Ranking The 25 Major Candy Bars, From Worst To Best

Candy bars have been playing a popular role in our lives since their first arrival in 1847. The Quaker from Bristol, England, Joseph Fry desired an easy, yet delectable snack in his life and went cooking. He found a way to combine those heavenly cocoa beans and sugar and formed them into a bar. Naturally, everyone loved it and within 20 years, he owned his own Fry’s Chocolate Cream bar factory. But when there’s a genius idea at play, rivalry is its close friend. John Cadbury launched his chocolate bar in 1849 and a few years later, more chocolate factories opened up and expanded throughout England. Candy bars eventually found their place in the world and they never looked back!

Instead of ranking the major candy bars by their popularity, we’ve decided that a fresh view on these golden oldies was necessary. They will, therefore, be ordered in the way they’re rated on 5 aspects: Overall Flavour, Crunchiness, Healthiness, Snack-ability and Originality. In overall flavour, we’re looking for a balanced taste with a few different flavours, though not an excessive amount. Crunchiness accounts for the crispy bite you’ll encounter when breaking the chocolate layer of the bar, and of course the tasty crunch of any peanuts or added texture. Healthiness will be rated on their relative amount of sugar, saturated fat and overall calories per 100g. The easier and faster the snack can be eaten, with the wrapping in consideration too, the more points the bar will gain on snack-ability. The overall originality counts too since some candy bars are just not the same in flavour than others which makes them more desirable. They will be rated 1 out of 5, with 5 being the highest score.

Let the games begin!

25 Toblerone

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Although this classic, established by Theodore Tobler in Switzerland in 1908, always has a secured spot in any supermarket’s isle, it did not score as high as it may have desired. Flavours are good, though not spectacular (3pts), it fails to meet the crunchiness criteria (2pts). Surprisingly high in sugars with a whopping 60 gram, 18g saturated fat and a total of 536 kcal per 100gram, it’s an unhealthy snack, therefore receiving a sad 1 point out of 5. Toblerone is often sold in rather large packages as well, making it harder for folk to snack on quickly (2pts). Despite being a classic, Toblerone’s flavours are not unprecedented, where hints of nougat and almonds are often found in any chocolate bar you can get your hands on (2pts). Therefore, Toblerone sits on the 25th place with an overall of 10 points.

24 Dove Milk Chocolate Bar

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Dove is a creation from Mars Company, though fails often to meet expectations as high as the standard for Mars. Its overall flavour is unspectacular (2pts) with hardly any crunch of texture (2pts), leaving the brave muncher disappointed and chewing copiously in an attempt to swallow it. ‘Silky smooth’ it becomes after you’ve let it melt in your mouth for at least a few hours. Relatively higher in saturated fat (19.6) compared to Toblerone, your beautiful body will gain 53.9g of sugar and 539 kcal after eating 100g of Dove (1pt for healthiness). 5 points are earned for snack-ability, since its often sold in easy bars of 18g, though fail to get enough points for originality (2pts), since flavours are rather similar to any Cadbury chocolate bar. Dove lovers will be disappointed to see that Dove Milk Chocolate bar earns a 24th place on the list with a total of 12 points.

23 Hershey’s Chocolate Bar

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Hershey’s Chocolate Bar was first sold in 1900 and has left its mark in the confectionary world. Despite it’s original ‘tangy’ flavour, earning Hershey 4 points, its overall flavour is less impressive since it lacks added extracts (3p). The first bite into this chocolate bar is crunchy, though the overall texture is not (2p). Despite its deceivable plainness, it’s an unhealthy snack as any other candy bar with 16.3g of saturated fat, 44.2g of sugar and a total of 512 kcal (1p). Hershey’s Chocolate bar is often sold in larger packages and although the bar itself is relatively thin, it is still a sizeable bar to snack on quickly (2p). Hershey fans, don’t be alarmed, for the Cookies & Cream version will be found further in the list. However, this classic bar finds himself on the 23rd place with 12 points.

22 Cadbury Dairy Milk

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Despite Cadbury being one of the founders of candy bars in the UK and renowned for its rich chocolaty flavours, the Cadbury Dairy Milk Bar finds itself at the 22nd position on the list. On overall flavour, this classic stands proud with 5 points, however loses a few on crunchiness and texture, since it hardly contains any crunch at all (2pts). For those who have often found themselves guilty of binging on Cadbury, they’ll regret to be informed that its a rather unhealthy snack (although every worthy indulgence comes with a price). 19g of saturated fat, 57 grams of sugar and a total of 535 kcal per 100 grams earned this famous boy 1 point on healthiness. Since Cadbury is often sold in larger packages, assuming buyers manage to keep the yummy bar in their fridge for a while with the occasional ‘responsible’ piece, it gets 2 points on snack-ability. Despite being a classic, it earns 3 points on Originality, since it’s just a milk chocolate flavour. A total of 13 points.

21 Tim Tam

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The Tim Tam, made by Arnott’s biscuit company, might be an odd duck in the list, since it’s found hardly anywhere else besides the country of Down Under. However, it earns its 21st spot due to its undeniable popularity. It’s a relatively balanced flavour (3p) where the two biscuits, coated in chocolate, add a little bit of texture and crunch to the bar (3p). However, points are not acquired on healthiness with 15.1g saturated fat, 44.9g sugar and a total of 518 kcal (1p). Although some are sold in smaller wrappings, the Tim Tams are mostly available in their larger packages (2 points on snack-ability). They collect a full 5 points for their originality, since nothing tastes quite the same as a Tim Tam. Their 21st place on the list is earned with a total of 14 points.

20 Milka Chocolate Bar

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Milka Chocolate has been around since 1901, where its signature purple wrapping is to be found in every supermarket’s chocolate aisle. Especially during Christmas and Easter, Milka pulls out their festive drawer and create innovative holiday chocolate specials.They know how to make chocolate taste rich and indulgent (5p), though estimate smoothes over structure in their classic bar (2p). With 528 kcal, 17g saturated fat and 58g of sugar, this bar clearly collects only 1 point on healthiness. Often sold in larger packages, though also available in bars, Milka gains 3 points on snack-ability and acquires a good 3 points on originality of flavour. The 20th place is for Milka with14 points.

19 Caramello

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Created by Cadbury as a gratifying creamy candy bar with a caramel filling, calling a bar ‘caramello’, the caramel better be good! Its smoothness of chocolate flavour earns the bar a solid 4 points, though only 2 points on crunchiness and texture. Surprisingly, Caramello is not as unhealthy as his predecessors, for it contains only 11g saturated fat. Still high in sugars (56g), it has a 467 kcal per 100g, therefore collecting 2 points on healthiness. The bar is sold in easy, snackable sizes (5p). No matter how good caramel in combination with chocolate might be, it has been done before and therefore the Caramello gains just 2 points on originality and ultimately giving this caramel bar 15 points in total.

18 Almond Joy

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A candy bar by Hershey’s, this coconut inside enrobed with a smooth chocolate layer and a few almonds on top, acquires 4 points on overall flavour. The coconut flakes and almonds add to the crunchiness, though the bar’s main texture is somewhat sticky, which gives Almond Joy 3 points. The coconut might be to blame for the relatively high saturated fat (18g). 48g in sugar and 479 kcal per 100g earn this candy bar 2 points on healthiness. Sold in snack sized bars, 5 points are awarded on snack-ability. However, Almond Joy is not the first bar to combine the beautiful flavours of coconut, almond and chocolate (Bounty), thus gaining only 2 points on originality. The 18th place goes to this bar with 16 points.

17 5th Avenue

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This chocolate bar, produced by Hershey’s, has similar aromas as the Butterfinger candy bar and was first introduced in 1936. With peanut butter crunch as its main filling, it collects 4 points on crunchiness and texture and 3 points on overall flavour. It’s surprisingly low in saturated fat, compared to its other confectionary relatives with ‘just’ 7 grams. However, the 47g of sugar and 482kcal acquire the 5th Avenue bar only 2 points on healthiness. An excellent 5 points are gained on snack-ability since it’s sold in convenient sizes. On originality, this peanuty bar fails to hit the jackpot considering it’s practically the same as the Butterfinger (2p). An overall of 16 points are awarded to the 5th Avenue.

16 Baby Ruth

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Although Ferrero is mostly famous for its divine crispy chocolate balls, the company now owns Baby Ruth, a candy bar with soft, chewy nougat with peanuts and caramel flairs. The overall flavours of the Baby Ruth are interesting (3p) and the texture is there, though not explicitly crunchy (mostly sticky) (2p). 12g of saturated fats, 54g of sugar and 459kcal per 100g earn this nougat boy 2 points on healthiness. With a solid 5 points on snack-ability and 4 points on originality, since true nougat wasn’t that often used in candy bars in 1921, Baby Ruth earns its 16th place on the list with 16 points.

15 Hershey’s Cookies & Cream Bar

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First introduced in 1994, this delicious white chocolate bar is inspired by the notorious Oreo. There’s no denying that the Cookies & Cream bar deserves 5 points in overall flavour and 5 points in crunchiness and texture. Only 1 point is earned, though, when it comes to healthiness, where it contains 17g of saturated fats, 58g sugar and 528kcal. Sold in similar packages as its common milk chocolate bar, only 2 points are awarded on snack-ability. Nevertheless, 4 points on originality are awarded and that leaves this creamy Oreo influenced bar on the 15th place on the list with 17 points.

14 3 Musketeers

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A chocolate bar with a fluffy filling similar to the Milky Way but lacking the caramel topping and has been created in 1923 by Mars. The whipped nougat offers a silky smooth experience (4p) and when bitten through the thick chocolate layer, a subtle crunch will be enjoyed (3p). What is remarkable about this candy is that it’s the winner of all 25 candy bars on its largest amount on sugar, which is 67g per 100g (!). 436 kcal and 9g of saturated fat ease the unhealthiness a bit, though still collecting only 1 point. 5 points are added for its easiness to eat as a snack and 4 points for originality since it’s been around for such a while. The 3 Musketeers manage to defeat 12 opponents with 17 points.

13 Mr. Goodbar

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Mr. Goodbar is another bar that discovered that we do truly enjoy peanuts in combination with chocolate. With its identifiable bright yellow package, this happy bar has been easy to find in supermarkets since 1925. A satisfying chocolate bar with hints of peanut (4p) gives it just the right amount of texture and light crunch (3p). Mr. Goodbar is not that good for the figure, for it contains 538kcal, 14g saturated fat and 47g of sugar per 100g. Despite its noticeable package, it only acquires 3 points on snack-ability since they’re rather large. Nevertheless, since Mr. Goodbar is one of the building stones of candy bars, it earns 5 points on originality, providing the bar to the 13th place on the list with 17 points.

12 Crunch

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It appears that Nestle hasn’t been sitting still for the past decade, for it has released another significant candy bar called the Crunch Bar. As the name suggests, the main purpose, besides satisfying your sweet tooth, is to provide a friendly bite to your life with crispy rice. 4 points are awarded for overall flavour and another 4 points to texture, for the Crunch bar is not the ultimate crisp one might expect. 1 point is awarded after being informed that it contains 500 kcal, 16g saturated fats and 55g of sugar. Rather large in available packaging too, which acquires the crunch bar another 3 points. However, being one of the first to add rice to its recipe, 5 points are awarded on originality. The Crunch bar stands proud on 12th place with 17 points.

11 Reese’s Peanut Butter Bar

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There is no one that hasn’t ever enjoyed a Reese Peanut Butter Cup. Luckily, Reese is allowed to join the list with it’s (slightly less famous) Peanut Butter bar. The unmistakable flavour that is internationally loved is to be found in this bar too, which earns it 5 points on overall flavour. 2 points on crunchiness, though, since it’s mostly a sticky, smooth texture. Surprisingly, this candy bar is one of the first on the list that earns 4 points on healthiness, for it only contains 225 kcal, 9.2g of saturated fats and 20g of sugar per 100 gram. Largely sold in packages of 42g, which makes it a slight inconvenience (2p), it wins on 5 points for originality. Go Reese Peanut Butter Bar with a total of 18 points!

10 Milky Way

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My personal favourite was introduced in 1923 by the Mars confectionery company and has been a leader in the malt-nougat, topped with caramel, chocolate candy bar world ever since. An unmistakable 5 points go to overall flavour. 2 points on crunchiness, since the bar is mostly chewy besides the crisp bite of the milk chocolate layer. Intensely high in sugar with 60g, 12 g saturated fats and a whopping 546 kcal per 100g, there is no way this bar can earn over more than 1 point on healthiness. Sold in bars, which is good (5p), and a deserved 5 points on originality too, since nothing tastes quite as heavenly as a true Milky Way, sending you straight into the stars. A well deserved 10th place with 18 points.

9 Heath

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Originally promoted as “Heath for Better Health!”, it does earn most of its points on healthiness (5p) with just 233kcal, 10g of saturated fats and 18g of sugar. This historic bar has been around since 1914 and has since then won over many hearts. This bar that mostly consists of sugar, butter, toffee and almonds earns 3 points on overall flavour and 2 points on crunchiness (the toffee makes it sticky). Still a relatively smallish bar, that used to weigh only 1 ounce, is ideal for a quick snack (5p). 4 points are added for originality, causing Heath to make it into the top 10 with a stunning 19 points.

8 Bounty

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Bountiful coconut-based bounty is one of the pillars of the candy bars, though did not make it to the top 5. There is a reason why the small bounties are always left behind in the Celebrations package, for its intense coconut flavour is only made for the chosen few (3p). Crunchiness and texture is to be found in the Bounty due to the coconut flakes, acquiring the bar 4 points. Relatively healthy due to its low content in sugar (26.3g), with 470kcal, 10.5g saturated fats, Bounty gains 2 points. Available in different sizes, large and small, its designed to be snacked on (5p). 5 points on originality too, giving it a total of 19 points.

7 Mars

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Surprisingly, Mars did not make it to the top 5 either, for it lacks in crunchiness we’re after (2p) and is as unhealthy as any other candy bar with 451 kcal, 11g saturated fats and 59g of sugar per 100 gram. Nevertheless, its worldwide loved flavour earns the maximum points (5p) and its easiness to eat as a snack adds another fabulous 5 points. Since Mars is currently the leading company in confectionary, owning candy such as M&M’s and Snickers, its chocolaty footprint is undeniable and so is the originality of the Mars Candy bar (5p). Sadly, it’s not enough to take Mars to the top with just 19 points.

6 100 Grand Bar

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Named after a series of successful game shows in the United States, this bar has been around for a while. Since its introduction in 1966 by Nestle, it has almost been as successful as the show it is named after. Crispy rice and caramel enrobed by a chocolate layer provide the ultimate crunch (5p) and offer the guilty muncher a lovely flavour (4p). It doesn’t do too bad on healthiness either, with 468kcal, 12g saturated fats and 52g of sugar (2p). One is able to purchase this winner in snack-able sizes (5p), leading the 100 Grand Bar up to one of the leading tops of this list with 20 points.

5 Butterfinger

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Around since 1923 and currently manufactured by Nestle, the Butterfinger has a distinct flavour (4p) of a creamy peanut butter core with chocolate coating and a crisp texture (5p). Doing not too bad on healthiness (2p) with 459kcal, 10g of saturated fats and 46g of sugar per 100 gram, the points keep on going with its easy and quick snack-able packages (5p). Original in flavour too, though not the first one to combine peanut butter with a chocolate coating, it’s awarded 4 points, leading the Butterfinger to a spot in the top 5 with 20 points.

4 Twix

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Arguably created to settle a dispute between two brothers (if we believe the commercial), Twix hasn’t lost any of its signature caramel and rich chocolate flavour in the process (4p). Most points are earned on crunchiness, with those two beautifully crisp biscuits in-between (5p). 1 point is to be earned on healthiness though, with 502 kcal, 19g of saturated fats (which is 95% of your daily recommended amount) and 48g of sugar. Easily available in bars, where they’re sold in two bars in one package (5p). Originality collects Twix 5 points too, for its authentic flavour. 20 points in total go to Twix, proudly presenting the 4th spot on the list.

3 Kinder Bueno

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What cannot be good about a candy bar called Bueno, which means good in Spanish? Another product created by Ferrero, making the world a little brighter since 1990. Its unprecedented hazelnut flavour filling earns the maximum points of 5 for overall flavour. If you are looking for crunchiness, the Bueno ticks all your boxes too, for its biscuit layer is as crisp as it can get (5p). Unfortunately, healthiness is less looked after with 569kcal, 17g of saturated fats and 44g of sugar (1p). Sold in bars with the amazing option to break them in smaller pieces (5p), the Kinder Bueno gains another 5 points on originality. On a fabulous 3rd place sits the Kinder Bueno with 21 points.

2 Kit Kat

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Oh, the joy of breaking the two bars apart from each other and munching on them, experiencing an amazing malt-chocolate flavour (5p) with the ultimate crunchiness of the biscuit layers (5p). Currently owned by Nestle and introduced to the world 83 years ago (1935), Kit Kat has enjoyed immense popularity ranging with its use in ice creams and various desserts. Only 1 point is awarded due to its high amount of kcal (518), 18g saturated fats and 49g of sugar. Ideal for your quick snack in-between work hours (5p) and naturally 5 points on originality. Kit Kat runs for second place on the list with 21 points!

1 Snickers

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The candy bar that has it all; peanuts, caramel, nougat and an indulgent thick layer of milk chocolate, Snickers is awarded first place on this list for surprising reasons. Not only does Snickers tick the boxes on overall flavour (5p) and on crunchiness and texture (5p), on snack-ability (5p) and originality (5p), the difference between Kit Kat and Bueno is the slight difference in kilocalories, for Snickers contains less than 500 kcal per 100g. With a 488kcal, 13g of saturated fats and 47g of sugar, it earns 2 points on healthiness where his adversaries only gained 1 point. Congratulations to you, Snickers, for being the ultimate dream of flavour, crunchiness, healthiness, snack-ability and originality!

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