10 Snacks From The 90s We Would All Still Buy Today (And 10 That Need To Stay In The Past)

Fruit Roll-Ups and Fun Dip. Dunkaroos and Butterfinger. Pizza Pocket and Pizza Bagels. How nostalgic are you feeling right about now? For those that lived through the 90s, you are likely well aware when it comes to all of these memorable snacks. Some, were a onetime only type of food while others, we devoured with ease for years and years.

The true legends of the 90s managed to stand the test of time. The likes of cheese strings and Welch’s fruit snacks are still in existence today. However, for the most part, lots of those former legends failed into oblivion, especially in the 2000s when the times were changing. Given how competitive the snack market is, items come and go every day, no matter how popular they once were.

In this article, we separate these 90s legends into snacks we loved and would still buy today, along with snacks that we would rather keep in the past. The irony here, is that most snacks can still be purchased today. Even if they don’t exist at local retailers, the likes of Amazon and other online platforms helped to keep these products afloat during their rockier times.

From Dino Buddies to Warheads, let’s take a look at 20 of the most memorable snacks from the 90s. We’ll split the list with those we would keep buying today along with the other side that we wouldn’t mind if they disappeared altogether. Enjoy folks and like always, be sure to share the article. Let’s begin!

20 Still Buy - Cheese Strings

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Some 90s enthusiasts referred to this as Cheese Strings while others simply referred to this food as String Cheese. Nonetheless, it wasn’t created in the 90s but instead, back in the mid-70s by a duo named Frank Baker and Jeb Cubbs.

They created an excellent product that was not only fun to eat but an easy way for kids to get in that calcium. While some went right in and took a bite out of the long cheese, others preferred to string it away! Remarkably, this item can still be found today at various retailers including Walmart.

19 Stay In The Past – Sunny Delight

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Who can forget the girl that drank so much Sunny D that she turned orange? According to BBC, because of that controversy, Sunny D sales plummeted and for the most part, they did not recover overseas despite various attempts.

Controversy aside, Sunny D has a weird history with some people loving the product, while others were fair to state that it was way too sweet. Nonetheless, it is still relevant in the US to this day – though some would have wished the opposite. To their credit, the new format is a lot more calorie friendly, according to Fox News.

18 Still Buy - Dunkaroos

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Dipping that cookie into the icing, man was it ever tasty. This became a staple lunch snack for so many children back in the 90s. Unfortunately, the snack was discontinued in 2012. It created an outrage that is still felt today.

Earlier in the year, consumers started a Twitter trend to make these delicious snacks return. Unfortunately, General Mills sent out a statement that this wasn’t going to take place. Nonetheless, Walmart went ahead and launched a similar product. Called Dunk N’ Crunch, according to Delish, the snack food sold out very quickly!

17 Stay In The Past - Butterfinger Bar

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Although the candy bar made it big in the 90s thanks to Nestle, it was actually first introduced in the early 1920s back in Chicago. Thanks to wise marketing help from the likes of The Simpsons, the bar enjoyed quite the boom. In 2010, the bar hit a near $600 million in sales, ranking it just out of the top ten amongst its other candy bar rivals.

Some might argue that the bar’s success had a lot to do with wise marketing more than anything else. When look back on some of the best tasting candy bars from the 90s, does Butterfinger really rank in your top ten? Probably not.

16 Still Buy - Lunchables

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Ah yes, who can forget Lunchables, a personal favorite of Eminem's! Why pack a lunch when this was a perfect alternative. It was kind of like a DIY product, it launched in the late 80s and by the 90s, it became a force to reckoned with.

It has a polarizing legacy, as some critique the snack for being too fattening while containing large amounts of sodium and sugar. To their credit, in 2007, Lunchables switched things up creating a more calorically friendly version of their product with the same fun and great taste.

15 Stay In The Past - Bagel Bites

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“Pizza in the morning, Pizza in the evenin', Pizza at suppertime! When pizza's on a bagel, You can eat pizza anytime!”

That was the clever marketing campaign used back in the 90s. Bagel Bites tried to promote the fact that it was socially acceptable to eat pizza at any time of the day. In that statement alone, it is easy to understand why some people might suggest leaving this item in the past!

However, to their credit, it continues on as a frozen food item. This, despite the fact that it contains 33 grams of carbohydrates per four little pizza bagels.

14 Still Buy - Rainbow Colored Fruit Roll-Ups

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Putting the sugar and carbohydrates aside, Fruit Roll-Up was one of the most memorable snacks for 90s kids. No matter what the flavor was, we got a kick out of them every time. It first launched in the early 80s and by the 90s, it had became a monster thanks to General Mills and Betty Crocker.

Surprisingly, the company went under fire in 2011 due to false marketing. The fruit part was misleading and so were some of the packaging claims. Because of that, they changed up the product in 2014.

13 Stay In The Past - Push Pop

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What’s better than a Push Pop? Try the Triple Power Push Pop! Oh yes, this became a trend amongst the youth back in the 90s. Not only was a Push Pop dirt cheap but it was also so darn tasty. It was so easy to find as well whether it be at a Dollar Tree or Walmart.

Down the line, not even the new Spring-Loaded Jumbo version or the Pump Spray could have saved this item. By 2000, it was trending downwards and soon enough, it was completely discontinued. Similar products do exist such as the Ring Pop. Nonetheless, consumers aren’t campaigning for its return.

12 Still Buy - Welch’s Fruit Snacks

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Fruit snacks became a big hit during the 90s. You know a product is good when it is still easily accessible to this day. That’s the case with Welch fruit snacks, a snack food that can be found just about anywhere whether it be Costco or Walmart.

Surprisingly, it is also a favorite snack for those that enjoy lifting. Welch’s can be used as a quick fuel source providing straight carbohydrates and sugar prior to a workout. Who said this snack is limited to kids only! Maybe that’s way it lasted so long!

11 Stay In The Past - Fun Dip

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For those that can’t tolerate sugar, Fun Dip was like a nightmare candy. It featured a sugar stick that was meant to dip into the sugar. It was like dipping ice cream into ice cream.... It came in lots of different flavors and when Nestle took over, the product really hit a boom in the 90s.

Although children loved the product, it is obvious that in this day and age such a candy snack really wouldn’t last, if only because of the high sugar content. According to Economy Candy, that eventually caught up with Fun Dip as the product was discontinued due to its high sugar content.

10 Still Buy - 3D Doritos

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The chip food market is ultra competitive. Over the years, we’ve seen so many chip companies come and go, that’s just the nature of the market. We saw a lot of examples back in the 90s, 3D Doritos became a massive hit amongst the consumers. From the odd shape to the taste, this snack food had everything going for it. Unfortunately, the momentum subsided entering the 2000s and it was later discontinued.

To Doritos’ credit, they listened to the consumer and launched a brief return of the chips back in 2014.

9 Stay In The Past - Dino Buddies

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It seems like Dino Buddies have been around forever. As a way for kids to up their protein source, consumers wisely packaged the nuggets into dinosaur shapes. The result was a yummy tasting nugget and heck, on that was fun to look at.

However, let’s be honest, they were pretty thick and really not that healthy, like at all. According to wral.com, they were recently recalled. However, the brand of Dino Buddies somehow marches on, still available at the likes of Walmart!

8 Still Buy - Rice Krispies Squares

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It was invented in the 1930s. Finally, in the mid-90s, Kellogg’s decided to make treats out of these yummy snacks. With the use of the rice krispies along with butter or margarine and the marshmallows - it created the awesome treat we devoured throughout the 90s.

It still exists today at the big box retail stores. The item is also easy to make as a DIY product for those rainy days. This is one of those products that’ll continue to stay relevant no matter what year it is.

7 Stay In The Past - Planters Cheez Balls

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Seems like these Cheez Balls had a greater fan base than most knew about. They were a major hit in the 90s however they were eventually discontinued. Fans wouldn’t let that decision go. According to the UK Business Insider, supporters petitioned for the balls to return for 12 years! Now that’s some dedicated supporters.

They were discontinued in 2006 and are now back on the market at selected Walmart stores and Amazon. Some might disagree with all the fuss opting to leave this snack in the past. But don’t tell that to the loyal Planters nation!

6 Still Buy - Warheads

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If you haven’t done so just yet, please, give an adult eating five Warheads at a time a click on YouTube. Clearly, the brand is still alive and well!

Imported to the US in the 90s, the brand made a name for itself due to the sourness of the product. It kind of became like a dare to eat a Warhead due to the heavy sourness. Parents hated them while children loved them. By the end of the 90s, the company was hitting a boom. By 1999, the brand had a worth of $40 million!

5 Stay In The Past - Fruitopia

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Speaking of overly sweetened products, we now turn to Fruitopia, a sought after beverage from the 90s. Introduced thanks to the Coca-Cola company, Fruitopia made a serious pitch during 1994. Instead of going after the little minions - teens and young adults were there target audience – looking back, that might have been a big mistake but let’s digress.

The company boomed far too quickly in the US. They had great sales in the mind-90s but of those numbers would later start to dwindle in the early 2000s. By 2003, it was discontinued in most US areas. Given the highly competitive juice market, fans of the drink can easily get an alternative drink these days.

4 Still Buy – Pizza Pockets

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Putting the 250 calories and 11 grams of fat aside, Pizza Pockets became a huge hit in the 90s especially among those north of the boarder. We saw lots of similar frozen products during that time such as Hot Pockets and Pizza Pops. However, this McCain treat was just in a class of its own.

A booming hit in the 90s, it still exists today despite the new health craze - that’s an accomplishment on its own. Don’t forget, they’re so easy to make. Just stick them in the microwave for a couple of seconds and boom, they’re ready to go!

3 Stay In The Past - Ritz Cheese ‘N Cracker Dip

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This was another DIY product that made the rounds back in the 90s. Some enjoyed spreading the cheese on top of the crackers while others just dove into the cheese with that mini red stick. Which were you?

As the years went along, the DIY concept started to subside and so did these crackers. The sticks were much easier to dip and there was no need for that plastic red stick. These days, the actual cracker dip can be found online via the likes Amazon. The sticks themselves are a lot easier to find at retailers like Walmart.

2 Still Buy - Pop-Tarts

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Legends come and go. However, the true legends seem to live forever. That seems to be the case with the Kellogg’s Pop Tarts. In 2018, they’re still relevant whether it be in their pure format, or frosted to put in a microwave or toaster.

They were first introduced in 1964. The pastries would reach global fame in the 90s. They went through bumpier roads outside of Canada and the US in places like Australia. Nonetheless, the need for Pop Tarts is still alive and well!

1 Stay In The Past - Jos Louis

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A product similar to May West, Jos Louis was the complete package both on the outside and inside. It had a yummy chocolate base along with containing a brilliant vanilla taste on the inside once you bite into it. All you needed was a glass of milk and you were golden!

The first Jos Louis was actually made in the 1930s believe it or not. Talk about longevity, the product still exists sporadically these days in a couple of retailers. The only reason we’d keep this item in the past is due to its heavy calories. Just one Jos Louis contains 51 carbs and 18 grams of fat, according to My Fitness Pal. That’s way too much.

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