Purple Carrot Is Now Offering Vegan Breakfast Meal Kits For Subscribers

Purple Carrot has added breakfast and lunch meal kits as options you can add to your meal plan. The service originally started as a vegan meal prep box for dinners, but with the product’s success, the company decided to expand the available services. Now a subscriber can also receive vegan ingredients and recipes for the most important meal of the day.

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Services like Purple Carrot aim to help customers switch to a healthier diet. Usually, the commitment to a better diet seems daunting, and people feel lost or overwhelmed with information. Googling recipes on the Internet and finding different articles on the new “super food” can only get one so far. With a service that delivers everything you need to learn how to eat healthier, the doubts and confusion surrounding a healthy diet can go away.

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A meal plan will cost around $72 a week, with each meal being roughly $12. Breakfast and lunch options are extras that can be added to each plan. All meals are plant-based, use fresh ingredients, and packed with nutrition. The new breakfast extras seem too good to be true, especially since they’re both easy to prepare and incredibly healthy. Subscribers can look forward to items such as overnight mango chia parfait, seeded avocado toast with radishes and cucumbers, or apple cinnamon overnight oats. Just thinking about them makes you want to stop eating Poptarts for breakfast every day.

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Along with encouraging healthier eating habits, Purple Carrot aims to normalize environmentally-conscious behaviour as well. They state that switching to a plant-based diet is the fastest way to reduce one’s carbon footprint. For example, it takes 1850 gallons of water to produce 1 pound of beef, but it takes only 39 gallons for 1 pound of vegetables. With a more plant-based diet, not only can you start to be healthier, but also help the planet get healthier.

Starting is the hardest part of switching to a new diet. Meal prep services like Purple Carrot help us get started and discover new healthy foods and recipes that we never thought we’d enjoy. Now with their new breakfast options, one can start feeling healthier from the moment they wake up.

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