Renowned Danish Bakery Ole & Steen Opens First US Shop In NYC

Ole and Steen, aka Lagkagehuset, a bread and pastry shop, has opened in Union Square in Manhattan. The renowned Danish bakery, which serves delectable handcrafted cakes, cookies and pastries, also offers breakfast, lunch and dinner, as well as gourmet coffees, teas, juices, beer and wine.

Founded in 1991, in Copenhagen, by Ole Kristofferson and Steen Skallebaek, the company has more than 90 shops in Denmark and the UK, but the Union Square store is the first in North America.

Following in the footsteps of international baked goods chains like Breads, Le Pain Quotidian and Maison Kaiser, Ole and Steen is planning on opening more shops in New York, specifically two in Midtown, where the spaces have already been leased and are under construction.

Most of the baking is done on site in Union Square, though they prepare the long-fermented dough at an outpost in Long Island City. The shop seats 70, both at street level and in a large dining room downstairs. In the front, customers can see all the action, as breads and pastries are stacked in the window by a young and efficient staff.

The menu includes delicacies like the Peanut Pie, a chocolate covered brownie stuffed with peanuts and caramel, the Rugbrød, or Danish rye bread, the Chistianshavner, a fluffy fruit tart, and the Marzipan Slice, which resembles almond cake.

For breakfast, Ole and Steen serves skyr yoghurt pots, porridge, breads and pastries, while for lunch and dinner, guests can enjoy a variety of sandwiches and salads, as well as dishes like chicken meatball stew, brandt beef soup, and herb roasted salmon.

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Located at 873 Broadway in a building originally constructed in 1900, Ole & Steen's flagship New York City location is designed in a sleek Danish style, with Jura grey stone countertops, blackened brass accents, modern light fixtures and comfortable seating.

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The baking industry in the US generates an estimated $153 billion each year. Although consumers are becoming increasingly health-conscious, the demand for baked goods continues to rise. The average per capita consumption in the US stands at 42.7kg in 2019, meaning companies like Ole & Steen should have no problem thriving.

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