McBlunders: 20 Photos Of Burgers McDonald’s Should Have Thrown Away (But They Served Instead)

The origins of the hamburger remain unclear. Some claim it came to fruition in the mid-1700s while Rosa DeLauro also claims to be the founder of the recipe back in 1900, of course made in the USA.

Without the invention, who knows what fast food might look like? McDonald’s took this concept and they sprinted without looking back in the early 1940s. When Ray Kroc joined the party, McDonald’s expanded into the premier fast food juggernaut we know it for today. On average, the restaurant serves over 69 million per day. That’s across more than 100 countries and a near 37,000 locations.

With such insane demands, human-error is bound to take place every now and then. In this article, that’s exactly what we put the spotlight on, burgers that failed to meet the required expectations amongst consumers. The burgers we’ll feature include the popular Big Mac, Cheese Burger, Quarter Pounder, Fillet-O-Fish burger and various others. With just a little more care, these burgers could have been salvaged. Problems include under-cooked meat, forgetting the meat altogether and just a downright lazy construction of the burger on the inside. After this article, you might want to check that order before bagging it and bringing it back home!

Enjoy the article folks and like always be sure to share it with a friend. Without further ado, here are 20 photos of burgers McDonald’s should have thrown away but they served instead. Let’s begin!

20 The Meatless Burger

via Twitter

“@McDonalds got a burger this afternoon, somehow managed to get one without the most important ingredient?”

They were better off wrapping up the meat patty with nothing else. Somehow, this is a common mistake made by McDonald’s and one you’ll see a heck of a lot in this article, forgetting the meat patty. That should be the first thought, especially in a burger like the cheeseburger that’s already quite flat in terms of ingredients to begin with. Note to self, check McDonald’s order prior to going home.

19 Forgot To Turn The Grill On

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“@McDonalds as you can see, someone at your NJ store forgot to turn the grill on.”

Making matters that much worse, this concerned mother saw her child consume half the burger before realizing it was raw on the inside. Forgetting the meat patty is bad enough but we can all agree we’d rather that take place than chewing on a badly cooked piece of meat. Undercooking a steak can be understandable but a meat patty for a burger needs to be well-done, without even thinking twice.

18 Half Slice Of Cheese

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Sadly, it is pretty common for fast food restaurants to get stingy with their ingredients. For the most part, this might be due to limited stock, at least we hope.

Cheese however, like the one above, is quite cheap, so we question if the person preparing this was actually out of stock or just downright negligent? Whatever the case might be, they decided to give this customer a half slice of cheese. At that point, they could have done without the cheese altogether.

17 No Meat In The Big Mac

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“@McDonalds thanks for providing me with the worst lunch ever! How are you gonna forget the burger patties in a Big Mac!”

The purpose of biting into a Big Mac is chewing on those multiple pieces of meat patties. It just tastes so darn good, now imagine how sad this dude was biting into it and getting nothing but bread and lettuce. Even the cheese looks downright ice cold. Forgetting the meat patty in a cheese burger is unacceptable but forgetting it in the Big Mac is a sin!

16 Cheese, Ketchup & Onion Burgers

via Twitter

We checked just to make sure and no, McDonald’s doesn’t have a special cheese ketchup and onion burger. This Twitter user was well aware:

“Dear @McDonalds on 1470 Bethlem Pike North Wales, PA I cannot believe that your store had the audacity to give me 2 “cheeseburgers” with no burger and just cheese, ketchup, and onions.”

Making a mess of one burger is understandable, well at least to the patient consumer but botching two of them, that’s pretty darn frustrating. Maybe firing up the grill at home was a better idea.

15 Bad Looking Mushrooms

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Mushrooms are quite sought after whether it be in regards to a protein dish or something like a burger. When seasoned correctly, mushrooms can make any hamburger that much better and a true joy to consume.

That’s what this customer thought, ordering the mushroom burger from McDonald’s. They were very disappointed with the result, one that looked nothing like the image McDonald’s had up on their promotional posters. It looks like bad looking beef jerky more than mushrooms – maybe ordering something mushroom related isn’t the best idea.

14 McRib Blunder

via Reddit

In 1981, after a successful test campaign the McRib became a permanent menu item. For whatever reason, it wasn’t the biggest hit and by the 90s it was brushed to the side. It would return years later, this time to lots of success especially in countries outside of the US like Germany.

What’s not to like about the McRib? That juicy meat tastes so good and it almost melts in your mouth. That’s what this customer wanted to experience, the only problem is that they forgot to include the rib part of the burger and that delicious sauce. Instead, the person is stuck with chopped up onions and pickles. Hey, maybe that’s where the person’s extra onions and pickles from the previous entry went to!

13 Extra Onion and Extra Pickles...

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After a long and hard day, some of us just want to indulge on a lovely burger with the ingredients that we enjoy the most. This customer asks for extra onions and pickles because, why not?

He opens the burger and much to his dismay, there is no signs of any onions or pickles at all. One might think, okay, the cashier might have heard wrong. However, the customer shows the bill which clearly states extra onions and extra pickles. It was just a bad botch resulting in a sad looking burger.

12 Where’s The Sauce At?

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A major reason customers order the Fish Filet is for that iconic tartar sauce. For those that love this sauce it can be easily purchased at various retailers. The likes of All Recipes also have their own DIY sauce available as well.

The person likely wishes they had either of those two on hand. They open up the sandwich only to see the important tartar sauce MIA from the equation. We can forgive them for forgetting to put a slice of cheese but come on now, don’t forget the tartar sauce!

11 Filet Sauce Overload

via Word Press

From one Filet-O-Fish that looks to be lacking to another one that was overly generous. Yes, McDonald’s has made this a staple of the franchise since early 60s in large part thanks to the tartar sauce, however, when you put too much, the meal just becomes totally unappetizing and way too filling given the caloric content found in the white creamy sauce.

Maybe if these two ordered their sandwich together, they could have split the sauce amongst themselves. Or maybe they could put just the right amount next time...

10 Double Cheeseburger Fail

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Along with the proper cookery and including all the ingredients, presentation is also very important for the absolute highest customer satisfaction. We understand McDonald’s isn’t a gourmet restaurant but the standard needs to be high regardless.

The standard definitely wasn’t with this bad looking double cheeseburger. Where to begin with this one? The bread looks totally flat, the meat patties look extremely dry and the cheese appears to be a mess falling out of the burger. With proper care this burger could have been salvaged.

9 Forgetting The Meat Again

via Body Building

This image was posted in a BodyBuilding.com forum, so we can just imagine how furious this dieter was. The hilarious part is that they went through the burger and they devoured most of it without the meat patty in play. Talk about hunger, it took the last couple of bites for this person to figure out that there was no meat or protein in the burger.

For those that eat healthy, we can understand this person not checking given that the meat-less burger already tasted decent with the patty.

8 The Just Cheese Burger

via Twitter

Ironically, McDonald’s does have a similar item but it is not served on burger buns. Hilariously enough, examples of the fast food giant botching grilled cheese orders are also available online via disgruntled customers on Twitter. How can you not properly melt cheese on bread?

In this instance, the cheese isn’t the problem but the lack of meat involved is the elephant in the room. To be honest, the cheese doesn’t look all that appetizing either, just sitting there completely cold and with what looks like craters coming out of it.

7 Quarter Pounder Mess

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Introduced in 1971, the Quarter Pounder soon became another McDonald’s legend - so much so that they created an entire line of burgers around the tasty concept.

An entire line of burgers would have never been created had the sandwich came out looking like this. We’re scratching our heads trying to figure out exactly what went down in this situation. It’s like an animal went through it and for whatever reason left the cheese behind. That presentation belongs in a nearby waste-bin.

6 Burning The Bun

via Hissing Kitty

Hissing Kitty, dedicated to customer complains has a plethora of angry users showcasing their bad looking meals purchased at McDonald’s. This example is among the very best or worst, however you decide to look at it.

The ingredients are just lazily splattered on top and making matters worse, the person in charge of this burger over toasted the heck out of the bun. The result is a burned bun that we wouldn’t even serve to our family pet. This needed to be scrapped and remade completely.

5 The Medium Burger

via Twitter

For those that are wondering, there’s a reason McDonald’s doesn’t ask for the type of cookery on a burger. Every burger is expected to come out well-done with any acceptations.

This Twitter user claims that they got a medium style burger, which again should never happen. The burger clearly looks undercooked and unfortunately the customer already dove into it. That burger needed to sit out on the cooker for at least a couple of more minutes before being packaged to the customer.

4 Uncooked Burger Fail

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Here’s another example of a burger that clearly isn’t cooked all the way. The red on the inside shouldn’t be there - perhaps because of a rush the burger was placed into the packaging with the proper cookery. That’s no excuse and one that can damage the reputation of this fast food giant.

Once again, the unfortunate part is that the customer already dug in before noticing the problem area. At the very least, the side of the burger does look cooked, we can’t say the same for the middle which doesn’t possess the same color.

3 More Forgetting The Meat Blunders

via Twitter

A burger with cheese became popular back in the 1920s. Believe it or not, it remains a juggernaut to this day and a lot of that has to do with McDonald’s. Not only is the cheese burger tasty but it is also quite cheap in terms of price point not to mention it isn’t as filling compared to something like a Big Mac. You can easily consume two of those, at least a hungry male or female can.

Let’s just hope that the meat patty can be found in the burger, or else it pretty much defeats the entire purpose.

2 Bad Looking Beef

via Twitter

We saved the absolute worst looking burger for the very end. Not only is this burger uncooked but it still looks cold. How this made it out of the McDonald’s kitchen, we’ll never truly understand.

The disgruntled client took Twitter absolutely appalled by what she was served. How can you blame her, such a burger is just downright unacceptable wherever you go, let alone the most popular fast food chain, McDonald’s. Next time, throw this in the garbage and start from the beginning.

1 No Cheese Please

via Twitter

It isn’t out of the ordinary for someone to ask for no cheese or no onions. Although tasty, these foods aren’t necessarily easy to digest for some. Excluding this from a burger is understandable.

Thankfully, this person opens the burger up before consuming it. Much to their dismay, a fat piece of cheese is found in the burger along with a tiny onion as well. The customer even shows the bill which clearly reads no onions and no cheese. Nonetheless, they got both those things that they didn’t ask for.

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