10 Oreo Flavors We Wouldn’t Touch With A 10-Foot Pole (And 10 We Would)

The sign of a good company is the willingness to constantly evolve. Created back in 1912, Oreo manages to stay fresh despite such a lengthy run on the market. Speaking of evolving, just days ago Oreo announced the debut of a cookie with four times the cream, this according to Thrillist. As if that wasn’t enough, US Weekly also claims that they plan on launching new Easter Egg Oreos just in time for Easter – it’ll feature some mouth-watering flavors on the inside.

Given the simplicity of the cookie, there is so much potential for some great flavors. Oreo took note of this and they decided to create a limited edition line of cookies. Some were so good that they’re still on the market today. However, others left without a trace and we still can’t even believe Oreo gave these flavors a try.

In this article, we’ll feature both sides of that with flavors we would never touch and those that we would. We also took the public’s opinion in consideration as some of these Oreo flavors really aren’t that bad, just that they didn’t live up to the hype nor did they taste like the intended flavor.

On the flip side, we also have Oreos that are just real bad and in some cases, DIY projects gone extremely wrong.

Enjoy as we take a look at the studs and duds of Oreo flavors. Like always be sure to share the article. Let’s get started!

20 Wouldn’t Touch - Ramen Flavor Oreo

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We fully understand the obsession with Ramen noodles. Even the likes of the Kardashian clan have grown accustomed to enjoying this snack on the regular. However, at a certain point, the obsession must fade at least a little bit. Suggesting an Oreo mixed with Ramen takes the obsession with this food a little too far.

Mixing it in with chocolate just doesn’t sound great and there are a lot of other things we’d rather opt for in the middle of that delicious Oreo. It is a clever concept but one that wouldn’t work based off taste.

19 Would - Cotton Candy Oreo

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What type of sorcery is this!? Yes, Cotton Candy Oreos do in fact exist and you can head over to YouTube and watch several consumers try it out and also give it a review.

Results were mixed but given the rarity of this product, no doubt we would at least give it a try even if it was a onetime thing. And hey, if you like it, you can order the limited edition Oreos via the likes of Amazon. Given the cream color on the inside, it definitely interests most of us.

18 Wouldn’t Touch - Root Beer Float Oreo

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Created in the mid-1800s, Root Beer has a very specific market. It can still be purchased today at various retailers and that includes fast food restaurant A&W.

Pounding it down as a drink is one thing but turning it into a cookie flavor? We might have to pass on that. It made it to market back in 2014 for a limited time only and given that we never saw it again, sales likely plummeted. Delish describes what the cookie contained;

“The cookies feature a vanilla exterior with a half root beer- and half vanilla-flavored creme filling.”

You lost us at “half root beer.”

17 Would - Ice Cream Blizzard Oreo

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We’re not talking about the actual cold ice cream Oreo, which is also delicious. We’re talking about a regular Oreo with an ice cream Blizzard flavoring in between. One that doesn’t need to be stored away in the refrigerator, it can easily stay out on the kitchen counter like a regular snack – yes folks, this is the type of creation that we dream about at night.

Surely, Oreo lovers would be more than willing to give this conventional flavor a try. Seriously, there aren’t many people that wouldn’t.

16 Wouldn’t Touch - Onion Flavored Oreo

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Onions belong with certain things like an Onion Ring, the two just belong together. Slapping an onion and Oreo just makes no sense at all and it doesn’t sound appetizing in the slightest.

Despite the odd combination, Medium suggests that it really isn’t that bad and in fact, it actually sold quite well in the fall of 2015;

“Target Superstore locations in Clifton and Vauxhall, NJ have reported to be sold out since Tuesday and are awaiting a new shipment. “We’ve had people asking all week.” said Thomas Van Luse, assistant manager at the Vauxhall branch. Van Luse added “I thought they would taste bad but I love them, I really do.”

Despite the positivity, we’ll still stay away.

15 Would - Apple Pie Oreo

via Cell Code

“These Apple Pie Oreos are a fun and sweet take on fall baking that kids would love to find in their lunch boxes or have as an after-dinner treat.”

This is what Taste Of Home had to say when trying out the popular Apple Pie Oreo. Unlike the onion, apple pie goes with just about anything and everything sweet. The release caused quite the stir, so much so that it can be purchased via the likes of Walmart, Target and Amazon. For those that love the Oreo for its chocolate taste you’ll be disappointed as the apple taste is what dominates this Oreo. Nonetheless, it is worth a try.

14 Wouldn’t Touch - Cherry Cola Oreo

via USA Today

Cherry Cola is another drink we remember fondly from the '90s, well at least those that are old enough to remember. Even back then, it was fun to try but never really a drink consumers became obsessed with. For that reason, it is kind of puzzling as to why Oreo would revive such a random flavor?

It would have been a better idea to leave it in the past as the likes of Paste Magazine criticized the taste of the Oreo. According to reviews on Amazon, it really didn’t do all that well with the customers either, earning 2.7 stars out 5.

13 Would - Strawberry Shortcake Oreo

via People

Unlike the Cherry Cola flavor, the Shortckae Oreo received some strong reviews via the likes of Amazon, earning 4.1 stars out of 5 – a stellar rating and one that is well deserved.

Various YouTubers also raved about the flavors and why wouldn’t they – this seems like a combination that just belong together – creating absolute magic. Again, there is no chocolate involved but for this type of Oreo, we’ll settle for that strawberry taste on its own. This is a must try for sure.

12 Wouldn’t Touch - Kettle Corn Oreo

via Smart Brief

“These are very good cookies with an identity crisis.”

Junk Banter explains that the cookies do taste decent, the only problem is the fact they aren’t unique enough and taste familiar in comparison to buttery Oreos from the past. That’s a big letdown as this combo could have been something special.

It definitely isn’t the worst concept on this side of the list but one that is disappointing given the potential. It seems like a cookie we’d try once and exclaim, “meh.”

11 Would - Waffles & Syrup Oreo

via House Cookies

When we dream at night, this is what the mind thinks of – the possibility of such an Oreo existing. Through its limited edition line, the dream became a reality in May of 2017. The consumers were abuzz at this release, it just seems like a match made in heaven with the waffle shells on the exterior followed by a yummy middle featuring a hint of syrup.

They must taste similar to those leaf shape cookies over in Canada. This item can be purchased via the likes of Amazon and eBay.

10 Wouldn’t Touch - Bacon Cream Oreo

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Oh bacon, as they say, everything is better with bacon. BaconMania might be a real thing, however, we must throw a flag onto this play. According to Amazon reviews, the Bacon Cream Oreo was a major letdown and one that received an average of 3 stars out of 5 – not nearly good enough in comparison to what it could have been.

Peanut Butter and bacon are a marvelous combo, for those that haven’t tried, stuff the two in a sandwich and you’ll be craving another. Mixed with chocolate, we just don’t get that same feeling.

9 Would - Chocolate Peanut Butter Pie Oreo

via Sean Skill Set

Somebody out there please get The Rock’s attention. The lovable Hollywood mega star loves everything cookie and peanut butter related. We can only imagine his reaction if he knew this combination existed.

We don’t blame him if he didn’t as the limited edition flavor is new to the party being released in the summer of 2018. All by itself this cookie must be so darn good – now imagine throwing it in the microwave and putting some vanilla ice cream on the side when it’s ready to eat? Winning.

8 Wouldn’t Touch - Limeade Oreo

via Spoon University

Twitter was buzzing over this flavor and it actually sold quite well according to Eonline. However, the biggest reason why we’d pass on it is the fact that it doesn’t really taste like limeade according to the reviews.

According to some of the tweets, they should have called it a Skittles flavor given that it tastes pretty darn close to the candy. Maybe if that was the intended flavoring, this Oreo would have ended up on the other side of the list.

7 Would - Cinnamon Bun Oreo

via Amazon

For those that miss Dunkaroos, Buzz Feed suggests that the Cinnamon Bun Oreos taste very reminiscent to the 90s snack food. Twitter users tried to revive Dunkaroos though it was no avail. Perhaps getting these cookies can give you that nostalgia back.

They aren’t hard to find as retailers like Walmart carry them in large quantities. Amazon also has 12.2 ounce packages as well. Given the reviews from the likes of Delish, this Oreo is not only worth a try but worth an entire box!

6 Wouldn’t Touch - Cheeseburger Oreo

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YouTuber Rick Mammana made a video on a McDonald’s cheeseburger with an Oreo shell on the outside. Although he claims it “wasn’t bad” we think otherwise. Biting into meat and chocolate at the same time doesn’t sound like something we would want to try.

Maybe cheese and Oreo might be acceptable but the meat is just pushing it way too far. At this point, several foodies have created their own DIY recipes of this combination and we hope it stays that way – the market doesn’t need this Oreo.

5 Would - Jelly Donut Oreo

via Hot Coupon World

“Best flavor ever? Maybe. I really, really like this flavor. Its a toss-up between these and cinnamon bun Oreos for me. My wife thought they were decent but she wasn't as big a fan of this flavor as I am.”

This Amazon reviewer considers it one of the best Oreos ever made. The reviews were all positive, though the one criticism is that it tastes overly sweet. Nonetheless, we would make do with that negative factor and smoke a box of these with the utmost ease. This is definitely a winning combination.

4 Wouldn’t Touch - Fruit Punch Oreo

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“And not worth this price at all! Considering Walmart can order you these for under $4!!! These cookies taste like they just mixed the drink mix with the crème center it's cloying and gross!”

This reviewer via Amazon gave the cookie the minimum review of a one star. Others seemed to agree claiming that the two should not have been matched. The special edition cookie was a letdown and one that although looked cool visually – did not live up to the expectations on the inside.

3 Would - Pumpkin Spice Oreo

via The Active Times

“Yes, it’s true. Oreo Pumpkin Spice flavored cookies will be available in stores starting 9/24.”

This is a tweet from the Oreo account claiming the debut of this tremendous flavor back in 2014. It made it just in time for Thanksgiving and Halloween. Pumpkin spice is such an underrated flavor whether it be in a dessert or a drink. We can understand how it received such great reviews, the pumpkin crème in the middle is the true hero. Although it can’t be found in Walmart, consumers can still purchase this item online via Amazon.

2 Wouldn’t Touch - Fried Chicken Oreo

via Eater

During the special edition craze, various fake flavors made the rounds online such as the Tide Pod Oreo and this one, the Fried Chicken Oreo. Hilariously enough, the Fried Chicken Oreo caught a lot of traction online with various YouTubers fooling us and making their own DIY formulas. It got so out of whack that Oreo themselves had to issue a statement claiming that it was all fake, this via Eater.

It is best that it stays as only a concept idea and a pretty bad one at that.

1 Would - Peanut Butter Cup

via Snack Report

The peanut butter cup became popular in the 1920s and to this day, it remains a desired chocolate option. Match it with the Oreo and you have a winning combination – so much so that the likes of Target are currently out of stock according to our recent research (we were hungry...).

Never fear though, Walmart also carries the delicious cookies along with eBay and Amazon. The taste truly separates it from the rest of the class – can you imagine how good this would also taste during the summer, nice and cold?

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