10 Absolutely Strange Fast Food Items That Didn't Last Very Long

We all have an unspoken relationship with fast-food restaurants. We love how affordable their meals are and how quickly we can get it, but we're also aware that the food isn't always the healthiest and we don't always feel good after we eat it. We also all have our favorite fast-food restaurants. From McDonald's to Taco Bell — it's hard not to find something we like at one of these on-the-go hot spots.

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With so many fast-food restaurants and cafes around, fast-food establishments need to set themselves apart from the competition. It doesn't matter if Taco Bell is the only quick Mexican food restaurant around, they need to outsell the McDonald's that's across the street. One way to do this, of course, is by making their food cheaper than the others, but another way is to create unique menu items that no one else would dare to try. Take a look at these 10 fast-food items that did not last very long.


Ah, the Waffle Taco. Ever since Taco Bell decided to sell breakfast, they've been trying to entice people by their *unique* breakfast ideas as a quick Mexican fast-food chain.

And while we all love a classic taco, the Waffle Taco was not their best idea. Taking off in 2014, the real-life versions of these "tacos" weren't as pretty as the picture. In reality, it was a soggy waffle with some eggs, sausage, cheese, and syrup on top...


Back in the 1980s, McDonald's decided to try something new: pizza. While the Golden Arches are known for their burgers, fries, and shakes, adding pizza to their menu was another way to make them more accessible to hungry people on-the-go.

It was also a way to stay in the competition with Dominoes and Pizza Hut. However, their McPizza failed to meet numbers and they felt the need to get rid of the pizzas altogether.


Does anyone else remember these McSalad Shakers commercials? Having a salad inside a plastic container so you can shake mix it all together before eating it isn't necessarily inventive but it is convenient.

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Hitting restaurants in 2000, these shakers were around for a couple of years but were later replaced by salads that had more substance and seemed healthier and more inviting than lettuce in a cup. Since these cups are quick and easy, though, I wouldn't put it past McDonald's to bring these back in a modern way.


What are Satisfries, exactly? It was Burger King's attempt at making "healthy" fries. According to their commercial, Satisfries had 40% less fat and 30% fewer calories... Now was this due to how the fries were made or is this because they gave smaller portions of the fries when they were ordered?

Regardless, the Satisfries were only around for a year, from 2013 to 2014.


Say this with me: Onion Nuggets.

We've all heard of fried onion or Outback's Blooming Onion, in particular. Eat crispy onions that have been fried are actually pretty good. However, marketing fried onions as onion nuggets left a bad taste in people's mouths.

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These small handhelds came out in the '70s but didn't last long. Eating a few onions is all well and good but perhaps eating so many of them made people un-interested.


There's nothing better than a lasagna that's been cooking all day. With fresh cheese and homemade sauce, it sounds like the perfect meal for a Sunday dinner. Pizza Hut felt the same way, which is why they made their own lasagna but added it to pizza crust... On top of the dough, Pizza Hut added lasagna ingredients to a deep-dish pizza.

Oddly enough, this pizza had no noodles — it was just sauce, cheese, and some ground meat. It released in 2006 and didn't last long because without the noodles, wouldn't this lasagna pizza just be considered pizza?


Wendy's truly should just stick to their spicy chicken sandwiches and Frosties and call it a day. But back in 1997, the fast-food chain tried to make healthier options to their menu and added Stuffed Pitas.

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There were three pita options loaded with different veggies, meats, and dressings. The pitas were served warm, which customers liked, but overall there was no point in selling these pitas when a majority of the orders were people wanting fried chicken and pop.


Quesadillas are a popular menu item from Taco Bell because they're easy to hold while driving a car, which people love to do when they're in a rush. But what if you're looking for something sweet? No one can eat on-the-go when you need a fork or knife just to eat it. Taco Bell decided to mix their love for urgency and food together with the chocolate filled Chocoladilla.

It came out not too long ago (2017) and were only a dollar! Sadly, Taco Bell only served these chocolate quesadillas in certain locations before shutting it down completely.


I know people are trying to watch their carb intake by not eating bread, but exchanging the bread for two pieces of fried chicken is too out-of-the-box for many customers.

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The Double Down Sandwich by KFC consisted of two pieces of fried chicken, American cheese, bacon, and sauce... It was very high in fat and kicked off in 2010 around the world. The sandwich, however, didn't last long on the menus in the US even though so many people were fascinated by this idea.


Dairy Queen is most known for its Blizzard as it's the perfect consistency and can be made with practically any candy you'd like.

A few years ago, though, the ice cream shop decided to make a "healthier" version of their Blizzard by making it with frozen yogurt instead. They called it the Breeze and although it was less sweet than the Blizzard, these bad boys just didn't sell.

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