Ranking 25 Egg Dishes By Whether Or Not They Could Get More Likes Than Kylie Jenner

It took just under a year, but someone – or something – finally cracked Kylie Jenner’s record of more than 18 million “likes.”

What was the stunning pic that bested the birth announcement of Kylie’s daughter, a cute snap of the newborn with her fingers curled around Kylie’s? Surely it was something so crazy unique that it astonished people to the point where they just had to “like” something so utterly different so many times.

Nope. It was an egg.

You read that right. A plain, ordinary, brown egg on a plain, ordinary, white background is the picture that broke Kyle’s record. That, and a challenge by the anonymous poster of the picture, asking people to “like” the pic and help it beat Kylie’s record.

The egg didn’t just beat the record. It cracked it into a thousand pieces, besting Kylie by almost 30 million “likes.” No yolk, you read that right. As of the publishing of this post, the egg has over 47.5 million likes. For an egg.

Before you get too egg-cited and start scrambling around your house looking for the next household item that you think can beat the new record, let’s sit with the egg for a little bit longer. Let’s ponder what the humble egg can do for us when we put it to work. Instead of looking beyond the egg, we’re celebrating it – and presenting 25 pictures of the egg at work that we think have the chops to beat the new record.

25 Steak and Egg

via cookscountry.com

We start off our list of potential record breakers with the humble steak and egg. You can find it on a lot of restaurants menus, from the smallest of diners to the most elegant of eateries. To do it right, though, takes skill. You must know how to cook a steak so that it is done to the exact right medium preparation. It must be seasoned properly and allowed to rest before it is served so that the juices don’t run all over the plate when it’s cut open. Then it needs to be topped with a perfectly fried egg, one that is cooked just enough to set the egg, but not too much that prevents the egg from running all over the steak when it’s cut. A creamy yolk is better than the best condiment and it looks prettier than a puddle of ketchup too.

24 Vegetable Frittata

via inspiredtaste.com

Did you know that the best frittatas should actually have a texture like custard? We didn’t and now we know why our frittatas never have the stunning color and set as the one in the picture above. We’ve been cooking it too long. You get the perfect texture by adding dairy to the eggs and then letting it cook until it is just set. It should shake a little like Jell-O when you remove it from the oven. For this frittata, the recipe creators added a cup of cheese, and four different kinds of vegetables, not including herbs. The end result is a beautiful mix of colors and textures.

23 Cobb Egg Salad

via lemontreedwelling.com

You may write off the potluck-favorite egg salad as never being worthy of breaking any records, but then you probably haven’t made a Cobb Egg Salad before. Take a look at this beauty. You have, of course, the perfect hard-boiled egg, cut in small pieces, to anchor the dish. Then you add the chopped bacon, crumbled bleu cheese, chopped spinach, and diced tomatoes to the bowl and you’re creating crazy good texture for both the dish and the picture. Finally, you finish with smooth, creamy mayonnaise to bring it all together. Put it on a golden brown bun and you have a sandwich worth of breaking a record – both on Insta and for how fast you can eat it.

22 Perfect Omelet

via thespruceeats.com

You may scoff at this entry on the list, but the perfect omelet is actually really hard to cook, and strong consideration should be given to the additions you make to the eggs so that you not only have the perfect combination of ingredients for taste, but also for the best picture. The omelet we show you here has mushrooms for a great earthy texture, cheese for a creamy smooth addition, and a variety of herbs to give a little kick to the taste and a beautiful green color addition to the picture. It’s an omelet you’ll want to see – and taste – millions of times.

21 Bacon Deviled Eggs

via tasteofhome.com

Normally we wouldn’t think you could dress up deviled eggs, that 1950s era favorite, so that it would be anywhere close to worthy of a record-breaking picture. Of course, that’s before we saw the brown beauty of The Egg That Broke Kylie. Now we have faith that a deviled egg, in its simple glory, can do the same. And this one that we found gets a little help from every food’s BFF bacon. When you look at it, you can almost taste the firm bite of the cool egg white, the creamy egg yolk, the bite of the green onion, the kick of the paprika, and the awesome saltiness of the bacon. When the picture can make you taste the food just by looking at it, you know it’s good.

20 Quiche

via amblerflowershop.com

Here our friend the egg is transformed into a golden pie. The colors are so stunning we are sure it could grab the attention of millions of 'grammers, who would certainly pause while scrolling through their feed to see what in the world this golden beauty was. It’s eggs, cooked to perfection inside of a pie crust. This one has ham and cheese laced all throughout it. The pink of the ham and the pop of green of the herbs leave us wanting to share this quiche’s beauty with our friends – and wondering how in the world we can get our hands on it.

19 E.L.T.

via twocoastkitchen.com

This is taking the simple B.L.T. (Bacon, Lettuce, Tomato) sandwich and elevating it to a whole new level with the addition of a beautifully hard-boiled egg. We dare you to look at this without drooling. The brown bread that anchors it, the crispy green lettuce that adds a cool bite, the juicy red tomato that adds freshness – the rainbow of colors and proven flavors all ultimately yield to the beauty of the yellow and white egg. Sprinkled with pepper, the egg is the showcase, making it a treat for the eyes and the mouth. Some may think it’s too simple, but we think the balance is ideal for an Insta-worthy record.

18 Aioli

via thespruceeats.com

When you first see this picture, you might be wondering where the egg is. And that’s just the kind of mystery that would bump this dish up on the Insta “like” scale. This is an aioli, a mayonnaise-like sauce that originated in the Mediterranean. It’s made with garlic, olive oil, an egg yolk, and a sprinkle of salt and pepper. Some variations, like the one in the picture, call for the juice of a lemon as well. The texture is smooth and creamy. The taste is fresh and strong. The picture? That would get noticed and liked all over the internet.

17 Sauteed Dandelion Greens with Eggs

via abeautifulplate.com

This dish is all about the mystery and that’s the hook that will get this picture the likes it needs to soar ahead of the competition. When you see it, you can’t help but wonder what the ingredients are underneath and around the eggs that have such vibrant color. It turns out the bed of greens cradling the eggs so beautifully are the same dandelion greens that you can pull out of any yard. They’re edible and often served in salads. In this dish, they’re boiled and blanched before being sautéed with leeks. Then the eggs are cracked right over the skillet and cook right in the same pan. There’s also feta cheese crumbled on top, but the eye-catching contrast of the willowy egg and the stark greens is what is going to attract an instant following.

16 Soft-Boiled Eggs

via abeautifulplate.com

This picture puts eggs on a pedestal – literally. The only ingredient in this dish is the egg itself. Soft-boiled eggs are tricky to prepare correctly, but there is nothing quite so pretty in the food world as a properly cooked one. It’s boiled inside the shell for 5-7 minutes (depending on how runny or set you want your yolk to be) and then immediately removed from the water and placed majestically in its own pedestal. To crack the top part off, tap the handle of a knife all the way around the top and removed the crack part. The result is a treat for your senses when you eat it (a runny yolk on toast is food nirvana) and your eyes as you marvel at the egg’s simple beauty.

15 Carbonara Pizza

via wellplated.com

Just when you thought pizza couldn’t get any better, you get a glimpse of this little bit of heaven on a plate. You can see the beautiful sautéed mushrooms, crisp bacon, the soft cheese, and the sunny-side-up egg. What you can’t see but can immediately imagine is there are the onions and the garlic and the tomato-y sauce that is the very definition of pizza. But the star of this dish is without a doubt the sunny-side-up eggs displayed prominently on top. Those who have had an egg like this on their pizza will immediately click “like” because the beautiful taste will be burned in their memories. For those that haven’t? This will grab their attention, make them want to try it, and then come back later to “like” it and share it all over their social media accounts.

14 Scrambled Eggs with Caramelized Onions

via bonappetit.com

The fork is already poised with a lovely, warm, yellow bite perfectly poised on it as if it’s silently beckoning your name to come and taste. Your eyes wander over the frame and are immediately drawn in by the bright red of the paprika, the white clusters of cheese and the medium green of the flat leaf parsley. And then the silky brown threads of caramelized onions catch your eye, and you can practically taste their sweetness. Now your mind is moving just as fast as your drool. How fabulous must this dish be? And how many times can you legally like it and share it without getting kicked off of social media? This picture of scrambled eggs will make you want to test those limits.

13 Eggs Benedict

via dinnerthendessert.com

We’re willing to bet that most people, even those who love Eggs Benedict, can’t name what’s in the famous yellow sauce that covers the top of this popular breakfast dish. We can’t either, but we can tell you that when we see this plate looking so spectacular, it won’t matter. We don’t need to know in order to like this pic and send it to our friends to like too. It’s a stunning dish – layers of the sauce (it’s a Hollandaise, in case you’re ever on Jeopardy and this comes up), a cooked egg, ham, and a biscuit. In our picture, the small bits of green onion add a whole new dimension and make this Eggs Benedict one for the Insta books.

12 Fried Noodles with a Fried Egg

via Pinterest

At this point in our list, we think we have safely established that fried eggs only had extra goodness to whatever dish they are added. Seeing this picture with that assumption, we already feel ourselves salivating. We know we love those noodles – delicate with a little soy and providing the perfect bed for some fresh veggies. But when you add the egg on top of it so that, when cut, the yoke-y goodness will run all over? Stop. Just stop. We love it. What’s more, we like it. And we know the social media universe will scramble to like it too.

11 New Mexico Green Chili Breakfast Burrito

via tasteofhome.com

At last count, there was somewhere in the neighborhood of a billion breakfast burritos. And out of that list, there might be ten that are worthy of an attempt at getting noticed on Insta. And of those ten? Well, only one can be the photogenic New Mexico Green Chili Breakfast burrito. Beautifully cooked eggs to anchor the wrap. Chunky pieces of sausage. Sliced bits of green pepper. A perfect tortilla to hold it all together. A delicate red salsa to grace the top for one more layer of flavor and color. Go ahead. We dare you not to like this one – and find a more beautiful breakfast burrito.

10 Garlic Soup with a Poached Egg

via saltandwind.com

We’re the first ones to say that if we were judging a dish by its name alone, this dish wouldn’t make the top 250, let alone the top 25. Who wants to try garlic soup? Turns out, after seeing a picture, we are wildly waving our hands, begging to be the first to try it. The beautiful brothy goodness, made even better by the addition of tomatoes, and avocado, and that perfectly poached egg. (And, we imagine, quite a bit of garlicky goodness. When you see it, you can picture yourself slowly sipping it on a snowy day, the broth warming your body and soul. We all know you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover and you certainly shouldn’t judge food by its name. Like the picture instead.

9 Grated Eggs over Pasta

via bonappetit.com

We almost didn’t add this dish to the list because, like the aioli, the egg isn’t the obvious star of the dish. However, as you realize what you’re looking at, you won’t be able to be anything less than stunned at the role the egg plays in this dish. Check out the sprinkles of yellow that coat the pasta and complement the red flecks. Those little yellow flecks are actually grated egg yolk, done to add a creamy texture that’s different than your typical cheese that’s thrown onto pasta. With the beautiful pasta and the black plate providing a great stark background, the unusual ingredient of grated egg is allowed to shine. We have no doubt that social media users will love the unusual use for this everyday ingredient.

8 B.L.T. Egg Bake

via tasteofhome.com

We’re willing to bet that a B.L.T. Egg Bake has not been in your meal planning rotation. We’re also willing to bet that seeing the picture of it makes you want to put it in your meal planning rotation. Between the eggs and the bacon and the tomatoes and the bread and the cheese, there’s nothing not to love. Sure, we think that the chopped chives added to replace lettuce as the green part of the dish is a little bit of a stretch, but when the rest of it is so beautiful, we’re willing to overlook that part. Is there a more beautiful casserole featuring the gorgeous? We don’t think so.

7 Frisee-Lardon Salad

via themanhattanfoodproject.blogspot.com

The name might trip up your tongue, but your eyes will get stuck on the beauty of this simple dish. Frisee lettuce is easily recognizable by its small leaves and long stems. For this dish, it’s cut up and place inside a bowl. On top of that, you’ll see fried bacon, a shallot, and chives, all bathed in a warm bacon vinaigrette. As if that weren’t already a big dish of culinary awesomeness, the addition of a poached egg makes it a true dream come true in terms of taste and visionary appeal. We might not be able to pronounce your name correctly, Frisee-Lardon Salad, but you definitely have our “like.”

6 Huevos Rancheros

via eggs.ca

In the wrong hands, huevos rancheros can become a hot mess of a dish to look at, photograph, and eat. But in the right hands? This breakfast staple becomes just as much a treat for the eyes as it is for the taste buds. The beauty is in the layering. You start with a warm golden tortilla. Spread creamy refried beans on top of it, and then layer salsa on top of that. Fry an egg to sunny-side-up perfection and place that on the salsa. Sprinkle some cheese and avocado and cilantro on top to finish it off and you can almost imagine yourself reaching through your device’s screen to grab that fork and take a taste.

5 Egg Baked in an Avocado

via House of Yumm

Before we started putting together this list, we didn’t know that eggs baked inside an avocado were a thing. Were we the only ones living in the dark? Because this beauty is culinary flawlessness on a plate. We know we keep harping on the runny yolk, but it really makes all the difference in a plate of food when it comes to both the visual image and the taste. It actually baked briefly inside an avocado. And check out the additions of bacon (what’s better?) and green onion (upping the taste profile) and you have a picture that we want to like in our feed and love in our stomachs.

4 Egg-in-a-Hole Sandwich

via lensesandlentils.com

This sandwich is a work of art. The crusty, toasted sourdough bread is the perfect vehicle to hold the egg. You make it by toasting one side of a piece of bread in a pan, turning it over, and pouring an egg in the hole to cook while the second side browns. When we were able to pry our eyes away from the beautifully cooked egg with its light sprinkle of salt and pepper, the colors in this picture caught our attention. The sandwich is vegetarian, and the filling is butternut squash, avocado, onions, and arugula. Stunning in its simplicity, we can see this dish climbing the like ladder – and getting to the top pretty quickly.

3 Eggs in Pasta Nests

via savingtimeinthekitchen.com

The simplicity of this dish is its greatest strength. The stark shot allows the eggs to be the star. The dish consists of pasta cooked to al dente so that it has a bite, and piled into a ramekin. What you can’t see is the cream sauce that flows through the pasta and holds it all together in the dish. The egg is added for either the last few minutes of baking or something put in at the beginning. It doesn’t really matter as long as you take it out before the yoke becomes hard-boiled and stops running. That deliciously runny egg yolk is what ties the whole dish together – and takes the picture from “meh” to “OMG I have to like that.”

2 Scotch Eggs

via nerdswithknives.com

There is nothing not to love about this dish or the picture profiling it. Scotch eggs, while not necessarily commonplace food, have long been a staple in pubs around the world. On one hand, it seems like an odd dish – padding an egg with sausage meat and then frying it. But on the other hand, it’s incredibly smart, like breakfast in a bite. You have the crispy sausage, the tender white part of the egg, and the creamy, runny yolk. Together, the bite is breakfast bliss. And the picture? The composition of it with the pickled onions, flakes of salt, two unbroken eggs, and one beautifully split egg is the epitome of a well-framed egg dish.

1 Pickled Eggs

via simplyrecipes.com

It looks more like a delicate flower than an arrangement of eggs. It’s definitely eggs, though, and we would challenge anyone to be able to pass this up without clicking first, without liking it and sharing it immediately. The pinkish-purple-tinged edges are as a result of pickling the eggs in beet juice. The trick is to time it correctly so that the eggs absorb the bright color of the beets about halfway into the yolk, but not so far as to penetrate through the whole yolk. The pink is stunning on the white plate against the yellow yolk, and we’re sure that this beautiful image can break the internet. Now we just need an anonymous person to step up and get the world egg-cited again about another beautiful egg picture.

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