theaters - no noise, no mess and great taste. What more can you ask for? Get a bottle of coke with this and you get diabetes for free. That is something I suppose?

13 Chips

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Everything from Walkers to Pringles can be finished in under fifteen minutes if you try hard enough. Chips are a great addition to any movie or TV show but they do pose one problem. They do not last very long - ever. If you are willing to have nothing to eat for most of your movie because your bag of chips lasted past the adverts only (if you are lucky), then you will be fine. So, either buy a couple of bags or pick something to go with it. Either way, crisps are a great snack to have by your side.

12 Dots

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These gumdrops have tons of preservatives and remind us of plastic but they do taste good so all is forgiven. Each packet lasts forever and the range of colors does make it pretty visually appealing for us. You can get a packet of these at a ton of cinemas across the world so you need to give it a shot at least once. Tootsie as a brand did us proud when they came up with Dots and it is pretty great for movies. You can have a different flavor with each one you pick up.

11 Goobers

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Goobers took m&ms peanut flavor and essentially replicated it to the T. Milk covered peanuts can never be a bad idea in any situation including a movie. Whether you go for m&ms or goobers, it does not really matter as long as you have some milk chocolate covered peanuts in your life. A box of these are pretty cheap though so trying them once would not hurt. You can always add some popcorn to the mix so you have a range of flavours to choose from.

10 Soft Pretzels

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These are great and are available at just about any cinema across the country. This baked piece of bread that is shaped into a knot is appealing to the eyes and your taste buds. Even if you have pledged your loyalty to the bag of pretzels you buy at the supermarket, giving the real thing a go once in a while would not hurt. A quick tip would be to dip them in Nutella if you have the chance - that just makes the whole experience so much better very unsurprisingly.

9 Hershey's Kisses

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These famous bits of chocolate tend to come in packets that look deceivingly big but never last very long. You can pop these in pretty quickly through the movie so try not to get ahead of yourself. If you have immense love for some simple milk chocolate- this list item is for you. When it comes to the size, go king size and do not look back- you will not regret it. Think about it this way- if you have some left over, you can just take it home and make some pretty great Hershey's Kisses inspired cookies.

8 M&Ms

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You should have know these would be on the list after they were subtly mentioned with the Goobers. Even though, you should give Nestle a try, m&ms will always reign supreme. They are a brand known in every household for a very good reason - they have perfected the art of candy making that we did not even know existed. There is a flavor for literally everyone and you are never out of options. Buy three different packets with an assortment of types and you will be golden for the next three hours of your life.

7 Mixed Bag of Nuts

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This is our only entry dedicated to health-nuts (pun intended) so take note. A bag of nuts is a pretty great option if you are trying to stick to a healthy lifestyle or just keep it light. Even if you are a bit ill but want to have a good time, this option will keep you on the right track without having to miss out on all the fun. A bag of nuts is also a great source of vitamins so the outing even had some purpose to it rather than just a bunch of debit transactions from your chequing account.

6 Junior Mints

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If you like After Eight in terms of chocolate and wish that it was available at theaters, Junior Mints are your next best bet. This may not be the best option for everyone but it is an option nonetheless. If you are sitting yourself down to watch a classic black and white movie, these would suit the mood like nothing else. Give these a try the next time you pass them at the food counter - they may become part of your regulars. Tootsie Roll Industries did a good job with sizing and cost as well so that helps.

5 Fries

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You just cannot go wrong with a classic like this one. It is easy to eat and satisfies your craving for something savory. If you want a great pairing, try this with a chocolate milkshake on the side. Fries dipped into chocolate milkshakes are the best mix of savory and sweet within the world of cinema foods. The dish all together tastes great and french fries are easy to handle. They are pretty cheap overall as well so it works out. Our favorite is the cheesy fries with chili sauce on the top.

4 Cheetos

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Anytime is a good time for Cheetos. Along with all the nostalgia it brings back (since pretty much all of us grew up on these), these cheese flavored puffed up cornmeal snacks also have the ability to make any movie better. Whether you want to go with the classic or you prefer a bag of flaming Cheetos, a big bag of these should last you well through the movie. If you are worried about the calories that come with this one, just remember that movie calories do not count and never will.

3 Doritos

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Established in 1964 by Frito-Lay, these make for a pretty great substituent to traditional Nachos if they are not available. Doritos have won us over with every new flavor they have introduced so it is safe to say that they are one of the favorites on offer at cinemas. Even Taco Bell knows what is up with their best selling Locos Tacos Supreme. Since you are not going to be able to safely sneak that in, your next best bet is Doritos itself. A can of Pepsi is its perfect sidekick so get comfy.

2 Nuggets

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A lot of cinemas sell these as a pack of six and even though the sizing may not be the best, chicken nuggets still have a very well taken care of place in our hearts. Some BBQ sauce and nuggets may be a bit messy but logically you will be done with them before the movie even begins so it should not be a massive issue. You may need to buy something else along with this dish but let us just call it the pre-gamer of movie snacks to convince ourselves it is alright.

1  Buttered Popcorn

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Buttered popcorn is the reigning supreme of all movie snacks. A classic through time and perfect for the occasion in every way. No matter which genre you are settling in for, a bag full of kernels with some melted butter poured over it is going to be your best friend. This is the only snack that does not get over well before the interval and it is pretty light as well without compromising on taste. If you are looking for something to liven it up a little, you could even mix it with some cheese popcorn or caramel. The two work really well together and most theaters would be happy to give you a mixture of both.

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