11 Photos Of Breakfast Meals We Can’t Believe McDonald’s Served (And 9 From Other Restaurants)

It was in the 15th century that breakfast officially became a thing. Back in our younger days, parents often reminded us that it was the most important meal of the day. Though conversely, some dieticians claims that it can be beneficial to skip breakfast, in actuality. For those that get “hangry” however, negate that completely.

In such a fast moving society, lots of consumers look for an eating option on-the-go. Some stop at Starbucks for a warm or cold coffee while others might hit the McDonald’s drive-thru. As of the early 70s, McDonald’s became a consumer favorite for breakfast with their creation of the Egg McMuffin. Meant to mimic Eggs Benedict, it became a household food both in and out of the fast food restaurant, all thanks to Herb Peterson, the inventor.

The issue with on-the-go food is the fact that the employees are also making it on-the-go. This can lead to mistakes. Via the likes of Twitter and Reddit, we’ve seen various examples of fast food places like McDonald’s completely botching a morning meal. Although McDonald’s has a history of guilt in this space, so do the others. We’ll include Burger King, Jack-In-The-Box and some other fast food restaurants. After reading this article, you’ll realize making a quick meal yourself before heading on out might not be the worst idea.

Enjoy folks. Let’s get started!

20 McDonald’s – Pancakes With The Bar Code

via Reddit

Oh them hot cakes. They seem so harmless and friendly just laying there, all innocent. Though in truth, just three pancakes contain 9 grams of fat along with 57 grams of carbohydrates. And that’s excluding the sausage and egg that comes with it.

We confirmed, printing out a bar code to the pancakes doesn’t lower its caloric value. Instead, this is just a really bad blunder that should have been caught at the very moment. It doesn’t get more unappetizing than staring at a stamp while trying to eat.

19 Burger King – Eggy Bread Fail

via Twitter

Oh that delicious eggy bread taste. This happens to be one of the differences between a Burger King and McDonald’s breakfast, this is a food one can’t find at the fast food giant McDonald's. However, Burger King pounced on the trend creating stick versions of eggy bread.

This Twitter user certainly wasn’t impressed, scoffing at Burger King for their lack of consistency. Making matters worse, that’s literally all he received. He tagged #feelingcheated in the post and we don’t blame him. If that’s the eggy bread standard, we want no part of it.

18 McDonald’s – Cream Cheese Mess

via Twitter

Back in the early 1900s, New York perfected the bagel with cream cheese. Later, additions would be added to this combination such as smoked salmon on top. However, still today, so many consumers just crave the classic bagel and cream cheese on its own.

It might be best to make this a DIY breakfast meal. We’re not entirely sure why but some fast food restaurants struggle with this elementary meal. We expect better from McDonald’s as the cream cheese is just slapped on top without any effort at all.

17 McDonald’s - Cheese On The Side

via twitter.com

Introduced in 2003, the McGriddle turned into a breakfast staple for McDonald’s. The classic sausage, egg and cheese combo bolstered this breakfast meal to great success. However, in this case, we ask, where’s the cheese?

According to this Twitter user, the cheese was found outside of the sandwich. At the very least, this customer makes light of the situation requesting that it go in the McGriddle instead of on the outside. Nonetheless, we’ve seen worse blunders in the past – hopefully that cheese isn’t melted to the paper though.

16 Starbucks – Not So Grande Coffees

via Twitter

Raise your hand if you love to start off the morning with a nice cup of coffee? One of the best destinations to do so is Starbucks. However, like some of the other places, at times, they struggle with consistency.

Posted via Twitter, this disgruntled customer drove 15 minutes back home before noticing the coffees weren’t even close to being filled to the rim. We can understand a small portion when it comes to food but for a darn coffee? Aren’t you a coffee shop?

15 McDonald’s – Green Eggs Anyone?

via Twitter

“Green eggs and ham I do not like them Sam-I-am I do not like Green eggs and ham would you like them here or there? I would not like them here or there.”

So the point Dr. Seuss was trying to make is that he doesn’t like green eggs and neither does this person from the post above. Like so many others, they took to Twitter posting this mess of an egg that clearly contains mold on the inside. Thankfully, they didn’t take a bite and caught on before.

14 Jack-In-The-Box – Cheesy Mess

via Twitter

“Okay #jackinthebox I’m done. Last time I got half of a tip croissant now this time no too croissant. Guess I’ll just be going to be going to #burgerking I’ve tried twice now with getting breakfast from y’all.”

Based off Dani Michelle’s testimonial, it is quite clear this person won’t be revisiting Jack-In-The-Box, at least for breakfast. This is a type of, fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me type of scenario. That’s the second time this person receives such a lackluster meal – we don’t blame Dani for going elsewhere.

13 McDonald’s – Sausage Egg McMuffin With Mold

via Twitter

For those that don’t know, the McMuffin is one of the signature McDonald’s breakfast sandwiches. Its origins date back to the 1970s, it was a unique take on a breakfast sandwich back then and we can safely say that the vision succeeded, seeing at though it can still be purchased worldwide these days.

What Ray Kroc likely didn’t envision is such a lackluster end result like the one above. It features noticeable mold, in truth that bun must’ve been left in the freezer for months when someone finally decided to use it.

12 Tim Hortons – The Broken Bagel

via Twitter

Speaking of bagel fails, we now turn to the broken bagel from Tim Hortons north of the border. Although the fast food establishment continues to expand, they tend to have issues with consistency, as evidenced by the post above.

We can only imagine the displeasure this person faced heading to work and opening this thing at their desk. In that moment, this person knew it was a major fail but at that point, you have no other alternative than to eat it – who’s going to bother heading back to Timmies once they’re at work. If you answered “me,” we applaud your devotion.

11 McDonald’s – Burnt Breakfast Burger

via Twitter

At the very least, they got the cheese correct which appears to be melted, a task that might be harder than it seems as evidenced by other fast food establishments. However, what they didn’t get right is the toasting of this sandwich.

Clearly, it was kept under fire for far too long, this needed to be thrown away and exchanged for a new one. Though perhaps because of a rush or better yet, sheer laziness, this thing was served as is regardless.

10 Burger King – Croissant Nightmare

via Twitter

“Is this normally how @BurgerKing breakfast looks one cooked piece of bacon, one under cooked piece and not enough bacon to cover the croissant 🤔 okayyyyyy....”

Hard to disagree with this Twitter user. The Burger King croissant features one lousy strip of bacon that was clearly cut in half, trying to resemble two pieces of bacon but they’re not fooling anyone. The user forgets to bash the cheese, which looks as cold as Montreal on a February day.... This is one major disappointment in every aspect.

9 McDonald’s – The Lonely Sausage & Egg McMuffin

via Brand Eating

Just think of the sadness that this person experienced opening up the Egg McMuffin. Seriously, how can one start their day off on the right track looking at such a final product? We understand it is fast food and not some gourmet breakfast restaurant, but come on now.

That egg looks as dry as trying to swallow a piece of tuna that sat out in the kitchen for a day. Aside from the egg, the other ingredients seem to be on point but you just can’t mess up the hero of the meal, the egg.

8 Dunkin’ Donuts – Broken Bread

via Yelp

Speaking of bad looking eggs, this one looks fake and therefore, probably so drying tasting. However, according to this Yelp review, that was the least one of its problems. Purchased at a Dunkin’ in the US, the condition of this bread is downright embarrassing.

The employee made a total mess of the base, perhaps pressing it for far too long. The end result is a crumpled up looking breakfast sandwich, one that Dunkin’ owners won’t want to see. Quality is everything, especially for Dunkin’, a place that should perfect these types of meals.

7 McDonald’s – The Lackluster Breakfast Bowl

via Yelp

We’ve seen McDonald’s try healthy alternatives in the past. To their credit, this particular bowl only contains 250 calories while the scrambled egg version features almost double.

Looking at the photo above, we fully understand why only 250 calories exist. Turkey and sausage are also supposed to fill up this bowl, yet all we see is egg white, spinach and cheese. Based off other candid photos of this dish, don’t expect a mesmerizing portion. If anything, pack an extra protein bar just in case the tank is still on empty.

6 Tim Hortons – The Plain Donut

via Pinterest

Back in the 90s, it was a trend to start to morning off with a nice donut and coffee. Homer became popular for it on The Simpsons while places like Dunkin’ also capitalized on the craze.

It isn’t used as a breakfast item as much nowadays however let’s not kid ourselves, donuts are still sought after in the morning. Though we're hoping the end result doesn’t look like this Tim Hortons mess, with the chocolate all stuck to the bag. A naked donut isn’t the best way to start a day.

5 McDonald’s – The “Big Breakfast”

via Twitter

Usually, the big breakfast also includes hot cakes. And let’s also show some love to the hash brown, most of us can smoke three of those things without hesitation.

This meal doesn’t feature hot cakes or the hash brown but still, it should be enough to satisfy a client. If I’m ordering an egg, sausage and a biscuit, I’m thinking it’s going to make me decently full. However, this Twitter user couldn’t believe the outcome he was presented, a lonely dish that still featured acres of room. At the very least, make it look full!

4 Starbucks – The $7 Sandwich

via Twitter

Starbucks is known worldwide for its coffee and thus, it is recognized as a coffee chain in its over 28,000 locations worldwide. Founded in 1971 in Seattle, Washington, the company grew thanks to its fine tasting morning beverage.

So what we’re trying to say, politely, is that purchasing food at Starbucks might not be the best idea. Though in truth, it really isn’t all that bad and some really enjoy it. Don’t tell that to this person who paid $7 for this ill-looking bacon and whatever that is breakfast sandwich.

3 McDonald’s – Sausage & Bacon Miss

via Twitter

We’re still trying to figure out what on earth this is. According to the Twitter user, this McDonald’s meal featured both sausage and bacon on the inside. We’re not sure if the customer decided to eat the sausage and bacon on its own but what we do know for sure is the fact that the bread looks totally wrong, and heck, maybe even still frozen judging by all the white spots on top.

They might have been better off telling the customer they were out of stock as opposed to trying to unfreeze this thing.

2 Tim Hortons – Sturdy Bagel

via Twitter

Regarded as a quick service restaurant, Timmies began back in Canada. The company was founded by hockey player Tim Horton back in Ontario in the mid-60s. Due to the simplicity of the menu, those in Canada made Timmies a priority and they still do. Other countries are also taking note, it can be found in 14 countries total.

What they might want to keep on the down-low is such outcomes like the photo above. This bagel looks so hard to chew, even a dog might struggle to realize what it is.

1 McDonald’s - Cold Roach Coffee

via Twitter

Most consumers in Canada and the US think of Starbucks when it comes to cold coffee (though in Canada, consumers also think of Tim Hortons). However, McDonald’s has to be a close second especially given their generous portion sizes. A medium looks like a darn extra-large.

This example might hurt their cause when it comes to coffee. A customer found an actual roach on the inside. How it got in there in the first place is truly beyond us – this has to be one of the biggest letdowns on the entire list.

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