Taco Bell Will Be Testing A Dedicated Vegetarian Menu This Year

Taco Bell is moving forward into 2019 with a set of New Year’s “commitments,” not only to improve the company, but also to better serve those who frequent the fast-food restaurant.

The company outlined its 2019 plans in a press release posted on the company’s website yesterday, detailing seven goals that the company hopes to achieve throughout the year; one of which includes testing its first-ever dedicated vegetarian menu, while featuring vegetarian items that customers can enjoy right now.

There aren’t too many details surrounding the plans for the vegetarian menu, other than it will be coming to restaurants later this year. The press release does, however, boast that Taco Bell is the only quick-service restaurant to be American Vegetarian Association-certified, while stating that “the restaurant has more than 8 million vegetarian combinations,” which is apparently “enough to customize a new [meatless] meal every day for nearly 20,000 years.”

For a little inspiration as to how you can eat vegetarian at Taco Bell, the company actually lists a few of its AVA-certified products on its website.

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But don’t worry, meat eaters. Taco Bell hasn’t forgot about you.

In fact, another one of the company's commitments is ensuring that all of its beef is sustainable. This will be accomplished through Taco Bell’s membership in the U.S. Roundtable for Sustainable Beef (USRSB), which includes beef experts from the realms of supply chain, academia and research, environmental and animal welfare organizations, and veterinarians, with the mission of improving the United States’ beef sustainability efforts.

The rest of Taco Bell’s list of commitments are just as lofty, and commendable from a social standpoint. Incorporating higher quality ingredients into their products, creating scholarships for educational endeavors through its Taco Bell Foundation, and even creating more jobs are all part of the company’s plans. Check out the full list here.

Taco Bell appears to have a full-slate this year with all of its commitments, but it isn’t anything that the company hasn’t seen before. The company has made good on past commitments and appears to be as capable as ever to deliver on its 2019 endeavors.

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