Make It Stop: 20 Pictures Of Food That Would Make A True Foodie Cry

There are people in this world who put a lot of pride in their cooking. They look at food as an art form, and they strive to make the best possible meals that they can. Even home cooks who don't obsess over the small details can often make a delicious-looking meal that can please just about anyone. However, there are two sides to every coin, and while there are folks who take their culinary work very seriously, there are also those who don't care at all. These are the kinds of people who have no idea what good food looks like, and they obviously don't know what good food tastes like either. They're the people who'd rather just slap some ingredients together for the bare minimum of sustenance than make anything resembling a real meal.

What makes this worse is the fact that these people who possess very little culinary skill, still have the compulsion to put photos of their meals on the internet. Whether they're doing it for ironic internet points or because they sincerely believe they've made something great is anyone's guess, but the fact remains that these food photos would bring tears to just about any foodie's eyes. They're tragic yet, in some ways, comedic. You might laugh at what these people consider to be a good meal, but then, you'll think about it just a little bit more and realize that these folks aren't eating well at all. That might just be the saddest thing ever. These are 20 food photos that would make any real foodie cry:

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20 Steak and eggs are supposed to be fancy...

via instagram.com

When you hear that someone is going to be making steak and eggs for breakfast, you know you're in for a real treat. Of course, that presupposes that the cook knows what he or she's doing, meaning the cook knows how to cook a steak and also eggs and that the cook should never add a Kraft single to anything. Unfortunately, whoever took a stab at this famously decadent breakfast and featured it in this photo clearly needs a little more practice in the kitchen. First of all, that steak looks like straight-up shoe leather and, rather than a nice, bright yellow, the scrambled eggs are a sad, gray mess. The less said about the grits with processed cheese, the better.

19 Don't ever serve these at a party

via reddit.com

Everyone knows that if you're throwing a party, then deviled eggs are your best friend. Not only are these famously easy to make, but there's so much customization you can do with the filling that you can really have something for everyone. Unfortunately, whoever made these SpaghettiO-filled eggs clearly went a little too far with the idea of artistic license in the kitchen. There's no reason to go over in detail why these would be an awful snack, but let's just focus on the fact that SpaghettiOs are really not going to add much in terms of flavor or texture to the egg itself. Hopefully, this was just a joke.

18 Bad burritos, whatcha gonna do

via instagram.com

Everyone loves a good burrito, right? Even better is when you turn an average burrito into an enchilada, baking it in the oven after smothering it in red sauce and cheese, then enjoying the spicy, complex flavors and textures. This photo is clear evidence of someone who doesn't know how to prepare a proper burrito, let alone an enchilada. It's like he or she got stuck somewhere in the middle and decided to spruce up the sad tortillas with a sprinkle of cheese that's obviously pre-shredded. It also looks like the person tried to melt the cheese in the microwave, but of course, it didn't work at all.

17 In case it wasn't clear, this is an omelet

via reddit.com

We here at TheRecipe know that cooking a good omelet can be somewhat of an acquired skill. It isn't always easy to get that perfect flip if you're not used to making omelets. However, even the most inexperienced omelet cook could probably whip up something better than this green abomination. Apparently, the story behind this mixed green omelet is that the cook blended the greens up first before adding them to the eggs. Well, that would explain the incredibly off-putting color. However, on top of the color is an obviously overcooked texture which isn't doing this omelet any favors. It may be healthy, but this omelet could drive even the biggest health nut to a McMuffin.

16 Whoever delivered this really hates pizza

via reddit.com

There aren't too many rules when it comes to pizza. you can do a lot of different things with the crust, you can use almost any kind of sauce you want, you can top it with any cheese you want, and, of course, the toppings are entirely customizable. However, if there's one singular rule for pizza, it mostly has to do with how to transport it. That is to say, hold the pizza box horizontally. Never, under any circumstances, should you tuck the pizza box under your arm and carry it like a book or a suitcase. If you do, then you clearly are the kind of person who really doesn't care about the enjoyment of others, or maybe you just really don't care at all about pizza.

15 Poultry from outer space

via instagram.com

What supervillain cooked up this culinary monstrosity? Seriously, who thought this would be a good idea? Was this a joke? Because it's not funny! This might just be the most frightening thing we've ever seen. This is like something your prankster uncle brings to Thanksgiving when he says he's making the turkey. There's no way that this could be pleasing to anyone. Even if you loved turkey and also loved octopus, those two things cook very differently, so they would absolutely not be done properly in this context. This is the kind of thing that would only be welcome at a Lovecraft appreciation banquet.

14 Fruity Pebbles aren't the same as breadcrumbs

via instagram.com

Fruity Pebbles are a tasty treat from most people's childhoods. The commercials featuring the characters from the Flintstones will always be remembered, and the fruity cereal is still a great addition to different desserts. However, there are some things that aren't made better by the addition of fruity cereal. In fact, they're made much much worse—case in point: this terrifyingly green piece of fried chicken. Did this person think that the Pebbles would add a fruity flavor to the fried chicken? Because anyone could tell him or her that frying is going to sap the pebbles of all their flavor, and beyond that, they're going to be a really unappetizing color in the end.

13 How to waste perfectly good leftover pizza

via reddit.com

Finally, we've come to this. This is the absolute nadir of culinary crimes—even worse than the octopus-stuffed turkey. Seriously, there are so many great ways to reheat pizza. Why would anyone resort to throwing a slice into some boiling water? Was this cook trying to make pizza stock? Or was he or she just worried that the oven would dry it out? Does this cook not own a microwave? Seriously, this photo raises just so many questions, and we don't feel like there's a satisfying answer for any of them. This is just the kind of thing that you can only experience on the internet, and hopefully, whoever did this has learned some valuable lessons through eating waterlogged pizza.

12 Pho no

via instagram.com

Pho has become something of a trendy food in North America over the last few years, and it's easy to see why. It's a satisfying meal, hitting all the right flavor notes and delivering on carbs and protein. It's even an easy thing for people to make themselves as long as they have some extra cooked meat, egg, green onions, broth, and noodles. However, it doesn't take a pho expert to see that this version of the dish is an absolute mess. Hot dogs? Processed cheese?! What's going on here?! This is truly one of the worst examples of someone tackling a dish that he or she clearly has no experience with.

11 No fish, no problem - Make mozzarella stick sushi

via reddit.com

A lot of people take liberties with what constitutes sushi. Just look at Kim Kardashian's hot dog sushi for proof of that. Very few people will make proper sushi at home. It might be because they're squeamish about raw fish, which can be risky if you don't get it from a trusted fishmonger. It might also be because the process is so easy to mess up, especially if you don't know how to roll properly. Still, there's absolutely, positively no reason to ever replace the fish in sushi with a mozzarella stick! The combination of flavors wouldn't even be that pleasing, and the combination of the two types of cuisine just leaves us wondering why anyone would put the effort into such a culinary mess.

10 Because pineapple wasn't bad enough

via instagram.com

There are plenty of people out there who think that putting pineapple on a pizza is a big enough sin on its own (full disclosure: I'm not one of them. Pineapple forever!). So, how would they react if someone were to add an even more controversial, if not completely nonsensical pizza topping, such as pickles? Whoever made this pizza was really reaching for a weird flavor profile, combining the savory aspects of pizza with the sweetness of pineapple and the sharp brininess of pickles. However, this is a complete and utter disaster, and that's coming from someone who'll put pickles on just about anything!

9 What's worse here: the hummus or the fried green beans...

via reddit.com

There are plenty of great bagel toppings out there. We're talking cream cheese, we're talking lox, we're talking tomatoes. Basically, almost anything can be used to make a bagel better (even in the case of sweeter bagels like blueberry or cinnamon raisin, a bit of peanut butter can really go a long way). That being said, we absolutely cannot condone the use of both hummus (strange choice already) and fried green beans. This is an affront to bagel eaters everywhere and a complete slap in the face of bagel decency. Whoever concocted this culinary calamity should be truly ashamed.

8 What kind of monster does something like this

via instagram.com

No matter what kind of event you go to, if there's food there, then there will also inevitably be guests who don't know how to properly serve themselves. For example, you'll find double dippers, people tasting and putting back food, and, of course, someone who doesn't have any idea how to properly cut a pie, as seen in the image above. Seriously, how hard is it to do this? All you have to do is think of the pie like... well... a pie chart. Cut the pieces into triangles! This was, at best, an innocent mistake, and at worst, it was done by the kind of person who wants a little bit extra on his or her slice.

7 Whoever made this should be put on trial

via instagram.com

Imagine waking up to the person you love telling you that he or she made you breakfast. You get really excited about a great meal to start your day, and then, you sit down to this. What would be your next move? Do you eat it out of politeness? Or do you just slowly stand up and throw the entire thing, soiled plate and all, into the garbage? Seriously, where do we even start with this? Is that a shake of Mrs. Dash on those hard-boiled eggs? Are those shriveled cocktail weenies supposed to stand in for sausages? And finally, what's going on with that toast?! Was this supposed to be some kind of attempt at a cheese and fruit combo? Because we can tell you that jam and a Kraft single doesn't make for an appetizing combination.

6 Did no one smell the smoke

via instagram.com

Have you ever overcooked a turkey? It's not exactly pleasant having to deal with that super dry breast meat, but at least there's always gravy to make things go down a little easier. This turkey, however, won't be going anywhere any time soon. Seriously, look at that disaster! It's burnt to an absolute crisp! What's really surprising is that no one managed to keep an eye on the turkey in the least. They didn't even manage to smell that something was slowly being converted into charcoal. Hopefully, they kept some take out menus on hand, because only the bravest souls would even attempt to eat this. Then again, maybe they tried to pass it off as Cajun blackened turkey.

5 Everything here is wrong

via instagram.com

Oh boy... Let's start off by saying that color is a huge aspect of good food. What's more appetizing: a pale grey chicken breast that's been cooked to proper temperature or one that's beautifully seared on both sides, producing a beautiful brown exterior? This pasta with chicken and hot dogs (we think they're hot dogs) is truly an exercise in making the least appetizing-looking dish possible. They say you eat with your eyes first. Well, this kind of dish would make anyone's eyes completely lose their appetite. Everything on this plate looks like it has the worst flavor and texture possible, so we guess that's sort of an accomplishment in itself.

4 Beans aren't a pasta sauce

via reddit.com

There are very few ingredients that can be used to stand in for pasta sauce and still maintain an air of respectability. Okay, seriously... who among us hasn't resorted to using leftover chili as a pasta sauce (which by the way is totally normal in Cincinnati)? Even salsa would be a borderline decent replacement for pasta sauce, especially if you added some cheese and green onion. However, one food item that really can't be used for pasta is a can of baked beans. Maybe this person would've made the excuse that it's like having a nice plate of pasta fagioli. No one would believe it, though.

3 How could bacon, sausage, and cheese end up looking so bad...

via reddit.com

This is the kind of breakfast disaster that can happen when someone wants an omelet but realizes that there are no more eggs. Maybe this cook just didn't know what to do with the ingredients for filling in the omelet, so he or she went ahead and made something like this mess. Sure, it's made of ingredients that many of us know and love (sausage, bacon, and cheese), but there's just something about the appearance of this coagulated mass that's really offputting. The nicest thing anyone could say about this meal is that at the very least, it's mostly free of carbs.

2 This is not how a frittata works

via reddit.com

What is it with people and not knowing what to do with eggs? We'll give credit where credit is due: this actually looks edible, if not entirely flavorful. It's just ham, eggs, and cheese after all. It's just that the construction of the ingredients is truly baffling. This looks like an omelet that someone forgot to fold. Also, it might've been nice to dice the ham into smaller pieces, but then again, hindsight is 20/20. This isn't necessarily the worst offender on this list, but it does mark someone as being a little bit clueless when it comes to how to properly prepare an egg dish. Seriously, this is like some sort of weird egg pizza but with fewer toppings.

1 This seafood boil is sunk

via instagram.com

If you've ever had the privilege of taking part in a seafood boil, then you know just how awesome they can be. You get some newspaper, spread it out all over the table, and just pile it up with lobster, shrimp, mussels, clams, sausage, corn, and potatoes. Then, everyone just goes hog wild, taking what they want, cracking shells open, and of course, not skimping on the Old Bay seasoning. This, however, is a truly sad approximation of that East Coast tradition. The sad, overcooked shrimp, the utter lack of seasoning, and the sausage that almost just seems to fade into the background all make this a complete disaster.

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