Taco Bell To Operate The First-Ever Slide-Thru Takeout Window

Taco Bell is planning to open the world’s first slide-thru takeout window in the snowy hills near Barrie, Ontario. Instead of getting a classic hot chocolate when you reach the bottome of the ski hill, now you can slide thru a Taco Bell window and try their Crunchywrap Sliders. In celebration for the comeback of the fan favourite, Taco Bell has created an event as unique as the special menu item.

The fast food giant has been known to have crazy promotions and menu items available for their hungry customers; whether or not they’re actually good combinations is up to us to decide. From KitKat quesadillas to Airheads White frozen drinks, Taco Bell has never ceased to surprise us with their menu items. This time, they took it a step further: a creative way to promote the comeback of a favourite product.

On March 2nd, Taco Bell Canada will open the slide-thru in the Horseshoe Resort near Barrie, Ontario. From 11:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m., hungry customers can place their orders at the top of the hill, slide down on a tube, and collect their food when they reach the bottom. The event is aimed to promote their the comeback of a special menu item: the Cheetos Crunchwrap Slider. Veronica Castillo, Taco Bell Canada’s head of marketing, stated how the event is the perfect way to promote the slider’s comeback to the menu: “this fan-favourite deserves a celebration that’s as audacious as the Crunchwrap itself, something wild and unexpected and has never been tried before.”

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The Cheetos Crunchwrap Slider is a combination of Taco Bell’s signature flavours with Cheddar Jalapeño Cheetos. Customers can opt to get them in Spicy Chicken, Beefy Cheddar, and Supreme. The fan favourite is back, but only in Canadian stores. Starting February 25, Canadian Taco Bell lovers can get their hands on the spicy-cheesy-crunchy wrap—and on March 2nd, they can eat it after getting to the bottom of the tubing hill.

Via: Wikimedia Commons

After a long day of fun in the snow, you can warm yourself up not with a hot drink, but with some spicy Mexican food. The only issue is it’ll probably be messy to eat at the bottom of the tubing hill, so make sure to bring some napkins on the way down!

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