Austin Bar Is Dressing Up As Moe's Tavern From The Simpsons For Halloween

Springfield aficionados, rejoice! Nickel City in East Austin, Texas has fully embraced the Halloween spirit by temporarily metamorphosing into Moe’s Tavern from the hit animated television show The Simpsons.

The bar has gone the whole nine yards in its transformation, including new signage (“Moe’s”), a revamped facade with window wraps successfully imitating the tavern’s orange and green patterned windows, a centerpiece letter board featuring a daily quote from the show as well as a drink menu. The bartenders are all dressed up in tavern owner Moe Szyslak’s signature uniform of a bow tie, button-down shirt, and apron, according to Austin 360.

Nickel’s/Moe’s themed cocktail menu draws inspiration from the cartoon, including the ever-famous Flaming Moe. This version features Hendrick’s Gin, lime, Mexican grape soda, Stolen Overproof Rum — and fire, of course. As for the shots, they include the Mmmm…...Donuts, where the Grand Marnier creme de cacao and milk pour comes with a pink sprinkle doughnut from new food truck Republic Donuts. Fans will also get to taste boozy Squishees, like the seasonal pumpkin spice frozen Irish Coffee, and the Orange-ish Squishee, made with rum, aloe liqueur, mango, lemon, and green tea. The beer menu, now called the Duff section, remains unchanged.

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The announcement about Nickel City dressing up as Moe’s for Halloween turned out to be a great hit on social media, with Nickel City’s post becoming the top trending item on reddit. Co-owner Travis Tober was the one who came up with the idea. He thanked his partners Zane and Brandon Hunt and Craig Primozich on Facebook last week for listening to his "stupid ideas” when the bar became a reddit sensation.

Delray Cafe, the on-site food trailer, is serving its own version of the Krusty Burger from the show’s fast-food restaurant of the same name, which comes encased in branded wrapping with the face of Krusty the Clown.

Nickel City has other plans after Halloween this year. During the holidays, the bar will again transform — into a Christmas-themed pop-up bar serving tiki cocktails. It will start serving drinks like the Kris Kringle Kolada on Nov. 23, the day after Thanksgiving. If you want to be part of the fun, visit Moe’s at 1133 East 11th Street, TX 78702, or for more information, visit nickelcitybar.com.

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