Spice Up The Celebration: 20 Brand New Festive Treats To Try This Year

Christmas is so near yet and you are running behind with baking the Christmas cookies? Don’t worry! Here’s a list of 20 assorted cookies and candies to add a little unexpected festive cheer to your Christmas dessert table.

Different people from different countries celebrate Christmas in many different ways, but they all have one thing in common: the food on the table has to be abundant and diverse, with cookies leading the way. The baking fever is coming to a boiling point, and I am sure you have all prepared your to-bake list of all-time favorite cookies. But how about giving your Christmas menu a boost of freshness by introducing some new “guests”? It is true that tradition keeps the Christmas spirit, but novelties can make your originality and creativity shine bright! Agree? Well, keep reading, ‘cause you will find 20 brand new cookie recipes that will blow your mind! There is a recipe for everyone’s taste and need: vegan, vegetarian, gluten or dairy free, for baking or no-bake. Apart from being generous and budget-friendly (which is not an irrelevant thing), almost all those treats can go into the freezer and come out with the very same flavor right when you need them! You can make them in advance and serve them when celebration starts!

So, let’s start! Ready, steady, go!

20 Chocolate Orange Truffles

via Globe Scoffers

Chocolate and oranges are one of the best combinations ever! And if you agree, you should definitely try those delectable, aromatic and refreshing fudge-like truffles with loads of chocolate and fresh oranges! They will be a hit among kids and grown-ups!

I’m often too impatient to wait for this mixture to become firm enough to shape, so I like to add a few tablespoons of ground biscuits. This leads to skipping all refrigerating periods and changes the texture to cakey, but does not lose their unforgettable flavor!

19 Pears

via Bo's Kitchen

Since they are made of dried fruits and walnuts only, with just a pinch of sugar (which can be totally excluded), those candies will definitely be on the top of the healthy desserts list. Their unusual and interesting shape makes them perfect for celebrations menu, but it’s not a big deal if you can’t really get that pear shape - you can make simple truffles instead and they will still look very nice.

As I said, they are no-bake, which means they are also no time-consuming. They are vegan and gluten-free. Actually, they are perfect!

18 Nest Cookies

via Dinner At The Zoo

Even though their appearance may remind you of Easter, you have to admit that anything colorful and cheerful suits Christmas well. And those bird-nest-like cookies are both colorful and cheerful, and also very tasty, if I may add! They are made of some basic ingredients for cookies, but you will need a garlic press instead of cookie cutters to make them. They can last for up to a week and can be frozen if needed. Your kids will enjoy making and eating them, for sure! It’s definitely a must-try recipe for holidays and birthday parties.

17 Coconut Truffles

via The Spruce Eats

Another no-bake and time-saving cookies you can prepare within minutes and enjoy in! You won’t even need to turn on the stove for those! Gathering together fresh oranges, coconut and rum, those cute and delectable truffles are a real treat with their refreshing and exotic flavor. You can also add a pinch of cinnamon to make them even more irresistible, if possible! Another good thing about them is that they can be served right away, without the waiting-to-cool-and-become-firm part, and can stay fresh and succulent for a couple of days. With a proper choice of ingredients, they can be easily become vegan-friendly, dairy-and-gluten-free. Awesome, right!

16 Lard Cookies

via mustbegood.net

As the recipe says, you can add different extracts and flavorings to adjust it to your taste, and then, you can invite your kids to join and cut out your favorite shapes!

15 Rainbow Candy Bars

via Cally loves

14 Peanut Christmas Tree

via Country Living Magazine

What would be the Christmas cookies list without some peanut butter dessert? Hard to even imagine it! Well, this easy peanut butter dessert could be the right thing! It’s no-bake, done within a couple of minutes, made of just a few simple ingredients, inexpensive and generous. With minor adjustments, it can be vegan-friendly as well. You can shape it in a triangular cake mold and serve it later like Christmas tree sprinkled with some colorful sugar sprinkles, or you can use any rectangular mold and make simple cute bars. I like to add some finely chopped peanuts as well, and occasionally some cocoa powder to make it even more irresistible!

13 Watermelons

via Little Page Turners

Highly decorative no-bake candies that will shine on the table – but you know… They taste nothing like watermelons: they are coconut-flavored actually!

Preparing them will probably take you just a bit more time than you would spend for making regular truffles, but it will certainly pay off – you will get stunning candies that won’t go unnoticed! Besides, here again you can let your kids help you and participate in preparing the Christmas menu. The recipe can be turned vegan-friendly and gluten-free with some minor adjustments. It is a very generous recipe and last, but not least, it is freezer-friendly as well.

12 Coconut Wafers

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Another treat for the coconut-lovers. This time, it’s a sweet and sourish dessert with an amazingly gentle and creamy filling. Made within 20 minutes and with 5 ingredients only, those wafers will definitely be on the top of your list for any holiday and celebration menu, especially when you learn how generous this recipe is! The amazing filling, white as snow, will refresh your taste buds, and the unconventional wafer shape will refresh your dinner table for sure!

11 Baklava

via The Spruce Eats

If we are talking about unconventional Christmas cookies and treats, the first thing to be mentioned is certainly baklava. This succulent dessert is extremely popular and favorite in all cuisines from Maghreb and Levant, through the Balkans and up to Caucasus, Central and West Asia, and for a good reason – it’s so diverse, aromatic and decorative, a real treat for all your senses!

Traditionally, baklava is made with filo pastry leaves generously filled with ground or chopped nuts and soaked in sweet fragrant syrup, but lately there have been created many recipes that include cherries, dried fruits, even chocolate, so options are countless. Also, there are many variations in assembling the pastry which results in different shapes of the baklava. To begin with, you can try this simple-to-make baklava with walnuts or use your favorite kind of nuts instead.

10 Coffee Truffles

via Taste

Those delicious truffles can be ready in 15 minutes, literally! They ask for no cooking, no baking, only for some mixing and rolling, and their shape will made them look classy and elegant on the table. As you can imagine seeing the title, their flavor won’t be much pleasant for kids, but hey, Christmas is not just for kids! So, here it is, an easy and generous recipe for delectable no-bake cookies that grown-ups will adore! And what’s better for grown-ups than coffee!

It’s a vegan and dairy-free recipe that can be also made gluten-free. The truffles are freezer-friendly.

9 Butter Cookie Flowers

via Epicurious

The classic butter cookies are now brought to a new level! Those fragrant flowers are rum-flavored, crispy and soft at the same time! The recipe shown here includes almond flour and almond extract, but I personally prefer another, altered version: with cocoa powder instead of almond flour and some ginger powder instead of the extract. The final result is like gingerbread with rum, which is absolutely awesome!

The cookies in the recipe are sandwiched with some homemade filling, but serving them plain, simply as biscuits, won’t make them less tasty! Of course, they are freezer-friendly, which is great.

8 Butter Cookies Turkey-Style

via Lezzet

So, why Turkey, and what makes them different from other butter cookies? Well, simply because the recipe originates from Turkey, where those are called kurabiye. And they are different because of the distinctive shape and pattern on top (which is made simply with a fork), and because the recipe is eggless, so if you margarine instead of butter, you’ll get a vegan recipe that is out of this world!

You can find a nice recipe here. However, I prefer the recipe from my grandma’s cookbook which substitutes part of the flour with cornstarch and gives the cookies an extra crispiness. You can also add cocoa powder in some batches.

7 Portokalopita

via Greek Food Alchemist

Christmas does not need to be about cookies only. So, why don’t you surprise your guests with one of the most famous Greek desserts? This orange filo pie soaked in heavenly fragrant orange cinnamon syrup will blow your mind! It kind of looks like sponge cake and it is so succulent, soft and fluffy, so refreshing and irresistible that you could not stop yourself from eating tons of it!

The dessert is not vegan or gluten-free and cannot be frozen, but you can certainly make it a few days ahead as it remains fresh and juicy for 4-5 days if stored properly.

6 Nutella Muffins

via Supper In the Suburbs

Muffins can also be a great choice for Christmas, as kids love them. Well, kids will adore those! Soft fluffy muffins with creamy chocolate filling inside – how could that be bad?!

I’m using this adorable muffin recipe with full fat yogurt, but increase the adorableness by adding a full tablespoon of Nutella inside each cup before baking. Such a delight! If you, however, don’t like that hazelnut flavor or can’t stand it for some reason, you can use any fruit jam or other sweet spread instead. I can confirm those muffins are freezer-friendly, though they can stay fresh for a few days at room temperature. In short, they are an excellent choice!

5 Crispy Energy Bites

via Nathalie's Happy Healthy

Cute little festive energy balls that everyone will love.

They remind of those healthy energy protein bars you can find in any store, but they certainly don't taste as healthy as they are. However, they are perfect choice for many occasions, particularly for dinner or parties with lots of people as the recipe is extremely generous and preparation is not time-consuming, especially if you opt for using a mold instead of the paper cups. The red color also adds a festive touch - top with edible glitter to really bring it to next level.

4 Acorn Cookies

via Brighter Sides

Super soft and incredibly aromatic sandwiched cookies shaped like acorns. In fact, they can have any shape you want!

At first sight, they look just like any other butter cookies out there, but once you try them you will see they taste nothing like butter cookies – they are even better! They are so soft and melt in your mouth so you just can’t stop eating tons of them! The recipe calls for a nice amount of honey, so it’s an easy way to sneak some into your kids’ menu if they are kind of picky. As a matter of fact, this recipe is not vegan or gluten-free, but it is dairy-free.

3 Boiled Eggs

via mustbegood.net

Those absolutely fabulous and unusual no-bake cookies are the right choice if you want to leave your guests speechless. And their interesting look is not the only good thing about them: they are suitable for vegan and gluten-free diet, they can go into the freezer, you will get lots of pieces out of the recipe and eventually, they won’t get you stuck in the kitchen for hours! Each bite abounds in coconut, so if you like the flavor and the aroma of this tropical fruit, don’t hesitate to try the recipe!

2 Bean Truffles

via mustbegood.net

1 Chessboard Bars

via YouTube

This is an extremely generous recipe that will give you like 150 pieces or more, and it freezes great, so it’s great for big gatherings or if you want to make considerable reserves. The preparation is simpler than it looks like, so don’t be afraid to try it even if you are a beginner in baking. Its interesting and catchy look that reminds of chessboard will certainly be noticed and earn you lots of praises.

The recipe calls for wafer sheets, so you will need to adjust the rest of the ingredients to it, considering that they come in different sizes, but it is all well explained in the post.

 Enjoy and Merry Christmas everyone!

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