Chocoholics Anonymous: 25 Things To Make With Chocolate Right Now

Honestly, who doesn't love chocolate? It's very hard to keep those particular cravings at bay, especially during the holiday season! Not only is chocolate advertised at an expert level that you can't possibly avoid in every single store, but the temptation rises as the weather turns colder. Perhaps you're sitting on your sofa right at this very moment, enjoying a steaming mug of hot cocoa as you're reading this? Well you might want to think about exchanging that faux-hot-cocoa powder for the real deal, like I'll be doing soon!

This sweet confection holds a place in all of our hearts all year round, regardless of the weather. But despite its popularity, I'm surprised to hear that my own friends have trouble coming up with fun ways to revel in this dessert.

Whether it's for a night in by yourself, a gathering with friends, or a party for children, there are many ways to turn a plain chocolate bar interesting. You could turn it into an amusing party platter on display, a fun activity or just a different way to eat it for a change.

Below, I've named a few favorite go-to recipes that are so basic and simple to make, you'll wonder how you didn't think of it already. There are many others compiled in my list; they're all treats you just have to try with chocolate the next time you're in need. Or if you're craving something right now and looking for ideas on how to spice up your chocolate life, then you are in the right place!

Let's get started, here are 25 things you can quite easily make with chocolate any time you want!

25 S'mores

via FoodNetwork.ca

Most fondly known as the campfire snack, this is one of the easiest items on the list that you can make with chocolate. All you need are graham crackers, marshmallows and a chocolate bar (preferably Hershey's or Jersey Milk). That's it; just three simple ingredients.

They even have ready-made boxes, where all of the ingredients are included and just waiting to be assembled and popped into a microwave!

It also serves as a fun activity at parties ‒ but be warned, it can be quite a sticky mess with the children.

24 Chocolate Coconut Pizza

via GlowKitchen.com

Okay, so this one's a little tricky because you either have to make the pizza dough yourself or find the dough already made. I recommend purchasing it ready-made from a local bakery.

Next is the coconut. Now, don't head off to the produce aisle for a whole coconut! You only need the shredded kind. But while you're there, maybe pick some fruits to add later.

Last but not least, milk chocolate chips. Melt them in a double-boiler or the microwave.

Bake that pizza, spread that chocolate and sprinkle that coconut all over that masterpiece!

23 Spiced Hot Chocolate

via TheEndlessMeal.com

Do you want to make yourself the same thick, hot chocolaty concoction that they serve in your favorite dessert parlour? Well then, you're in the right place!

If you warm some milk with half-and-half in a small saucepan, then add chocolate chips, stirring all the while, you're guaranteed a creamier cup of hot cocoa.

Now is when you can add in your chipotle or chili powder to spice the flavor up. And why stop there? Add a pinch of nutmeg into the mix and top it off with a cinnamon stick for fun.

22 Chocolate Chip Pancakes

via PassTheSushi.com

If you're a pro at making pancake batter from scratch, kudos to you. If you're not, then you'll be needing a box of pancake mix for this particular entry.

The beauty of this item on the list is that the only extra ingredient you need besides pancake batter is the bag of chocolate chips!

Another upside is that there are so many flavors of chocolate chips that you can make any type of pancake from peanut butter, to toffee, to sea salt caramel.

Top your hotcake off with a drizzle of maple syrup and we've got a party!

21 White Chocolate Sauce Pasta

via Popsugar.com

Interesting enough, this is a real food that people enjoy. It's relatively quite simple to make, too. Here, you'll need any type of pasta you desire, high quality white chocolate, and cream.

Boil your choice of pasta in water like usual. Melt the chocolate separately and slowly add the cream while stirring constantly.

If you'd like to make this more dinner than dessert (for a special date, perhaps?), you're welcome to add grated parmesan cheese, lemon zest and pepper in with the white chocolate sauce.

Voilà, you're looking at a perfectly tasty white-chocolate-sauce pasta!

20 Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip

via ModernHoney.com

Another dessert with a shortcut! There are different ways you can make these, but I'm only telling you my favorite (and easiest) way.

Get your ready-made chocolate chip cookie mix (let's face it, this is what we've really been doing all along), and blend it into a bowl.

Remember the bag of peanut butter chocolate chips you picked up from the store? Pour that into the mixture!

After they're separated into individual balls on a sheeted pan and then baked, they'll come out of the oven extra gooey and scrumptious!

19 Kinder Bueno Milkshake

via pinterest.com

This milkshake will definitely bring all the children to that birthday party in the backyard, because it's better than all the others (and easy to whip up, too).

First, let's collect what we need for this delectable offering. We'll only need vanilla ice cream, milk, and Kinder Bueno chocolate. For best results, I recommend using two Kinder Bueno bars per serving to give it just the right amount of hazelnut-chocolaty goodness.

Now, chuck all those ingredients into a good blender and only stop when it's become a smooth and creamy consistency. Drink until empty!

18 Chocolate Bark

via PassTheSushi.com

The chocolate bark I like is made with graham cracker crumbs, dark chocolate chips, semi-sweet chocolate chips and white chocolate chips.

For best results, you should definitely melt the chocolate chips using a double boiler. You can mix the dark and semi-sweet chips in one, but you'll have to melt the white chips separately.

Stir the graham cracker crumbs in with the melted dark and semi-sweet chocolate and spread it evenly onto a baking sheet, then swirl the melted white chocolate in with a fork.

Freeze that work of art for one hour and then crack into pieces!

17 Chocolate Butterscotch Fudge

via UnicornLove.com

This dessert can be quite simple to make, depending which direction you go. I recommend using semi-sweet chocolate chips and a double boiler versus the microwave, but that's up to you. You'll need sweetened condensed milk and you'll want to drop a bag of butterscotch chocolate chips into your shopping cart, too!

Melt the semi-sweet and the butterscotch chocolate chips together with sweetened condensed milk, then pour the mixture into a non-stick baking dish, preferably glass.

Refrigerate your entire creation and then chop into little heavenly, golden-brown squares!

16 Sea Salt Caramel Chocolate Muffins in a Mug

via TheOliveBlogger.com

So, here we are again, at that fork in the road where we ask ourselves, "Will we whisk up the batter from scratch or use a ready-made one?"

The choice is yours, and the rest of the recipe stays the same, consisting only of sea salt caramel chips.

Prepare the muffin mix directly inside the mug and sprinkle in refrigerated caramel chips. Stir gently with a fork for the chips to spread evenly throughout.

When ready, pop into the microwave for forty-five seconds and you've got yourself a mug muffin!

15 Hot Fudge Honey Sundae

via Cooking.NYTimes.com

If you're a fan of ice cream sundaes, then you'll love making this homemade chocolate honey sauce to trickle over it during your summer party!

Preferably, semi-sweet or milk chocolate chips will be used in your antics. Find the liquid honey of your choice and prepare your ice cream in a cup. That's it, that's all you need!

Once your chocolate is melted in a double boiler or the microwave, stir in the honey as soon as you see it become a thick, creamy consistency, and pour it over your sundae.

14 Homemade Reese's Cups

via TheSquishyMonster.com

With all the different flavors of chocolate chips being sold nowadays, homemade Reese's is one of the easiest desserts to make, and great at parties.

Purchase the mini cupcake liners, milk chocolate chips and peanut butter chips.

For best replication, the chocolate chip flavors must be melted separately and at separate times. First, pour a layer of melted milk chocolate chips into the mini cupcake liners and refrigerate for one to two hours. Repeat for the next layer of melted peanut butter chips and the top layer of melted milk chocolate chips.

Refrigerate the entirety overnight and voilà!

13 Chocolate Salted Pretzels

via DinnerThenDessert.com

Here's another idea that's an easy fix for your cravings!

Collect a bag of salted pretzels from the store, along with any flavor chocolate chip you please and butter.

Go ahead and melt the chocolate in a bowl in the microwave, adding butter for the right consistency, then carefully dip the pretzels in and out with a fork and place them on a baking sheet. Place the baking sheet in the fridge for a few hours until they're as crunchy as you like.

Do this twice if you want them extra chocolatey. You're welcome!

12 Double Chocolate Oreos

via SweetSignatures.com

Here's another fun dipping experience like the one above that's even great as a party activity. Get yourself a bag of Oreos, semi-sweet chocolate chips and white chocolate chips.

Start by melting the semi-sweet chocolate chips in a bowl in the microwave, adding butter for consistency. Once ready, dunk the Oreos completely. Place on a baking sheet and refrigerate for two hours.

Repeat the same steps with the white chocolate chips. This time, dip only one side of the Oreos so that it's multicolored. Refrigerate again overnight, or for as long as possible if used as a party activity.

11 Chocolate Sea Salt Caramel Lava Cake

via PotsAndCo.com

This one will take a little more energy to bake, but is worth it to make a good impression at a dinner party. I recommend using something ready-made to simplify things.

Gather the chocolate cake box recipe, butter, semi-sweet chocolate chips and sea salt caramel chips. Melt both flavor chips and butter in a bowl in the microwave and prepare the cake batter in a separate bowl.

Pour a layer of cake mix, a layer of melted chocolate-caramel and another layer of cake mix into your ramekins. Bake in the oven and serve immediately!

10 Chocolate Spread on Salted Crackers

via SimplyRecipes.com

The title says it all in this one; It's simple, but tasty.

Now, if the combination of sweet and salty isn't your favorite, you can still try this snack with an unsweetened chocolate.

Get yourself a regular box of salted crackers. Melt any chocolate in a double-boiler or in a microwave. You have two choices: depending on the consistency, you can either dip the crackers into a bowl of melted chocolate or can spread the chocolate onto the crackers.

It tastes the same both ways, and one is less messy than the other, but it's your prerogative!

9 Baked Chocolate Croissant

via Le.Coin.Cuisine.Over-Blog.com

Similar to the Chocolate Pizza, this baby also bakes in the oven but with the chocolate inside!

I'll cheat and tell you to buy the canned croissants that are ready to bake like Pillsbury Crescents. Separate them from the can and lay the flat on a counter.

Melt any chocolate in a double-boiler or the microwave ‒ again I prefer using chocolate chips (this way you can choose different flavors, too!). Spread them carefully and evenly on the dough, leaving the edges clean.

Roll them, bake them, and sift icing sugar over them to present at a party!

8 Chocolate & Popcorn

via PopcornBucketRetsukaba.Blogspot.com

Another great discovery! There's just something about this combination that is delicious ‒ and great for munching at parties.

Have you ever gone to the movie theatre and gotten yourself a tub of buttered popcorn and a bag of chocolate M&Ms? Have you ever dumped the bag of chocolate M&Ms into the tub of popcorn and tasted it? Have you ever tried that same concoction with the peanut flavored M&Ms?

If you said yes to any of the above questions, then you're a hero. If you said no, then you need to experiment with this ASAP!

7 Chocolate & Banana Crepes

via LiveGreenHealthy.Weebly.com

This is similar to the previous item on our list, however we'll be wrapping chocolate and fruit in a lovely crepe blanket this time.

Once again, you'll need to whip up a batter ‒ alternatively for crepes (that is unfortunately not sold in a box, however only slightly differs from the recipe for pancakes). After cooking the batter into a blanket and melting the chocolate in a double-boiler or the microwave, you'll chop up some bananas as thick as you want the pieces to be.

Toss them onto the blanket, roll it into a proper crepe and enjoy!

6 Dark Chocolate Covered Fruit

via TonysMarket.com

These desserts are sold all over the world, especially as romantic gestures. I'm sure you can think of one particular company that delivers these like flowers...

They're actually pretty simple and more impressive to make at home, so save yourself a few dollars!

Choose your fruits, melt yourself some dark chocolate (or white or milk, if you prefer ‒ there's even semi-sweet out there, which is my personal favorite with fruits) and start dipping.

Set your dipped fruit on a platter layered with a baking sheet (to avoid any sticking issues) and refrigerate for thirty minutes to an hour.

5 Triple Chocolate Cake


What are the three chocolates we'll use in this triple chocolate cake, you ask? It includes, but isn't limited to, white chocolate chips, dark chocolate chips and a milk chocolate cake mix.

Use your own recipe or a box, I won't judge! But make sure your chocolate chips sit in the fridge for at least an hour.

Once your batter is prepared, sprinkle as many white and dark chocolate chips as you wish and mix it in good with a wooden spoon.

Now when you cut a slice of your baked cake, it'll be gushing with extra chocolate!

4 Milk & Dark Chocolate Brownie Cupcakes

via Today.com

Here is another dessert where you have the option to prepare the batter from scratch or purchase a boxed recipe. Whichever you so choose, it will provide as the milk chocolate portion of this brownie mix.

Once you have that batter whipped up, you can mix in the dark chocolate chips that you've let sit in the fridge for the minimum amount of an hour.

Then you'll pour this concoction into the cupcake trays that you've made sure are now non-stick, before placing the tray in the oven.

Bake and delight in your one-bite brownie cupcakes!

3 Chocolate Lavender Fondue

via ChelseasMessyApron.com

This one is tricky in a different way than the previous item on this Chocoholics Anonymous list! Solely because you'll have to find lavender in its culinary form. Don't forget the flavor of your choice of room-temperature chocolate chips.

Once you have the lavender, combine it in a saucepan with heavy cream, vanilla extract and butter. Stir in the chocolate chips until they're melted and the mixture is smooth. Add more lavender to taste, if necessary.

Be sure to serve this over a flame so that the fondue stays consistent.

2 Dark Chocolate Almonds

via WoolWorths.co.za

We're back to simpler times! Take a break and follow along with this easy-to-make party snack.

Assemble the almonds and the dark chocolate chips you already picked up from the store earlier today.

Melt the dark chocolate chips in a double boiler and dip the almonds in one by one with as miniature a spoon you can conjure. Tip the chocolate covered almonds onto a baking sheet and refrigerate for up to two hours.

Let them sit out a few minutes before serving them in your lovely serving dishes!

1 Chocolate Covered Rice Krispie Treats

via TimesOfIsrael.com

This fun snack is definitely a party favorite. Kids love chocolate and the gooey marshmallow goodness of Rice Krispie Squares ‒ put them together and you're golden!

You can always make the rice krispie treats from scratch; I like to because I add more butter and marshmallow.

Once you have your rice krispie treats prepared (in any shape you wish), melt your preferred flavor chocolate chip in the microwave with butter, for consistency purposes. Dip the treats whole or halfway in the melted chocolate, place on a baking sheet and refrigerate overnight.

Let sit before serving and enjoy!

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