McDonald's Breakfast Menu Items, Officially Ranked From 22nd To 1st

If McDonald's is known for one thing, besides their crave-worthy and addictive fries, it's definitely their breakfast. Fans love their all-day breakfast and people living in Canada were thrilled to learn that it would finally be offered in 2017. It's easy to understand why people would want to eat breakfast at any time and for any meal. These are often the greatest kinds of food since they are salty, savory, and sometimes sweet.

While many of us have been eating at McDonald's since we were kids and are therefore super familiar with the menu, we might not even know all of the breakfast offerings since we have one or two things that we always decide between. When we're standing in line and need to make a decision, we have one question on our minds: what are the best and worst things to order off the breakfast menu at McDonald's? It's a serious question that needs a serious answer.

It's time to learn about what we can order when we need that important morning meal (and we need it now). Here is the official ranking of the McDonald's breakfast menu from 22nd to 1st. Our old favorites are here along with some new items. Are we hungry yet?

22 Fruit And Maple Oatmeal

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Would you order oatmeal at McDonald's? This seems like a strange thing to order from any fast food restaurant, so we're going to say that the Fruit and Maple Oatmeal takes the number 22 spot on this list of McDonald's breakfast foods.

If you want oatmeal, it's super easy (and probably healthier) to make it yourself. All you have to do is buy some oats and you can make them in the microwave with water or any kind of milk (and add some peanut butter on top -- now that's a breakfast). There are so many breakfast items to order at McDonald's that you can definitely skip the oatmeal.

21 Fruit And Yogurt Parfait

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The Fruit and Yogurt Parfait at McDonald's has low-fat yogurt, plus blueberries and strawberries. This also seems like a weird thing to order at this fast food place (or any fast food place, for that matter).

Sure, we totally get that someone might want a healthier option and that's especially true if they're traveling or on the go and there isn't much around. But this doesn't seem like the tastiest breakfast option to order. Everyone loves the combination of yogurt and berries, but low-fat yogurt isn't as delicious and awesome as full-fat yogurt, so that's kind of a bummer. This is definitely number 21.

20 Egg White Delight McMuffin

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When you're ordering eggs at a diner or restaurant, do you ask for egg whites? Hopefully not because that's kind of gross. There's no reason to order egg whites because we know by now that there's nothing to be scared of when it comes to the full egg. The yolk is healthy and full of good fat, and egg whites make for a very sad breakfast.

The Egg White Delight McMuffin has white cheddar, peameal bacon, and grilled egg whites. While we wouldn't say no to a breakfast item that includes any kind of bacon, we're not rushing to order this item. The other kinds of McMuffins are much better.

19 Sausage Burrito

via McDonald's

Like tacos, burritos are a way of life for many people. They enjoy ordering them at fast food places and authentic joints alike, and they dream of them when they're tired on a Sunday afternoon from going out the night before.

The Sausage Burrito from McDonald's has onions, green chilies, sausage, cheese, a tortilla, and scrambled egg. Burittos can be hit or miss because sometimes they can be soggy, and this might not be the number one place to get this kind of food. We can admit that it would satisfy a craving, but we're not going to go out of our way to order this, and we would pursue the other menu items before ordering this one.

18 Steak, Egg And Cheese Biscuit

via Yelp

Did we know that McDonald's has some breakfast items that include steak? Well, we do now, but this doesn't seem to be something that is talked about as often as the McMuffin or the McGriddles.

This item is number 18 because we're not exactly rushing to a fast food place to get steak and would much rather order steak frites from a fancier restaurant or even our local pub. We think that's a pretty solid argument, right? The egg and cheese on this biscuit make it slightly more interesting than just a steak biscuit, but we're not sold on this being one of the best breakfasts to order here.

17 Big Breakfast

via Evening Standard

The Big Breakfast at McDonald's has a few different things going on: hash browns, sausage, a warm biscuit, and scrambled eggs.

To be totally honest, it doesn't look all that exciting. When you hear the phrase "big breakfast" you expect a massive pile of food. You picture bacon and tons of eggs and that's just the beginning. The fact that this meal comes with sausage and not bacon is pretty upsetting. This seems like an underwhelming breakfast, but if you like the various components, from the hash browns to the biscuit, you might want to order it from time to time.

16 Sausage Biscuit

via damnvegans.com

The Sausage Biscuit isn't the most thrilling breakfast item, either. Sure, it's probably fine in a pinch, especially if you like biscuits and you like sausage.

It doesn't have egg or cheese to help it out, though, so that's kind of disappointing. We're not sure why there's a breakfast item that is basically just a sausage patty on a biscuit. We would definitely prefer it to have some other ingredients. If you're on a road trip or having a busy day running around town and need some protein, then sure, this would work, but otherwise, try some of the other menu items.

15 Hotcakes

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The Hotcakes at McDonald's are basically pancakes, and they come with some butter on the side. Pancake fans and experts know that pancakes can only come with maple syrup and butter. Nothing else is going to cut it.

Sure, sometimes you can get fancy and make pumpkin or chocolate pancakes (or chocolate chip, which is the greatest thing ever) but the toppings can't change. So the butter here is good. If you like pancakes and can't imagine not ordering them on any menu that you see them on, then these are going to be your jam (or your butter). But they're probably not as delicious as pancakes from a brunch place. They're not as exciting as some of the other items, and these don't come with any sides.

14 Hotcakes And Sausage

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This is slightly better than just the Hotcakes since it comes with a sausage patty. That's why this menu item is number 14.

But do you really want to order pancakes with a sausage patty from a fast food place? Maybe, but maybe not. These are definitely the kind of thing that you can get at a breakfast or brunch restaurant or you can make them yourself. When you're eating breakfast at McDonald's, you want to eat the popular and beloved menu items, like the McMuffin. The hotcakes aren't bad or anything but they're not as crave-worthy as that iconic breakfast sandwich.

13 Big Breakfast With Hotcakes

via Yelp

If you're going to order the Big Breakfast, then go ahead and get the one that comes with hotcakes. While we're still not sure that this menu item is all that exciting and amazing, we can admit that hotcakes will make it much better.

This is for the breakfast fan who dreams about eating this kind of food at any time of day. The person who would rather eat eggs and bacon (or in this case, eggs and sausage) instead of any other protein. The person who can't imagine just ordering one thing for breakfast or any other meal. If you love this morning meal but are also indecisive, then this is for you.

12 Sausage McGriddles

via Eat This Much

The Sausage McGriddles are better than the Sausage Biscuit and that's why this breakfast item has made it to the number 12 spot.

The website talks about how this is a "how sweet met savory" situation and that's why we love it. You basically get to enjoy pancakes with a sausage in the middle. Yes, this is a sandwich that has two pancakes instead of two pieces of bread. It doesn't get much better than that. Okay, maybe it would be better if it was bacon. But this is a solid thing to order and will start your day off on the right foot.

11 Sausage Biscuit With Egg

via voguesugar.com

Yup, as we could probably guess, it's the addition of the egg that makes this breakfast worth ordering. After all, it's breakfast. And for many people, breakfast means eggs.

Why does an egg make everything so much better? You could literally make anything and put a fried or scrambled egg on top and it would be much more delicious. This goes for rice, any kind of grain, toast, and the list goes on and on. This Sausage Biscuit With Egg might not be in the top five of McDonald's morning meal items, but it's pretty good, and it's a decent choice.

10 Bacon, Egg And Cheese Biscuit

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Let's say that you're in line at McDonald's. It's the morning and your stomach is rumbling loudly and you have to make a super fast decision. After all, being hangry is no fun, and if you're with a friend or coworker, then you know that they're not going to appreciate being around you unless you order ASAP.

Even if you don't love the biscuits at this fast food place, you have to admit that putting bacon, egg, and cheese in between two biscuits will change your mind. This is a good thing to order because that trifecta of ingredients is where breakfast dreams are made.

9 Bacon, Egg And Cheese Bagel

via The Cheat Sheet

Oh yes, we're going to boldly proclaim that as far as morning carbs go, the bagel is better than the biscuit.

A bagel is a perfect breakfast carbohydrate. While a plain bagel that hasn't been toasted is basically the worst thing ever (and would give any breakfast lover nightmares), a bagel breakfast sandwich is dreamy. It's not the kind of thing that you tend to make for yourself, so it's a real treat to eat it somewhere other than your own kitchen. This Bacon, Egg And Cheese Bagel from McDonald's has got all good things on it. It's truly good.

8 Sausage McMuffin

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Oh, the McMuffin. This is the classic breakfast item from McDonald's that everyone knows about. Everyone grows up eating these at least sometimes, depending on how often your mom took you to McDonald's (hopefully pretty regularly because of the toys).

When you want breakfast from McDonald's, you want to order a McMuffin. The Sausage McMuffin isn't as good as the more classic version (that one is definitely in the top five) so this one sits at number eight on this list. But it's a good throwback when you want a nostalgic breakfast, and it's much less complicated than some of the other things that you could order.

7 Sausage Egg And Cheese McGriddles

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We've established that the McGriddles are a beautiful thing. So it only stands to reason that if you love the McGriddles and think that the one with sausage is good, then the Sausage Egg and Cheese McGriddles would be amazing.

This is number seven on the list because there's really nothing to complain about here. You have all your major food groups (carbs, protein, fat) and you have savory, salty flavor that will perk up your morning and make you very happy. Oh yeah, and you also have some sweetness from the McGriddles. If you like your breakfasts on the sweet but also savory side then this is perfection.

6 Bacon Egg And Cheese McGriddles

via Yelp

You knew this was coming: the Bacon, Egg And Cheese McGriddles are number six and beat the sausage version by one point because, as we all know, bacon is better than sausage.

It just is. There is really no room for argument or interpretation here. When you're asked at a breakfast or brunch place if you want bacon or sausage (or turkey bacon or ham.... which are both a "no way"), the only correct answer is bacon. Therefore, the Bacon Egg And Cheese McGriddles are amazing and definitely worth ordering everytime you're looking at the McDonald's breakfast menu. We're craving some right now.

5 Triple Breakfast Stack McMuffins

via WNDU

We've made it to the top five, so of course an epic McMuffin breakfast item made it onto this section of the list. The Triple Breakfast Stack McMuffins deserve the number five spot because this is a magical thing.

The McDonald's website describes this as "A toasty, towering breakfast sandwich." What an exciting thought. This menu item has a toasted English muffin, an egg, two cheese slices, two sausage patties, and bacon. Yes, there is bacon here, so yes, we're going to order this whenever we get the chance. This is a lot of food and that's just perfect for us.

4 Coffee

via McDonald's

Ask any serious coffee lover and they will tell you that McDonald's coffee is seriously amazing.

It's generally considered to be a great place to grab a cup of java, and that's why it takes the number four spot. This is honestly great news for us coffee fans since we're often near a McDonald's (or even two or three) and so we won't have to travel far to get our caffeine fix. Even coffee snobs have to admit that this is an amazing cup of coffee, so go ahead and give it a try if you haven't yet. You'll be impressed and will want to get it all the time (along with some breakfast too, of course).

3 Egg McMuffin

via Business Insider

What takes the number three spot? Why, the classic breakfast sandwich, of course: the Egg McMuffin. Everyone loves this.

Naysayers will argue that this breakfast item is too plain but that's exactly why breakfast purists love it so much. It's just perfect because it's not too complicated and something that's what you want. When nostalgia is calling and you want a breakfast that reminds you of being a kid (and who wouldn't want that?!), go ahead and have an Egg McMuffin. It's never going to disappoint and it's always going to be exactly what you want when you have this specific craving.

2 Hash Browns

via Lifehacker Australia

The Hash Browns take the number two spot on this list of McDonald's breakfast items because hash browns can never be bad. Even when they're greasy, they're still delicious.

Seriously, they can't. Why not? Because they're salty, crispy, crunchy and savory carbs that are acceptable to eat in the morning. Sure, of course you could order some fries in the a.m. and it's not like anyone would stop you, but you might get some funny looks. That's not quite as socially acceptable. Hash browns, on the other hand, are widely considered to be a breakfast food, so you're all good there. These are great and worth ordering every time.

1 Triple Breakfast Stack McGriddles

via Eater

If the Triple Breakfast Stack McMuffins are good, then the Triple Breakfast Stack McGriddles are even better. This breakfast beauty takes the top spot on this list and it deserves every smile and compliment it gets.

This has the same stuff as the McMuffins but the ingredients get cozy between McGriddles. It's great for savory breakfast people and also sweet breakfast people... and for those who want both. And honestly, you should want both because otherwise, you're missing out on a whole world of flavors, and that's just sad. Order this menu item and you won't be sad, though. You'll be really happy.

Who's hungry for breakfast?

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