12 Soda Flavors So Gross We'd Rather Drink Water, And 12 We Need To Try Asap

Soda is one of those beverages that bring lots of joy to lots of people. We drink water because we have to, anything other than milk tastes weird in cereal, but soda is one of the few things that we drink solely for the pleasure.

Because soda is a pleasurable drink humanity will forever be experimenting with the recipes, tweaking flavors, and trying to find ways to produce even more pleasure from a simple beverage. Over the years this experimentation has resulted in a solid list of flavors everyone enjoys and have become staples in our lives.

While we’re content sipping our go-to flavors like cola, lemon-lime, root beer, and cream there’s still an entire industry of companies churning out new flavors and experimenting with bold ideas. Some have produced some great ideas like Code Red Mountain Dew or Vanilla Coke. Others were fleeting failures that have been lost to oblivion.

Yet right now there are dozens of flavors that could be the next go-to soda in our lives, flavors that could bring immense joy for their bold and exciting flavors and are sitting idly on store shelves. While others are pernicious traps, waiting for a curious soda connoisseur to put down good money for a nauseating experience.

So, here’s our list to help you navigate those treacherous waters; soda flavors to try asap and soda flavors that you’re probably better off drinking water.

24 Rather Drink Water: Bacon

via K99.com

Like Coffee this one is bound to raise some protests, yet we recommend taking our advice and not trusting someone who uses bacon flavored lip gloss and give this soda flavor a pass. A result of the bacon craze that swept America this soda flavor is one of the holdouts that tells us someone, somewhere is still drinking this monstrosity.

Bacon is meant to be warm off the skillet, with a crispy texture, and eaten with various breakfast foods or other meats. You don’t want to drink a carbonated beverage and get a strong meaty flavor, you just don’t.

23 Need To Try ASAP: Caramel Apple

via Five Star Soda

While this soda flavor may sound like an explosion of sugar for some, if you think about just the flavor and ignore the health effects it sounds like a potentially good soda. The apple would provide a strong sour kick of fruity flavor that would be tempered by the caramel.

There are a number of different companies that offer this flavor, some companies like Jones have it as a Halloween special edition so you may be waiting till October to try it. But it might be worth the wait.

22 Rather Drink Water: Curry

via Pinterest

Yes, you most definitely read that right. There is a flavor of soda in the world that is meant to replicate the savory, sweet, earthy flavor of curry. There’s no telling if the soda was meant to taste similar to red, green or yellow curry, but rest assured that whichever one it’s supposed to be it still won’t taste good.

Curry food tastes absolutely amazing, but there is no way we could ever see curry soda as being a staple at meal time or a treat on its own. This soda if you’re interested is sold almost exclusively in Japan.

21 Need To Try ASAP: Chocolate

via The Soda Jerks

Chocolate has been a popular flavoring in many different sodas, Chocolate Coke, Chocolate Dr. Pepper, and Chocolate Root Beer are the standouts. Considering it makes for such a good burst of flavor in those drinks it’s possible that it might do well on its own.

There are lots of companies here in the United States and abroad that offer Chocolate sodas so a trip to a specialty soda store or a quick purchase online can give you a chance to try it. Who knows it might even be the next go-to soda when making ice cream floats.

20 Rather Drink Water: Ranch Dressing

via The Pizzle.com

There are plenty of ranch fans who put what was intended as a salad dressing on things that are most definitely not salad. Some things are ok, like spicy buffalo wings, and others are not, like pizza. Yet turning ranch dressing into a soda flavor is most definitely not ok.

If you really want to try this flavor Lester’s Fixins has it for sale, they also have a buffalo wing flavored soda so maybe the two would go pretty well together, though it’s very, very doubtful.

19 Need To Try ASAP: Blackberry

via Taste Inspired Blog

Like blueberry, blackberry is included in a number of different desserts and sweets things so imagining it as a flavor of soda isn’t too much of a stretch. Granted blackberries are a little tart and outright sour for some, so maybe cutting this with another flavor like cream would be good.

For those interested in trying blackberry soda Izze and Stewarts offer a blackberry flavor and there’s a few that offer blackberry pie and blackberry with cream. Like some others on this list, this would probably be good as a float too.

18 Rather Drink Water: Pickle Juice

via Youtube

We all have that uncle who attributes his health to drinking pickle juice straight from the jar, but even he would probably hesitate to give this soda flavor a try. With a sickly green hue and a vinegary odor this drink is sure to cleanse both palates and stomachs.

Some people swear by this soda’s medicinal properties saying it helps with muscle cramps, but we can think of many, many other solutions to this problem that doesn’t have you guzzling down carbonated pickle juice. If you want a refreshing briny drink you can find it online at places like the Soda Emporium.

17 Need To Try ASAP: Mango

via Jarritos.ca

A different soda flavor that everyone needs to go out and try, Mango is another exotic flavor that goes great as a soda. It’s definitely sweet with a hint of tang that makes you wonder why it isn’t more common in the United States.

Lots of companies produce this soda routinely which suggests there is a loyal following. Companies like Fanta or the Mexico based Jarritos are considered the best ones and the flavor is often found in most stores. Really it is, tear your eyes away from the main soda flavors and take a look at the others on the shelves sometime, you’ll be surprised what you can find.

16 Rather Drink Water: Black Garlic

via The Daily Meal.com

Not only will this kill vampires, it’s also good at killing appetites. This bizarre soda flavor comes exclusively from the land of Switzerland and is described as having all of the flavor and none of the scent.

While it’s fortunate this soda flavor isn’t giving anyone garlic breath we do believe the popularity of this soda is based on the adage that if something tastes good it must be bad for you and if it tastes bad it must be good for you. In fact, many people swear by the medicinal benefits of this soda and you can buy it from certain online health shops, because that's where you want to buy your next soda from.

15 Need To Try ASAP: Watermelon

via Flickr

Almost everyone will have a childhood memory of biting into a big ole slice of watermelon on a hot summer day. For those who didn’t like getting sticky faces or spitting seeds this soda flavor would probably deliver that same crisp refreshing taste.

Considering watermelon juice tastes incredible and watermelon flavored anything is pretty good it’s safe to bet this soda would be very refreshing. Ramune from Japan, Rocket Fizz in the US and a number of other soda companies offer this flavor for sale.

14 Rather Drink Water: Onion

via Reddit

This drink could also belong on the list of beverages most likely to make you cry. Onion seems like a terrible idea for a soda flavor even if your name is Stanley Yelnats. There are people who claim it has great medicinal value, but it's telling that they never comment on the taste.

If you’re willing to travel to South Korea you can apparently get it there where it has a small following. In fact you can find lots of onion based drinks in South Korea.

13 Need To Try ASAP: Tropical Banana

via Eric's Soda Swap

Banana is a polarizing flavor to be sure, some people think banana taffy is absolutely amazing and others make fun of them. We’re going to include it on the list because tropical banana sounds like a wonderful exotic drink and so many people have recommended it.

Youtubers, soda connoisseurs, and lots of people in Honduras where the soda is made, rave about how wonderful it tastes. Some describe it as a slightly fruity drink while others put it next to the cream sodas in flavor. Either way you slice it, tropical banana sounds like an interesting flavor that we definitely want to try.

12 Rather Drink Water: White Fungus Bird’s Nest

via S. Bonde Travels.com

The only reason this isn’t considered the worst soda on this list is because we have absolutely no idea what this should taste like. It’s also spared the title as worst because some people supposedly like bird’s nest soup, which is literally made from nests made out of bird saliva and considered a delicacy.

We don’t know if it’s bitter, sour, salty, or dare we say creamy, but there couldn’t be a soda with a less appetizing name. Thankfully this soda flavor is found only in Vietnam where bird’s nest soup is considered a delicacy, so if anywhere has fans of this soda it would be there.

11 Need To Try ASAP: Cheerwine

via Reddit

This wonderful tasting soda is found mainly on the east coast in North Carolina where the stuff was invented and currently produced. It’s a wonderful tasting soda made from cherries that many compare to red cream soda with a kick.

It’s incredible that this hasn’t gained more steam in the United States considering the company producing it has been around since the early 1900’s, but it is found in a few stores nation wide and everywhere in North Carolina if you want to try it.

10 Rather Drink Water: Coffee

via Thirsty Dudes

Given how popular coffee is with some people this is probably going to be a controversial entry on this list, but we’re comfortable putting it here because of how many things are wrong with making coffee a soda flavor. Most people don’t drink straight coffee cold and carbonating a cup of joe just seems like a bad idea, not to mention this would just be flavoring so you wouldn’t get that kick in the mornings like you would from regular coffee.

Maybe you could add some cream, warm it up in the microwave and declare through a grimace that it’s the best soda flavor in the world, but we won’t put you through that.

9 Need To Try ASAP: Blueberry

via Atlantic Brewing Shop.com

Blueberry should be a fun soda to try given how good blueberries are on anything even remotely sweet, like blueberry pie or scooped over vanilla ice cream. It’s possible that putting blueberries in a sweet carbonated drink could taste very good.

There’s a handful of countries like Ireland and Japan that have blueberry flavored soda and some states even offer their own like Maine and Montana. Even Shaq thought it would make a great soda and offers a blueberry cream flavor in his signature sodas.

8 Rather Drink Water: Strawberry Milk Pepsi

via Wikimedia Commons

We can see the intent with this flavor of soda. Strawberry soda is a very good, fruity drink and milk has the potential to temper the more citrusy burst in the strawberry to make it a mild and creamy soda. The problem is that there’s no way to think about this flavor without picturing a glass of milk bubbling like a tar pit from the carbonation.

It’s possible we could be wrong and this would make a great drink. To find out you’ll have to get it from Japan where Pepsi released their Pepsi Pink, if it’s no longer being produced by Pepsi then Japan is still probably your best bet to find something similar. Just try not to think about milk bubbling when you try it.

7 Need To Try ASAP: Passionfruit

via A Review A Day

Its hard to go wrong making a fruity soda flavor and passionfruit seems like it would be a good one. The sweet tart flavor would make a glass of passionfruit soda an exotic drink that belongs in the hands of someone on vacation on a beach somewhere.

There are many companies that have produced this flavor and Fanta even released it’s own passionfruit flavor for a time. It’s supposed to be a popular flavor in Mexico which makes the whole 'glass of this on the beach scenario' a definite possibility.

6 Rather Drink Water: Grass

via Youtube

Lots of people blame the disgusting flavor craze on Harry Potter for inspiring the creation of jelly beans of every flavor that made other companies start diving into the novelty with their own products. Others blame Youtubers who’ve made a living trying weird and disgusting things and then convinced their fans to do the same.

Whatever the case there’s a company in Malaysia, and others no doubt, that offer grass flavored soda. Maybe some hardcore vegans, or possibly Bronies trying to get in touch with their favorite pony characters would like this, but everyone else should just stay away.

5 Need To Try ASAP: Strawberry and Banana

via Deskgram.com

Given how good strawberry flavored soda tastes and that strawberry and banana flavored anything tends to be pretty good, we’d imagine that strawberry and banana soda would be delicious as well. Some might be nervous about the presence of banana in soda, but the citrus burst of strawberry is likely to quell the banana’s flavor.

This flavor is hard to find, but Saborsazo has it online and they also have other interesting fruity soda that would be fun to try. Or you could try mixing banana flavored soda and strawberry soda together, both of which are pretty easy to find.

4 Rather Drink Water: Pumpkin Pie

via Pie Fair Lady

Nothing says the holidays like pumpkin pie and nothing says instant gag reflex like pumpkin pie flavored soda. It’s a feat of food engineering that someone was able to reproduce the pumpkin pie flavor artificially in a soda, but like Dr. Ian Malcolm in Jurassic Park says, “Your scientists were so preoccupied with whether or not they could, they didn’t stop to think if they should!”

Lester’s Fixins offers the pumpkin pie soda for sale if you want to try it, but be warned that no amount of whip cream is going to make it taste even remotely good.

3 Need To Try ASAP: Strawberries and Cream

via Pinterest

Strawberries have made an appearance on this list before and it’s because it’s so good as a soda flavor, the only thing that beats straight strawberry soda is when it’s mixed with cream. This soda flavor sold by Melba’s Fixins, she’s the good one and Lester’s the bad one, was supposed to replicate strawberry and cream pie, but fans are glad she didn’t push too hard to get that crust flavor in there and ended up with a creamy fruity drink instead.

We can’t imagine these ever replacing the real thing, but it sounds like an absolute divine drink to try.

2 Rather Drink Water: Salty Watermelon

via Dr. Hato Blog

You might be tempted to think this drink would be alright given there’s watermelon, but the fact that it’s salty makes us second guess this idea. Salted watermelons are a polarizing snack in the first place, let alone carbonated and put into drinkable form.

This flavor is supposed to have done pretty well in Japan when Pepsi gave it a shot there. It’s unclear if Pepsi still produces it, but there are some local knockoffs that are supposed to be very similar. It’s said to be a refreshing summer drink and while it’s understandable that this would be good for the summer, we have beef with the claim that it’s refreshing and a drink.

1 Need To Try ASAP: Pomegranate

via Melbourne Soda Review.com

Given how many pomegranate drinks exist that are beloved by many it’s likely a pomegranate soda would be just as good. In fact, given that they taste a lot like cranberries, which is already in many popular sodas, we’re confident putting this on here as a must try flavor.

Hansen’s has a pure pomegranate soda and even Martha Stewart has her own homemade recipe for the stuff. If you’re not interested in straight pomegranate then Canada Dry has a refreshing Cherry seltzer blend. The only hesitation we would have with this flavor is if it included the seeds.

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