Popcorn Who? Popcorn Chicken And Rice Is The New Movie Snack In The Philippines

Concession stands in a cinema in Manila will now be offering popcorn chicken and rice as a movie snack. With this new product, cinema goers can now eat dinner while watching the latest movies. However, watching a scary film with jump scares wouldn’t be advised, as you can get rice all over the seats if you drop your snack in shock!

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Traditional cinema snacks can become boring after a while, so new food to eat at the movies can be a new adventure for customers. A mini meal like chicken and rice is a good way to entice people to come watch the movies either after school or a work, or late at night when most restaurants are closing. Dinner and a movie have been merged into one!

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Chicken Pile in UP Town Center is offering fried boneless chicken thighs glazed in your flavour of choice: honey soy, garlic parmesan, Korean BBQ, and buffalo. Each piece is coated in buttermilk and a special blend of herbs and spices before frying. The popcorn chicken comes with a side of rice if you wish to eat a heavier snack. The meal comes in a special packaging that fits on top of a fountain drink, so your full meal is in one convenient stack! Each set costs between Php 129-179 (around 2.50 to 3.50 USD) depending on your choices and how many chicken pieces you get.

The Philippines isn’t the only country where movie snacks other than popcorn and candy are served. In India, moviegoers can indulge in a number of samosas while enjoying a Bollywood film. The Greeks can enjoy a skewer or two of lamb or beef souvlaki in the theatre. Perhaps North Americans can learn a thing or two from other countries and make more filling snacks available at the concession stands outside the cinema.

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While trying a new snack is fun and adventurous, there is something charming about eating snacks, especially popcorn, at the cinema. Unless you frequently make freshly popped popcorn at home, the cinema is usually the only place you would buy fresh popcorn—associating that salty, buttery taste with a sitting down and watching a film on a huge screen. However, with the arrival of more food choices at the snack bar, this association could soon change. Perhaps one day, we will associate memories of the new Pixar movie with the taste of fried chicken instead of buttery popcorn.

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