Postmates Launch Cutest Automated Delivery Robot To Bring You Dinner To Your Door

So what’s the latest in food delivery? Well … Postmates, the logistics and local delivery company (just think UPS) announces the first ever food deliver robots, programmed to deliver food right to your door.

Now at first sight, this seems like a massive leap into the future, but as they say, things cannot be judged by a first glance.

The company announced the news just this past week and since then, many have been buzzing about this new robot that’ll be delivering food items to people’s doorsteps. The announcement went on to say that Los Angeles will be the robot’s first route to be covered, and obviously the company will see how things go following the initial run.

The robot even has a name: Serve (how appropriate, eh?). But just how well is this robot expected to perform?

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Well … on paper, the robot will be complete with an application that will allow consumers to communicate directly with the machine, and the little bugger will be able to function well even with a 50 pound load! But seeing this out will be difficult work indeed.

Postmates CEO, Bastian Lehmann sounded quite confident in a statement made this week: “ … We realized we are in a unique position to create an autonomous delivery vehicle with socially aware navigation that understands how to navigate cities while meeting specific customer needs … We took a design-first approach with Serve that walks alongside people and fits into our communities …”

But overall, there are definitely some mixed feelings about a robot that will be entrusted with your food of all things. Especially these days, when there is indeed a lot to be said against artificial intelligence; especially on a trust level.

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But at the end of the day, restaurants definitely need the help, especially in major metropolitan cities and their downtown areas. Wait times for food can sometimes reach unimaginable lengths and a robot like this can definitely turn things around for a lot of restaurants that are lagging in delivery performance.

But as is the case with many of the newest items to hit the market or the service train, time will tell and for those of us who can look past the creepiness of the whole thing, can only judge Serve on its performance when he starts rolling out over the next 12 months or so.

One thing’s for sure, though. If you don’t tip him, maybe he won’t give you that old roll of the eyes that says …”What? No tip, man!” So at least you’re safe from that.

Or are you …?


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