Silver Screen Snacks: 20 Recipes Inspired By Our Favorite Movies

The history of film dates back a very long time. In fact, according to the Guinness Book of World Records, the oldest movie is titled Roundhay Garden Scene, and it was made in 1888. Previously, motion photography had already been invented, but this was the first film to actually show consecutive action happening.

The movie was directed by Louis Le Prince. Furthermore, it was very short. The entire film was only a little over two seconds long.

Since then, filmmaking has come a long way. It's hard to imagine how different life would be if we didn't have movies to watch. Not only do they show us scenery that's engaging and fascinating storylines, but they also usually provide some very relatable characters, which makes movies feel all the more realistic.

However, one of the greatest things movies tend to do has nothing to do with any of that at all. Some films are really great at bringing people together, especially if there's something in the film that they really love, as films give people a shared common ground that helps them build friendships.

Something else that tends to bring people together is food, which is likely because it's something we all enjoy. Furthermore, sometimes, movies can be responsible for bringing their viewers’ attention to some truly awesome recipes that they may not have thought about otherwise. Additionally, some movies have been so great that fans have created delicious dishes that are inspired by the story of the film. Here are just a few of those recipes that we think would translate perfectly from the silver screen to your plate.

20 Oscar-Worthy Huevos Rancheros From Wolf Of Wall Street

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The Wolf Of Wall Street is a movie that was based on real life. The movie, which starred quite a few top-notch actors and actresses, was inspired by real events.

It was a very popular film, and there's even a dish that was inspired by the movie. Fans of The Wolf Of Wall Street will surely enjoy hangover huevos rancheros. The salsa is very easy to make, as it's just a simple mix of tomatoes, garlic, red onion, cilantro, salt, and jalapeno. The rest of it is made with flour, water, salt, eggs, vegetable oil, refried beans, and avocado. Having a hangover is no fun, but this recipe makes it easier to deal with.

19 Try Tiana's Famous Beignets From The Princess And The Frog

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Ratatouille is not the only film Disney has made that features a lead character who has a passion for food and cooking. Tiana, the main character in The Princess and the Frog, loves to cook, and she dreams of opening up her own restaurant someday in the future. The film takes place in New Orleans, Louisiana; and as expected, it contains a lot of references to the southern culture.

One southern food that's a part of the movie is beignets. Typically, these are soft, sweet treats that are topped with a lot of powdered sugar. Fans of The Princess and the Frog can now make Tiana’s famous beignets in their own homes.

18 Pulp Fiction Brought Us The Big Kahuna Burger

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Director Quentin Tarantino has certainly left his mark in the filmmaking business. One of his greatest cinematic masterpieces is Pulp Fiction, starring John Travolta and Samuel L. Jackson.

The movie is known for the great cast and writing. But it's also known for the food that's talked about in it, such as the big kahuna burger, and the five-dollar milkshake. Now, fans can actually make the burger. Some of the ingredients in this tasty burger include a pineapple, red onion, Monterey Jack cheese, and a King’s Hawaiian roll. Those who wish to enjoy this burger the next time they sit down to watch Pulp Fiction can find the full recipe here.

17 Frozen Hot Chocolate You Won't Want To Let Go

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Disney has made a lot of classic movies that are enjoyed by children all around the world. One of the most recent Disney films that have captured the hearts of many fans is Frozen.

Now, parents and children alike can enjoy a delicious hot chocolate recipe inspired by the movie. To make this chocolatey delight, all you need is sugar, blue food coloring, milk (or half and half), and some white chocolate chips. Additionally, there's something else that can be added to it to enhance the sweet taste. Many people who drink hot chocolate like to add some whipped cream on top of it.

16 You Be The Critic Of Ratatouille A La Remy

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There are a lot of very unique children’s movies out there, and Ratatouille is definitely one of the best ones. The film is about a rat named "Remy," who develops a friendship with a human named "Alfredo Linguini."

The main of the movie is ratatouille, and that particular version of it was made by Chef Thomas Keller. These days, fans can enjoy ‘Ratatouille A La Remy,” which is inspired by the film. This dish has a lot of ingredients that are rich in taste, such as tomatoes, bell peppers, onions, garlic, thyme, zucchini, and eggplant. After the entire thing is put together, it's topped with a vinaigrette.

15 Lady And The Tramp Spaghetti Is Perfect For Date Night

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There are a lot of very memorable scenes from numerous Disney films. Lady and the Tramp is a classic film altogether, but perhaps the best scene in the entire movie is the one that involves spaghetti. It seems as though that's the one scene everyone pictures in his or her mind when this film is mentioned.

Since the spaghetti scene is the most famous part of Lady and the Tramp, a perfect meal to eat while watching it is this simple baked spaghetti dish. This is different from some spaghetti dishes, as it includes a few different kinds of cheese as well as sour cream.

14 Slime Popcorn Makes Us Wanna Call Ghostbusters

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The 1980s brought us a lot of great things, including classic movies we all know and love. The original Ghostbusters film, as well as the sequel to it, are a couple of the best things to come from that decade.

Fans of the Ghostbusters film series can now have a cool, movie-themed snack next time they sit down to watch these classic movies. After all, ecto slime popcorn sounds pretty awesome. Furthermore, children can even participate in making this fun snack. All that’s needed is white chocolate chips, popcorn, green food dye, and milk. Also, cream can be used instead of milk.

13 Anybody Will Be your Guest If You Serve Cheese Soufflé

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There are a lot of very well-liked cartoons that are considered classics by children and adults alike. Beauty and the Beast is one of them, and now, there's even a recipe inspired by the classic fairytale. One fan created a cheese soufflé in honor of this movie.

To some, a soufflé may seem a bit intimidating, especially for those of us who haven't made one before. However, it's not an impossible thing to do. Furthermore, one of the key parts to creating this yummy meal is making sure there's nothing that may disturb the food from rising during the time it spends in the oven. This particular one should rise about five inches, and then fall just a bit after it comes out, which is totally normal.

12 Snowcones From Monsters, Inc. Aren't Abominable


There are a lot of sweet treats out there that are easy for anyone to make. On the other hand, there are also some that require an extra piece of equipment or two, and this is where Lemon Snow Cones come in.

The film that inspired these cool treats is Monsters, Inc. These snow cones are especially great during summertime, as they're a good way to cool off. One of the things that are needed in order to make these snow cones is a snow cone machine. They also require lemon juice, sugar, ice, corn syrup, yellow food coloring, and water.

11 Break Bread With Katniss from The Hunger Games


There have been a lot of truly great books that were turned into movies. The Hunger Games is a great book series as well as a great movie series.

Now, fans of the books and films can create a little piece of the story in their own kitchens. In the first book, Katniss Everdeen receives bread as a gift from District 11. All that's needed to create the bread inspired by the book is flour, honey, milk, yeast, poppy seeds, an egg, sugar, and extra virgin olive oil. The honey and sugar make this bread an extra sweet treat to enjoy.

10 You Don't Need To Be Brave To Make These Empire Biscuits

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Pixar has been involved in the creation of a lot of great animated films. One of them is the cartoon Brave. In it, there's a scene where three of the characters are feasting on a delicious-looking treat, and it turns out that treat is called an "Empire Biscuit."

Essentially, this dish consists of two shortbread cookies, which are stacked on top of one another and with some type of jam in between them. Afterward, white icing is put on the top, and then a cherry is placed on top of that. These biscuits are an awesome treat to have while watching Brave.

9 The Exorcist Pea Soup That Won't Make You Hurl

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Typically, horror films with gross scenes don't make fans think about food. However, it can be hard not to think about pea soup while watching The Exorcist.

During the filming of The Exorcist, it was difficult to find the right thing to use in the scene where Regan vomits. Pea soup, however, seemed to be what they needed, and it was also pretty cheap. Little did they know that pea soup would become such a famous dish after the movie was released. In fact, there's a recipe for pea soup that was inspired by the film. Carrots, celery, and of course, peas, are some of the ingredients in this unique culinary creation.

8 Mushu's Breakfast Will Make A Man Out Of You

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Mulan is an extremely powerful animated film. The lead character is a strong, independent woman who takes her father’s place when he's needed in battle.

However, even the toughest men and women need to make sure they eat good food in order to keep up their strength and good health. Mushu, who's voiced by actor Eddie Murphy, keeps this in mind when he serves her breakfast. Though the meal in the movie is rice, eggs, and bacon, this can also be turned into a dessert that's made of pudding, sugar, and candy. This recipe is a very interesting and creative creation.

7 Skip The Apple And Make This Gooseberry Pie From Snow White 

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Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs has been a classic fairytale for quite some time. Now,  fans can try a recipe that's inspired by the animated film.

This Gooseberry pie recipe is perfect for special occasions, such as Disney-themed birthday parties, holidays, or other special occasions. However, gooseberries can be very sweet, so the amount of sugar in each pie may vary depending on how sweet the person making it wants it to be. The recipe is fairly simple. Some of the ingredients required for this deliciously sweet treat are cape gooseberries, an egg, lemon zest, butter, flour, and salt.

6 Master The Art Of French Cooking With Julie & Julia's Boeuf Bourguignon

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There are a lot of movies about those who have a passion for cooking delicious food. However, one of the best ones is actually a true story that's about Chef Julia Child as well as one woman’s quest to try cooking all 524 recipes that are featured in Child’s book Mastering the Art of French Cooking.

One of the dishes that fans of the film love to make is boeuf bourguignon. Like numerous other dishes, part of what makes this one so interesting is that there are actually a lot of different ways in which it can be made. One awesome thing about this dish is that it actually tastes even better when it's reheated.

5 Fried Green Tomato Grilled Cheese As Good As The Whistle Stop Cafe

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Fried Green Tomatoes have a pretty distinct taste and texture. They're quite delicious, so it's easy to see how fans of the film Fried Green Tomatoes would be inspired to make a dish with that actual ingredient in it.

This dish is perfect for those who wish to taste a fried green tomato, which is seasoned with cracked pepper and placed between two very crunchy slices of thick bread. The addition of pepper jack cheese doesn’t hurt either. Other ingredients that make this a delicious meal are eggs, oil, flour, and breadcrumbs. Butter also adds another layer of rich flavor to it as well.

4 No Reservations Required To Try These Scallops With Saffron

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When a movie is about two top-notch chefs, naturally, there's going to be a lot of food mentioned in it. This is the case for No Reservations, a film that stars actress Catherine Zeta-Jones and actor Aaron Eckhart. Furthermore, this movie is a remake of Mostly Martha, which is a slightly more intense German film.

This film includes a lot of interesting dishes to try. One of them is scallops with saffron sauce. Once fans try that amazing recipe, which includes oregano, lemon pepper, fresh parsley, and minced shallots, among many other things, they'll no doubt want to try the other meals that are shown in No Reservations.

3 Chocolat-Inspired Truffles Serve Up Drama


Two great ingredients for a fantastic film are drama and romance. The movie Chocolat, which stars actor Johnny Depp and actress Juliette Binoche, is rich in both of those, which is part of what makes it so good. But it's also rich in one other thing: chocolate.

So, there's a recipe that was inspired by this movie. There isn't a better way to celebrate the greatness of Chocolat than to make chocolate truffles to snack on while viewing it. The recipe for these truffles is quite simple. Some of the ingredients are bittersweet chocolate, cocoa powder, and vanilla.

2 Wall-E's Twinkies Aren't The End Of The World

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Wall-E almost instantly became a classic film after it was released. In the film, the lead character has a friend and a pet that's a roach. The roach is a fan of Twinkies, which is likely a reference to the old joke that the only things that will be left when the world ends are roaches and twinkies.

So, naturally, there's now a recipe for Twinkies that was inspired by Wall-E. Twinkies are incredibly fluffy, which means that this recipe requires quite a few eggs. More specifically, this Twinkie recipe requires five large eggs, three large egg whites, and a cup of cake flour to achieve the fluffiness Twinkies tend to have.

1 The Force Will Be With These Princess Leia Cupcakes

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The list of iconic women in cinematic history is a pretty long one. One of the actresses who've had a huge influence on moviegoers is Carrie Fisher, who's most known for her role as Princess (and General) Leia Organa in the Star Wars films.

However, Fisher also has inspired bakers as well. Fans who wish to bake something inspired by Star Wars will like these tasty cupcakes that look like Princess Leia. Firstly, place a layer of cream cheese frosting on the top of the cupcake. Then all you'll need to finish creating the Princess Leia look is black icing, heart-shaped sprinkles, and Oreos. The Oreos are for the hair buns at the sides of her face, and the heart-shaped sprinkles are what are used to create her mouth. These are perfect for any sci-fi-themed party.

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