Dining With The Stars: 20 Restaurants Even Hardcore Foodies Didn't Know Were Owned By Celebrities

These days it seems that there are a lot of celebrities who are famous for no particular reason at all, hence some people saying that they are famous for being famous. However, there are also some truly talented and accomplished men and women who have done a lot of things.

For example, there are a lot of really skilled actors and actresses out there, as well as dancers and singers. However, sometimes fans can be a bit surprised to find out that they are actually very good at other things as well.

For example, there are quite a few triple threats in Hollywood. One person who is definitely proof of this is actress and singer Jennifer Lopez. She has had a phenomenal acting career. Some of the best films she has starred in are Angel Eyes and Selena.

However, on top of her acting and singing career, she is also a very accomplished dancer. Furthermore, she is a mother as well. There does not seem to be anything Lopez is not good at.

There are actually quite a lot of celebrities that have numerous talents. Additionally, some celebrities have been known to dabble in the restaurant business as well. That is not particularly crazy when comes to the ones who enjoy cooking, but some people might be surprised to find that there are a lot of other famous men and women who have become owners of some pretty awesome restaurants. Here are a few restaurants that are owned by some of our favorite famous people.

20 Tagine

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One might think that a very popular actor or actress would be much too busy to want to get into the food industry. However, that is not exactly true for some of our most loved performers.

A great example is actor Ryan Gosling, who is most famous for starring in the film The Notebook. Gosling does not just appear on the silver screen. Furthermore, he is actually an investor in Tagine, which is a restaurant that is based out of Beverly Hills, California. This restaurant serves food that is inspired by the food in Morocco. Additionally, they also have hookah, and it is a pretty cool spot to just hang out and relax after a long day.

19 The 40/40 Club

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A lot of restaurants have a certain vibe that is uniquely theirs. Some are great places for families to eat, while others have more of a laid back vibe that is mainly enjoyed by adults. But on the other hand, there are also places where many sports fans like to eat as they watch their favorite sporting events on television, and that is where The 40/40 Club comes in.

This restaurant is a sports bar and lounge, and it is owned by rapper Shaun Corey Carter, who is also known as Jay-Z. The name of this place is a reference to Major League Baseball players who have had 40 home runs and 40 stolen bases in one season.

18 Back 40

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Some celebrities are completely new to the restaurant business when they dive into it. However, others seem to be carrying on a family tradition by becoming involved in the food industry, and that is the case for model, actress, and beauty queen Olivia Culpo.

Culpo, along with her father, Peter Culpo, her cousin, Joshua Culpo, and a business partner opened the restaurant Back 40 in Rhode Island. Culpo’s father owns a few bars and restaurants in Boston, and her cousin and business partner own Lulu’s Allston. Back 40 is a restaurant that serves comfort food. For example, one of the dishes they offer is lobster macaroni and cheese.

17 Saints And Sinners

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One of the most famous cities known around the world is New Orleans, Louisiana. There is no place that is quite like New Orleans, as it is a very lively place with an incredibly distinct atmosphere.

This is one place that is loved by a lot of people, and actor Channing Tatum is no exception. The actor owns a restaurant that accurately captures the vibe that some people get when they visit New Orleans, and it is called Saints and Sinners. Furthermore, the restaurant offers dishes that many southerners love. A few things that are on the menu at Saints and Sinners are seafood gumbo, macaroni and cheese, and fried alligator tail.

16 Au Fudge


There are a lot of really great restaurants out there. However, sometimes moms and dads do not get to eat at them as much as they would like because taking your child out can be much harder than it seems.

So, actress Jessica Biel, as well as stylist Estee Stanley, Kimberly Muller, Jonathon Rollo, and Joey Gonzalez opened a restaurant called Au Fudge in 2016. This was meant to be a place where children could have fun while their parents dined on various dishes. Sadly, this awesome restaurant closed its doors two years later. Some of the items on the menu included ribs, salads, and cheeseburgers.

15 NoBu

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Fairytale endings are a big deal in the world of show business, but it turns out that they happen in real life as well. Sometimes fusion restaurants do not turn out to be all that successful, but with the help of actor Robert De Niro, Nobu has actually seen a lot of success.

Though, things were not always so easy for the master sushi chef and co-founder of the restaurant, Nobuyuki Matsuhisa. But, his work has caught the attention of quite a few people, and a lot of people love his restaurant, which features cuisine inspired by the food of Japan and Peru.

14 Joanne Trattoria

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A lot of musicians have captured the hearts of many fans, and one that is certainly not an exception to this is Lady Gaga. The performer, whose real name is Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, is one of the owners of a restaurant named Joanne Trattoria.

Furthermore, she has even served customers that ate there. Additionally, the restaurant is named after her aunt. This restaurant serves a great deal of delicious food. Some of the items on the menu at Joanne Trattoria are sausage, grilled sea scallops in cream sauce, chilled seafood salad, baked stuffed mushrooms, minestrone soup, and arancini alla nonna.

13 Beso


Some restaurants last a very long time. However, there are a lot of places that have a very short run, and there are a lot of reasons as to why that sometimes happens. Some restaurants are unsuccessful simply because they did not bring in enough money, while others close over something else entirely.

Actress Eva Longoria is no stranger to owning an unsuccessful restaurant. Firstly, she owned a restaurant in Las Vegas, but it closed. Then she owned Beso, and it had the same fate as the place she owned beforehand. Many of the things on the menu were inspired by traditional US food.

12 Wahlburgers

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Some famous men and women are the only celebrities in their family. Furthermore, there are also a lot of well known people that are a part of a family where show business and fame seem to be something that many of them share.

That is the case for the Wahlberg family. Actor Mark Wahlberg co-owns the restaurant Wahlburgers. His brothers Donnie and Paul are also co-owners. This restaurant is all about family spending time together and making good memories with one another. Furthermore, they serve some pretty great food. A few of the items on the menu include the double decker burger, the triple decker burger, and a portobello sandwich.

11 The Cutting Room

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There are some restaurants that are just centered around good food, and they hope their customers can create good memories with friends and family. But then again, there are also restaurants that are all about the glitz and glamour of show business, and that seems to be especially true for places that are owned (or co-owned) by celebrities.

One restaurant like that is The Cutting Room, which is co-owned by actor Chris Noth. The Cutting Room serves a lot of delicious items, including burgers and gumbo. Some of the famous people who have performed here are Lady Gaga, John Mayer, and Sting.

10 JBJ Soul Kitchen


A great number of celebrities have done many things to try to combat hunger and poverty. Furthermore, one of the famous individuals who has done a lot to help with this issue is singer Jon Bon Jovi, who has a foundation called the JBJ Soul Foundation.

This foundation is involved in many projects, and one of them is a restaurant, which is called the JBJ Soul Kitchen. This is a restaurant that is like no other, and that is not just because of how awesome the food is. Patrons at this restaurant can choose to donate funds to pay for their meal, or they can volunteer at the restaurant.

9 Little Pine


A lot of people are very involved in protecting animals, and many celebrities have used their status as a public figure to spread awareness about what we can all do to make sure animals are as healthy as possible. Musician Moby is no different, and that is because he owns a restaurant that is very focused on the health and wellbeing of animals.

Firstly, Little Pine is a great spot for those that do not wish to eat meat. It is a primarily vegan restaurant. Secondly, all of the profits the restaurant receives from customers is donated to animal right organizations.

8 Zoom

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Many restaurants have great food, as well as a great atmosphere, and they last a long time. However, there are also some places that stick around for a little while, and then they close their doors, and do not stay open for as many years as other restaurants do.

This is where Zoom comes in. This was a very famous restaurant that seemed to be a hotspot for all the most popular famous men and women to hang out and have good food. Furthermore, this place was owned by actor Robert Redford. However, this restaurant did not see much success. Instead, its’ doors closed in 2017.

7 Bongos Cafe

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Disney World is a fantastic place full of fun things for the entire family to enjoy. However, Disney World is not just fun because of their shows, rides, and shops. Part of what makes Disney World such an amazing place are the restaurants. Furthermore, one of the restaurants that is located there is Bongos Cafe.

This restaurant is owned by singer Gloria Estefan, as well as her husband, Emilio Estefan. Bongos Cafe opened in 1997 at Disney Springs in Orlando, Florida. This establishment currently seats 500 customers, and it has a very family friendly atmosphere to it. Additionally, sometimes this restaurant features live entertainment.

6 The National Underground


Gavin DeGraw is very famous for quite a few reasons. Firstly, he is a well known singer. Secondly, he is also a very talented songwriter.

However, he has some experience in the food industry as well, as he is the co-owner of the restaurant The National Underground. Furthermore, another person that owns this place is DeGraw’s brother, Joey. The National Underground is a place that serves cuisine inspired by food in America. Furthermore, this restaurant has been so successful that there are now multiple locations. The National Underground is centered around food and music, which means that guests are often entertained by live talent.

5 RPM Italia


Nearly everyone loves to chow down on some food that is inspired by the cuisine in Italy. That is where there are a lot of restaurants that look and feel similar to the old country.

However, some places are not very successful at capturing the vibe of Italy. But that is simply not the case for RPM Italia, which is a place that is owned by television personality Giuliana Rancic, as well as her husband Bill Rancic. The dishes at this restaurant are meant to be shared. Furthermore, the menu has a great variety of items, including pastas, meats, and seafood.

4 Cabo Wabo Cantina


There are a lot of men and women who have led some very interesting lives. This is especially true when it comes to famous stars, and one of them is performer Sammy Hagar.

He is quite famous for a lot of reasons. Firstly, he has some pretty great vocal skills. Secondly, he is also really good at playing the guitar, as well as writing songs. Furthermore, he is also pretty famous because of the fact that he owns Cabo Wabo Cantina. However, getting full ownership of it was not an easy task. The restaurant owners faced some struggles, and it was shut down. Hagar bought out his business partners, and then made the place a success again.

3 I Love This Bar & Grill


Some restaurants are named after people, while others are named after places or things. Furthermore, there are some that are named after songs.

One example of a restaurant that is named after a song is I Love This Bar & Grill. Country music star Toby Keith owns this restaurant, and the inspiration for the name of it came from Keith’s song “I Love This Bar.” This restaurant seems to be loved by many people, especially those who are fans of Keith. The place gives off a very fun country vibe, and they serve some pretty tasty meals. Some of the things that are on the menu are cheese fries, steaks, and salads.

2 Do Hwa

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There are a lot of people who realty love Korean food. Furthermore, this type of food seems particularly popular in places like New York and California.

Additionally, there is one Korea-style restaurant that also serves dishes with barbecue sauce. This place is called Do Hwa, and one of its’ investors is director Quentin Tarantino. In fact, Tarantino seems to visit the place fairly often, and a dish he loves to eat there is pork ribs. There are a lot of very good meals here. Some of them are spicy pancakes, dumplings, and stews. There are also some other interesting things on the menu as well.

1 Mermaid Oyster Bar


Zach Braff is famous for quite a few things because he seems to be a very talented person. Braff is most famous for his role on the television show Scrubs, but he has also done some work behind the camera as well.

Along with being an actor, he is also a producer, screenwriter, and director. Furthermore, he is also the owner of a restaurant, which is named Mermaid Oyster Bar. This restaurant has an atmosphere that is very similar to what one feels when they are visiting the beach. This is an especially fun place to go for those who live in New York City because it is a way for New Yorkers to feel as though they are visiting the beach. Furthermore, they have some pretty tasty items on the menu.

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