Hut Flops: 20 Photos Of Pizza Hut Letting Down Hungry Customers

With increasing popularity, it is only normal for a fast food restaurant to experience more issues than usual. Take Pizza Hut, founded in 1958, the pizza giant now has a near 17,000 locations around the world. With all that success has come lots of critiques, over in the UK many complained in the past about Pizza Hut’s salt content found in their foods. Other controversies included drivers getting paid less than minimum wage. Like the other fast good giants, Pizza Hut managed to shrug off these claims.

However, when an angry customer takes a photo – the facts of failure are so much clearer. This can lead to any restaurant to develop a bad reputation with the masses. In Pizza Hut’s case, that might be a problem as lots of disgruntled customers have taken to Twitter posting about their displeasures. Credit to Pizza Hut, they actually responded to a lot of the claims wanting to make things right.

In this article, we’ll feature menu items that came out looking the opposite of right. When ordering Pizza Hut, customers are obviously feeling really hungry which makes these failures all the more depressing. We’ll feature more than just pizza including breadsticks, desserts, wings and other letdowns from the Hut. That boxed pizza might have been a better idea in some of these cases.

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20 Large Pizza In A Medium Box

via Twitter

“Thanks @pizzahut for putting my large pizza inside of a medium box?”

We can understand a local pizza place running out of boxes but when it’s a place like Pizza Hut with a near 17,000 locations worldwide, it just becomes unacceptable. It is like visiting McDonald’s and getting your Big Mac in a Happy Meal burger box. That’s just one big no-no.

The laughable part here is that the employee actually crunches up the pizza in order to make it fit in the medium sized box. Even the hungriest customer would still be letdown by this decision.

19 $5 Credit For Raw Pizza

via Twitter

“@pizzahut please explain why I was only offered $5 credit on my raw pizza.”

So this guy gets stuck with a bad looking pizza that clearly isn’t cooked and what does he get in return – a measly $5! Take a look at his bill and it clearly states that the cost of the pizza was $21.99 – are they giving him back the bread sticks money!? Who really knows, but we hope he got fully reimbursed because this pizza isn’t even close to what it should be.

18 No Sauce On The Wings

via Twitter

Man, does that ever look like a depressing bowl of wings. The Twitter user complains that they don’t taste fresh and are dry. That’s the exact opposite of what a wing should be. A great wing is not only juicy but it also oozes with flavor and tastes so darn fresh.

We’re not entirely sure what went down here, maybe those wings stayed in the fridge for far too long before being served to a customer. Those boxed wings from months ago might have been a better idea.

17 What Is This?

via Twitter

We know Pizza Hut made a mess of things when the customer can’t even understand what the pizza is. This guy writes above the photo, “what is this bruh?” Bruh, seriously, we have no clue.

Attempting a stuffed crust might be a lot harder than we think as even the last pizza was totally deformed and another stuffed crust attempt failed. Ironically in this attempt, the stuffed crust looks okay but the rest of the pizza is totally ruined. At least they’ve got a solid three decent looking slices...

16 Pan Pizza Disappointment

via Twitter

The pan pizza is a thicker looking pizza cooked in the deep dish pan. Although it might be a lot more fatty than the average pizza, those extra calories are definitely worth it given the buttery and thick taste. Pizza Hut invented this concept back in the 1960s and today it is often duplicated by the other pizza brands.

You would expect the inventors to perfect the pan pizza. However, this customer is very disappointed with the outcome. The pizza really doesn’t look thick and juicy – instead it seems like they paid for a regular slice of pizza.

15 The $1 Wing

via twitter.com

“@PizzaHutCanada received our pizza and wings, 5 of the 10 wings for 10$ were the size of a quarter. What a rip off (plus the wrong sauce was delivered).”

The Hut north of the boarder has some sketchy results as well. This customer showcases the size of the wings; clearly those aren’t wings worth anywhere near $10. It looks like a piece of popcorn chicken from KFC more than a darn wing. Two things customers expect from Pizza Hut, fine taste and a good portion size. Clearly, the second one wasn’t met in this instance (likely neither was the first).

14 The Classic Mistake

via Twitter

“@pizzahut this looks terrible. Should have looked at this before I brought it home.”

We can all sympathize with this Twitter user and their Pizza Hut experience. Think of that time you went to pick something up or went over at the drive-thru, failed to check the order and once you got home it was too late to do anything about it.

This pizza classifies as so bad that most of us might have gone back to Pizza Hut and got something else in exchange. The pizza looks inflated with lots of air and clearly wasn’t cooked properly judging by those white crusts.

13 Hair On The Pizza

via Twitter

Although hair nets might look ridiculous, they still serve a purpose and this is an example of what a hair net could have done. This person finds on actual hair on top of the pizza – something most consumers have dealt with in the past.

However, that doesn’t mean it is acceptable and the employees need to be a lot more vigilant before packing up the pizza and shipping it out. This is a lazy mistake that could have been fixed with a little more focus.

12 Not Like The Ads

via Twitter

“These don’t look like they do in the Pizza Hut ads.”

There is nothing worse than false advertising especially when it comes to the food industry. We see these mesmerizing commercials and ads – this makes us want to swallow that product real quickly. This poor consumer felt the same with the Pizza Hut’s Cinnabons. However, the big problem here is that they failed to resemble the ad. They result was one giant goopy mess. This person likely wouldn’t make the same mistake twice opting to get a dessert elsewhere next time.

11 Way Too Crusty

via Twitter

We can understand those people that are optimistic when it comes to chewing on a crust. We can remember that guy who would eat our uneaten crusts, he was always so grateful.

Even that same dude might be a little skeptical looking at such a pizza. This pie is literally half dough, half actual pizza and we’re seriously being generous with that assessment. This is one of those pizzas that needed to be thrown away and started from scratch without any hesitation. Sadly, this customer was forced into paying for it – what a travesty.

10 It Slides Right Off

via Twitter

This picture irritates a lot of us. This tends to be the most common problem with fast food pizzas. The top isn’t cooked properly or far too heavy that it slides right off even without taking a bite of it.

This angry Twitter user posts a photo of the problem; not even taking a bite, the top is already coming off looking like one giant goopy mess. The best bet might be to eat this with a fork but seriously, who wants to do that!?

9 Bad Looking and Bad Tasting

via Twitter

“Thanks @pizzahut for the great looking pizza.... Taste terrible too.”

Some of the tastiest dishes don’t always look great but once you take a bite that all changes. Unfortunately for this Pizza Hut customer, that wasn’t the case, not even close. The person admits that not only did the pizza look bad but it also tasted the part as well. Two of the slices are just dough while one of the other slice has one and a half pepperoni on it. That’s half a pizza wasted.

8 Stuffed Crust Pizza Fail

via Twitter

“Hey, @pizzahut. All I wanted was a large stuffed crust Hawaiian with extra cheese. Please help my dreams come true.”

All that this person wanted was a stuffed crust and some extra cheese on their Hawaiian style pizza. What Pizza Hut understood is give me those ingredients on the worst looking pizza ever. Now we have some bad looking pizzas on this list but this one is in a category of its own, it looks more like an open sandwich than an actual pizza. We hope this customer’s dream came true the next time.

7 Forgot To Cut The Breadsticks

via Twitter

For those wondering if Pizza Hut turned the breadsticks into a pizza, the answer is no. They just made a complete mess of this order.

The Twitter user was kind of surprised when he opened the breadsticks box only to see the appetizer just there in one big square. In all likelihood, the employee might have forgotten that he had to cut the bread sticks before putting them in the box. All it took was a couple of straight slices that takes mere seconds. Nonetheless, it was too hard of a task...

6 More Cinnabon Fails

via Twitter

The Cinnabon craze became so huge that in late December, over 1,000 Cinnabon locations opened of worldwide. If they looked this way though, those locations might be cut in half.

This resembles something that was just lying out there on a Walmart shelf for weeks until a hungry customer decided to give it a try thanks to the reduced price tag. This wasn’t a spoiled product but instead something that was apparently made fresh and on the spot. That makes it an even greater fail than the Walmart product.

5 Unappetizing Buffalo Wings

via Twitter

Nowadays Pizza Hut is more than just pizza. The fast food location continues to expand with other menu items like the Buffalo wings, various mouth-watering desserts and even a Vegan Pizza (which has decent reviews).

Although that all sounds so optimistic, the results vary and tell us otherwise at times. This Twitter user felt cheated with his wings that included barely any sauce. To Pizza Hut’s credit, they did answer this person’s concerns and promised to reach out to the Pizza Hut that made this lackluster appetizer.

4 Uncooked Pizza Bottom

via Twitter

A rough dough is not only unprofessional but according to Quora it can also have bad health risks. Now eating a small piece of raw dough isn’t the worst thing, but consuming a lot of it can pose a health risk. It is advised not to eat it by the FDA claiming it can contain bacteria causing E.Coli or Salmonella.

Knowing all of that, this pizza just becomes that much more distasteful. It isn’t even worth the risk and should be thrown away in the garbage.

3 Uneven and Inedible

via Twitter

The true magic of a fine looking pizza takes place with the proper consistency and ratios. Over in Italy, order a pizza and you’ll be amazed how consistent the pizza looks and tastes.

Pizza Hut clearly struggles with that in this example. One side of the pizza is all dough while the other side is packed with cheese. The Twitter user admits that not only does this pizza look bad but it didn’t taste all that great either – what a bummer.

2 Not So Stuffed Crust

via Twitter

Back in 1995, Pizza Hut put a lot of emphasis on the stuffed crust pizza, so much so that they spent $45 million in ad campaigns. The idea was a hit and today it can be found in markets like Japan, debuting at the Pizza Hut overseas in 2012.

If this is what all the fuss was about, the stuffed crust would have never lasted or gained popularity. It is never a good sign when you can see the other end of the crust. The crust needs to be so stuffed that you can’t see anything else but stuffed cheese. Obviously, that isn’t the case with this letdown.

1 The Rock Bottom Pizza

via Twitter

We saved the best for last – or the worst, we’ll leave that assessment up to you. This Twitter user best describes the pizza referring to it as “rock bottom.” It truly is rock bottom, almost like WWE star Dwayne Johnson hit his signature move, the Rock Bottom on the pizza and stuffed it inside a pizza box and then delivered a People’s Elbow for good measure.

Okay, you get the point. This pizza should have never seen the light of the day – a big time error by the Hut.

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