Sweet Tooth: 22 Types Of Candy, Ranked From Worst To Best

Every kid has a sweet tooth. It's not possible to be in elementary school and not want to try every type of candy out there... and you want to eat it all the time. When you were growing up, you would beg your parents for candy any time of day, and when you had some allowance money, it was pretty sweet (literally, since you would purchase the candy of your little dreams).

Candy is without a doubt one of the most fun foods out there. While some might not really consider it food since it has so much sugar, food coloring, and other ingredients, sometimes you just have to live a little. And a life without some candy in it isn't much fun.

But nothing is perfect, not even sweet confections, so it's time to take a look at the worst and best candy. There are definitely some treats that everyone can agree are the grossest things ever and not even sugar-hungry little kids would want to eat them, just like there are sour and gummy candies that absolutely everyone loves.

Read on to find out the rankings of 25 types of candy, from worst to best. (Just maybe remember to brush your teeth after.)

22 Black Licorice

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Black licorice is truly disgusting. Therefore, it had to be the absolute worst candy ever, aka number 25 on this list.

Growing up, you probably didn't even understand why this was a type of candy. It seemed like it would taste bad, and once you tried it, you agreed that it was way too bitter. It's not sweet at all, and the color doesn't appeal to children, either. There really doesn't seem to be any reason to eat this (especially since the FDA now has a warning out for this candy, saying that it can lead to health problems and could even be worse than that).

21 Red Licorice

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Honestly, red licorice is not much better than the black kind. In fact, it's still pretty gross. There is something almost plastic-like about it, and it feels like you're eating plastic and food coloring together. Gross.

There are so many other kinds of candy to indulge in, so red licorice had to take the number 24 spot. It's not the absolute worst, but it's still bad, and it's not what you want to eat when your sweet tooth is screaming at you.

20 Lollipops

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Kids like lollipops because they seem enjoyable to eat. They are something that dentists and doctors sometimes give to kids for behaving, which seems a little strange when you think about it since these are straight-up sugar and therefore not good for you.

Lollipops aren't a good candy. They just aren't. That's why they couldn't sit anywhere on this list but number 23. Basically, the problem is that they are super, super, super sweet and have no other flavor. They hurt your teeth and they seem like they could give a cavity just for looking at one.

19 Jelly Beans

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Jelly beans are more fun to look at than to eat. That's the honest truth.

It's cool to see what crazy flavors there are, like buttered popcorn, but other than that, there isn't a huge reason to eat jelly beans. When you stop and think about it, you realize that these candies have a pretty strange texture, and that they are weirdly hard on the outside and kind of sponge-like on the inside. No thank you. There are much more delicious candies to choose from.

18 Tootsie Rolls

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Tootsie Rolls are a great candy to get around Halloween, and chances are, you were really big on this particular candy when you were growing up. You hoped that you would get a whole bunch in your candy bag, and when you did, it was the best thing ever.

Tootsie Rolls are good but but not great, and they are sweet but don't have a ton of flavor. You probably wouldn't turn these down today, but only if you were really craving sugar and had no other options.

17 Butterscotch Candies

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Enjoying some butterscotch candies when visiting your grandma or another relative is totally a rite of passage. You can't be a kid without trying at least one.

These are number 20 because while you might have thought that you wouldn't like these, once you tried one, you couldn't stop eating them. Although these aren't as much fun as other candies, particularly sour candies, they are truly good. They hit the spot when you want something sweet. (You can still hear your mom's warnings to be careful since they're hard candies, right?)

16 Fruit Gushers

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Fruit Gushers look like a ton of fun, especially from the box. They evoke a mood of enjoyment and smiles and sugar.

'90s kids will remember these fondly, but if you ate these today, you might say that they don't really taste like anything much. There are better candies out there. These are squeaking onto this list at number 19 thanks to the nostalgia factor but they aren't really that amazing. You would definitely prefer to eat another type of candy these days, right?

15 Starburst

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Starburst had to make this list of the best and worst candy because there is something special about it.

This colorful candy is fun to look at and also very fun to eat. It comes in fruit flavors and even tropical flavors, and many kids have enjoyed these when they wanted something sweet. Having a pack of Starburst all to yourself was definitely a high point of childhood because as we all know, candy is very, very important when you're in elementary school. There is almost nothing that you love more.

14 Fish Candy

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If you're going to eat candy, then go for it and get the fish candy that you loved during your childhood.

It sounds weird to say that this type of candy tastes "red" but that's honestly what it tastes like, right? It's almost like a cherry or strawberry flavor but not quite. These are sweet for sure but they're not overly so, and they're always fun because of their adorable fish design. Sometimes you could only get the red ones and other times you were lucky enough to find yellow, green, and orange, too.

13 Skittles

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Skittles are a favorite candy for many people, and they do hold up today and still taste good, so that's saying something for sure. No matter how grown-up you feel (or try to act), you can't help but smile at the days when you would buy a package of Skittles and see how many different colored candies were inside.

These really do taste like the fruit that they are supposed to be, so these get major points for being both pretty and delicious.

12 Fuzzy Peach Candy

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Fuzzy Peach Candy. Aren't these so good? You eat one and it dissolves on your tongue and the taste really could be described as "fuzzy." It's really cool. These are sweet but in a nice way that's pleasant, so there's not much to complain about here.

Getting a bag of these was always fun, and you probably didn't want to share. But that was okay because when your friend or sibling or classmate had a bag of these beauties, they wouldn't really be interested in sharing, either.

11 Junior Mints

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Junior Mints may have been made famous by Seinfeld but they are a wonderful candy in their own right, too.

They're number 14 because they're kind of in the middle of the worst to best candy. If someone loves mint and chocolate and thinks that's a great combination, then they will love these. If someone isn't really a big chocolate person (yes, those people do exist), then they might want something sour or more in the fruit candy category. But these are a great candy to enjoy, especially at the movies.

10 Gummy Bears

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Gummy bears don't have a ton of flavor when you really stop and think about it... or when you eat a ton of them in one sitting and realize that you're not all that satisfied.

They are still a classic, though, which is why they're number ten on this list. You really love this type of candy when you're a kid... probably because they are tiny bears and they are pretty cute. They make an especially great topping for frozen yogurt or ice cream (which is something that you should definitely try if you haven't yet).

9 Fruit Slice Candy

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Fruit slice candy is number nine on this list because these candies are truly amazing. They're sweet and so you don't have to hurt your teeth by eating something that is way too sour (although, sometimes, that's kind of the point) and they look beautiful, too.

These may not be as popular as some other types of candy but what they lack in popularity they more than made up for in the best candy flavor ever, so they're in the top ten. Don't you want to go out and try some if you haven't before? You won't be disappointed at all.

8 Gummy Juice Berries

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Gummy Juice Berries really do taste like berries. It's a pretty crazy thing, but they do.

These are satisfying to bite into and they really cure a craving for anything sugary and sweet. These were an especially great candy to stuff your face with when you were a kid or pre-teen or teenager (because, come on, you know that you would eat a ton of candy at once... why not really go for it?!). These candies have it all. They look cute, they taste good, and they are fairly easy to find.

7 Sour Cherry Blasters

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OMG are these good. They are totally still something that you would eat today, and that is saying something since, let's be real, candy starts tasting way too sweet after a certain age. (It's a sad fact about getting older, that's for sure.)

Sour Cherry Blasters are truly magical. They are sweet and sour and the rare candy that is literally both of these flavors at the exact same time. Are you seriously missing these right now? Go ahead, get a bag of these and enjoy them. They are worth it.

6 Sour Watermelon Slices

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Remember these?! Many people loved eating Sour Watermelon Slices back when they were kids, and they are a truly amazing candy. When you bite into one, you get that hit of sour that kids love so much, and then the flavor quickly turns super sweet.

These candies are not only adorable and pretty to look at but also really good. They're number six on the list and are nostalgic for many people. Even just looking at the photo is enough to make you want to buy a bag and eat them all in one sitting. You know, like the good old days.

5 Gummy Worms

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You can't be a candy-loving child and not eat gummy worms. You just can't. It couldn't possibly be allowed.

Gummy worms are number five since they are a total classic. The funny thing about this particular candy is that, depending on the brand, they can be kind of flavorless or they can be really good. But they are beloved by so many children that they just had to be on this list, and they just had to be in the top five. There is something so satisfying about biting into a gummy worm. It's just a great candy-eating experience.

4 Sour Gummy Worms

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Sour gummy worms are in a totally different category from regular old gummy worms. They are also a little bit yummier, so they're number four on this list.

A sour gummy worm is a thing of beauty. First of all, they look really fun. The bright colors are amazing and they are almost a work of art when you see a whole bunch of them photographed together. These were always a treat when you were a kid since they are enjoyable to bite into and the sour taste does fade pretty quickly so they're not as painful to eat as some other types of candy.

3 Cola Bottle Candy

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Now we're really going down candy memory lane. Cola bottle candies were the best, weren't they?!

Do you remember grabbing a bunch of these when you used to buy candy in bulk from your local store? Of course, right? Cola bottle candies are too cute, first of all, so you always wanted some. And second of all, they are such a great candy because they honestly do taste like the soda that they are based on. Sometimes you would bite into one and get an almost fizzy sensation, and it was pretty cool. There are also sour versions of these, but the sweet ones are much better.

2 Sour Patch Kids

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Sour Patch Kids are the be all, end all of candy for some people. They are always a good idea. They are number two on this list because they are just so popular.

The funny thing is that if you try these as an adult, you might find that they hurt your teeth. Sure, they totally hurt your teeth when you ate them as a kid, but you didn't mind at all. Eating a candy that was so incredibly sour was basically the whole point. You loved the sour punch and the sweet taste that followed, and you definitely look back at these and smile, remembering all of the good candy-eating times.

1 Sour Keys

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Sour keys are the best candy. Period.

Okay, so we do have more to say about this colorful, pretty treat. Sour keys were always the star of the candy bag when you were a kid, and you probably look back fondly today. When you're in the mood for some sugar, you're going to look to these, even now. If you ever find yourself in a bulk candy store with a few bucks to spare, you're going to load up on sour keys. They are special: sour for sure, but also flavorful, and always what you want.

Let's indulge our sweet tooths (sweet teeth?) and pick our favorite candy from this list. (We can worry about grown-up things like dentist appointments later).

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