Mayday, Mayday: Top 20 Pics Of Unappealing Airplane Foods

According to his interview with Time, the great Gordon Ramsay himself admits he’ll never even attempt to eat airline food. Here’s what he had to say:

“I worked for airlines for 10 years, so I know where this food’s been and where it goes, and how long it took before it got on board.”

Most would agree with Ramsay’s assessment. The difficult part about airline food is the fact that it is all pre-made before and not something that’s made fresh on the spot. Therefore, usually the result is a lackluster meal with the simplest ingredients. Though in truth, give Twitter a visit and you’ll be quite surprised at how some airlines are starting to trend upwards in terms of meal preps.

Unfortunately, in this article, we’re putting that positivity aside by looking at airline meals we can’t believe these companies actually served. Not only is freshness the problem but the presentation is just as bad. You know the plate is a letdown when we can’t even distinguish exactly what it is that they were trying to serve. In some cases, the meal could have been salvageable had it not been for a lackluster sauce topping, one that ruined the meal completely.

After this article, it might be wise to purchase a meal in advance prior to boarding a plane, at the very least, you won’t be starving in the case of a dud meal served by the airline. Enjoy the article folks and like always be sure to share it with a friend. Let’s get started!

20 The Burgerwich?

via Twitter

This ain’t no Big Mac that’s for sure nor is it a sandwich fresh from Starbucks or Subway. It kind of looks like the bad version of what an in between might look like. It contains long pieces bread and on the inside is a meat patty. We’re not sure if the airline ran out of burger breads or what happened, but this just looks odd.

The cheese certainly doesn’t help its cause and neither does the burger meat, which doesn’t look grilled but instead cooked. This is a major letdown, even for an airline.

19 Goopy Pasta Dish

via Twitter

When the pasta sticks to the top of the plate cover, that’s when you know this might not be the finest dining experience of your life.

This pasta looks so badly made with chunks of cheese just splattered in there along with a sauce that appears to be lazily done and featuring more liquid than anything else. Some might think, maybe it tastes okay? That wasn’t the case as this Twitter user bashed both the appearance of the dish along with the taste, resulting in one major fail.

18 Flight To Prague

via Twitter

On a flight consisting of less than three hours, getting a fine looking meal is very unlikely. You’re lucky to get a decent snack during that type of flight duration.

However, this particular person wasn’t on a short flight heading across the water to Prague. That makes this dish that much more inexplicable. The look in itself is quite alarming and just so amateur. It is like the airline popped it in the microwave and boom, a minute later it was ready to be served. In all likelihood, they couldn’t wait to step off the plane and get some fine cuisine in the Prague area.

17 Muffin & Coke Combo

via Twitter

As we stated earlier, short flights don’t consist of meals but instead snacks. For the most part, it is hard to mess up a snack. However, this Twitter user has reason to argue with that.

Prior to the snack, the flight asked the passengers for their beverage choice. The guy orders a coke and shortly after he’s given a muffin as a snack... Given the underwhelming snack option, at least the flight should have passed out the muffin first and then asked for the drink request. This poor dude was left with a coke filled to the rim along with a dry looking muffin....

16 The Unknown Green Mush

via Twitter

Visually, this literally looks like a frozen and dried up piece of Matcha just thrown on into a container. In truth, we really can’t make out what this airline was going for. It might be a real bad attempt at green raviolis. If that was the case, just stick to the classic white pasta and red tomato sauce.

Less is more when it comes to airline food. We won’t even begin to dissect the orange and white sauce, what is that supposed to be? The orange looks like cheese whiz and it probably is.

15 The Unknown Dish

via Eater

Some airline food looks so bad that we have a hard time making out what it is – that’s never a good sign. In truth, the potatoes really don’t look all that bad and quite decent. Though we can only say as much from a visual standpoint, who knows what they taste like?

The real elephant in the room is what’s next to the potatoes. It literally looks like a peeled and cooked onion just slapped in there and thrown onto the plate. Whatever it was, the Twitter user was known too pleased with it – how can you blame them?

14 Sauce Mess

via Twitter

Sausage history dates back to the 10th century. Today, unique sausages can be found in various parts of the world from Italy, to the US, to even China. It seems like every country has their own specialty when it comes to the formation of a sausage.

Even the airlines apparently have their own take. Most would agree that isn’t a sausage color they would like to consume. Safe to say the bread and fruit might be the best idea given the look of the main course. Seriously, why is there some random red liquid sauce in the corner of the dish?

13 Rice & Who Knows?

via Twitter

Whether it be on a flight or at a vacation resort, white rice is commonly consumed by travelers given its basic texture. It is hard to mess up rice. Put water in the heat pot, let it boil, put the rice inside and let it sit for 5 minutes. Once it is done, you’ve got some decent looking rice.

Given the ease and the safety involved, flights typically use rice in a dish. However, we can’t say the same for whatever that is that accompanies the rice. It might be best to dab at the white rice and leave whatever else that is aside.

12 Let’s Pass On Breakfast

via Twitter

One look at this breakfast and it is safe to say that passing on it might be the best idea. If you thought the sausage earlier had a bad color, wait till you look at this one. The thing actually looks fake, like it was placed in there as a part of a toy set or something like that.

The egg is the biggest disappointment and it just looks flat out too droopy and uncooked. The mushrooms look just as bad. The best bet might be dabbing at that rapini for some extra vitamins and minerals.

11 Bad Looking Pasta Meal

via Twitter

In this day and age, one’s opinion can easily sink an airline company. Given the power of social media and all the influencers nowadays, we’re truly in the midst of a different time period.

Posting this picture was a double hit considering a DJ and producer Andrew Hypes posted it to his Twitter account. The post got a lot of traction and it was a real bad look for the airline company. We can’t disagree with Andrew’s assessment of this plate, it just doesn’t look right.

10 Assorted Things

via Baomoi

We’ll call this meal, “assorted things.” We struggle to figure out whether this was a dinner or breakfast meal, that’s how bad it looks - it kind of resembles an attempt at both.

One look at this plate and it is easy just to recline your seat back and close your eyes once again, no matter how bad that hunger might be hitting you. For those that are against airplane food, the best bet is to purchase a meal or snack before boarding the plane, so in case you face this type of dilemma, it won’t be the end of the world.

9 Bad Looking Gefilte Fish

via Twitter

You might remember gefilte fish from the Rush Hour movie franchise as it was served on the plane during a scene featuring Chris Tucker and Jackie Chan. The hilarious part was Tucker’s inability to say the name during the blooper reel.

All jokes aside, this is a very tasty dish when done right, its origins stem back in Israel. Several variations of this dish exist. This one doesn’t look to be the most appetizing and really bland looking. Despite the poor look, the Twitter user did admit it wasn’t the worst tasting – it was just unappealing based off the look.

8 Yellow Goop On A Plate

via Twitter

There are signs of hope on this plate - that is until that yellow liquid entered the mix. The wise decision would have been to provide that liquid sauce on the side in a container while salvaging the basic white rice, chicken pieces, peas and carrots.

Instead, they totally decided to butcher the plate by pounding that yellow thick pure on top. This person might have to settle for that piece of bread and small cold salad - such a bummer for any traveler to experience.

7 Uneaten Wrap

via Twitter

Nowadays, the wrap is the modern version of a sandwich. However, the origins of a wrap date back even before the 1900s. In the US, it is believed that California was the first place to serve this type of ensemble.

It is quite difficult to mess up a wrap given how easy it is to create. Nonetheless, this airline makes a total mess of it, so much so that after a couple of bites the person decides to leave the rest for the waste bin. The wrap base looks so poor and in all likelihood, it stayed in a freezer for weeks before getting served.

6 Truck Stop Food

via Twitter

The truck stop concept originated in the US back in the 1940s. Although it is frowned upon by most travelers today when they come across one, it was a trending concept especially in the 70s.

Nowadays, this meal exactly represents what you might get served at a truck stop, the only problem, this isn’t a truck stop but on an airplane. The meal consists of cold macaroni salad, bread and a plain Jane dessert and salad. At a truck stop location, this exact meal can probably be purchased for under $2.

5 Heavy On The Sauce

via Lifestyle Buzz

The photo above looks reminiscent to something one might get served at a cheap school cafeteria, with the cook just splashing that liquid sauce onto the plate without any hesitation.

At the very least, the rice in the middle isn’t touched but in truth, it doesn’t look all that appetizing either, kind of resembling a Kraft Dinner dish. Let’s not even get started with that salad that was consumed next to the plate, just look at all that extra sauce just swimming in there!

4 Settle For The Fruit

via Blogger Topics

We’ll admit it, this isn’t the worst looking meal on the list. However, it might be a great idea to stick to the fruit, bread and maybe the salad instead. The main meal just doesn’t cut it, the only thing that looks edible are the beans and potatoes, which sounds like an underwhelming supper to say the least.

We’re not entirely sure what that sauce of food is in the middle, therefore, even trying it wouldn’t be the best idea - unless you want to run to the bathroom.

3 The Empty Sandwich

via Twitter

The best kinds of sandwiches tend to be stacked from top to bottom with a variety of ingredients. This one is just plane and another sandwich one can easily find at a truck stop area or even gas station for probably less than a buck.

Even the tomatoes appear to be kind of outdated, sporting a darker colored look as opposed to that bright red color. This is the type of meal we hope the person didn’t go out of their way to purchase.

2 Potato & Corn Nightmare

via Twitter

Where to begin with this kitchen nightmare? Imagine Chef Ramsay seeing this during a flight? Oh boy, that would spell the end for the particular airline that served this mess of a meal. Seriously, what is the protein supposed to be in this dish?

Nothing looks salvageable on this plate, it might be best to open up those crackers and put some of that cheese on top instead. Everything else isn’t worthy, not even if hunger is at an all-time high. Maybe next time, replace that yellow stuff with a piece of chicken.

1 Liquid Not Sauce

via Twitter

We finish the article off with another disappointment. The irony with this dish is that perhaps not even the side salad can salvage this person. We saw several instances of this person relying on whatever else the dish featured, however in this case, that water might be the true hero.

We can’t even see the protein for how drenched it is in that so-called sauce. Dabbing at the carrots and peas might be the best option but even that might take a lot of bravery, it depends on how hungry one is.

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