Peanut Butter Whiskey (And 9 Other Unusual Flavored Whiskeys That Actually Exist)

Everyone has their drink of choice: what they love to relax with on a Friday night (preferably while watching Netflix) or what they always order at a bar or restaurant. For some people, it's beer all the way. Sure, maybe they branch out and try cider every once in a while. Other people are wine drinkers who have their favorite kind (red or white... or rose?!).

When it comes to whiskey, most people probably think that you find the brand that you're loyal to and that's that. You order it straight-up at a bar or on the rocks. But there is so much more to know about this drink. In fact, there are tons of different kinds of whiskeys out there. Read on to find out about peanut butter whiskey and 9 other weird whiskeys that actually exist.

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10. Peanut Butter Whiskey

Quality Liquor Store

Peanut butter is one of the best foods ever. It's creamy (or crunchy, depending on what we love) and it's just the thing to spread on toast or, really, anything.

Do we think that peanut butter has a place in whiskey... or any alcohol at all? No. Not really. Okay, definitely not. We would also probably agree that good old PB doesn't really work in any drink except for maybe a smoothie with milk and a banana.

Peanut butter whiskey might be too adventurous for some of us... but some of us might be so into PB that we want to try it.

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9. Pumpkin Spiced Whiskey


Have we reached peak PSL? Whether we order these like they are going out of style from Starbucks during the fall months or we would rather never even hear those words again, we can admit that this is a popular drink this time of year. So it's really no wonder that it has infiltrated the whiskey world and this is now something that actually exists.

The Sons of Liberty Spirit Company makes a Pumpkin Spiced Whiskey that has spices such as cloves, cinnamon, and orange peel. These spices and whiskey? Hmmm. We're willing to bet that pumpkin fans will love it.

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8. Pecan Pie Whiskey


It's hard to imagine Thanksgiving without a pecan pie that is gooey with nuts and sugar and syrup (yum). It's hard to imagine pecan pie in whiskey form. How sweet is it? Does it still taste like, well, whiskey? Hmmm.

But, well, that has happened. Yes, pecan pie whiskey is a thing. Can we even wrap our heads around this? Does this even seem possible? Maybe we would give this a shot around the holidays (literally... pun intended) but otherwise, we might want regular whiskey.

Of all the strange whiskey flavors, we can probably agree that this one fascinates us the most. (We can also try apple pie and cherry pie).

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7. Oatmeal Stout Whiskey

Corsair Distillery

Oatmeal with bananas, blueberries, and peanut butter: it's a pretty awesome breakfast. Oatmeal with... whiskey?! What?!

Corsair Distillery makes Oatmeal Stout Whiskey which is definitely strange but might be just up our alley. After all, if we enjoy these grains as a meal that we typically eat in the a.m., we might be open to trying them in whiskey form.

Or maybe we think that oatmeal should stay where oatmeal belongs -- in our breakfast bowls -- then we're not super into the idea of oatmeal and whiskey together. But for some of us, plain old whiskey could be where it's at.

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6. Botanical Rye Whiskey

The Whisky Exchange

When we think of botanicals, what do we think of? Flowers? Maybe some herbs? Exactly. We're probably not thinking, "Botanicals and whiskey." We might not have even thought that these things were possible to combine... but they totally are.

This whiskey, Pow-Wow Botanical Rye, is "infused with a range of botanicals like saffron and orange peel," according to liqor.com. This could intrigue some people and make them want to give it a try. There's something for everyone, right? Although we never knew that this kind of whiskey existed, the orange peel does sound pretty good, and while it's not your everyday whiskey, it's not quite as out there as some others.

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5. Rice Whiskey

The Whiskey Reviewer

Have we ever heard of whiskey that is from grains other than wheat, rye, corn, or barley? Probably not. Okay, definitely not, because we might not have known that this was a thing that actually existed. But it does.

Kikori Rice Whiskey is derived from rice. Yes. Rice.

Cool Material says "whiskey is so entrenched in tradition" and that's why it's interesting to see whiskey that use grains like rice. It's cool to note that this whiskey is from Japan. We learn something new everyday, as the saying goes, and while this might be a whiskey that we have never heard of before, we bet it's really good.

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4. Cookies And Cream Whiskey

Trip Advisor

Cookies and cream. What a delicious combination. For some of us, this is our absolute favorite ice cream flavor. For others, we're more into straight-up vanilla or chocolate (or mint chocolate chip, of course) but we can appreciate a good old scoop of cookies and cream when the time feels right.

When we're in the mood to try a new kind of whiskey, why not go for cookies and cream?

Cookies and Cream Whiskey can be purchased from Ole Smokey Tennessee's Barrelhouse. As the company website says, "we decided to blend our 35 proof whiskey with the flavors of cookies to create an incredibly indulgent, creamy liqueur."

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3. Chocolate Whiskey

Pasanella & Son, Vintners

Oh yes. There is a chocolate whiskey. Kings County Distillery Chocolate “Flavored” Whiskey, to be exact.

How do we feel about this? Liqor.com says it's "a rich flavor that’s not too sweet." The question of whether we would try this or not really depends on whether we like chocolate alcohol or not. Some of us might be super into that and we love chocolate martinis and similar cocktails... and the rest of us like to eat our dessert and drink more savory drinks. It really depends. Either way, though, this is interesting, and we're sure that we know at least a few people who would love to give this a try.

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2. Chipotle Whiskey

Food & Wine Magazine

Are you one of those people who needs hot sauce on everything... as in literally everything? It's cool. A lot of us are like that. We just can't seem to eat anything, from chicken to fish to sandwiches or eggs, without pouring on our favorite brand of hot sauce. It's just the way that we are... and we love it.

Would you give Chipotle Whiskey a try? Yes, this really exists. Rogue Spirits has this type of whiskey. As the website says, "Being Rogues, we use chipotles that we grew, kilned and dry smoked ourselves."

It really is what it sounds like: whiskey that has chipotles in it. Hmmm.

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1. Whiskey/Coke In A Can


If we're going to drink something out of a can, we're going to go for beer. Or if we're not drinking something alcoholic, then, of course, we'll reach for soda or maybe a fancy sparkling flavored water like La Croix (those are definitely pretty popular right now).

Jim Beam Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey and Cola. Yes, that's a long drink name. And yes, this is really a product that is sold: whiskey and coke in a can together.

Would we give this a try? We might think that whiskey should only be poured into a glass, but hey, we could always pour this can into a glass, too. Like peanut butter whiskey, this one gives us a lot to think about.

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