11 Modern Candies That Should Go Away (An 10 Old-School Ones That Should Make A Comeback)

Oh, to be a kid again, that magical time when your head was filled with Pixy Stix dreams and your fingers were covered in chocolate. There was an honest joy that came with being able to save up just enough allowance, babysitting money, or lawn-mowing earnings to buy a sweet indulgence that adults rarely let you have. Who could forget the agony of trying to pick a favorite? There were commercials with famous spokespeople and wickedly clever gimmicks vying for your attention. Rows of confections held brightly colored candy wrappers and out-of-the-box taste combinations. It's enough to make a kids' head spin!

Some of our fondest memories are tied to the nostalgia surrounding sweet treats, the candy our Grandmothers gave us, the snacks we hid from Mom so she wouldn’t yell at us for spoiling our dinner. As is the case with so many good things, you never really know how wonderful something is until it's gone. We may never know why some candies disappeared off of store shelves, but we can take a few minutes to look back at some of our long lost favorites and reminisce about where we were when we took that first magically bite.

Rekindle your fondest memories with this list of discontinued treats we wish would make a comeback, and a few modern treats we'd gladly bump off in order to put these classics back on the market.

21 Go Away: Pumpkin Spice Candy

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The leaves are changing color, there is a crisp chill in the air, and the smell of pumpkin spice is everywhere. Nothing says “Autumn is here” quite like pumpkin spice and although it is one of the most beloved fall flavors, too much of a good thing can be bad. Come September you can't swing a stick in the candy aisle without hitting something pumpkin spice flavored. (But really, don't go swinging sticks in stores!) While M&M's and numerous others have jumped on the bandwagon maybe it is time to retire this flavor for a while and give us a chance to miss it.

20 Comeback: PB Max

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When it comes to chocolate and peanut butter, no one has Reese's beat, but Mars sure did try. The company came out with the PB Max in the '90s, a rich, thick cookie covered in peanut butter and drenched in milk chocolate. It's enough to make your tongue stick to the rough of your mouth! The PB Max was giving other peanut butter confections a run for their money but as the story goes, it was pulled from the shelves because one of the founders of the Mars company was not a fan of peanut butter. To each his own, but now we're all deprived!

19 Go Away: BeanBoozled


Riding high on the popularity of the Harry Potter franchise Jelly Belly came out with their own version of the Bertie Bott’s Every Flavor Beans called BeanBoozled. While everyone dreams of putting a little magic in their treats, this candy took the dream just a little too far. While the novelty was fun for a time, vomit, dirt, and ear wax beans are part of a fad whose time has long since passed. We'll stick with classics like cherry, grape, root beer, even buttered popcorn as far as flavors go. Let's collectively wave our magic wands and come up with something new.

18 Comeback: Life Saver Holes


What happens to the middle of all those flavorful Life Savers that we love so much? We found out in the '90s when Life Savers came out with their fruity, fun follow-up to the classic Life Saver by introducing us to Life Savers Holes. Even more fun than the original, these tiny holes packed a flavor punch and were easy to take with you when you were on the go. The boring and basic Tic Tacs had nothing on these bite-sized pieces of classic candy. Then again Tic Tacs are still around and sadly, Life Saver Holes are “wholly” unavailable.

17 Go Away: JuJubes


This colorful, chewy candy somehow never manages to be chewy and yet still sticks to your teeth like glue. Unless of course, they ripped out your fillings while you tried to chew through them. This could be the candy that dentists hate to love. The "fruit" flavors also leave something to be desired and taste more like sweetened wax than grape or lemon. Granted, sometimes that can be said of a lot of fruit flavored candies but particularly this one. The shelf life of these little pellets may have you thinking this candy already was discontinued. Chew at your own risk.

16 Comeback: Cookies and Cream Twix

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The original cookie and caramel candy bar has certainly withstood the test of time but that hasn't been true of all of the members of the Twix family. The Twix Cookies-n-Creme bar was like our favorite chocolate sandwich cookie covered in milk chocolate, times two. While Twix also made and discontinued Chocolate Fudge and Peanut Butter versions of the bar, it's the Cookies-N-Creme version that has people clamoring for more, it even has its own Facebook page. Twix has brought back the Peanut Butter version from time to time, maybe Cookies-n-Creme can make a come back as well!

15 Go Away: 3 Musketeers

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There is nothing really wrong with a 3 Musketeers bar, but with so many other choices out on the market is it really the first candy bar you want to reach for? If it's the only one sitting in the candy dish, of course, it'll still get eaten but then again, there's a reason it's the last one left. The light and fluffy center is fine and the milk chocolate coating tastes just like every other chocolate bar out there. Sometimes simple is better but when you are up against silky peanut butter, ribbons of caramel, chewy nougat, crunchy cookies, and creamy swirls of vanilla, a Three Musketeers seems downright boring by comparison.

14 Comeback: Juice Bubblegum

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Juice and gum? It's the 80s, why not! Orange Juice bubblegum came in a tiny carton that looked just like a carton of orange juice. Not only was it tasty, it made for the perfect addition to any Barbie dream kitchen. Grape juice and apple juice were also a part of the juice/gum line up but we’ve a bit of a soft spot for the original Orange Juice Bubblegum. See Mom, juice, not candy! Mom's weren't buying it though... maybe that's why this tasty and cute gum didn't make it for the long haul. Still, it would be nice to see this chewy treat reemerge.

13 Go Away: Mounds


Sometimes you feel like a nut, and sometimes you feel like a huge gob of overly sweet shredded coconut? The Mounds bar just doesn't hold a candle to its big brother the crunchy coconut bar Almond Joy. The texture of the almonds helps to break up that block of chocolate coated coconut. Coconut is one of those candies that already has a bit a a niche market, some love it and some really dislike it. Mounds may work in small doses but trying to eat an entire bar is just overwhelming. Maybe it's time for Mounds to take a tropical vacation.

12 Comeback: Butterfinger BB's

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Nestle wasn’t done experimenting with their candy yet. Instead of creating something fresh like the Alpine White, they morphed an already popular candy into something new. Enter Butterfinger BB’s! These bite-sized nuggets of peanut-buttery goodness were marble-sized candies packed with all the flavor of a Butterfinger. And when you got the one-and-only Bart Simpson as your spokesperson, how could this have gone wrong? Well, apparently something went astray for Nestle somewhere because the BB disappeared off of store shelves, now if you want a bite sized Butterfinger to satisfy your craving you are going to have to stock up on the mini-version that we see around the Halloween holiday.

11 Go Away: Good & Plenty


There are only two kinds of people in this world, those who like black licorice and those who don't. There is no middle ground. It seems that more people fall into the later category on this one. Black licorice is an acquired taste that most people don't want to acquire. It is surprising that these bright pink and white pellets of licorice are still being sold since they are such a niche product on the candy market. They are definitely a polarizing taste and they lack the pizzazz of many of their modern candy counterparts. Get rid of these for a little while and maybe we'll wish they'd make a comeback... maybe.

10 Comeback: Wonder Ball


Wonder what's missing from this list? The one and only Wonder Ball! Who doesn't want a toy surprise nestled inside of a hollow chocolate shell? Unfortunately, anytime you mix a tiny toy with edible candy you have a recipe for a choking hazard. Parents were worried that overzealous youngsters would stuff it all in their mouths. The dangerous treats ended up being pulled from store shelves in response to claims that the toys inside were a danger to children. Later the Nestlé company re-released the confection with candy inside the chocolate shell instead of a toy. Still, that version was also discontinued.

9 Go Away: Hershey’s Candy Corn


Another sign that Fall is in the air: Candy Corn... bowls and bowls filled with nothing but brightly colored little candy corns. Candy corn is legitimately one of the most disliked candies on the market so why Hershey's decided to make a white chocolate candy corn bar is more than a little baffling. White chocolate covering almost pure sugar and colored corn syrup, not something that is high on many people's candy coated wish list. While we're at it let's throw out Candy Corn M&M's as well. With sweets like these, thank goodness Halloween only comes around once a year.

8 Comeback: Bonkers

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It's hard to tell which was more memorable—the splash of fruit flavor or the commercials featuring giant fruit falling from the sky. Bonkers were equal parts fruit and fun back in the 1980s. They were a soft vanilla-like chewy outer coating with a fruit pop in the middle. Sounds like a Starburst but even better. Watermelon, strawberry, grape, and orange were all popular flavors but Bonkers also came in lemon-lime, chocolate, and vanilla. Maybe it was the unconventional flavors that spelled the end for this classic candy? We miss them all and are ready to be bonked out again!

7 Go Away: Sour Patch Kids Freeze and Fire


They're sour, then they're sweet. Wait, no, now they're hot, but then they're cold. The new Sour Patch Kids offerings seem to be going through an identity crisis at the moment. Sour Patch Kids Freeze and Sour Patch Kids Fire add cooling and spicy sensations to the already overwhelming sweet and sour dynamic. Eat enough of them and it makes you feel like your taste buds are going into a nuclear overdrive. After a handful of these candies, good luck trying to taste anything else for the next 3 hours. It's time for this fire-and-ice story line to be killed off.

6 Comeback: Bar None


Cascade milk chocolate over chocolate-flavored wafers filled with chocolate cream, then cover them with crushed peanuts, and you’ve got Hershey's Bar None bar. The light crispy wafers flaked apart as you bit down, then you got the crunch of the peanuts while the milk chocolate melted in your mouth. The Bar None was a popular choice when it came out in the late 1980s but Hershey just couldn't resist toying with a good thing. They added caramel into the mix in the 1990s, then decided to break the bar in two, much like a Twix bar. The changes may have sealed the Bar None's fate.

5 Go Away: Raisinets


Chocolate elevates just about everything it comes in contact with ... well almost. Chocolate and peanut butter, a classic. Chocolate and bananas, why not! Raisins and chocolate were just not a match made in heaven. Chocolate feels like a sinful little indulgence, so if you are going to treat yourself, just go for it! Keep our healthy snacks like raisins, in one pile and our candy in another. There's no need to confuse the two. There are plenty of other snacks at the movie theater counter to make up for this one taking a backseat for a while, or maybe even longer.

4 Comeback: Willy Wonka's Dweebs


Dweebs were the tiny chewy counterpart to Nerds that just never quite peaked like their candy cousin. The boxes featured three separate flavor compartments for plenty of mixing and matching fun but the good times didn't last. They were available for a short time in the early '90s before losing out to their crunchy competition. Maybe there just wasn't enough of a distinction made between the two candies for consumers to be able to tell them apart in a meaningful way. An honorable mention also has to be given to Tart N' Tiny's another "Nerd-ified” candy made by the Willy Wonka company that just couldn't compete.

3 Go Away: Krackle vs. Crunch


Does the crowded candy bar market really have enough room for these two crispy, crunchy candy bars? Hershey's Krackle bar is crisped rice covered in milk chocolate and the Nestle Crunch bar is a milk chocolate bar with...well... crisped rice. The crisped rice, while adding a nice texture, doesn't add anything to the flavor of the bar. When being stacked up next to peanuts, nougat, caramel and other sweet fillings somehow crisped rice just doesn't seem exciting anymore. One bar on the market is fine but two is a crowd. Now comes the real debate, which one deserves the boot?

2 Comeback: Nestle Alpine White

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White chocolate is not for everyone, which may be why this next candy bar is no longer around. Nestle's Alpine White with Almonds was a bit of a departure for the Nestle company who was looking to add a little sophistication to their candy lineup if you remember the commercials from the 1980s. Smooth and silky with just the right amount of crunch, the Alpine White stood out in a sea of milk chocolate bars. High-end chocolatiers like Godiva and Lindt have a whole range of white chocolate candy and now with the emergence of more mainstream favorites turning white like the Kit Kat bar, maybe it's time we give this forgotten a classic a second chance.

1 Go Away: Whoppers


Malted milk is a bit of an acquired taste and these days, and again not many people want to acquire it. These bite-sized balls of malted milk covered in chocolate have a unique flavor and unmistakable crunch. Remember the malty flavor of classics like Ovaltine or malted milk shakes? It's like that only in a crunchy candy form. Don't remember what Ovaltine tastes like, maybe that is a good thing. Do a search for "malted milk" and see what you come up with. Want to eat those Whoopers now? Time to retire these bite-sized treats in favor of something new and innovative.

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