Grab A Slice: Ranking U.S. Pizza Chains From Worst To Best

Life can be pretty rough sometimes, so it's only natural that we look for ways to comfort ourselves after a bad day. One thing that nearly everyone uses to make themselves feel better at times is food. No matter how difficult things are at work or how much stress we sometimes find ourselves feeling when it comes to other parts of life, there's always that one particular meal or snack that can always make us feel a little bit better in an instant.

Typically, the foods that people turn to after a hard or just plain busy day are referred to as “comfort foods.” There are a lot of awesome dishes that fall into this category.

Some men and women turn to extremely creamy dishes, such as creamed spinach. Furthermore, they might also find themselves craving a nice, cheesy bowl of macaroni and cheese or just biting into a delicious sandwich filled with peanut butter.

Additionally, there are some other dishes that people find rather comforting as well. Some prefer digging into a big bowl of pasta, such as spaghetti and meatballs. Chicken pot pie is also another good dish that some like to eat when they're feeling a bit down or stressed. Ice cream is a popular choice as well.

However, there's one comfort food that seems to be loved by everyone, and that's pizza. This is a very popular dish, which may be because there are so many different kinds to choose from. There's a pizza out there for everyone, as there are a lot of different things that can be added to it. Furthermore, there are some really great pizza places, as well as some that could definitely use some improvements.

23 Papa John’s

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There are a lot of very popular chain restaurants located in and outside of the United States of America. This is especially true when it comes to restaurants that are known for their pizza.

One of the most popular pizza chains in America is Papa John’s. That sentence might make the restaurant sound pretty good, right? Well, it’s not. While some love the food that's sold there, it seems there are actually quite a few people who don't like it. It’s not hard to see why this place isn't loved by everyone. The pizza itself is already not that great, but the cheese is a sloppy, greasy mess that doesn’t even have that much taste to it. Additionally, some of the pizzas that have come from Papa John’s look old and not fresh at all.

22 Papa Murphy’s

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Just by hearing about this place, it seems as though Papa Murphy’s would be the best place to pick up a pizza for a quick meal. There are some benefits to getting a pizza from here. After all, they have their signature pizza recipes, stuffed pizza, gourmet pizza, and a “create your own” pizza, where customers can custom order their pizza.

But they're not always the best pizza place to visit. Some customers have claimed their pizza had burnt crust, while others have claimed that they were treated poorly by staff members in different locations. Furthermore, sometimes, the toppings aren't evenly spread across the pizza and are instead just dropped onto it.

21 Domino’s

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There are a lot of chain restaurants that have some locations that serve good food and some that have been known to serve some pretty bad food. This is the case for Domino’s.

While some Domino’s locations are working just fine, others are making their customers very unhappy. For example, their thin crust pizzas tend to be very stiff. When people order a pizza, they usually don’t want to feel like they're biting into a giant cracker. But it seems as though that's what some customers get when they ask for thin crust. Furthermore, sometimes, these pizzas look as though they were made the day before.

20 Little Caesar’s

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There are quite a few restaurants in the United States that are popular because of their pizza. However, that doesn't mean that most, or even half, of the food that customers receive there is good. This is where Little Caesar’s comes in.

Their food isn't terrible all the time, but it also isn’t all that tasty either. Some people enjoy reheating their leftover pizza so that they can enjoy it again. But that just isn’t something one can do with pizza from Little Caesar’s. It seems to lose any good flavor it originally had when it's reheated.

19 Sbarro

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There are a lot of pizza lovers out there who prefer their pizza to be a bit on the thinner side, and then, there are also some who like their pizza to be very thick. Thick pizza can be very good, but it's a difficult thing to accomplish.

Typically, thick pizzas have a pretty gooey texture to them, especially if they have cheese on top or inside of them. But if it’s not done right, this kind of pizza isn't good. This is also true for pizzas with a lot of toppings on them.

Sbarro is one place that offers thick (sometimes referred to as “deep dish”) pizzas. Unfortunately, theirs can feel very greasy and oily and have a weird taste that's similar to eggs, which is usually not what we have in mind when ordering pizza.

18 Pizza Hut

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Some restaurants only sell pizza. But on the other hand, there are some pizza places that also sell other items.

This is true for Pizza Hut. They're known, of course, for their pizza. But they have pasta and desserts, and they even have buffets. Therefore, Pizza Hut isn't all bad. The other food they offer can be pretty good. However, their pizzas are more greasy than they should be. If customers can tip their slice of pizza to the side and have oil and grease pour off of it, there's too much liquid on the pizza. Pizza can be messy and still be good, but pizza soaked in grease is just too much.

17 Jet’s Pizza

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Part of the appeal of a lot of pizza places is the price. Of course, when a pizza is cheap, that doesn't automatically mean that the taste of it will be great. However, decent pizza that's easy on the wallet is pretty good in its own way. However, there are some pizza places that have some slightly higher prices, which is the case for Jet’s Pizza.

A somewhat high price is alright for pizza that's good. However, Jet’s doesn't always offer good pizza. For example, there are times during which they only put a tiny amount of barbecue sauce on a pizza that should have a lot more on it.

16 California Pizza Kitchen

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When it comes to restaurants, it seems that a lot of the ones we know as big chains today actually had a pretty small start in the beginning. This is how things went for California Pizza Kitchen, a place that was founded by Larry Flax and Rick Rosenfield, two former federal prosecutors.

New York and Chicago are certainly famous for their pizzas, and this restaurant put California on the map as well. While there are some good things on the menu, sometimes, the food could be better. Their salads don't seem to have much flavor to them. Furthermore, the chicken and dumplings have been dry at times.

15 Nancy’s Chicago Pizza

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There are a lot of different types of pizza these days. However, it wasn't always like that. One of the restaurants known for changing the game when it comes to pizza is Nancy’s Chicago Pizza.

Before this place was established, stuffed pizza wasn't sold. However, the owners of Nancy’s Chicago Pizza invented it. It's hard to say that a place known for that awesome invention isn't always delicious, but that's the truth. There are times when this restaurant has been less than satisfying for its customers. Many have claimed that frozen pizza from grocery stores is better than the food sold here. In other words, Nancy’s Chicago Pizza isn't what it once was.

14 Pieology Pizzeria

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Part of what's interesting about restaurants is the fact that there are many different ones for people to choose from. Furthermore, there are a lot of different kinds of pizza restaurants. Some just offer what's on the menu (or the buffet bar), while others also let customers create their very own unique pizza.

Pieology is one of the places that's known for allowing their customers to order pizzas that are custom made for them. But, it's also known for providing customers with unpleasant experiences. Furthermore, the taste of the food they offer is much less flavorful than it used to be before they made some changes to the menu. Pieology isn't an awful place to go, but there are certainly some better choices out there.

13 Russo’s New York Pizzeria

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There are many restaurants that boast about having a certain atmosphere that's attractive to their target audience. In the case of Russo’s New York Pizzeria, the atmosphere they claim to have is one that's family friendly. The restaurant also advertises that they don't serve food that's not fresh.

However, some customers have a totally different story. According to some reviews on Trip Advisor, the sauce this place uses doesn't taste fresh at all. Furthermore, some say that their pizza had been made hours before arriving, and then, it was reheated when they ordered it.

12 Hungry Howie’s Pizza

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Like many pizza places, this restaurant advertises that their products are made from the finest ingredients and that everything is made fresh each day. Well, considering Hungry Howie’s Pizza has been around for over 45 years and has more than 550 locations inside of America, one would think that this is true.

While their food may be good sometimes, that's not always the case. There have been moments when the restaurant has served burned pizza, as well as chicken wings that tasted like they'd just been reheated. And sometimes, the sauce isn't evenly spread over the wings.

11 Fox’s Pizza Den

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There are a lot of restaurants that aren't actually all that bad; they just have served some food that wasn’t exactly satisfying at times. This is the case for Fox’s Pizza Den. For the most part, their food is pretty good, especially when it comes to their “wedgies,” which are sandwiches, and their hoagies. In fact, their veggie hoagie has always been very good.However, they haven't always given their customers good meals. The wings they serve aren't very tasty, and some of the items on the menu are mediocre at best. So, Fox’s Pizza Den isn't the worst place to get pizza (or other food) from, but it’s far from being the best.

10 LaRosa’s Pizzeria

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Numerous restaurants tend to boast about what they serve. After all, if they don’t think their own food is good, it would be hard to get anyone else to think so. However, there are some places that occasionally don't live up to their hype sometimes. This is where LaRosa’s Pizzeria comes in.

Overall, the place is pretty good, and most of their customers seem to be happy with the food they've ordered. On the official website for LaRosa’s, they boast that customers know their food can’t be beat. But that's not always true, as some of their customers have been served food that didn't seem to be cooked enough. For the most part, though, LaRosa’s Pizzeria has a lot of fans, which just goes to show that they're a decent pizza establishment overall.

9 Round Table Pizza

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Just like numerous other restaurants, Round Table Pizza definitely has some good stuff. They advertise themselves as “the last honest pizza” due to the fact that they're very committed to only putting the best ingredients on their pizzas. However, that doesn't always mean that the food customers get from this place will be good.

One downside to this place is that the prices are a bit higher than its competitors', while some of the pizzas appear to be the same size as the ones sold by other places. Paying more money for the same amount of food someone could get at another restaurant isn't really something most people want to do. Furthermore, they sometimes serve burnt food and pizza that looks as though it needs some extra time in the oven.

8 Cici’s Pizza

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Some pizza places have a lot of different pizzas as well as a lot of other food. This is definitely true when it comes to Cici’s Pizza, which has quite a few dishes to offer.

This restaurant has a buffet as well as a regular menu. They mainly serve pizza, but they also have pasta, salads, and some delicious desserts for their customers to choose from. The downside of this place is that there are times when the food is a bit on the stale, cold side. However, Cicis Pizza is pretty good for the most part. In fact, when it comes to sweets, their dessert pizzas are hard to beat.

7 Old Chicago Pizza & Taproom

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Many popular pizza chain restaurants are known for their low prices. However, there are also some slightly more upscale places that serve pizza, which is the case for Old Chicago Pizza & Taproom.

This place is known for quite a few things. They have delicious pizza, and they also feature many other quality food and drink items as well.

However, this place is also pretty famous for serving food that's not hot and looks as though it had been sitting out for long periods of time. Additionally, some of their dishes lack flavor at times, which is just not good. No one wants food with no flavor. This place is usually very good. But there are some major improvements they need to make with the quality of some of their food.

6 Godfather’s Pizza

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This is definitely an interesting place. The theme of it reminds some of the Godfather film series. That's not only because of the name of the place but also because of the tagline. They claim that their pizza is “a pizza you can’t refuse,” which is a reference to a certain famous line said by actor Marlon Brando in the film The Godfather.

Overall, the food seems pretty good. However, there are some times when they put very minimal amounts of toppings on their pizza. But this place is a pretty good one for those wanting to have some good pizza with their friends and family members.

5 Sicily’s Buffet

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There are a lot of very positive things this restaurant has going for it. They have food that's full of flavor, and they also have a very family-friendly vibe. It's a pretty good restaurant not only for those looking for decent pizza but also for parents who are trying to find restaurants they can feel good about bringing their children to.

However, sometimes, the food at buffets isn't always very fresh, which is really the only downfall here. Otherwise, this is an awesome place. They even have great dessert pizzas. Some of the flavors include chocolate chip, blueberry, apple, and rocky road.

4 Papa Gino’s Pizzeria

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This establishment is one of numerous others that started out under a different name. "Piece O’ Pizza" was the original name of the business back in 1961, and it was owned by Michael and Helen Valerio, a couple who emigrated from Italy. The name was changed a few years later.

Customers that pay a visit to this place will surely be able to tell that the food has a very authentic taste to it that's not always present in some places. However, there are also some negative aspects to it. Occasionally, customers have received food that appeared to be undercooked. Furthermore, the toppings can be a bit on the dry side, and the quality of the cheese they use isn't the best.

3 Uno Pizzeria & Grill

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There are a lot of restaurants that got their start in places like New York, Boston, and Chicago. In fact, Chicago is the original home of Uno Pizzeria & Grill. This restaurant is the one that started the famous deep dish pizza.

The original recipe for that particular pizza included a very thick crust as well as a lot of cheese. While a few have left the place unsatisfied, this restaurant seems to be incredibly popular. The original flavor that helped the business grow is still there. Furthermore, customers are very happy with the other food, such as the spicy wings that are offered there.

2 Mellow Mushroom

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Quite a few restaurants have some very unique names, and Mellow Mushroom is certainly no different. This place began in Atlanta, Georgia, and it's since become a very popular place for men and women to take their families when they want to enjoy a nice pizza out of the house.

Some claim that the sausagefest calzone isn't that great and that it's a bit on the chewy side. Furthermore, they should make a few changes to their sandwiches. But the restaurant as a whole is a very good place, and the pizzas actually taste pretty great when they're reheated.

1 Bertucci’s Restaurant

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There are a lot of restaurants that claim to have a family-oriented atmosphere, but that's just something that can be hard to achieve for some. However, Bertucci’s Restaurant is definitely a place that's great for families, as it's a place that people of all ages seem to love.

Furthermore, there are a lot of really great, tasty items on the menu. The pizza is awesome, and the other dishes are pretty rich in flavor as well. They even offer some very good desserts, including tiramisu. Apparently, this restaurant is very well liked, as it began with only one location, and now, it has 58 that are spread from Virginia to New England.

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