Shake Shack's Tiramisu Shake Review: Don't Tira-Miss The Newest Shake Flavor

Tiramisu joins the flavors of vanilla, chocolate, caramel, black & white, strawberry, and coffee as Shake Shack’s newest milkshake flavor - available now through the end of January. We gave the new shake a taste, and can confirm that Shake Shack’s Tiramisu shake does in fact do justice to the traditional, coffee-flavored Italian dessert.

The Tiramisu shake blends together all of the ingredients you would expect from the classic dessert, including mascarpone, coffee, and vanilla frozen custard - all of which is hand-spun and available as a malt - topped with a dusting of cocoa powder and crumbled up bits of amaretti cookie.

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You will need a spoon for this shake. It's is so dense that drinking it through a straw warrants a lot of work for little reward, until it melts a little bit. That, however, does not take away from the overall quality of the shake.

The flavor is a near-perfect blend of everything that makes Tiramisu such a beloved dessert. No single ingredient overpowers the others. Each sip (or bite) maintains a consistent taste of coffee, vanilla, and chocolate; the rich, butteriness of the marscapone taking some of the edge off of what could have been an overwhelmingly sweet concoction.

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Although pretty much everything about the shake and its flavor is pretty on point, the shake’s best feature is the crumbled amaretti cookie. They don’t exactly pile on the topping. They don’t need to. The crumbles are small enough so that you get a tiny crunch in nearly every bite (after mixing them into the shake). On that note, it was a pleasant surprise how well the bits of cookie held up long after being submerged in the shake. The crunch remained prominent to the very last gulp.

If you are specifically craving Tiramisu, you will likely get greater satisfaction from eating the real thing. But if you are unable to make it to your favorite Italian restaurant for the decadent dessert, a quick trip to Shake Shack should be adequately able to fill the void.

Shake Shack’s new Tiramisu shake holds up as a solid milkshake-version of the classic dessert. So much so, that it wouldn’t be a surprise if Shake Shack decided to extend the flavor’s availability beyond January, or even making it a permanent addition to the current offering of flavors.

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