Starbucks Brings Back Cherry Mocha For Valentine's Day

This week, Starbucks has brought back the iconic cherry mocha for Valentine’s Day celebrations. The widely-demanded drink is back after being discontinued after last year’s heart’s day. With its return, Starbucks has given us another reason to look forward to the 14th of February.

Starbucks comes out with seasonally appropriate drinks all throughout the year. Whether it’s Christmas, Halloween, or Valentine’s Day, Starbucks always delivers with a special limited-edition drink. Because of this, some seasons just aren’t complete without tasting that specific seasonal beverage, and Valentine’s Day can finally be complete with the return of the cherry mocha. The beverage has been available for purchase since last week, and will be discontinued, again, after the 14th of February.

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Via: Flickr, Emran Kassim

The drink has an espresso base and features a sweet mocha sauce. Candied cherry syrup makes the mocha taste like the chocolate-covered cherries people usually eat on Valentine’s. It also consists of steamed milk, whipped cream, and a dusting of sprinkles. Of course, you can modify the drink how you want it, as this is the special feature of all Starbucks drinks.

Other than the cherry mocha, Starbucks is also offering a variety of Valentine’s Day-themed snacks that you can munch on while you drink the mocha or if you’re not that thirsty. Various participating locations are offering Valentine’s Day Sugar Cookies and Valentine’s Day Cake Pops. The former is a cookie coated in white chocolate and colourful sprinkles, and the latter is a cake pop with a chocolate cake core, milk chocolate icing, and candy heart sprinkles. Both are also only available until the 14th, so you better hurry to the nearest Starbucks location if you want to try these seasonal items!

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Whether you want to celebrate how sweet your Valentine is or need some sweetness because you don’t have a Valentine, the cherry mocha is here to bring some sugary-goodness. Even if it’s not Happy Hour, getting yourself a cherry mocha should make your hour way happier. A sugary pick-me-up is needed any time of the day.

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