The 10 Best Nestlé Candy Bars, Ranked

There are many delicious candy bars out there. While we all have our favorites, there are some that are more popular than others and are generally seen as being especially delicious. Nestlé has many rich and unique candy bars that are worth eating and trying.

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While they don’t produce a ton of candy bars in the United States, the brand has a wider selection of well-known chocolate bars that are available in other countries such as the UK and Canada.

Here are the ten best Nestlé candy bars ranked, leading up to the very best they make.


This chocolate bar is one of the older chocolate bars from Nestlé on the list. This candy bar might actually have been invented in the early 1900s. It’s often seen as more of a vintage candy bar.

It’s a great choice for people who love the mix of chocolate and nuts, as it contains peanuts, caramel, and fudge with a milk chocolate coating on the outside. It’s a decent candy bar that tastes good, but it's definitely not the most inventive of all the Nestlé bars.

9 100 GRAND

The 100 Grand bar is another that has been around for a while. It was invented in the 1960s. This candy bar is delicious because of the texture that it has. It has an outside coating of milk chocolate and is filled with caramel and crispy rice. The rice gives it a good crunch that sets it apart.

However, it’s not the best crunchy, crispy candy bar that Nestlé makes which is why it’s not closer to the top of the list.


The Sno-Cap is another candy confection that is made and distributed by Nestlé. This candy is interesting because it’s similar to both a candy bar as well as a candy snack. It’s made of small pieces of semi-sweet chocolate that are then covered with white nonpareils. This gives this candy a unique look and texture.

It’s definitely not the best tasting Nestlé product out there, but the Sno-Cap has a nostalgia factor to it, as the candy has been around since the 1920s. So, while many modern candy bars might be more complex with a mix of flavors, there is something charming about a retro candy like this.


After Eight is the only candy bar on this list that traditionally utilizes darker chocolate. This is a simple but delicious candy that is made with nougat, has a mint-flavored center, and comes covered in dark chocolate.

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The combination is simple but delicious. Unfortunately, this is a candy bar that you can only get in the UK as Nestlé doesn’t make it in the United States.


The Nestlé Aero bar is quite popular in its country of origin, the UK, but it’s also available in many other countries, including Canada, Croatia, Denmark, and many more. This candy's original form is a milk chocolate bar made with aerated chocolate in the middle of it.

This gives it a light and airy texture. There are also other variations of this chocolate bar, including an orange and mint variety.


Kit Kat is another strange candy bar, in that, the brand is made by different companies in different countries. While Hershey makes them in the United States, Nestlé produces them in Canada.

Many people feel that Nestlé Kit Kat tastes better and consists of higher grade chocolate. There are also many more varieties of Kit Kat created by Nestlé. For example, there is the Chunky variety and many flavors such as mint.


The Lion bar is probably one of the better known Nestlé chocolates available in England. It’s hard to forget this candy bar, especially due to its unique packaging with a roaring lion on the outside.

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The Lion bar is made out of a wafer, caramel, and crispy cereal, before being covered with milk chocolate to give it a deep and delicious texture profile. If you get the chance and you live in the United States, it’s definitely a candy bar worth trying. The wafer mixed with crispy cereal is a great combination.


Some of Nestlé’s best candy bars aren’t even available in the United States. Many of their most delicious and well-known bars are available in places like the UK but cannot be bought in most other parts of the world. Toffee Crisp is one of these.

This chocolate bar is made of a creamy caramel center filled with cereal pieces that are crispy and then covered in milk chocolate. This gives a nice mix of smooth and crunchy to the bar. This might not be a chocolate bar you get to eat a lot, but if the opportunity presents itself, it’s definitely worth it.


While they are Nestlé candy bars and often associated with the brand, Crunch bars are actually distributed by the Ferrara Candy Company in the United States. However, Nestlé makes the candy bar and distributes it in other parts of the world.

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This is a well-known candy that is pretty simple. It consists of milk chocolate and crisped rice throughout the bar. It’s delicious because of its simplicity, and the Crunch tastes especially good when mixed with other desserts such as ice cream.


Butterfingers are probably the most well-known candy bar on this list. As far as Nestlé chocolate bars in the United States are concerned, it’s one of the best sellers. Butterfingers have a milk chocolate outside and a unique crispy, flaky peanut butter inside.

This chocolate bar's ingredients are relatively simple, but it tastes delicious. Butterfingers are a great blend of chocolate and peanut butter, and the texture and taste are unique when compared to smooth peanut butter being in a candy bar. The Butterfinger is definitely one of the best candy bars around.

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