Taste The Rainbow: 13 Unicorn Food Glow-Ups We Need To Insta Immediately, And 12 That Are Just A Bit Sickly

If you’re a foodie, then chances are you follow at least a few trendy food accounts on social media. These accounts share same of the most ridiculous dishes out there- things you probably never thought you could do with food. And believe us, there are some weird ones.

One of the biggest trends that’s been blowing up the Internet is unicorn-themed food. Everything from sandwiches to coffee have popped up featuring rainbow colours and covered in sprinkles, candy, and edible glitter. It’s every 6-year old girl’s dream, except most of the Internet seems to be on board with the trend. The popularity of unicorn food has become so extreme that some restaurants have added the colourful dishes to their menus. Tourists flock to these trendy destinations to take the perfect Insta-worthy photo of them and their unicorn food.

As cool and photogenic as unicorn-themed food is, not all of it is made equally. While there are some we can totally get behind (and hope to enjoy one day), there are some rainbow recipes that just seem gag-worthy, unappetizing, and difficult to re-create. Read on to find out what unicorn food definitely deserves to be on your newsfeed, and which ones aren’t worth the hype.

25 Sickly: Unicorn Burger

via Reddit

Some trendy restaurants have introduced unicorn burgers to their menus, which is essentially a sirloin patty stuffed between a rainbow-swirl bun.

The concept sounds cute but the results are a bit scary. The Internet was divided when this concept blew up online, but the controversy didn’t stop many from flocking to the participating restos to get a photo for themselves. Now, we’ll admit that this would make a sick post on social media. But just take a moment to think if you could actually put this in your mouth. We just can’t imagine this would taste as good as a normal burger. And why would you want to ruin such a good thing?

24 Insta-Worthy: Gourmet Unicorn Apples

via Pinterest

Someone had the brilliant idea to turn candy apples into unicorn apples. Rather than having a traditional caramel or chocolate glaze, these apples were completely covered in white chocolate and icing to create an adorable unicorn face. Even the stick is incorporated to look like the unicorn’s horn. You’d totally be stepping it up as a host if you served these at your next party. Likewise, your social media game would definitely be elevated, as well.

23 Sickly: Unicorn Pizza

via Popsugar

This is even worse than people who like pineapple on pizza- and that’s saying a lot.

Most things that are made unicorn-themed aren’t that ridiculous. But then you’ll find some treats on this list like this one: unicorn pizza. Several restaurants and social media stars have made headlines for transforming their pizzas into magical messes. Recipes instruct foodies to add food dye to the mozzarella cheese and the arrange it in stripes before cooking the pizza. Some people have gone so far to add sprinkles, glitter, and candy to their concoctions.

22 Insta-Worthy: Unicorn Cake

via Pinterest

This is the birthday cake of every little girl’s dreams!

Since Millennials have a ‘go big or go home’ mentality, the trend lately has been for parents to buy a specially cater cake for their kids’ birthdays. So it’s no surprise intricate unicorn cakes are blowing up newsfeeds. These sugary cakes tend to be covered in rainbows, sprinkles, and icing, and even filled with an insane candy centre.

There are many recipes online that say you can great something just as great in your own kitchen, so go ahead the next time you need an adorable cake that will also look great on your feed!

21 Sickly: Unicorn Grilled Cheese

via Pinterest

It’s pretty hard to mess up a grilled cheese sandwich. After all, what can you do to cheese and bread other than toast it? Well, some people got the grand idea to transform their grilled cheese into a unicorn-themed one, and we couldn’t be sicker to our stomachs.

Foodies can either add dye or certain vegetables to get the rainbow colouring. Many social media posters added sprinkles and even edible glitter to their sandwiches. It may have looked pretty, but how yummy can that actually be? We’ll just take our cheese grilled normally, thank you.

20 Insta-Worthy: Unicorn Ice Cream

via Just Sultan

Although we know we already mentioned our love for hot chocolate on this list, we’re also looking forward to warm weather food now that Christmas is officially over. And one thing you can enjoy all summer long is unicorn-themed ice cream. This will make every cute snap you post of your cone will be picture-perfect.

It’s easy enough to recreate this on your own without going to extreme lengths. Rather than buying each ice cream colour individually, opt for something like rainbow sherbet so the ice cream is already multi-coloured. Add in some girly sprinkles and even whipped cream to drive the unicorn theme home.

19 Sickly: Unicorn Soup

via Pinterest


A big bowl of soup is good every now and then, assuming you know what’s been put in it. But with this new unicorn soup, we can’t imagine the lengths some foodies have gone to in order to get an Insta-worthy colour, which is why we think will pass on this trendy treat.

Granted, there are recipes online that instruct you to use certain vegetables and fruits to attain this colour. But even still, we’re not sure if the soup will actually taste good or if you have to sacrifice taste for the unique look.

18 Insta-Worthy: Unicorn Smoothie Bowl

via Pinterest

Many of the unicorn-themed treats out there are straight-up junk food. While they might be yummy and beautiful, we don’t want to think about the number of calories or unhealthy ingredients they contain. So if you’re looking for a unicorn option that you can eat on the regular, try out a smoothie bowl.

Colourful smoothie bowls are easy to while up in your blender depending on your choice of fruit (dragonfruit is great for getting a hot pink hue). Decorate the top of the bowl with colourful fruits and unicorn-themed decoration, like whipped cream or sprinkles.

17 Sickly: Rainbow Unicorn Sushi

via The Indigo Kitchen

Many people already have a tough time giving sushi a chance because they’re irked out by the thought of raw fish. So it’s not surprising that even more people would be wary of unicorn sushi, given the amount of dye that must be in the rice (and perhaps even raw fish).

However, there are some foodies who swear by this colourful recipe. “Although the whole process can be a bit time-consuming, just make a big batch, this will last you a couple of days,” The Indigo Kitchen wrote in a blog post. They added, “This sushi is so colourful and stunning that I’m sure you’ll impress whoever you decide to make this for, or yourself.”

16 Insta-Worthy: Unicorn Noodles

via PopSugar

Cooking up some regular noodles can be pretty boring, especially if you want to show everyone on Insta what you’re eating tonight. We suggest spicing up the recipe by going the unicorn route.

Tons of people on social media have been showing off how they’re making these rainbow noodles. Just add some purple cabbage to clear or white noodles and you achieve such a beautiful ombre effect. Add a yummy sauce after you take this photo so you can enjoy your gorgeous (and surprisingly healthy) unicorn noodles.

15 Sickly: The Unicorn Frappe

via Pinterest

While Starbucks has (thankfully) run out of supplies to make these limited edition iced Frappuccino’s, there are still some loyal fans who’re demanding online they be brought back again. And there are plenty of recipes floating around telling you how you can make your own at home.

Now, granted these drinks were beautiful to look at and took great Insta-worthy photos. But the reason we find them sickly is because of how icky they tasted. Many people who got their hands on unicorn frappe complained that it tasted overly processed and sugary.

If you’re really into sugary sweets, then maybe you liked this Starbucks drinks. But for many people, it was just too sweet.

14 Insta-Worthy: Unicorn Hot Chocolate

via The Spruce Eats

Okay, the holidays may have just passed, but we’re still not over the cozy vibes of the winter season. That’s why many of us are still indulging in hot chocolate and other warm drinks. And how cool is it that you can now have them unicorn themed?

That’s right- unicorn hot chocolate is actually a thing according to social media. It looks a bit like Lucky Charms cereal that’s been warmed up in the microwave. Most recipes suggest dying the milk using food colour. The great thing is you can use any type of milk- cow’, almond, rice- so you cater the recipe to a particular diet or allergy restrictions. Don’t forget to snap a photo!

13 Sickly: Unicorn Pop Tarts

via Tastemade

Seriously, everything is unicorn-themed nowadays!

Pop tarts are a throwback to many Millennials’ childhoods. And as much as like to get nostalgic, we’re still not 100% convinced about this treat. When we were kids we couldn’t realize how gross pop tarts actually are, so if you’re adding in a bunch of fruits, veggies, or food dye to get the rainbow colouring, we doubt the pop tart will taste any better.

Sorry, but this is one food we definitely won’t be eating for breakfast!

12 Insta-Worthy: Unicorn Smoothie

via Greens of the Stone Age

Unicorn milkshakes have been trendy for some time, but they’re not something you can necessarily enjoy on the regular. They contain a lot of milk, sugar, and calories, and are generally pretty junky. But that’s why we’ve been loving this new colourful option: unicorn smoothies.

Not only do these taste delicious, but they’re a great option for those with any allergies or diet restrictions. You can find unicorn smoothie recipes that are dairy-free, paleo-approved, and also vegan, as many of the recipes out their substitute dragonfruit rather than food dye to get the hot pink colour.

11 Sickly: Unicorn Bread

via Everyday Shortcuts

For some reason, we’re okay with our desserts being colourful, like cakes and pastries. But then we’re sketched out by unicorn bread.

Some foodies have been experimenting with rainbow coloured bread by adding food dye to get the multi-colour effect. Many influencers add a thick layer of icing on top with rainbow sprinkles to enhance the loaf.

But the thought of that much dye and icing combined with a normal slice of bread is making us sick to our stomach. Something tells us this isn’t what we’ll be making our sandwiches with.

10 Insta-Worthy: Unicorn Macaroons

via Imgur

We’re already huge fans of macaroons. How can you not love such a delicate, pastel-coloured pastry? So we didn’t need much convincing to fall in love with unicorn macaroons.

There have been tons of these bad boys featured on social media already. Some featured the famous rainbow swirl, while others are decorated to look like tiny unicorn faces complete with a horn and flower crown.

Sure, macaroons aren’t the easiest to make at home. But if you wanted an easy way to nail this recipe, you could simply buy plain macaroons and decorate them yourself. Such a cute idea for parties!

9 Sickly: Unicorn Fudge

via Tastemade

For photos, unicorn fudge is absolutely adorable. Think of the gorgeous purple and pink white chocolate fudges you could concoct and then decorate with a ton of candies and sprinkle. Sure it’d be fun, but we’re not sure how satisfied you’d be with the end product.

Our skepticism comes over whether this would be yummier than normal fudge. We don’t usually like our chocolate messed with, so we have a feeling we’d still prefer classic fudge than this pastel alternative, which is why it’s getting a thumbs down compared to other unicorn foods.

8 Insta-Worthy: Unicorn Donuts

via Pinterest

There’s something about beautifully decorated donuts that always brings a smile to people’s faces. Not only do they taste delicious, but they’re stunning to look at. So, of course, we’re obsessed with all the unicorn-themed donuts we’ve seen floating around social media.

Some foodies have drawn little unicorn faces on the donuts including a tiny horn. Others use artificial dye to make the glaze rainbow coloured and decorate the top with sparkles and edible glitter. Any way you do it, we can’t say we’ve ever seen a unicorn donut that didn’t look drool-worthy.

7 Sickly: Unicorn Toast

via Nerdy Mama

A slice of toast can be a yummy breakfast treat, especially if you spread on some jam or peanut butter. But we’re not sure how we feel about substituting that out in favour of whatever is in this colourful concoction.

Maybe you’re surprised (or maybe you’re not), but unicorn toast has been floating around social media for some time. Many recipes suggest mixing beet juice and blueberry powder into cream cheese to get the rainbow effect or just using food due.

Then again, if you made this treat for your kiddos every day, they’d probably never skip breakfast again.

6 Insta-Worthy: Unicorn Popcorn

via Jelly Toast

One unicorn-themed food we bet you haven’t seen a lot of online is this popcorn version. Yes, rainbow popcorn actually exists and it’s supposed to taste pretty good. Well if you like cotton candy mixed with a bit of savoury.

This tasty snack is perfect if you’re hosting a party of some sort. “This would be the perfect unicorn themed snack for a unicorn sleepover or a unicorn-themed birthday party,” Crayons & Cravingssuggests. “You could even package up your unicorn popcorn up in treat bags to give out as party favours.” They also recommend using it for baby showers or gender reveals.

5 Sickly: Unicorn Bagel

via Yelp

Look, these unicorn bagels are definitely cute. After all, they’re served in the shape of a rainbow with a swirl of pastel colours, sprinkles, and whipped cream making it all the better. But after the insane popularity of the rainbow donut a few years back, this is one food trend we’re already over with.

These bagels first became a thing thanks to The Bagel Store in Brooklyn, New York. “The unicorn bagel dough is mixed, stretched, layered, sliced, twisted, rolled, boiled, baked until shiny, then stuffed with rainbow cream cheese,” Today explains of how the infamous pastries are created.

4 Insta-Worthy: Unicorn Cake Pops

via Pinterest

We know we’ve been turning down a lot of unicorn-themed food because it’s too sugary or downright unhealthy, but we’re down to give cake pops a try.

First of all, these little suckers look absolutely adorable. Just imagine how perfect they’d be for a baby shower or kid’s birthday. Likewise, you don’t have to go to extraordinary lengths to achieve this recipe- simply make normal cake pops and then add some icing (mind you, it’ll help if you’re talented).

Considering it’s exactly like having a unicorn cake, but the miniature version, we can’t wait to ‘gram these ourselves.

3 Sickly: Unicorn Pancakes

via Nerdy Mama

Now, we guess there are some people out there who think the more sugar the better when it comes to their pancakes. But most folks get sick when they add too much syrup, which is why we’re skeptical of this breakfast food trend: unicorn pancakes.

This mountain of mayhem first originated at The Trails Eatery in San Diego, California, and tourists have been flocking there ever since to get a taste of the chaos. However, even the inner sweetaholic in us is saying this is too much candy for one stack of pancakes.

But it shouldn’t be too difficult to recreate this at home if you don’t think you’ll get a sugar-load. Use a confetti pancake mix and top them with marshmallows, sprinkles, Fruity Pebbles or Lucky Charm, and edible glitter if you’re feeling fancy.

2 Insta-Worthy: Unicorn Rice Krispies

via Pinterest

Now some people roll their eyes at that person who always brings Rice Krispies to school functions. These little morsels are pretty simple and unoriginal to make, and they, unfortunately, tend to turn stale if left on a plate for too long. They’re usually the last ones picked at bake sales for good reasons.

But you can upgrade your Rice Krispies game by giving them a unicorn-themed makeover. We love what foodies have been doing online, from colouring the cereal themselves to using icing to create a rainbow design or a unicorn face. You’d totally be the cool parent or student if you brought these for everyone next time.

1 Insta-Worthy: Unicorn Concha

via East Houston

Now the only mythical creatures we like more than unicorns are mermaids, so obviously we’d be obsessed with this unicorn concha!

Conchas are a sweet bread designed with a shell-like pattern on top. El Bolillo Bakery in Houston, Texas was the first to try this recipe out and they’ve gained a lot of notoriety online for it. Imagine taking a pic at the beach while holding one of these babies in your hand simply on a dish with a bunch of rainbow sprinkles encircling it. We definitely think your following would increase if you started posting such jaw-dropping treats like this one.

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