Potato-Potahto: 30 Ways To Eat Our Fav Carb And Not Get Sick And Tired Of It

Potatoes are so versatile—they can be combined with just about anything, so you can eat them 30 days in a row and not get sick and tired of them!

There's nothing unusual in the fact that potatoes are a staple almost everywhere around the world: their pleasant and quite neutral starchy flavor allows combining them with so many different ingredients; they can grow almost everywhere and growing them is easy; they're available year-round, and they're relatively inexpensive. Additionally, they're more energy-packed than any other vegetable: they're rich in vitamin C, vitamin B6, iron and also potassium (if eaten with the skin). Furthermore, they're fat-, sodium-, cholesterol- and gluten-free. Therefore, it's understandable why they make the perfect base for any cuisine and any diet.

I recently read an article where potatoes were called “the Mariah Carey of vegetables.” That's funny and nonsense at first glance but interesting and a totally logical comparison when you read the explanation. First, they both bring in tons of money a year, and second, just as Mariah’s singing voice has a broader range than any other singer in history, potatoes have a wider array of textures than any other vegetable!

In this post, you'll find 30 ways to prepare potatoes, according to famous recipes and ideas from around the globe. Some of them are plain potatoes with just a few seasonings, while others include different additional ingredients. Some are known and common only in particular countries, and some can be found literally anywhere with slight or no differences in preparation. Eventually, you get a nice collection of diverse ideas and sort of a challenge: eat potatoes for 30 days straight without saying, “That’s it; I’m tired of it!”Let's start!

30 Fries

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Aren’t fries the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear potatoes? Of course, they are! That’s why this list has to start with them! Fries can be bought literally everywhere, and making them at your home is so easy. Everybody loves them—who could possibly resist those crispy sticks with soft starchy “filling” inside? They can be a side dish, a nice snack, or a quick lunch—it’s up to you. Topped with Feta or dipped in mayo is my favorite way… Which is yours?

29 Croquettes

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Croquettes are a great choice for parties, and you can try those for your next one! Tender balls of creamy mashed potatoes stuffed with crab filling enriched with bacon, corn, cheese, and Cajun spice, those crispy browned croquettes will be the most delightful food you can serve! If you can’t stand or don’t like seafood for any reason, you can save the idea for making potato croquettes and put whatever filling you like—just remember that potatoes go great with just about anything, so the only limit will be your imagination!

28 Pierogi


Pierogis are one of the most famous Polish national dishes. They're delightful boiled soft dumplings made from wheat flour and stuffed with different rich filling. Speaking of filling, as Polish people say themselves, the options are countless, and your imagination is the only limit! But one thing's for sure: the rich potato and cheese stuffed pierogi is one of the most popular versions of it, especially during Lent days. Served with refreshing sour cream, these pierogis are a real pleasure for your taste buds, and it's absolutely clear why they're one of the best-known Polish dishes worldwide, though several surrounding countries have some similar recipes.

27 Clapshot

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Originating from the Scottish islands of Orkney, the Clapshot is a hearty type of mashed potatoes enriched with turnips, onions, and chives. Traditionally served alongside haggis, stews, and roasted meats, this delicious dish is a perfect wintry choice for any diet and menu. It's a warming and very intriguing dish, as the flavors blend so well, it's hard to identify any one of the components—instead, it seems like some new, mysterious vegetable you could eat every single day! The Scottish say jokingly that the quantity of Clapshot you make is dependent on the size of turnip you buy; nevertheless, there's never too much of it!

26 Mashed Potatoes

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Similar to fries, mashed potatoes are another common way of serving potatoes all around the world. This creamy dish is often part of our lunch and dinner menu, as it’s neutral but yet so delicious, and each family has its own traditional and unique recipe with some secret ingredient or hint. Everyone likes the classic buttery mashed potatoes with milk, but if you want to add some twist to your next dinner, you can try this tasty and unusual tangy potato puree, or share your favorite recipe with us!

25 Gnocchi

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If you're pasta lover, I’m sure gnocchi are one of your favorite pasta types. There’s no need to say how delicious those soft potato dumplings can be, and you can combine them literally with any pasta sauce: Bolognese, pesto, aglio and olio, simple tomato sauce, spinach… the list could go on to infinity. But did you know that after you cook them, you can use gnocchi just as “regular” boiled potatoes? Fry them, roast them with meat, or use them in soup!

24 Soup

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Using potatoes in a soup is nothing new, though they're not really the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of soup ingredients. But it’s true they fit nicely, both in meat and vegetable combinations, and due to their starchy structure, they act as a natural thickener as well. Keep in mind this useful hint: if it happens that you put too much salt in your soup (or any similar liquid dish), just throw in a piece of peeled potato and cook for a couple more minutes—it'll absorb the saltiness, and you can easily take it out before serving. You're welcome…

23 Patatas Bravas


This is another tapas dish that can be a full lunch on its own—and a good one! Made of cubed baked potatoes in spicy tomato sauce and whose name means “strong potatoes,” these bites are a real crowd pleaser. They're inexpensive and generous and therefore a great choice as a snack for your next party. You can customize the intensity and the flavor of the sauce until you find your favorite combination, and you can drizzle them with some additional sauce of your choice: mayo, mustard, chili… people in Spain would probably disagree with the last statement, but enjoying is more important than authenticity, right?

22 Tater Tots

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Well, fries aren't the only addictive version of potatoes—tater tots patiently beat their path to the top! Though you can buy them frozen in any store, these tiny crispy pieces originating from the US can be easily made at home as well. Essentially made of grated potatoes and seasoned with various aromatic herbs, the tater tots are a favorite snack and side of many generations, but most of all kids. I usually love sharing food, but when it comes to tater tots, I’m the most selfish person alive—I could eat a whole bag of it!

21 Colcannon

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One of the most famous Irish dishes that are an inevitable part of each holiday menu comprises potatoes as one of the main ingredients. Enriched with cabbage, kale, leeks, milk, and some aromatic spices, this mashed-potatoes-like dish is certainly the favorite of millions around the world. It's so popular, it even has its own song! If you're after some strong and fragrant potato dishes, you should definitely try some Colcannon. There are a bunch of recipes out there; just find the one that suits you the best.

20 Duchess Potatoes

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This is definitely one of the fanciest ways to serve potatoes! Appealing and highly decorative, these piped potato piles are browned in the oven, and what you get not only looks nice but also tastes incredibly good! It’s not really known why they're called “Dutchess,” but those potatoes definitely look royal! Loaded with butter and cream, this dish coming from France will certainly be on your list of favorites, even though making those beautiful shapes may require some skillfulness. But it’s not easy to be a royal, is it?

19 Make Your Own Chips

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Love the crispy salty potato slices you can buy in any store? Yes, we all do.Trying to avoid them as you know they're beyond unhealthy? Not me! Honestly, I can’t resist them, but if you can and you still don’t want to miss them entirely, you can try making some on your own! Just slice potatoes as thinly as possible, season them with salt, and bake them in the oven. They probably won’t taste as good as the store-bought variety, but they'll be way healthier—that’s for sure!

18 Foil-Wrapped Potatoes


This is definitely one of the easiest and the cheapest ways to prepare potatoes, which absolutely doesn’t mean the meal is less tasty. On the contrary, those could be the best potatoes you'll ever try, and you'll need nothing else but potatoes, salt, and foil! And perhaps the biggest advantage of this recipe is that you can make it everywhere: in your oven, on the campfire, in the wood stove… and you won’t need any pot at all. Just wrap the potatoes, put them on fire, bake, unwrap, sprinkle with salt, and enjoy! But be careful not to burn your tongue!

17 Fries In Sauce


We've seen the regular fries and the ones in an omelet, but here’s a third option: fries in creamy sauce! Regularly fried, then combined with smoked meat and soaked in curried creamy sauce, these twisted fries can become your favorite variation of the crispy potato sticks! This creamy and smooth dish abundant in flavors and aromas looks pretty much like it was made in some fine restaurant, and it actually asks for no cooking skills at all! I know it’s perfect for me!

16 Potato Moussaka

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This potato-based dish popular in the whole Southeast of the Old Continent is made with rich ground meat and vegetables filling sandwiched between two neatly arranged layers of potato slices, baked in the oven, and additionally topped with eggs and cream dressing. The final result is a hearty, succulent, creamy, aromatic, and delightful meal for the whole family and that's especially suitable for big gatherings. It just smells like home cooking, and who would resist a nice warm homemade dinner?

15 Rosti

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I've never been good in German and don’t know how to pronounce “Rösti,” but the one thing I’m absolutely sure about is that it tastes heavenly good! Even though it’s made only from potatoes and butter, this Swiss pancake-like dish is simply irresistible! Popular as a breakfast food throughout Switzerland, the rosti is a versatile dish that can be served with sausages, cheese or vegetables, and its flavor is described as something in between hash browns and potato pancake. If you haven’t tried it yet and you're not likely to visit Switzerland soon, you can check out the recipe and enjoy!

14 Chipsi Mayai

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Basically, this is a twisted or enriched form of the everybody’s favorite fries. Known as "Chipsi Mayai," which stands for “fries and eggs” in Swahili, it's a national dish of Tanzania and a staple in this country. As the name suggests, potatoes and eggs are the essential ingredients, and making it isn’t complicated at all. It still keeps the much-loved crispiness of the fries and puts it to a higher level by wrapping them into creamy eggs. If you haven’t tried it already, don’t wait any longer—make some now!

13 Bryndzove Halusky

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Turning potatoes into potato dumplings is a great idea. And making Bryndzove Halusky is a marvelous idea! This delectable national dish of Slovakia includes soft, creamy potato dumplings (namely, halusky, similar to the more famous Italian gnocchi) served with sauce made of top-quality, creamy sheep cheese Bryndza and topped with crispy bacon cubes. How good is that? Well, on a scale from 1 to 10, it’s a 100 if you ask me! Of course, the best way to try it would be at some authentic Slovakian restaurant or home, and believe me, it'll be a once-in-a-lifetime experience!

12 Gamja Jeon

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Moving far East, you can try some Gamja Jeon also known as Korean potato pancakes. Besides potatoes, those cute, little fried pancakes are made with onions and some hot chili peppers and served with traditional Korean sweet and tangy dipping sauce. They're so simple to make, and they give such an explosion of flavors in your mouth! Crispy from the outside, with a soft and fluffy inside, these delicious pancakes are sometimes called "Korean rosti" because of their similar look, but I have no doubt it’s a completely different experience!

11 Saag Aloo

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If you want to feel the flavor of India, try some of this scrumptious and popular stew-like dish coming from the northern parts of the country. Made with potatoes and spinach, seasoned with many people’s favorite curry and a bunch of other delightful aromatic spices, and infused with layers of texture and flavor, this dish is absolutely healthy, vegan-friendly and an excellent choice if you have some leftover boiled potatoes you need to use asap! You can serve it as a light main meal with basmati rice or as a side with some meat.

10 Shangi

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When it comes to potatoes, it would be impossible to skip Russian cuisine, as this vegetable is considered as a “second bread” in this huge country. There are many Russian dishes that have potatoes as a main ingredient, but I would warmly recommend you to try some Shangi–a less-known dish from the Ural region. It’s a centuries-old recipe that's nowadays occasionally called "mini pizzas," referring to their look: small open pastries with a rich topping made of potatoes, eggs, and butter. If you're up for some ancient recipes, you should definitely try Shangi!

9 Fatty Tater

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This is a real wintry dish with an interesting name that looks pretty much like some rustic mashed potatoes, but the similarity stops right there—the Fatty Tater calls for different ingredients aside from potatoes, and its preparation is quite different as well. Popular in most of the Balkans region, this dish loaded with onions will certainly please you if you like creamy and strong meals made with simple ingredients. You can serve it with some sour cream or Greek yogurt to give it an extra dash of freshness.

8 Potato Salad

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A list of potato-based dishes would be nothing without some potato salad! And you have thousands of recipes and combinations out there that are waiting for you to try them! I’m sure there isn’t a single family in the world that doesn’t have its own favorite potato salad recipe, no matter if it's some of the simplest ones made with just a couple of ingredients or some more “luxurious,” creamy edition that includes different meat, vegetables (or fruits), and dressings. Would you share some of your prized potato salad recipes?

7 Janson’s Temptation


Originally called “Janssons frestelse,” this traditional Swedish dish has been named after Pelle Janson, a Swedish opera singer of the early 1900s who was a well-known gourmand. This classic of the Swedish cuisine is made with alternated layers of thin potato slices, onions, and spice-cured anchovies, coated with rich whipping cream and a generous sprinkle of breadcrumbs, all of which make it a delightful, hearty dish. Even though it's most commonly served around Christmas, you don’t have to wait for Christmas to try it—tempt yourself right now!

6 Shepherd’s Pie


If there’s a list of perfect food item combinations, potatoes and meat should definitely be on the top! Therefore, it's nothing strange there are so many different dishes that combine together those two ingredients, with Shepherd’s Pie being one of the most widely known. The generous gravy layer with ground beef or lamb and vegetables covered with rich ultra-creamy potato crust make this British dish one of the most popular comfort-food recipes around the world and for good reason—who could resist a delight like this?

5 Potato Espetinho


Barbecue isn't for meat only, so the next time you decide to use your barbecue, you may want to try these Brazilian potato skewers made with baby potatoes, corn on the cob, onions, and pineapple. Exotic and succulent, with the inevitable and irresistible smoky aroma, these skewers will please everyone, even those who cannot imagine a meal without meat—they can eat the espetinhos as a side, so make sure you make lots of them! In short, this is an interesting fruit and vegetable combo that's definitely worth trying!

4 Potato Chickpeas Stew


Turkish cuisine is famous for its huge variety of groceries used, and chickpeas are often on the ingredients list. This thick, juicy stew with chickpeas and potatoes, seasoned with one of the most cherished spice mixes of this region, Baharat is a great choice if you want to try something different and curious. You can serve it as a main dish with boiled rice or as a side for meat. You can use canned chickpeas in any case, but preparing it with dried ones will result in a much tastier meal.

3 Tikel Gomen

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This vegetables-only dish is very common in Ethiopia, especially during fasting days. Most often served on top of injera (a traditional flatbread similar to crepes and made of teff flour) or sometimes with boiled rice, this dish combines potatoes, cabbage, and carrots in almost equal parts. Because it's carefully seasoned with curry, caraway, and ginger, you know you get a delicious aromatic meal you can enjoy with all your senses! Besides, it’s a one-pot dish, so there are no loads of dishes to wash afterward. Isn’t it wonderful?

2 Sun-Dried Peppers Dip


This delectable and aromatic dip uses potatoes and one rather unusual but delicious ingredient: sun-dried peppers (which are the base for making crushed red pepper flakes), that give it a pleasant smoky flavor. It's also enriched with a generous amount of garlic, which means it’s not a good choice for a date-night dinner, but it can equate to great enjoyment any other day! Usually served with double-roasted or fresh-baked bread and slices of traditional white brined cheese, this creamy red-colored vegan dip coming from the Macedonian cuisine will make you overeat!

1 Tortilla Espanola


"Tortilla de patata," "Tortilla Espanola," or most often "potato omelet"—those are all names for the same dish that's very common in Spain. It's served as an appetizer in any bar or café throughout the country or as a late-night dinner in homes. Made with potatoes, onions, and of course, eggs, this omelet is always fried thick, almost like a cake, and its soft custardy texture makes it irresistible and a favorite all around the world. Some people even put a piece of it between two slices of baguette to make a delicious takeaway sandwich.

Enjoy the potato challenge!

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