25 Pregnancy Food Cravings That May Have Moms Scratching Their Heads (And Rubbing Their Bellies)

There are a lot of interesting things that come with being pregnant. For instance, when a woman becomes pregnant, her body is already changing before she even receives a positive result on a pregnancy test.

First of all, her monthly visitor stops arriving. Then, she might experience even weirder things, such as being nauseated at all times of the day or night, and certain parts of her body being sore when they normally feel fine. What’s even more strange is that all of this can occur before she even thinks she might be pregnant, and she might even think these pregnancy symptoms are caused by other things, such as Aunt Flo arriving after being late for a bit.

However, the weird things do not stop there. Pregnant women experience new sensations all the time. For example, some ladies claim that their baby bump seemed as though it arrived over night, and sometimes an expecting mothers’ hands and feet might swell a little bit.

Furthermore, pregnant women will feel their little ones moving as they get closer to reaching the finish line. This is very fun time for expecting moms, but that does not mean it doesn’t feel a bit odd sometimes. However, a woman’s appearance is not the only thing that changes a lot when she is expecting a new baby. One thing pregnant women are known for is having some interesting (and sometimes gross) food cravings. Here are some of the strangest cravings that expecting mothers have talked about having during their pregnancy.

25 Meat (Even For Vegetarians)

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Meat is something that is in nearly everyone’s diet. However, there are some people who choose not to eat as much meat as others, and then there are also men and women who have been known to cut meat entirely out of their diet altogether.

Craving meat while pregnant is not very strange for many of us. However, it may seem odd for a person to suddenly crave a lot of it if they previously did not eat much meat in general. This would seem especially weird if the person in question did not even know they were pregnant yet.

24 Peanut Butter, Honey, And Celery Sandwich

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Pregnant women are often known to eat things that they would not have normally eaten if they were not pregnant. In fact, sometimes having a strange craving or two can be a sign of pregnancy.

Furthermore, there are a lot of pregnant ladies who combine some good foods to make something that is unique, and sometimes a bit weird. One of the things some pregnant women have eaten is a sandwich with honey, peanut butter, and celery on it. However, some people like to eat peanut butter and celery even when they are not expecting a child.

23 Extra Pudding

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Many of us have a desire to eat something sweet every now and then, especially right after we have had a big meal. So, craving a sweet treat sometimes is not very strange. However, there are some cases in which pregnant women have craved sweets pretty often. In fact, one sweet thing it seems that a lot of expecting moms crave is pudding.

Fortunately for them, there are a lot of fantastic recipes for various flavors of pudding. One kind that expecting moms seem to like a lot is rice pudding.

22 Pizza All The Time

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Many people enjoy a lot of foods that we know are unhealthy for us. One of them is pizza. Everyone seems to enjoy a cheesy, greasy, hot slice of pizza every once in a while, but some pregnant women seem to want to eat it a lot more than other people do.

Getting a craving for this is not necessarily weird, but it can be unhealthy when that is the only thing you want to eat. However, there are some healthy options out there for expecting moms who want to indulge in pizza fairly often.

21 Barbecue Sauce Sandwich

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There are a lot of different kinds of sauce that are incredibly delicious, and they taste good on pretty much everything. But on the other hand, there are also sauces that are only really good on certain kinds of food, and that is the case for barbecue sauce. For example, many people like to eat barbecue sauce on certain kinds of meat.

However, some pregnant women enjoy it on other kinds of food as well. Personally, when I was pregnant, I found myself enjoying some pretty strange foods, one of which was a barbecue sauce sandwich.

20 Lemon Water

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Some women have some very strange cravings while pregnant, while others just crave normal things a lot more than they did before they got pregnant. For example, a lot of people like to drink water. Furthermore, some tend to enjoy their water with a lemon in it.

However, some pregnant women crave this a lot, and they do so for various reasons. Many expecting moms just like the taste, while others want to drink lemon water for reasons that are more centered around their overall health.

19 Cheetos And Soup

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There are a lot of different snacks out there. Some of them are delicious on their own, while others are better when they are paired up with something.

However, some snacks are wonderful either way. There are some a lot of potato chips are very tasty on their own, and yet they are even more amazing when they are dipped in something tasty. One popular snack is Cheetos. There are the flaming hot Cheetos that have a bit of a spicy taste, and then there are the regular, mild ones. There have been some pregnant women who have enjoyed eating hot Cheetos in soup.

18 Cheese

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Cheese is a truly delicious food, and many people crave it whether they are pregnant or not. However, there are a lot of expecting moms that get really strong cravings for certain kinds of cheese. Sometimes this causes them to want to eat cheese all the time.

However, pregnant ladies must be careful when it comes to their cheesy cravings. Some types of cheese are fine for pregnant women, but at the same time, there are types of cheese that are not good for them. Hard cheeses, such as cheddar, parmesan, and stilton, are fine. But soft cheeses, on the other hand, are not recommended.

17 Pickles And Ice Cream Or Marshmallow Fluff


Some people have craved some pretty weird, and sometimes gross, things. In fact, sometimes people crave things that are not even food, which is usually a bit alarming, as it can mean that something is not right with their physical health. Some of these things include rubber, dirt, and sand.

As gross as those things may sound, expecting moms crave some foods that might be just as terrible. For example, some of them have been known to enjoy marshmallow fluff or ice cream with pickles. Marshmallow fluff is fine on its own, and so are pickles, but they should never be combined together. Same goes for ice cream, though the industrious people at Jacob's Pickles in New York created a pickle flavored ice cream just to satisfy their pregnant customers.

16 Chocolate

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Everyone loves to eat something sweet sometimes, and one sweet treat that many people of all ages seem to love is chocolate. Furthermore, chocolate seems to be one of the things pregnant women crave the most. Additionally, a lot of people believe that if pregnant women crave chocolate, they will have a baby girl.

The good news for those pregnant mamas that are crave chocolate is that it is good for you. The bad news is that it can also be bad for you as well. However, it is really only bad for those who eat more than a couple of pieces of it, or women who have gestational diabetes. Nonetheless, talking to your doctor before eating it is always a good idea.

15 Vegetables

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Usually when someone is craving things that are good for them, such as vegetables, that does not appear to be very strange. However, there are some pregnant women who only want to eat vegetables when they are expecting, which is what makes this kind of odd.

Additionally, many of them want to eat only vegetables while they’re pregnant. In that case, adding some meat might be a good idea, just to make sure the mom and unborn baby are getting everything they need. However, there is nothing to be concerned about when it comes to having the urge to eat a few more vegetables. Furthermore, women like this may want to try to eat more vegetables at all times, not only during pregnancy, so that they can create a balanced and healthy diet.

14 Ice

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Many cravings are caused by different things, especially for those who are expecting a baby. For example, sometimes we just crave certain things because of the hormones that are going through our bodies during pregnancy, while other cravings might mean something a bit more serious.

Craving ice may not always be indicative of a health issue, however it can be. One thing that can make a pregnant woman crave ice is an iron deficiency. Symptoms of an iron deficiency include fatigue, weakness, shortness of breath, and feeling cold.

13 Pickles

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Pregnant women crave a lot of tasty foods. However, they also tend to crave stuff that non-pregnant people would never even consider eating. But then again, pregnant women also enjoy some things that fall somewhere in between those two categories, and this is where pickles come in.

Some people love pickles, and others hate them. However, they immediately pop into our minds when we think about pregnancy cravings. Sometimes expecting moms want to eat pickles with other things, and other times they are just interested in having pickles by themselves.

12 Meatballs And Milk

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Food is a pretty great thing. After all, it does much more than just tend to our health needs. It also tastes good, and sometimes certain things are just simply fun to make.

One of the tastiest meals to eat is meatballs, so of course there are a lot of pregnant women who crave this before their baby is born. But what makes it a bit weird is when some of these women want to pair their tasty dish up with milk. However, craving these things separately is not that weird, as many expecting moms like to have milk or meatballs once in a while.

11 Peaches

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Being pregnant, especially for the first time, is a very interesting experience for every mother. For example, women who are expecting a new child will find that they have to be a bit more strict when it comes to what they choose to eat before the baby arrives.

The list of things pregnant women should not eat before their baby is born is very long. Sometimes women worry about whether or not something they are eating is good for the unborn baby. One of the things some women have craved while pregnant was peaches. Even those who did not like them before pregnancy suddenly loved them when they got pregnant. For those who do not know, peaches are actually very good for pregnant women.

10 Chocolate On A Buttered Roll

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Many people have a lot of different cravings for various things throughout parts of their lives. However, pregnant women seem to experience a lot of different cravings at different points of their pregnancies.

Some of the cravings expecting mothers get can be a little odd to say the least. Some of them have craved weird combinations of things, such as chocolate spread on a buttered roll. Perhaps the sweetness of the chocolate and the rich butter flavor go well together, and the bread makes it more filling.

9 Mustard Sandwich

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There are apparently a lot of men and women out there who enjoy having sandwiches with condiments such as ketchup and mustard on them. Not everyone likes the taste of ketchup or mustard, but there are quite a few people who enjoy them both a lot.

Furthermore, there are many different sandwich recipes that have mustard in them, along with other things that make it taste great. However, some pregnant women love mustard so much that they are willing to eat just mustard alone with a couple of slices of bread.

8 Eggs

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Sometimes, expecting moms want weird combinations of different foods. However, there are also moments when pregnant women want to eat just one particular thing, and sometimes this item is an egg. In fact, there are many women who claim to have craved multiple eggs a day during their pregnancies.

There are some rules when it comes to pregnant ladies and their cravings for eggs. For example, before you eat them, it is important to make sure that the yolk is not runny. The yolk that is inside of the egg must be hard.

7 Anything Sour

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Many people believe that if we crave something, that is a sign that we are deficient in that particular food group. However, sometimes we also crave certain things just because they taste good, or because we like the texture of that item. Furthermore, some people have claimed that we crave certain things because of our brain chemistry.

There are a lot of pregnant women out there who crave foods and drinks that taste sour. Sometimes women crave sour foods during pregnancy simply for the taste, while others crave those foods because they need additional nutrients. Furthermore, some people believe that if a woman craves sour things while she is pregnant, she is having a baby boy.

6 Rice

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Some delicious dishes are pretty hard to make. But on the other hand, there are a lot of tasty things that are pretty easy to make, and one of them is rice. It is quick to cook, it is very filling, and it can satisfy our craving for carbohydrates.

So, rice is not only tasty, but it is also convenient. It is also good for those who are planning meals on a budget, because it is pretty cheap. Furthermore, rice is something that can be added as a side to a lot of different dishes. But, some pregnant women have craved rice alone. Craving rice is a good thing because it can often have the same effect sweets have on our serotonin levels.

5 Anything Spicy

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There are a lot of men and women out there who like to eat something that has a bit of spice to it every now and then. However, there are also a lot of people who try to avoid spicy foods at all times.

However, there are also some people who like to eat something spicy pretty often. Furthermore, some of those people are pregnant women, and some say that craving a spicy meal when you are expecting can be a sign that a little boy is on his way.

4 Bananas

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There are a lot of women who have claimed that they had cravings for bananas when they were pregnant. Having a few of these is not a bad thing. Not only do bananas taste great, but they also have major health benefits as well, and they can be beneficial to those who are not pregnant as well.

Expecting moms who are craving bananas in the early weeks of their pregnancies should definitely indulge in their craving a little. That is because bananas can help make morning sickness less severe, and they are a great source of vitamin B6, as well as potassium.

3 Mint Sauce Sandwich

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Mint is truly incredible. One of the reasons it is so awesome is because of the unique taste and smell it has, and another reason is that there are some health benefits to consuming mint. For example, some people have claimed that mint helps improve digestion, as well as brain function.

There are a lot of things that can be made with mint, and sauce is just one of them. Mint sauce can be used in a lot of things, but some pregnant ladies enjoy having it on a sandwich.

2 Gravy By Itself

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There are a lot of foods that taste perfect when they are added to another type of food. One great example of this is gravy.

Many people have added gravy to mashed potatoes, and others have added it to other things, such as French fries. Furthermore, some men and women enjoy eating it on different meats, such as chicken or fish. However, there are actually a lot of pregnant woman who have craved gravy alone. Also, some people like to dip their potato chips in gravy as well.

1 Seaweed


This might seem really strange, but there are actually a lot of women who have claimed to crave seaweed during their pregnancies. This is typically an indication of low levels of iodine, as seaweed has a lot of iodine in it.

There are a few different kinds of seaweed that is edible. There is green, red, and brown seaweed, and they are all okay for people to eat. However, pregnant women might want to eat the brown seaweed in moderation, as it has very high levels of iodine in it.

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