The Secret McDonald's Menu: 10 Ways To Hack Your Order

Y'all, I have gone my whole life without realizing that McDonald's has secret menu items (although judging my my fat rolls you'd never know it). I'd heard about the Starbucks secret menu before, but I don't have the time (or the money) for overpriced pumpkin spice lattes when there are so many other options out there! Unlike Starbucks, however, McDonald's is cheap and salty, so...sign me up.

SAINTS BE PRAISED, Hackthemenu.com has rounded up all of the secret menu items and DIY hacks for McDonald's (and every other fast food restaurant), and there are a TON of them! Thanks to the Internet I'm now woke AF and ready to work on my winter bod.

BEHOLD! Here are 10 McDonald's secret menu hacks that made me drool onto my keyboard.

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10 Apple Pie McFlurry

This delicious hack doesn't even require any assembling on your part, you just order it when you get there! The "Apple Pie McFlurry" is one of McDonald's most famous secret menu items, but yet I've gone my whole life without tasting it! THE TRAVESTY! McDonald's has clearly been holding out on me for years, making me think that M&Ms or Oreos were my only options. According to hackthemenu.com, the Apple Pie McFlurry includes a full pie slice blended directly into your McFlurry (so it's like the perfect Fall treat).

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9 Chicken McGriddle

Again, this is another secret menu item that's available right at the counter (if you know to ask for it). Apparently the McDonald's "Chicken McGriddle" breakfast sandwich is so popular in certain southern states that it's often served on the regular menu. I've lived in the South my whole life, but I've never seen it...or maybe I've just forgotten about it, like so many other delicious McDonald's items from the past.

For those looking to enjoy an artery-clogging breakfast, the Chicken McGriddle substitutes a fried chicken patty in place of the sausage, egg, or bacon. The result? The perfect "chicken and waffles" taste you've been looking for.

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8 McFlurry Sandwich

McFlurry sandwiches are the newest "secret" dessert craze happening at McDonald's, and this picture explains everything. This visionary on Twitter seems to be the first person to think of this delicious combo and now his original tweet has gained over 18,000 retweets and 58,000 likes. The majority of McDonald's restaurants sell chocolate chip cookies, and they ALL sell Oreo Mcflurries, so it's kind of incredible that no one ever thought to marry the two until recently. Who doesn't love a delicious ice-cream sandwich? Sure, it requires a little bit of assembly, but the taste has got to be worth it.

7 McBrunch Burger

Although God probably wants nothing to do with us shoving McDonald's down our throats, I'm still going to thank Him for blessing us with all-day-breakfast at McDonald's! How else would this gift to humanity be possible?! To create one of these bad boys simply order a Jalapeño Double (available at select U.S. locations) with a round egg and ask your server to put hash browns inside. If they won't do it, just do it yourself (don't be afraid to get your hands dirty, it's worth it). Are you afraid of some extra heat (via the jalapeños) that early in the day? No biggie, you can just substitute the Jalapeno Double for another burger (but the jalapeño version is apparently the best). Genius.

6 Land, Sea And Air Burger

Yeah, this is real. The "Land, Sea, and Air" burger is stuffed with beef (land), fish (sea) and air (chicken...even though chickens can't fly, but it's whatever). This is one of those "secret menu" DIY options, but don't worry, it's not difficult to manage. First, order a Big Mac, a Filet-O-Fish, and a McChicken (don't tell them it's all for you, that might be embarrassing). After that, just combine all three sandwiches into a MONSTER BURGER and use as many or as few buns as you'd like. You can even be extra fat and throw some fries on there for good measure (no judgment from me, I'm the one writing this).

5 Caramel Apple Sundae

Guys, this one isn't even hard. All you need to do is order a Hot Caramel Sundae and ask for apple chunks to be added to it, and VOILA! Gooey, Fall-inspired perfection. You wouldn't think adding fresh apples would make such a big difference, but it totally does! With one bite you're transported from a crowded McDonald's to a county fair (minus the weird carnies). If you want to say that the apples make it healthier, you go right ahead, but it actually might be a good idea for you to get some healthy food tips that are actually...healthy. Seriously, you're probably going to need them.

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4 McCrepe

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Crepes at McDonald's?! Hell yes, Mr. Worldwide! Add some French flair by ordering a Fruit 'N Yogurt Parfait and an order of Hotcakes. Drizzle the parfait onto the pancakes and fold it into crepe form and top with syrup or granola. There you have it! The McCrepe. Oh, you fancy now (just ignore the fact that you're using a pancake which is 100% NOT a crepe). Sure, it's another DIY item on the secret menu, but it's worth a little effort if it means creating an entirely new breakfast! Tasty.

3 Big McChicken

Look, I'm not saying this is a healthy option, but I AM saying that this is a low (er) carb option, so make of that what you will. The McDonalds "Big McChicken" burger replaces the sesame seed buns with McChicken patties themselves (yep, that's a lot of meat). Vegetarians, LOOK AWAY!

To create this collection of meat mayhem, order a Big Mac and three McChickens and take out the buns. Personally, I couldn't eat this without bread, but it does bring the carb count of this "burger" down to 40g (just don't look at the cholesterol).

2 Cinnamon Melt à la Mode

This looks insanely gooey and appealing to me. Thanks to the McDonald's All Day Breakfast Menu we can now order a soft-serve vanilla ice cream cone and the Cinnamon Melts at the same time! To make the cinnamon melt a la mode, simply plop your ice-cream on top of the warm, chewy cinnamon melts and let it start to melt. OMG, I can feel my thighs getting fatter as I type this. You COULD just ask them to add the ice-cream directly to the cinnamon melts box, but who would want to give up the sugar cone (and that crunch)?

1 Monster Mac

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Yes, of course, I saved the most ridiculous secret menu item for last! This one is pretty popular (in America), so your server might understand you if you order a "Monster Mac." If they look at you like you're crazy, just ask for a Big Mac with eight beef patties. If they question your decision, pull a Ron Swanson and say, "I know what I'm about, son" and make eye contact with them the entire time you're eating it. That'll show 'em. Weird customers have got to be one of the worst (or best) things about working in the fast food industry.

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