20 Photos Of Starbucks Hilariously Spelling People’s Names Wrong

A great part about Starbucks writing a customer’s name on the cup is that it creates a sense of personalization. In some cases, this can lead to a bond between the customer and employee, making them want to return again and again.

Although the intent is good, the results haven’t been the same. According to the likes of The Daily Mail and Today, Starbucks might be purposely butchering names, just to have a little more fun. As you’ll scroll down this article, you might think the same. Spelling Ian or Dave wrong is just downright bizarre.

Although most of us laugh at these errors, some of the customers on the list didn’t find it as amusing. We have the Twitter evidence to back it up, which only adds to the hilariousness of it all.

We have various cases in this article from misspelled names to names that were completely blundered due to barista hearing it incorrectly, at least we hope. Despite all the mistakes in the past, Starbucks has yet to comment. It might be better that way given the volume of mistakes made both then and now.

Despite the errors, Starbucks remains a billion dollar juggernaut so clearly, they really aren’t sweating it all that much.

Enjoy the article folks and like always be sure to share it with a friend. Here are 20 photos of Starbucks hilariously spelling people’s name wrong. Let’s get started!

20 Ian Isn’t Impressed

via Imgur

You would think the name Ian is a dream name for Starbucks employees to spell. For some of them, they likely wish more Ian’s exist given the simplicity of the name. However, after searching through the various claims, Ian actually gets spelled wrong more times than you might expect.

In this instance, the customer receives his drink with the world “Eeyon” written on the front. The somehow managed to turn a basic three letter word into one that’s a nightmare to pronounce and spell. Maybe they thought they were serving Elon Musk?

19 Lucy Turned Into “Lousi”

via Twitter

“Do Starbucks employees try to spell your name wrong on purpose or...?”

We really don’t blame Lucy, or should we say “Lousi” for being a little ticked off with this outrageous mistake. Due to the ridiculousness involved, the post was like by a near 3,000 Twitter users. Given the easiness of this name, it is inexplicable how they could have spelled it wrong. They were better off writing Tom like in the previous post and pretending they heard wrong... It might have been the best decision.

18 Grant Is Not Raj...

via Twitter

“And the answer is .... RAJ!! Yep Grant sounds like RAJ!! @Starbucks sorry no winners .. Genuine mistake.”

This one is so bad they we think Grant might have picked up the wrong drink. However, he claims that the mistake was made with his name – instead of getting Grant written on it, it somehow turned into Raj, which really sounds nothing close to Grant no matter how many times you say the name. Maybe if they wrote “Grand” we might understand but even that might be a little too weird.

17 The One Named Air Inn

via Twitter

Ian was a bad blunder but spelling Erin wrong might be in the same regard. The name contains four letters though somehow the barista turned it into a two word name! It might have been a lot more understandable to spell it as Aaron.

Her name becomes “Air Inn,” as evidenced by her Twitter post, she thinks this is some type of joke by the crew and we agree and hope that it is cause if not, it might be best to make someone else take over that spot! It sounds like a bad hotel or airline, more than a name.

16 Dave Turns Into Dan

via Twitter

“Good news! The Starbucks “Wrong Name Cups” are back! Today I got “Dan”!! Hahaha!!”

At the very least, Dave has a sense of humor when it comes to blundering his name, even if it is something as simple as Dave. Seriously, how can someone mess Dave up? Perhaps the barista heard wrong, choosing to put Dan on his cup instead. We applaud Dave’s sense of humor, if only the others on this list took the mistake as lightly – as you’ll see, they did not for the most part.

15 More Ian Butchering

via Twitter

We weren’t kidding when we said Ian is apparently hard to spell. This barista turns the name into an abbreviation, “E.N.”

They’re closer than the previous entry; however it is still just so darn ridiculous. Yea, we’ll give it to them, it does sound the same but wouldn’t it make more sense that his name was Ian and not two letters? Maybe because of a rush or a faulty drive-thru head-set, this person can’t make the distinction – at least we hope those are the reasons for the blunder.

14 When Cullum Became Tom

via Twitter

We can imagine Starbucks spelling his name wrong but choosing to call him Tom? It is possible the barista gave up on trying to spell it correctly and instead, just decided to play a fool and call him Tom, an easy enough name to spell. Cullum hilariously recalls the situation via Twitter;

“Starbucks barista: Name? Me: (confidently) Cullum. Starbuck barista: (after a moment’s thought) Okay. Me: (aside) You’re gonna get this wrong. My money’s on Callum. Voiceover: Little did Cullum know the extent to which his diction needed improvement.”

13 G Was Too Hard

via Twitter

“Starbucks never spells "Gento" right so I said my name was "G"... still got it wrong.”

Poor Gento just can’t catch a break. In order to make life easier on the barista, he switches his name up to one letter, G. Somehow, someway, they make a total botch of the one letter name turning it into “Chi,” perhaps a new nickname he now uses given this hilarious story. Spelling a one letter name wrong is definitely a pretty big low, what’s a Chi anyways?

12 The Onion

via Twitter

Since this is a food related website, let’s take a second to pay homage to the onion, plants have been growing for at least 7,000 years according  to the Encyclopedia of Gardening.

Okay, we’re not really here to talk about onions but instead, how this person’s name that somehow magically changed to Onion. In fairness, the client’s name wasn’t the easiest to write down, Aine. How it turns into onion however, that’s so laughable. They might have been better off writing down Ian, which is an understandable mistake but onion, oh boy. They must have thought the person got slapped with a really bad nickname.

11 The Robey Blunder

via Twitter

At times, clients return to a specific spot because of the great customer service. That’s what Starbucks tries to do with the writing of someone’s name on the cup, it instantly creates a closer bond.

Robby agrees to that, claiming he’s treated with nothing but respect by the Starbucks crew. Even better, they actually remember his name every time he goes. The only problem, the lovable barista continues to spell his name wrong, writing it as “Robey.” What can you do, at least he gets great service despite the name blunder!

10 Reece Replaced By Breeze

via Twitter

Names can be hard. Just ask the founders of Starbucks who also struggled with a name early on. The founder wanted something that began with the letters ST. They stumbled upon various names including Starbo, which gave the founders inspiration to call it Starbucks.

We can understand the inspiration, Starbo and Starbucks makes a lot of sense. What we can’t understand is how a name like Reece turned into Breeze. Spelling Reece, Reese, would be an okay mistake but whiffing on it totally and writing Breeze is just an example of an employee daydreaming at the counter.

9 Chris Or Christ?

via Twitter

It is possible that the Starbucks employee thought of Chris in the absolute most optimal manner, deciding to call him Christ instead. However, we have reason to believe that’s less than likely. This one is so bad that we have reason to believe it might have been the Starbucks employee having a little fun at the expense of their client.

Days get long and everyone loves to have a little fun, Starbucks employees included. Nonetheless, if he wasn’t having fun, it must have been an honor to serve Christ a glass of warm coffee.

8 Jane Gone Wrong

via Twitter

This one happens to be a double whammy. Not only is it hard for us to make out the name but it is spelled totally wrong. Based off what it looks like, this person wrote down “Jein.” We Googled the word and it is not a name but instead a word used over in Germany.

Perhaps the scribbling might have been the person knowing they spelled it wrong and wanting to mask it with some bad writing. It was like homework back in the day or a test when we knew the answer wasn’t correct but scribbled it down hoping to get some part marks...

7 Nicky Or Nikki?

via Twitter

Out of all the mistakes featured on this list, although it might be considered as bad to many, this one is rather tame in comparison. Normally, it is Nicky for a male and Nikki for a female. Nonetheless, the barista fails to see the difference, slapping this incorrect version on the cold beverage.

At the very least, they got their order correct which is really all that matters. Starbucks has grown so much throughout the years, with as many cold drinks available than hot coffees. This beverage is clear evidence of that.

6 Morgan With An E

via Instagram

We searched the word “Morgen,” and maybe this barista has a Welsh background given that it is a baby name. For those in Germany, morgen means morning. Nonetheless, we anticipate that’s not what this barista was going for, just making a flat out mistake.

Again, it is a somewhat understandable mistake, compared to some of the others - though it is a bad gaff when you clearly hear the person’s name but just spell it badly. Maybe Starbucks should consider handing out a list of names and the proper spelling prior to hiring a barista?

5 The Name Is Melony?

via Twitter

This sounds like a new item name, “The Melony flavor.” Maybe back in the ‘70s it was launched by Starbucks. For those that are wondering, the chain opened up in Seattle back in 1971 with only one location.

In the ‘90s, they started thinking expansion and they took the coffee market by storm. Botching names like Melanie aside, the company generates $22 billion in revenue years (in 2017) along with over 28,000 locations around the world. With those kinds of numbers, botching names is a secondary problem...

4 Neha Was A Little Too Tough

via Twitter

You have to admire the bravery of this employee, writing out the name with a black marker and in bold font. Judging by the way the name is written, this person seemed very confident with the spelling. Little did they know they weren’t even close to the customer’s actual name.

Her real name, as evidenced by Twitter is Neha. She understood the mistake but how it turned into “Snew,” is just totally puzzling. Maybe next time use a pencil and fade the writing out...

3 What’s a Carnie?

via Twitter

From what we know, this person isn’t a Carnie, which is a carnival employee. Instead, the actual name is Carrie – which got butchered pretty badly by the Starbucks employee.

This is another one of those puzzling mistakes, an example that was also posted to Twitter. Unlike other fast food companies, Starbucks generally doesn’t respond, especially when it comes to errors of getting names wrong. We can’t fault them cause it would take a lot of apologizing on their behalf. Better off not getting started.

2 Jeff With One F

via Twitter

It might have been more acceptable to write Jerry in this situation. Hey, that happens to be the name of one the founders, Jerry Baldwin. One of the other founders, Zev Siegl probably got his name butchered multiple times as well. Gordon Bowker is the third founder for those of you that are wondering, he has a pretty basic name.

You would think Jeff is as basic as they come. Nonetheless, they manage to spell his name wrong including only one f, spelled “Jef” – now that’s a bad blunder.

1 Danielle Is In Denial?

via Daily Mail

We conclude the list with Denial... just imagine if that was an actual name? What the person should have written down was Danielle, their actual name but it somehow managed to turn into Denial...

Perhaps a rush or bad hearing caused this mistake, any event, it is a wonder as to how these baristas didn’t ask how to spell the name. Even asking for spelling of Ian might seem embarrassing, though it is far worse of a mistake to make a mess of the name instead. It might be time to ask the customer how to spell it, especially in these cases.

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