Starbucks Continues To Expand In Italy, Despite Resistance From Locals

Well, Starbucks Coffee shops have finally hit the shores of Italy, and despite the fact that some may be happy about the novelty, many locals are comparing the arrival to the end of the world as they know it.

There was a time when many traveled to Italy in search of history, beauty, and of course authenticity in the food and beverages indigenous to the area. And when it comes to coffee, perhaps no other nation on this beautiful planet of ours is more synonymous with the strong and earthy beverage than Italy. Espresso … Cappuccino … Latte and the many treats that go along with those coffee creations like Biscotti and Taralli (Italian Pretzels) were and are things that many have often sought and chased after in their travels to the beautiful nation.

Therefore, the arrival of Starbucks in Italy is definitely something that can be considered not exactly a waste of time, but something rather close to that particular neighborhood. Essentially, locals feel that this was something rather unnecessary, hence their many feelings and comments in recent weeks.

As it turns out Starbucks, the huge Coffee conglomerate have recently opened two locations in Milan—the fashion capital of the world—just this past September and recently opened two more locations, and the company plans to keep going, with a rumored 15 more possible locations each ongoing year! That means that these shops will be popping up like Tim Horton’s shops across Canada or Starbucks in its own homeland, US.

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Economically speaking, the move might prove to be a positive one, despite what local Italians feel and are saying about the shops, as Tourists—particularly North American tourists—might see the availability of the Starbucks brand in Italy as a reminder and comfort of home, much like the success of International McDonalds Restaurant locations. Truth be told: not everyone likes local cuisines and beverages, preferring to eat and drink the stuff they’re used to at home as they get a load of the beautiful locations.

Then again, we’d have to agree with the Italian public naysayers for a brief moment, as there is nothing like the smell of fresh coffee beans roasting in an authentic Espresso Machine. You can smell that stuff coming at you all the way from the center of town, and the sound of the brew calls you forth like the call of the calliope at the fair.

Although the first locations have been adorned with the décor resembling many of the local shops, we’re not sure the locals will ever step foot in these shops, but the tourists may come out in droves to sip the coffee they can always get at home.

Hey … we love a cup of Starbucks as much as the next guy, but when in Italy… maybe we should stick to the classic brew from the many authentic vendors, eh?

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