Strong Winds Cause Inflatable Snowmen Outside A KFC/Taco Bell To Battle Each Other And Entertain Twitter

It wasn’t exactly in the spirit of goodwill and the holiday season when a recent brawl broke out in Brookings, Oregon; the parties involved not exactly being the type of “people” you might expect.

Strong winds caused a Christmas display featuring inflatable decorations to leave the ground and whip about, creating a scene that resembled that of a wrestling match between two of the inflatable snowmen. Fortunately enough for us (and the rest of the internet), Jenney Freeman was able to capture the battle of snow-fisticuffs on video while she was at an adjacent ATM on December 14th.

The coastal town of Brookings has seen some wetter, colder weather recently; the stormy weather and high winds making it difficult for the decorations to stay in place. The funny scene could be seen by drivers passing by on the Oregon Coast Highway and by those enjoying their meal at the KFC/Taco Bell.

While there was no indication of a winner of the battle, we can only hope that next year will bring a “Snowman vs. Snowman: Round 2,” perhaps inciting a new holiday tradition.

It is likely that more people than usual may have witnessed the battle with their own eyes, especially as the town of Brookings takes on an influx of tourists and whale fanatics for the whale watching season.

Curry County - in which Brookings resides - is one of the best places to catch whale migration along Oregon’s coast, with December 27th through December 31st being the prime time to see it. Gray whales are the primary attraction, but other animals making their southern migration include porpoises, dolphins, and orca whales. Whale watchers can try and grab a glimpse of the migration off of Brookings’ Harris Beach.

Sure. The wind was likely the reason for the snowman battle royale. But maybe, it was the stress of the holidays finally boiling over, turning into a physical altercation. Maybe the two snowmen were arguing over which species of whale is better. Or maybe they were simply fighting over the last taco or piece of fried chicken. We may never know, but at least we will always have the hilarious video.

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